How Big Do Samoyeds Get? (Plus Size Info for Mix Breeds)

How Big Do Samoyeds Get

Samoyeds are gentle giants that are known for their adorable smiles as much as their fluffy white coat. This big playful breed – sometimes to referred to as a ‘white wolf’ – was initially bred to herd and hunt reindeer in Siberia. Centuries later, Samoyeds or “smiling Sammies” make a perfect dog for single owners and family homes alike since they love to be around people – besides, their soft snowy coats make them one big cuddle magnet!

But exactly how big are these cuddle magnets, and are they right for you? Once they are fully grown, male Samoyeds can stand up to 24 inches at shoulder height and weigh between 35 and 66 pounds. Female Samoyeds grow slightly smaller than this but either way, their thick and fluffy coats make even the smaller Samoyeds look grand and wolf-like. With their alert pointed ears, winning smile and show dog-like coat, it’s no wonder Samoyeds are considered one of the most beautiful dog breeds there is.

If you’re thinking about adopting one of these elegant gentle giants (or perhaps even a mixed Samoyed breed), look no further – this brief guide takes a look at the Samoyed’s growth from newborn to adult, whether their size is right for your lifestyle and how their sizes differ when mixed with other popular dog breeds.

Growth of Samoyeds

AgeWeight (male average)Height (male average)
1 week4 – 5 lbs5.5 inches
2 weeks5 – 8 lbs6 inches
3 weeks8 – 10 lbs6.5 inches
4 weeks10 lbs7 – 8 inches
5 weeks10.5 lbs8 – 10 inches
6 weeks11 – 12 lbs10 – 12 inches
7 weeks12 – 14 lbs12 – 13 inches
8 weeks14 - 16 lbs13.5 inches
3 months20 lbs 14 inches
4 months20.5 lbs14.5 inches
5 months21 – 25 lbs15 – 15.5 inches
6 months25 – 35 lbs16 inches
7 months35 – 40 lbs16.5 inches
8 months40 – 42 lbs16 – 18 inches
9 months42 - 44 lbs18.5 – 20 inches
10 months45 lbs20 inches
11 months45 – 48 lbs20.5 inches
12 months50 lbs20 – 22 inches
18 months50 - 66 lbs23 – 24 inches

At What Age is a Samoyed Fully Grown?

Samoyed’s can be considered fully grown once they have reached around 18 months old, but they can sometimes reach full maturity as soon as 9 or 12 months in some cases.

Is a Samoyed’s Size Right For You?

While Samoyeds are not the largest dog breed out there, they can make their presence known at home, so make sure they are the right pet for you before adopting one:

  • Their size and heavy shedding will mean regular grooming (and a good vacuum cleaner!)
  • They are great gentle giants with children and senior citizens, but should be monitored as they are enthusiastic and tend to jump around a lot.
  • Okay in apartments if you take them for several walks a day and provide stimulation for them when indoors.
  • Their size may be intimidating to smaller pets and animals, but early socialization can help with this transition.

What Contributes to Samoyed’s Size?

While gender is the main contributing factor to their size (males are bigger), there are other things that can affect the size of your Samoyed. The first obvious factor is their thick and shaggy fur coat – their dense outer fluff can make them appear much larger than they really are!

Another element that can affect their size directly is whether they are being overfed. Responsible owners should be feeding them no more than 1 to 1 and 1/3 cups of dry food each day and splitting this amount into two separate meals. The effects of recovery after your Samoyed has been neutered or spayed may also lead to weight gain from less movement and continual eating after surgery, so watch out for this.

Samoyed Mixes – With Sizes     

Samoyed Husky Mix

The combination of Siberian Husky and Samoyed makes for a dog that resembles an arctic fox, with all the beauty and energetic personality of both parent breeds.

You can expect Samuskies to grow to between 19 and 24 inches tall and weigh around 50 to 55 pounds – making them very similar in size to both their Husky parents (21 to 24 inches and 50 to 60 pounds) and Samoyed parent (22 to 24 inches and 50 to 66 pounds).

Samoyed Corgi Mix

Considering the vast size difference in both breeds, Sammy corgis may range anywhere between 30 and 55 pounds, though it’s more likely that they will inherit something closer to the Samoyed weight of 50 pounds than their Corgi parent’s 27.5 pounds.

Because of the inherited stunted Corgi legs, Sammy corgis can measure somewhere between 12 and 17 inches tall, compared to the Corgi male’s 11 inch height and the Samoyed’s 22 to 24 inches.

