How Big Do Belgian Malinois Get? (Plus Size Info for Mix Breeds)

How Big Do Belgian Malinois Get

The Belgian Malinois, despite its similarities to the Belgian Shepherd Dog, has its unique characteristics. If we examine size, this breed is classified as a medium- to large-sized dog.

The average height and weight for a full-grown, healthy Belgian Malinois is 64 to 75 pounds (29 to 34 kg) and 24 to 26 inches (61–66 cm) for males, and 55 to 66 pounds (25–30 kg) and 22 to 24 inches (56–61 cm) for females.

If you want to learn more about the size of the Belgian Malinois, read further. In this article we will cover everything from this breed’s size throughout life to how their size varies depending on the breed they are mixed with.

Weight and Height

To get a better picture of the Belgian Malinois’ size throughout their lifetime, let’s break their measurements down by age. Keep in mind, these measurement can vary depending on the specific dog so the below numbers are approximations:

1 Week0.5 to 1.5 lbs. (0.2 to 0.7 kg)4 to 6 in. (10.2 to 15.2 cm)
2 Weeks1.8 to 2.9 lbs. (0.8 to 1.3 kg)4.5 to 7 in. (11.4 to 17.8 cm)
3 Weeks2.2 to 4.4 lbs. (1 to 2 kg)5.5 to 8.5 in. (13.9 to 21.6 cm)
4 Weeks3.3 to 6.6 lbs.(1.5 to 3 kg)6 to 10 in. (15.2 to 25.4 cm)
5 Weeks5.5 to 7.5 lbs. (2.5 to 3.4 kg)7.25 to 12.5 in. (18.4 to 32 cm)
6 Weeks6.6 to 12.1 lbs. (3 to 5.5 kg)10 to 14 in. (25.4 to 35.6 cm)
7 Weeks10.6 to 13.2 lbs. (4.8 to 6 kg)12.5 to 16 in. (31.8 to 40.6 cm)
8 Weeks13.2 17.6 lbs. (6 to 8 kg)15.5 to 17.5 in. (39 to 44.5 cm)
3 Months17.6 to 28.4 lbs. (8 to 12.9 kg)18.5 to 19 in. (46.9 to 48.3 cm)
4 Months23.1 to 37 lbs. (10.5 to 16.8 kg)19.5 to 20 in. (49.5 to 50.8 cm)
5 Months28.7 to 45.2 lbs. (13 to 20.5 kg)21.5 to 22 in. (54.6 to 56 cm)
6 Months33.1 to 52.9 lbs. (15 to 24 kg)21.5 to 23.5 in. (54.6 to 60 cm)
7 Months35.3 to 58.4 lbs. (16 to 26.5 kg)21.5 to 24.5 (54.6 to 62.2 cm)
8 Months37.5 to 63.5 lbs. (17 to 28.8 kg)21.5 to 25.5 in. (54.6 to 65 cm)
9 Months39.7 to 66.1 lbs. (18 to 30 kg)21.5 to 25.5 (54.6 to 64.8 cm)
10 Months41.9 to 69.4 lbs. (19 to 31.5 kg)21.5 to 26 in. (54.6 to 66 cm)
11 Months41.9 to 71.7 lbs. (19 to 32.5 kg)21.5 to 26 in. (54.6 to 66 cm)
12 Months42.5 to 72.8 lbs. (19.3 to 33 kg)21.5 to 26.5 in. (54.6 to 67 cm)
18 Months44.1 to 77.2 lbs. (20 to 35 kg)21.5 to 27 in. (56 to 68.5 cm)

At What Age is a Belgian Malinois Fully Grown?

The rule of thumb for determining when a dog is fully grown is to use 18 months as a benchmark. With the Belgian Malinois, the age at which they are fully grown can vary. Anywhere from a year to two years is a good estimate.

Their size is determined by many factors, chief among which are their parents size and their diet and care. If you want your Belgian Malinois to achieve its full and healthy size, be sure to feed it enough (but not too much!) and feed it healthy food. Regular trips to the vet, even if they are for minor problems or purely preventative, are also a great way to safeguard your pet’s health and ensure it grows up healthy and big.

Is a Belgian Malinois’ Size Right for You?

The Belgian Malinois is classified as a medium- to large-sized breed. For reference, they have a similar size as German Shepherds. Much like their German counterparts, the Belgian Malinois was bred to be a herding dog and is currently used as police or military canines.

What this all means is that, if you decide to purchase a Belgian Malinois as your pet, you will have a large dog with a lot of energy. If you have a big enough indoor space and, more importantly, access to a suitably-sized outdoor area for walks and play, then the Malinois’ size is right for you.

If you do not have adequate space or tend to lean more towards cuddly lap dogs, the Belgian Malinois’ size may be too big for you.

A great way to get an idea of the Belgian Malinois’ size is to visit the breeder or the shelter before buying your pet. That way, you can gauge their size in person and also get a handle on their personality. This can ensure a perfect fit and a happy home for both you and your dog.

Belgian Malinois x Dutch Shepherd Mix

This mix, affectionately known as the Mali-Dutchie, is an energetic work and companion dog with roots as a herding canine. Its large size measures in at 22 to 26 inches tall (55.9 to 66 cm) and 60 to 80 pounds heavy (27.2 to 36.3 kg) for males and 21 to 24 inches tall (53.3 to 61 cm) and 40 to 70 pounds (18.1 to 31.8 kg) for females.

The Mali-Dutchie’s appearance can vary depending on the litter, but all offspring will exhibit the dark coloration and the upright ears that both the Malinois and Dutch Shepherd have. They are energetic, protective, and loyal work dogs that make great companions for single people and families alike.

Care-wise, you should take them for at least an hour walk or allow for just as much activity time each day and allow them enough space, indoors or out, to run and play around. They also need social interaction from their family to stay entertained. Weekly brushings are a great way to maintain a healthy coat. You can expect your Mali-Dutchie to live ten to twelve years.

Belgian Malinois x German Shepherd Mix

This mix, sometimes known as the Malinois X or the Shepinois, has the best of both worlds from their respective Belgian and German sides. They measure 20 to 26 inches tall (50.8 to 66 cm) and 65 to 85 pounds (29.5 to 38.6 kg) for both males and females of the breed.

The Shepinois is an incredibly smart, friendly, and energetic pet that exhibits strong protective instincts for its family. Given their herding background, this breed needs a lot of exercise, the minimum being an hour walk or activity time each day. They also need social stimulation and space to run and engage in activities with family or other dogs.

Be sure to brush your Malinois X at least once per week to maintain a healthy coat. You can expect your Shepinois to live ten to twelve years.

Belgian Malinois x Siberian Husky Mix

This mix, otherwise known as the Belusky, is a beautiful mix of the Husky’s and Malinois’ most striking features. This breed measures 23 to 25 inches tall (58.4 63.5 cm) and 45 to 65 pounds (20.4 to 29.5 kg).

The Belusky is an energetic, friendly, and fiercely loyal pet. Through proper training, you can prevent most of the unwanted or otherwise inappropriate aspects of this protectiveness. On the positive side, this temperament will make your Belusky a great and loyal companion until the day they die.

Since this breed, too, has a high energy level, they require at least an hour walk or activity time outside per day and plenty of social stimulation to avoid boredom and destructive behavior. Weekly brushings help to maintain a healthy coat. You can expect your Belusky to live eight to twelve years.

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