How Much Does An RV Cost (With 85 Examples) and Numbers

How Much Does An RV Cost (With 85 Examples)

When you are ready to hit the open road, you’ll want to do it in style and comfort; that’s where a recreation vehicle, or RV, comes in handy. RVs typically have most-to-all of the amenities that you’ll need to have a functional and fun time while exploring your country’s land.

Here is a breakdown of the average RV cost of all types of classes:

  • Average Class A RV Price range: 100,000 to 500,000 USD
  • Average Class B RV Price range: 80,000 to 150,000 USD
  • Average Class C RV Price range: 70,000 to 150,000 USD
  • Average Fifth Wheel Price range: 25,000 to 50,000 USD
  • Average Travel Trailer Price range: 11,000 to 35,000 USD
  • Average Pop Up Camper Price range: 10,000 to 20,000 USD
  • Average Toy Hauler Price range: 12,000 to 250,000 USD
  • Average Truck Camper Price range: 5,000 to 60,000 USD

Indeed there is more to know about the different specifications of these classes of RVs including price, size, gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), towing capacity, and the amount of people that can sleep in it.

10 Popular Class A RVs

PriceLength (ft)Width (ft)Height (ft)GVWR (lbs)Towing Capacity (lbs)Max Sleeping Count
2020 Jayco Alente 27A$128,71629.92 ft8.42 ft12.42 ft18,000 lbs5,000 lbs8
2020 Fleetwood Flair 29M$118,87031 ft8.33 ft12.33 ft18,000 lbs8,000 lbs8
2021 Jayco Precept 31UL$158,53633 ft8.42 ft12.58 ft22,000 lbs5,000 lbs8
2020 Winnebago Forza 34T$268,24035.75 ft8.46 ft11.92 ft26,000 lbs10,000 lbs8
2020 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 35QS$273,40937.58 ft8.5 ft12.17 ft29,500 lbs10,000 lbs10
2020 Forest River FR3 33DS$145,67934.83 ft8.29 ft12.42 ft20,500 lbs5,000 lbs5
2020 Winnebago - Horizon 40A$435,36741.08 ft8.46 ft12.75 ft38,700 lbs15,000 lbs4
2020 Tiffin Allegro Bus 40 IP$457,62541 ft8.42 ft13.25 ft41,000 lbs15,000 lbs8
2020 Fleetwood Discovery 44H$431,84944 ft8.5 ft12.83 ft43,200 lbs15,000 lbs9
2020 Newmar Essex 4533$789,22544.83 ft8.46 ft13.33 ft54,000 lbs20,000 lbs8
10 Popular Class A RVs

10 Popular Class B RVs

PriceLength (ft)Width (ft)Height (ft)GVWR (lbs)Towing Capacity (lbs)Max Sleeping Count
2020 Thor Sequence 20L$91,87520.92 ft6.69 ft9.42 ft9,350 lbs3,500 lbs2
2019 Winnebago Era 70M$112,86224.25 ft6.35 ft9.67 ft11,030 lbs5,000 lbs2
2021 Coachmen Beyond 22D$119,95022.17 ft7 ft9.92 ft10,360 lbs5,000 lbs2
2021 American Coach Patriot SD 4x4$139,98819.58 ft6.92 ft9.58 ft8,550 lbs5,000 lbs2
2020 Pleasure-Way Ontour 2.0$126,55519.67 ft8.17 ft10 ft9,000 lbs2,200 lbs2
2021 American Coach Ford Patriot MD$119,95024.17 ft6.92 ft9.17 ft11,030 lbs5,000 lbs2
2020 Airstream RV Atlas Murphy Suite$239,26124.75 ft8.25 ft10.5 ft11,030 lbs5,000 lbs2
2019 Hymer Aktiv 2.0$102,42720.83 ft6.92 ft9.42 ft9,350 lbs3,500 lbs5
2019 SS Agile by Roadtrek$129,51819.42 ft6.67 ft9.75 ft8,550 lbs5,000 lbs2
2021 Coachmen Beyond 22C$119,95022.17 ft7 ft9.92 ft10,360 lbs5,000 lbs2
10 Popular Class b RVs

