How Long is a Dog’s Memory? (Explained and 22 Quick Facts)

How Long is a Dog's Memory

Have you ever wondered how long your dog’s memory is because you’re worried they’ll never forgive you after accidentally stepping on their tail? Don’t worry, you’re not the only person wondering this exact question.

According to research, the average dog’s memory spans across 20 – 80 seconds. Dog’s have an extremely short-memory, meaning they forget things almost instantly. So don’t be offended if your dog goes back to chewing on your shoes, even after you’ve addressed him.

Dogs have associative memories– meaning they connect with their experiences through scents, imagery, sounds, and names. If you’d like to learn more about a dog’s memory, how it works, and everything in between — continue reading!

How Long Can a Dog Remember an Event?

The length of time which a dog remembers an event can be as short as 10 seconds – 3 minutes at most. Dogs have an extremely short-term memory, meaning if you accidentally stepped on their tail, or you’ve finished scolding them for chewing your shoes — they’ll forget almost instantly.

How a Dog’s Memory Works?

Unlike humans, dogs have an associative memory, which means they learn and relate to associations as opposed to specific memories. Associations can include names, scents, or images. As an example, let’s take a memory of you taking your dog to the park.

Instead of your dog remembering the entire process that’s involved with going to the park, he’ll identify that memory to specific events leading up to it. He’ll associate the park with you putting on your shoes, or maybe you putting a leash on your dog.

Those are just some ways that your dog is able to associate his memories with certain events that take place in his life.

When Does a Dog’s Memory Start?

The memory of an average dog begins from eight weeks of age. Although, some puppies can recognize their siblings and mother from four weeks. Each dog is different, however, with some breeds excelling faster than others.

Do Dogs Remember When They Were a Puppy?

Dogs remember certain memories from their lives as a puppy, especially memories with their mother or siblings. Although dogs can’t recall exact details, they’ll have recollections with their kin, and be able to pick up scents that remind them of a puppy.

Do Dogs Remember if You Accidentally Hurt Them?

If you accidentally hurt your dog, let’s say by stepping on their tail, they’ll remember at the moment but will forget it 2 minutes later. The difference is that dogs do seem to know if you accidentally hurt your dog vs deliberately hurt them.

Dogs that have been abused will remember their experiences, and become extremely timid and fearful of you. If you’ve accidentally hurt your dog though, you can feel assured that with plenty of apologies and one-on-one cuddles — your dog will forget about it almost instantly.

Do Dogs Forget Things Quickly?

It’s not uncommon for dogs to easily forget things quickly because of their short-term memories! Unlike humans, dogs tend to forget things after three minutes. Meaning, they don’t dwell on the little things — they’re able to move on and keep going because they simply can’t remember much.

Editor’s note: Don’t we all wish life could be that easy!

Do Dogs Remember Yesterday?

Dogs don’t necessarily remember “yesterday”, but they do recall events or recognize scents/places they’ve visited. Unlike humans, we can recall our entire day yesterday, from where we went to what we ate– dogs do not share this ability.

For dogs, they might remember certain glimpses of their days, specifically highlights. So if you took your dog to the park, and decided to visit again, he’ll remember that location. Things he won’t remember are the little things, like sitting in 3 pm traffic to get to the park or being approached by an untrained dog, as an example.

Do Dogs Remember People’s Scent?

Yes, dogs remember people’s scents — specifically their owners! When a dog recognizes someone, they utilize all of their senses to familiarize themselves with who they’re looking at. And a person’s scent is one of the many things they remember.

Do Dogs Remember Their Mom?

It’s believed that dogs can remember their mom from the moment they’re still young. It will usually take a dog to reach 2 years of age (and has been separated) before he forgets about his mom.

Researchers have found, however, that some adult dogs in specific circumstances have been able to recognize their mother through her scent. This goes to show how a mother-puppy bond is unbreakable.

Does a Mother Dog Remember Her Puppies?

Mother dogs absolutely remember her puppies, from as young as 2-weeks. Much like how dogs remember their siblings from four weeks, mother dogs are able to recognize their kin from an early stage.

Despite the misinformation about mother dogs being unable to recognize their offspring if taken too early, this is false. Even if her children are separated, if given the opportunity, a mother dog will be able to remember her children (even as adults.) So long as they spent the first 8 – 12 weeks together.

Do Dogs Remember Their Siblings?

A study on the long-term retention of dogs and their kin suggests that dogs (puppies) can recognize and remember their siblings from as young as 4 – 5.5 weeks of age. When a pup has been separated between the ages of weeks 8 – 12, however, this is when recognition breaks down.