Samoyed Poodle Mix

The loyal and affectionate Sammypoos will be pretty similar to both parents as far as height goes – measuring around 19 to 22 inches compared with the 22 to 24 inches of Samoyed height and 18 to 21 inch Poodle shoulder height.

As Poodles can weigh slightly more than Samoyeds (as much as 70 pounds, compared with Samoyed’s average of 55), you can expect male Sammypoos to weigh around 55 to 65 pounds.

German Shepherd Samoyed Mix

Sizes may be hard to predict with the relatively new Samoyed shepherd mix breed, but based on their parents heights of 22 to 24 inches (Samoyeds) and 24 to 25 inches (German Shepherd), it’s fair to say Samoyed shepherd mix may come up to an average shoulder height of 23 inches.

Since German shepherds outweigh Samoyeds quite significantly (around 75 to 95 pounds compared with 50 to 60), the weight of this mix could range anywhere between the 60 to 90 pound mark.

Samoyed Golden Retriever Mix

The beautiful Golden Sammy mix is one of the most sweet-tempered dogs you’ll come across, inheriting the cute Goldie face with all the adorable fluff of a Samoyed. They are close in height to both parents too, measuring 22 inches compared with 24 inch Samoyeds and 23 inch Goldies.

Golden Sammy’s also weigh between 50 and 75 pounds – a good average of Samoyed’s weight of 50 to 66 pounds with a Goldie’s weight of 65 to 75 pounds.

Samoyed Chow Mix

Sam chows are a sociable and affectionate mix breed and their size doesn’t differ too drastically from both parent breeds. Since Chow chows stand at 18 to 22 inches shoulder height and Samoyeds at 22 to 24, Sam chows will measure around 20 to 22 inches tall.

Chow chows can weigh anywhere between 45 and 75 pounds so combined with the Samoyed weight range of 50 to 60 or so pounds, Sam chows may sit roughly around the 55 to 65 pound mark.

Samoyed Lab Mix

Samlabs make intelligent, playful companions and will come to more or less the same height of their Labrador Retriever (23 inches) and Samoyed parent (22 to 24 inches) at around 23 inches shoulder height.

The Labrador parent is a slightly larger breed, weighing in at 65 to 75 pounds compared with the 50 to 66 pound Samoyed, so your Samlab may also be on the larger side and veer towards 70 pounds on the scales.

Samoyed Border Collie Mix

Sammy Collies make for a highly intelligent mix breed with bundles of energy and a protective stubborn streak. Border Collies are slightly shorter than the 24 inch Samoyed breed at 20 inches tall in males, so your Sammy Collie may be around 21 to 22 inches at the shoulder.

Border Collies are also significantly lighter breeds, weighing 30 to 45 pounds compared with the Samoyed weight of 50 to 66 pounds, so Sammy Collies can range between 40 and 55 pounds.

Samoyed Pitbull Mix

SamPits or Sambulls can be strong-willed stubborn dogs or inherit a gentler side, and their size can be as hard to predict as their personality! The male American Pitbull Terrier can weigh anywhere between 22 and 75 pounds, so the Samoyed parent’s weight of 50 to 66 pounds may bring a SamPit’s average weight between roughly 40 and 55 pounds.

As for height, Pitbulls stand at around 19 inches, so against a Samoyeds height of 22 to 24 inches, SamPits may measure around 20 to 22 inches tall.

Australian Shepherd Samoyed Mix

Aussie Sammys make for highly-sensitive dogs with a protective guard dog quality. Aussie Sammys won’t differ too drastically from either parent breed in terms of their size. The Samoyed height of around 22 to 24 inches equals the average Aussie Shepherd height of 22 inches, so Aussie Sammy’s will be roughly the same height at the shoulder.

These parent breeds are equally similar in their average weight, with Aussie Shepherds measuring 57.5 pounds and Samoyeds between 55 and 66 pounds – resulting in around 60 to 65 pounds for the Aussie Sammy.

Akita Samoyed Mix

Akitas and Samoyeds are very similar in their quick and alert temperament, making for a reliable and active dog when they combine to make an Akita Sammy. While their personalities may mesh, the size of the parent breeds couldn’t be more varied, so expect unpredictable results!

While Samoyeds reach no bigger than 24 inches and 66 pounds in weight, Akitas can grow to be as much as 120 pounds and 28 inches in males! So Akita Sammys may weigh anywhere between 60 and 90 pounds or more and measure up to 24 to 26 inches at the shoulder.

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