10 Popular Class C RVs

PriceLength (ft)Width (ft)Height (ft)GVWR (lbs)Towing Capacity (lbs)Max Sleeping Count
2020 Redhawk 22C$90,66825.17 ft8.33 ft11.5 ft14,200 lbs5,000 lbs6
2020 Winnebago View 24D$116,01625.42 ft7.52 ft10.67 ft11,030 lbs5,000 lbs6
2020 Tiffin Wayfarer 25RW$110,35025.58 ft7.5 ft11.33 ft11,030 lbs5,000 lbs6
2018 Freedom Elite 26HE$91,50027.5 ft8.25 ft10.83 ft12,500 lbs8,000 lbs8
2020 Nexus RV Viper 27V$112,06828.42 ft8 ft10.58 ft14,500 lbs7,500 lbs4
2020 Thor Outlaw 29 S$132,30031.25 ft8.25 ft10.83 ft14,500 lbs8,000 lbs6
2020 Coachmen Leprechaun 300BH$107,25632.92 ft8.33 ft10.92 ft14,500 lbs7,500 lbs10
2020 Entegra Coach Odyssey 31F$111,44332.5 ft8.33 ft11.67 ft14,500 lbs7,500 lbs10
2021 Forest River Sunseeker 3250DSLE$107,84632.25 ft8.42 ft11.25 ft14,500 lbs7,500 lbs8
2020 Thor Motor Coach 30D$109,42532.17 ft8.25 ft11 ft14,500 lbs8,000 lbs10
10 Popular Class C RVs

10 Popular Fifth Wheel RVs

PriceLength (ft)Width (ft)Height (ft)Dry Weight (lbs)GVWR (lbs) Hitch Weight (lbs)Max Sleeping Count
2020 Winnebago Micro Minnie 2405RG$38,06426.75 ft7 ft11.25 ft5,780 lbs7,700 lbs1,060 lbs6
2021 Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf 251MK$32,98829 ft8 ft12.92 ft7,318 lbs11,620 lbs1,420 lbs4
2019 Keystone 281DBS$37, 83432.33 ft8 ft12.33 ft8,031 lbs10,600 lbs1,615 lbs10
2019 Grand Design RV Momentum G-Class 320G$85,24336.25 ft8 ft13.42 ft12,400 lbs16,800 lbs2,475 lbs7
2021 Arctic Wolf 37700SUITE 2 Bedroom Fifth$58,23442.42 ft8 ft13.08 ft10,893 lbs14,260 lbs2,260 lbs5
2021 Big Country 3895FK$80, 24642.25 ft8 ft13.25 ft14,141 lbs16,500 lbs2,907 lbs6
2020 FOREST RIVER RIVERSTONE 39FK$86,95043.25 ft8.5 ft13.33 ft16,099 lbs18,665 lbs2,665 lbs6
2020 Redwood RW3981FK$150,69742.17 ft8 ft13.5 ft14,652 lbs17,900 lbs2,824 lbs4
2021 Cardinal 402FKLE$86,51041.08 ft8 ft13.25 ft12,329 lbs15,500 lbs2, 420 lbs4
2020 Salem Grand Villa 42FK$47,98843 ft9 ft13.33 ft12,469 lbs1,780 lbs9
10 Popular Fifth Wheel RVs

10 Popular Travel Trailers

PriceLength (ft)Width (ft)Height
Dry Weight (lbs)GVWR (lbs)Hitch Weight (lbs)Max Sleeping Count
2020 Sonic 190VRB$31,71323.17 ft7.5 ft10.33 ft3,770 lbs4,500 lbs350 lbs4
2020 Forest River R Pod 196$32,05622.17 ft8.67 ft9.67 ft3,578 lbs4,760 lbs361 lbs4
2020 Forest River Wolf Pup 17JG$24,19623.17 ft7.08 ft10.5 ft3,879 lbs5,000 lbs430 lbs6
2020 Forest River Grey Wolf 23MK$33,63628.83 ft8.08 ft10.5 ft5,063 lbs7,600 lbs608 lbs6
2020 Crossroads Sunset Trail 253RB$41,01529.92 ft8 ft11.08 ft5,404 lbs7,550 lbs554 lbs6
2019 Thor Jayco Eagle HT 264BHOK$47,89632.83 ft8 ft7,410 lbs9,995 lbs760 lbs8
2019 Cruise Lite 273QBXL$30,25933.67 ft8 ft10.25 ft6,162 lbs7,702 lbs702 lbs11
2020 28BHSS Puma by Palomino$27,20436.67 ft8 ft11.08 ft7,513 lbs9,063 lbs835 lbs11
2020 Salem 29VBUD$36,56236.33 ft8 ft11.16 ft7,728 lbs910 lbs10
2020 Grand Design RV Imagine 3250BH$50,47736.92 ft8 ft11.33 ft8,496 lbs10,195 lbs844 lbs10
10 Popular Travel Trailers