Once a dog has reached 2 years of age, and has been separated from its siblings between ages 8 – 12 weeks, the dog is unable to remember its siblings. If the dog has been living on its own within this timeframe — there’s no chance for him/her to recognize its kin.

So long as they have grown up together, it is only then when dogs can remember their siblings. If separation does occur, however, dogs will forget and begin to reintegrate into their new family.

Do Dogs Remember Other Dogs That Have Died?

If your dog has grown up with a companion, he/she will notice the loss of other dogs. Whether they’ve been fostered or have passed on, your dog will know that something is missing in his life.

Does My Dog Remember Being in a Shelter?

Yes, your dog might remember being in a shelter before you rescued them. Shelter dogs come in various packages, meaning they might even remember their past before their shelter.

Different things dogs from shelters might remember to include:

  • Living environment
  • Other companions they befriended
  • Learning new habits
  • Alarming situations
  • Protective behaviors

If your furry friend was trained before arriving at the shelter, these memories won’t necessarily be lost either. All in all, dogs have vivid memories from past experiences — so don’t be surprised if they remember much more than you anticipate.

Will My Dog Remember Me After 6 Months?

It’s very likely for your dog to remember who you are, even after 6 months. Dogs can remember their owners for prolonged periods, meaning you won’t be forgotten if you have to separate from your pooch for a 6-month timeframe.

Will My Dog Remember Me After 5 Years?

Some dogs can remember a person even after 5 years, so yes, there’s no need to worry about your dog forgetting you. Most people who serve in the army worry whether or not their furry friend will remember them, and thankfully — this is not a matter of question.

Can a Dog Remember Faces?

Many people believe that dogs can recognize faces, whereas others claim that dogs are unable to remember faces but they can remember a person’s full-body. We believe that when it comes to a person’s face, dogs aren’t necessarily looking at you like how we look at other humans.

Instead of a dog using our face to trigger recognition, they’re looking at our facial structure, scent, our aura, stance, and other scenes. This in itself isn’t reliant on just our face, but our entire being to helping them remember who we are.

Does My Rescue Dog Remember Being Abused?

Research suggests that dogs who have been abused are affected long-term, with painful memories that require extensive therapy and care to overcome. Rescue dogs are a common tale of unfortunate abuse stories, often leaving prosperous owners in the lurch as to whether they remember any of it.

Unfortunately, most dogs will remember being abused — but this doesn’t mean they can’t overcome these experiences. So long as your dog is provided with adequate protection and gentle love, things should improve over time.

How Long Does it Take For a Dog to Remember its Name?

Each dog is different, meaning it might take a few days to a couple of weeks for your dog to remember its name. The earlier you call your dog by its chosen name, the quicker they’ll identify with it.

Many factors can influence the timespan of your dog remembering its name. These include your dog’s age, their history, their previous environment, how active you are in training your dog, and so forth.

How Long Does a Dog Remember What He Did Wrong?

Much like children, a dog is no different when it comes to realizing what they did wrong. It can be as short as 3 minutes for your dog to remember what he did wrong until they forget and start chewing on your shoes again.

Another reason why your dog may easily forget what he did wrong is due to a lack of understanding. Unlike humans where we can acknowledge our faults, bad behavior is a concept that most dogs are oblivious to.

With this in mind, it’s important to remember that dogs are not mind-readers, nor are they humans that can recognize right from wrong. After those 3 minutes of scolding your dog, actively train your dog what to do next time — and move on.

How Long Does a Dog Remember its Owner?

It’s believed that a dog remembers its owner for as long as months, sometimes years. Despite the circumstances, like being given up for adoption or starting a new life with different owners, some dogs can retain memories of its owner.

Do Dogs Have Memories of Previous Owners?

Dogs do retain memories of their previous owners, similar to humans. The memories a dog might have with previous owners can be triggered by noises, smells, or being in the presence of their past environment.

If your dog is a rescue animal, you can observe how he/she reacts when a memory of its previous owner occurs. Do this by watching your dog’s body language and emotional state when around certain people — and keeping note of any recurring commonalities.

How Long Does it Take For a Dog to Bond with New Owners?

If you’ve recently bought a dog, it can take a dog between one week to one month to bond with its new owners. Every dog is different though, and each circumstance will determine the length of time which it takes to establish a connection between you and your pooch.

Most dogs are wary of new owners, especially when coming from an adoption center, so be sure to give your dog some time. As the days go by, your dog will slowly start to trust you — and before you know it, the bond between you both will be unbreakable.

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