How Big Do Pomeranians Get? (Plus Size Info for Mix Breeds)

How Big Do Pomeranians Get

Pomeranians are those cute little fluffy dogs that are a common brand with upscale caretakers and people who love dogs! You would think that these dogs would be bigger  in size, but in reality, they are not.

Typically, pomeranians grow between 7 and 12 inches tall and can usually weigh only between 3 and 7 pounds. In the past, pomeranians could grow up to 10 to 14 pounds; yet because of evolution, time has made them smaller animals.

Pomeranians can also be different sizes when mixed with a different breed of dog, so let’s take a closer look.

Growth of Pomeranians

Here’s a quick chart to show you the growth rate of pomeranians.

One Week3 oz1 inch
Two Weeks5 oz1 ¼ inches
Three Weeks6 oz1 ½ inches
Four Weeks7oz1 ¾ inches
Five Weeks9 oz2 inches
Six Weeks9.5 oz2 ¼ inches
Seven Weeks10 oz2 ½ inches
Eight Weeks11 oz3 inches
Three Months15 oz3 ½ inches
Four Months1 lb 6 oz3 ¾ inches
Five Months1 lb 8 oz4 inches
Six Months1 lb 10 oz4 ½ inches
Seven Months1 lb 12 oz4 ¾ inches
Eight Months1 lb 14 oz5 inches
Nine Months2 lbs5 ½ inches
Ten Months2 lbs 6 oz6 inches
Eleven Months2 lbs 8 oz6 ½ inches
Twelve Months2 lbs 10 oz6 ¾ inches
Eighteen Months3 lbs7 inches

At What Age is A Pomeranian Fully Grown?

The average age that a pomeranian is fully grown is around 12 months or 1 year. Around 10 months, their growth will start to slow down or completely cease.

Their primary age range of growth is between 2 and 10 months, with the last two being the most substantial portion. Although their growth slows down, some poms will keep growing until they hit 14 to 15 months, where most of the growth is in their chest area.

Is A Pomeranian’s Size Right For You?

If you are a fan of small dogs that you can keep close to you, pick up like it were your child, or even dress up for the cuteness of it, then a Pomeranian’s size will be a great fit for you.

Additionally, although their size is small, don’t let that fool you; poms are more than ready to defend your honor against some bigger dogs that may cause a threat.

Pomeranian Mixes – With Sizes

Pomeranian x American Eskimo Mix: Pomino

Pominos are an elegant hybrid breed of dog that efficiently blends an American Eskimo and a Pomeranian.

These dogs enjoy the interaction of their caretakers because their size allows them to physically be close. Once they are fully grown, a pomino typically weighs up to 16 pounds with a height of 12 inches.

Pomeranian x American Rat Terrier Mix: Pomerat

Both the pomeranian and American rat terrier is a favorably small dog and both of them are capable of producing a pomerat, or a pomeranian and American rat terrier mix.

Once they have grown, female pomerat can be as tall as 8 to 11 inches and weigh between 5 and 15 pounds. On occasion, they are capable of reaching 18 pounds if fed too much.

Pomeranian x Beagle Mix: Pomeagle

Beagles are slightly bigger and longer than the average pomeranian, so it’s safe to say that their offspring will be the same size or bigger than the pomeranian, and potentially the same size as the Beagle.

Their offspring, the pomeagle is a slightly larger-than-average dog when compared to other mixes. They can start around 5 pounds and weigh up to 25 pounds! They range in height landing between 6 and 11 inches when measured at their shoulders.

Pomeranian x Bichon Frise Mix: Bichon-A-Ranian

The bichon-a-ranian is somewhat bigger and taller than their parent pomeranian because they tend to take after their other parent, the bichon frise.

Because of this phenomenon, the bichon-a-ranian measures between 20 centimeters and 28 centimeters in height, and can weigh between 6 ½ to 16 pounds. Their stature makes them both heavier and taller than their pomeranian parent.