10 Popular Pop Up Campers

PriceLength (ft)Width (ft)Height
Dry Weight (lbs)GVWR (lbs)Hitch Weight (lbs)Max Sleeping Count
2019 ALINER 10 POP UP CAMPER$16,99512.67 ft6.5 ft4.83 ft1,200 lbs2,500 lbs200 lbs4
2018 ROCKWOOD 23IKSS ROO$18,45429.58 ft8 ft10.83 ft5,445 lb6,684 lbs684 lbs8
2020 Rockwood HW277$25,24725.75 ft7 ft6.5 ft3,334 lbs3,880 lbs380 lbs5
2019 FOREST RIVER ROCKWOOD A214HW$26,54720.83 ft7 ft5.67 ft2,700 lbs3,353 lbs353 lbs4
2020 Rockwood Premier 296HW$23,97427.75 ft7 ft6.75 ft3,721 lbs5.000 lbs371 lbs7
2019 Flagstaff 205MAC$14,41120.08 ft7 ft5.5 ft1,997 lbs3,230 lbs230 lbs6
2019 ROCKWOOD ROO 23FL$43,90029.58 ft8 ft10.83 ft5,693 lbs7,000 lbs736 lbs8
2019 FOREST RIVER ROCKWOOD 24WS$35,47029.58 ft8 ft10.83 ft5,384 lbs6,800 lbs634 lbs8
2020 Forest River Flagstaff T12RB$16,99517.08 ft7 ft5.08 ft2,014 lbs3,222 lbs222 lbs4
2020 Forest River HW27KS$22,42925.75 ft7 ft6.58 ft3,334 lbs3,880 lbs380 lbs6

10 Popular Toy Haulers

PriceLength (ft)Width (ft)Height
Dry Weight (lbs)GVWR (lbs)Hitch Weight (lbs)Max Sleeping Count
2020 KEYSTONE RV HIDEOUT 172LHS$30,26521.33 ft8 ft10.17 ft3,650 lbs5,200 lbs670 lbs4
2021 Wolf Pup 18RJBBL$16,62522.58 ft7 ft10.5 ft3,435 lbs4,999 lbs426 lbs3
2021 Sea Breeze 19FSB$27,99926 ft8.5 ft11.5 ft5,650 lbs9,900 lbs654 lbs4
2020 Rockwood 19TH Geo Pro$19,99020 ft7.33 ft9.92 ft3,407 lbs4,990 lbs641 lbs2
2020 NORTHWOOD DESERT FOX 21SW$53,94725 ft8.5 ft13 ft6, 688 lbs1,0400 lbs1,060 lbs6
2020 Forest River Grey Wolf 22RRBL$37,97228.83 ft8 ft10.5 ft4,871 lbs7,686 lbs686 lbs4
2020 Cougar 353SRX$67,54538.92 ft8 ft13.42 ft11,405 lbs16,400 lbs2,425 lbs6
2020 Grand Design Momentum 397TH$138,80544.75 ft8 ft13.42 ft15,500 lbs20,000 lbs3,375 lbs7
2020 Jayco North Point 385THWS$101,68044.92 ft8 ft13.5 ft15,427 lbs19,000 lbs3,465 lbs6
2021 Road Warrior 414RW$128,87942.92 ft8.42 ft13.25 ft16,240 Lbs20,000 Lbs3,662 Lbs6

10 Popular Truck Campers

PriceLength (ft)Width (ft)Height
Dry Weight (lbs)Max Sleeping Count
2021 Travel Lite 625SL$21,34710.83 ft7.16 ft7.33 ft1,285 lbs3
2020 Northstar 650SC$21,75013.5 ft7 ft6.42 ft1,610 lbs2
2021 Lance 975$55,07719.42 ft6 ft9 ft3,499 lbs4
2020 Eagle Cap 1200$52,81511.92 ft8.5 ft9.33 ft4,930 lbs6
2020 Northwood Wolf Creek 850$23,79016.16 ft8 ft7.58 ft2,348 lb4
2019 Palomino Backpack HS8801$27,85018 ft.7.17 ft8.17 ft2,594 lbs4
2019 Rugged Mountain Polar 860$28,40715.92 ft7.5 ft3,120 lbs4
2020 Northwood Arctic Fox Camper 992$48,83917.83 ft8.08 ft10 ft3,235 lbs5
2020 Adventurer Next Generation 86FB$39,78116.42 ft8 ft8.83 ft2,646 lbs3
2020 Travel Lite Super Lite 770RSL$44,99512 ft7.16 ft7.33 ft1,385 lbs3
10 Popular Truck Campers

