Top 120 Hobbies for Women to Do During Leisure Time

Boredom is a time-killing pointless emotion that usually yields no positive changes to our lives. So if you’re grounded in this dull jaded edge, you better pack your bags and do some exploring. Gripping into your boring life is such a waste of your precious time.

They say time flies like an arrow which is why we must make the most of it. And sitting on the couch all day, fantasizing how beautiful the world is should not qualify as “making the most of it.”

If you just get out of your comfort zone and discover what the cosmos has to offer, your universal desire for learning will be enkindled. Then, you’ll finally realize that you’ve been burning time for nothing all along.

Considering this, I recommend you explore a new hobby not just to kill time but also to help you relax and have fun. Dig into the world wide web, find out what’s in the new that shall inspire your next interest. Or, you can reconnect with old friends, check out what’s keeping them busy and probably, you can dive into their activities.

Hobbies allow us to set aside time for ourselves between work and family duties. If you’re determined to unearth your inner interests and passions, here’s a list of the top 120 hobbies for women to do during leisure time.

Hobbies for Women

  1. Blogging

Getting thoughts into paper is one ultimate hobby for a natural born wordsmith. But even if you don’t have the inert talent for writing, the good news is you can master this skill by simply doing it daily. So if you dream to have a website stuffed with your inspirational stories and narratives, set up a blog and start writing today!

  1. Cooking

I’ve always wanted to enroll myself in a culinary class to uncover the joys of cooking. However, my work schedule doesn’t permit me to. Which is why I am very grateful for the gift of YouTube. The app allows me to learn simple dinner recipes for my family and friends!

  1. Ballroom Dancing

Polish your ballroom dancing skills and grace your living room with fantastic moves your family will be proud of. Get into the hobby of ballroom dancing to make your leisure time enjoyable and fulfilling!

  1. Gardening

Planting seeds, growing plants, pulling weeds are definitely must try activities for women who are pro-environment. Gardening has long been a favorite hobby of our grandparents. There’s a reason why they love it so you may want to put your hands on it too!

  1. Jewelry making

Gold and silver, antique or copper, you can make amazing pieces of jewelry at the comfort of your own home! This creative hobby is not just fun but also therapeutic!

  1. Painting

Painting is a stress-relieving hobby that allows you to put your imagination on a canvas. With painting, your motor skills are improved while your memory strengthens!

  1. Photography

In a world where modern technology has brought us different gadgets that can capture memories, it is easy to get into the hobby of photography. Whether you’re a foodie or a travel geek, you can turn your photography skill into a hobby wherever you are and whatever you do!

  1. Playing violin

Impress your spouse and the whole family with an amazing music on the violin. Playing violin sharpens your concentration and hand-coordination as you enjoy the lovely notes coming from your own arms. It’s a great hobby for the music enthusiasts.

  1. Cycling

Save your dollars from riding public transportation and start cycling! Cycling is a good exercise in the morning for your heart and overall health. And the good news is, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get into this hobby!

  1. Sewing

Sewing is a craft that requires discipline and creativity. Although it seems to be a difficult art to learn, sewing allows you to create wonderful home must-haves like curtains, pillowcases, towels and more! This hobby is truly useful and worth your precious time.

  1. Reading

If you’re a bookworm who lost time for books due to life commitments, perhaps it’s time to reignite your love for reading today! Reading is a relaxing hobby that feeds our imagination with fantasies and fills our brain with knowledge. It has always been my favorite thing to do during my free time.

  1. Shopping

Work hard and shop harder! We only live once so we must do what it is that makes us happy! As long as you have the money for it, go shopping and turn it into a hobby. Shopping is stress-relieving. It makes us forget the pressures of life and allows us to focus time on ourselves.

  1. Embroidery

I remember I was 10 when I learned the art of embroidery and I definitely liked it. What I love about this craft is that I can decorate plain fabrics to my liking and add colors to a boring tablecloth with just a needle and a thread! Amazing!

  1. Knitting

Make your mom a sweater or a scarf with a ball of yarn! Learn the craft of knitting and I am pretty sure you’ll spend all your free time completing a special piece of garment for your loved ones.

  1. Exploring Parks

If you’re like me who loves to travel to places, exploring parks is one adventure you should get into. Turn your love for parks into a hobby and check out every park in your country!

  1. Museum Hopping

Do you fancy artifacts with scientific, historical and cultural value? Museum hopping might just be the hobby for you!

  1. Library hopping

Are you a bookworm who loves reading all kinds of stories and novels? Whether you’re into history or fantasy, you can find a book that will interest you in the library! So jump into the hobby of library hopping and find a sweet spot in all libraries to enjoy a new book.

  1. Floristry

The art of floral arrangements in vases and baskets is definitely one hobby that all women would like to try. Who doesn’t like flowers?

  1. Scrapbooking

Transform your old photo album into an artwork of your own with scrapbooking! Collect small decorative pieces and design a scrapbook according to your style!

  1. Stained Glass Art

Stained glass art is a form of painting that allows light to shine through windows. But today, you can make it a hobby by creating simple suncatchers using stained glass art techniques.

  1. Calligraphy

If you are more of a visual artist, calligraphy is an art that might interest you. This art of writing uses different techniques in applying design to plain letters and numbers.

  1. Spiritual Activities

Boost your spirituality with different activities shared in your community. Joining spiritual groups and participating in their cause is a fulfilling hobby to do during your leisure time.