Pomeranian x Border Collie Mix: Border Pom

Border Collies are certainly larger than the pomeranian, which makes the mix between them, a Border Pom, one of the more intriguing blends of breeds. The border pom usually stands at a height of 6 to 7 inches and can weigh between 3 and 8 pounds.

As an adult, regardless of which breed it is, the border pom can average anywhere in between the average size of both dogs, or can be just as small or large as them.

Pomeranian x Cairn Terrier Mix: Cairanian

Both parents of the cairanian are small dogs, with the cairn terrier carrying a bit more weight than the pomeranian.

These blended pups tend to be healthy weight ranging anywhere from 4 pounds as a pup and up to 14 pounds as an adult; while their height is about 8 inches to 13 inches depending on which parent gene is the strongest.

Pomeranian x Dachshund Mix: Dameranian

Yes, the Dachshund is a smaller and slightly longer dog than the pomeranian, but that doesn’t stop them from creating one of the more sought-after pomeranian mixes, the dameranian.

This pup will grow daily quickly, but has a less likely chance of surpassing both their canine mother and father in height and weight. The dameranian can grow between 8 and 11 inches and typically only weigh between 8 and 10 pounds on average.

Pomeranian x Husky Mix: Pomsky

A pomsky – pomeranian and husky mix – usually turns out to be bigger than the pomeranian parent, but not as big as the husky parent.

Typically pomskies are small to medium dogs, and once they come to adult age, they can stand between 10 and 15 inches on average and weight between 20 and 30 pounds, making them the largest mix on our list thus far.

Pomeranian x Jack Russell Terrier Mix: Jack-A-Ranian

A small dog with a black nose, muscular body, and pointy ears is the best way to physically describe the jack-a-ranian, which is the combination of a pomeranian and a Jack Russell terrier.

This small mixed breed only weighs 6 to 14 pounds on average, along with a height of 15 inches at the shoulder. Although small, the terrier genetics create the suitable and strong stature that most dog lovers are a fan of.

Pomeranian x Maltese Mix: Maltipom

Not only does its face make it cute, but so does the size of the pup.

A maltipom, which is a mix between a pomeranian and a maltese, comes in a cuddly size of 8 inches to 12 inches high, making them no taller than a ruler, along with a weight of 3 to 9 pounds.

Pomeranian x Pekingese Mix: Peek-A-Pom

With its cool name, the Peek-A-Pom is the intriguing mix between a pomeranian and a pekingese dog. Once these pups reach sexual maturity and flow into adulthood, they can stand between 7 and 10 inches high and weigh between 8 and 13 pounds.

What’s interesting is that the peek-a-pom is around the same size as their parent breeds the pekingese and the pomeranian.

Pomeranian x Poodle Mix: Pomapoo

The pomapoo, or pomeranian and poodle mix, is a small statured dog that takes more after their pomeranian parent in size than the poodle.

Typically, you can find a pomapoo standing at 8 to 10 inches from the shoulders and weighing 5 to 15 pounds. Compared to its parents, the pomapoo turns out smaller than the both of them.

Pomeranian x Pug Mix: Pom-A-Pug

Because both the pomeranian and the pug are small dogs, it’s easy to predict that their offspring, the pom-a-pug, will be just as small as them.

As nature would have it, it’s true! Even with their sturdy stature – thanks to the pug – the pom-a-pug typically has a height of 8 to 13 inches from the shoulder and can weigh between 5 to 16 pounds.

Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terrier Mix: Yoranian

Also known as the “Yorkie Pom” the Yoranian is a clean hybrid between a pomeranian and the all-popular yorkshire terrier. When these two breeds come together, they create a small-bodied dog that’s easy to walk around with.

On average, you’ll find that the Yoranian only stands between 6 and 10 inches and has a small weight of 3 to 7 pounds, making it a short yet sturdy dog.

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