Other Fees:

When considering the cost and one of these classes of recreational vehicles, it is important to take in all accounts of other fees that will come along with the RV, which include registration, insurance, hitch cost, fuel cost, and other amenities that are important to buy for protection and security.

Take a look at some of the other expenses that you’ll have to incorporate to ensure that your new travel vehicle is covered for safety, and to get the true cost of any class trailer:

Registration and Taxes: Registration: $81 – $318 / Taxes: 7%

Registration is the official legal paperwork that shows ownership of the recreational vehicle. The registration for each RV that is obtained has the ability to prove that you are the entity that proves that you can drive the vehicle. Also, the cost of each RV has taxes attached to it.

The taxes are government-issued payments that are attached to the overall price of the RV. The tax rate is based on the state government and is structured like other commodity products at the national standard rate of 6% or 7%.

Insurance: $376 – $512

Insurance is a big must when considering the cost of an RV. The insurance provides protection for both the travel trailer and the people driving it; without it, there could be implications to owning and driving the vehicle.

There are several different types of insurance to consider that cover different parts of the vehicle. Whether its motor, maintenance, drivers, or even cross-country, the insurance is necessary to enjoy the open road safely and securely.

Hitch Cost: Installation: $200 – $500 / Price: $200 – $600

The hitch is part of the RV that allows you to attach other structures to the RV. Other items include smaller cars, other forms of transportation, or even a smaller trailer! Hitches typically have to be installed by either you or a professional. If you are capable of hooking it up yourself, you could save a few bucks.

There are different types of hitches that can be connected hitch, such as gooseneck, as well as other standards hitches. Because of the hitch and the labor that comes with it, different types of hitches cost different prices. Because of this, the overall cost of an RV will fluctuate based on the hitch that you desire, or what the recreational vehicle needs.

Fuel Cost: $500 – $750

You’ll need gas if you want to use your RV, so expect to create a budget for fuel cost. The basis of how much you’ll be using for fuel depends on the type of RV you have, and the type of fuel that it requires.

Another factor for fuel cost is the total distance that you’ll be traveling. If you are in your city, then fuel will be much lower; and if you are going across your country, then the cost could exceed the budgeted amount.

Camping and Overnight Cost: $30 -$50 Per Night / $500 – 900 Per Month

If you have an RV, then you’ll camp, and that costs money. The average cost can be 40 dollars per night, depending on where you choose to stop and rest. Rest stops that you find on the road are also popular areas for overnight camping, and do come at a rate that is determined at the discretion of the owners.

Camp sites may be a bit more pricey because they have more security for you and your recreational vehicle, but can grant you peace of mind.

Maintenance and Repair Cost: $120 Per Month / $1,440 Per Year

Maintenance is very important for traveling in your RV. Most dealers will provide you with the option to obtain a maintenance plan that covers certain aspects and structural parts of the travel trailer. Repair cost only comes into play when something fails with the maintenance.

When repair is needed, cost depends on the apparatus that needs to be fixed, as well as the parts and labor associated with fixing the structure. Manufactures may also provide you with an included maintenance plan depending on the company you buy it from.

Cost to Store RV: $75 – $450 Per Month / $600 -$5,400 Per Year

Storage for any RV is an expense that comes with the vehicle’s territory. Open lots with borders, as well as storage units, or garages are all considered forms of storage for recreational vehicles. Manufacturers, companies, or even you can find a unit that can house your recreational vehicle from potential theft and/or damages.

Other RV storages have special features that could help your RV keep its integrity, including unheated indoor storage. If you want to have your RV protected from the winter, a heated RV storage can cost anywhere between 100 dollars and 450 dollars a month.

In the end, prices correlate to the size of the RV and the amenities that you want included within the storage unit.

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