  1. Journaling

I know it’s already 2018 and in this era, more people are into sharing life happenings on social media. But for me, journaling is still the best when it comes to recording my daily thoughts and feelings. It’s more personal and therapeutic.

  1. Pottery

Make some pottery wares out of your own hands! Be it a stoneware, earthenware or porcelain, you can definitely create one with the proper techniques in pottery!

  1. Paper crafts

Paper crafting is probably the easiest hobby you can get into while at home. You can turn colorful papers and card into artistic three-dimensional objects, which you can use to decorate your scrapbook!

  1. Card making

Card making is a hobby that requires your creative imagination and skills. You can opt to build your cards from scratch or print ready-made templates online!

  1. Hip Hop Dancing

Who said hip-hop is only for the young and teens? If you love dancing to hip-hop music, you can relive your youth and dance to the beat to make your free time fun and enjoyable. Live like you’re young!

  1. Beach hopping

Unleash your inner Ariel and travel to beaches you’ve never been before. Beach hopping is an adventure you wouldn’t want to miss in this lifetime!

  1. Crocheting

Create some booties and hats for little kids and babies with crocheting. The possibilities are endless with huge colorful yarns in plain and ombre hues!

  1. Cross-stitching

Cross-stitching is a form of needlework that comes with a pattern. It’s easy to get into cross-stitching as there are kits available in the market that are packed with everything you need to start your masterpiece.

  1. Doll making

Dolls have become our bedtime buddies and best friend when we were young. All girls must have owned a doll in their childhood. So if you fancy dolls even in your adulthood, why not make one of them?

  1. Traditional Felting

Traditional felting is an ancient technique that combines together wool fibers to create a nonwoven fabric. Through this art, you can turn your old sweatshirts into keepsakes! Just hop into YouTube and you’ll be amazed and the enormous projects you can make out of felting!

  1. Yoga

Originating from ancient India, yoga has gained popularity all over the world. The mental, spiritual, and physical disciplines taught in this practice has proven to be beneficial to wellness. So if you’re looking for an activity during your free time on a weekend, you may want to enroll yourself in a yoga class!

  1. Charcoal Drawing

Charcoal drawing is an art that uses charcoal, pastel, or a chalk. The beauty of black and white with shades of grey is stunning. It’s definitely a must-try hobby for every artist!

  1. Sand art

It takes a real artist to model sands into a huge masterpiece. But although sand art is a bit overwhelming, you can always give it a try. Who knows? Maybe you have the talent for it!

  1. Baking

I love chocolates and cakes which is why I was easily magnetized to the hobby of baking. Baking is a profitable past-time too! You can share with friends or sell them in the community!

  1. Cake decorating

You can easily turn your homemade cakes into beautiful showstoppers through cake decorating. Impress your guests and your family with your fabulous cake designs for every occasion!

  1. Bird watching

Bird watching is a hobby that requires visual enhancement devices like binoculars to observe bird activities. It’s a relaxing pastime you can do at the park.

  1. Traveling

Traveling is quite an expensive hobby. Airline ticket costs are surging these days. But traveling is worth it. The memories and learning you gain when you travel are worth no dollars.

  1. Walking pets

If you’re a pet lover who seeks to find an activity with more pets, you might want to volunteer to walk your neighbor’s pets. It’s a cool and de-stressing activity you can do after work or on a weekend.

  1. Camping

Camping with your lady friends or your partner is a recreational hobby that doubles as an escape to the city life. During camping, your time is spent with friends and loved ones, which fosters increased bonding. It’s a hobby you need when you’re life is becoming too centered on work duties.

  1. Sailing

Sailing takes you away from the buzz of the urban life. Apart from the benefits of a city escape, sailing strengthens your muscles and endurance. It’s a perfect hobby for adventure lovers.

  1. Hiking

Hiking is another hobby for those who seek more adventures in life. And because walking is a weight-bearing exercise, hiking improves your bone density. It also strengthens your core as well as your leg and hip muscles.

  1. Training pets

Puppy training or dog obedience training kills time. It’s a productive activity you can turn into a hobby at home! If you’re good at it, you can even profit from it by offering your services in the neighborhood.

  1. Tai Chi

According to Wikipedia, “Tai Chi is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits.” The health benefit mentioned here is weight loss so if you want to get back into shape, tai chi might interest you.

  1. Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a form of martial arts characterized by fast kicking techniques. It also teaches fighting skills you can use for self-defense.

  1. Acting

You don’t have to be in Hollywood to pursue your passion for acting. Today, there are theatres in the city you can join in to fulfill your dreams of becoming an actor on stage.

  1. Bowling

An extremely popular hobby, bowling is a sport that involves pins and balls. I personally love bowling. It’s really a fun leisure activity to share with friends and families.

  1. Canning

If you’re a homemaker, canning is an inexpensive and easy hobby you must discover. Think of the spoiled food you throw away every day. You can actually prevent them from spoiling if you learn canning techniques for a variety of food. So dig into the internet and search for canning tips and methods to perform in your pantry today!

  1. Cards

In my family, we play cards when the weather doesn’t permit us to play outside. We love card games as we don’t need to concentrate much because the mechanics are just easy and simple. It’s, indeed, a sociable and friendly hobby you can share with the family and your neighbors too!

  1. Collecting

Whether you like collecting antiques, stamps, and rocks, collecting items your heart desires is a relaxation activity that promotes appreciation for plain and simple things that exist in this world.

  1. Learning A Language

Did you know? You can delay the onset of dementia especially if it runs in your family if you keep your brain working? Learning a new language should benefit your brain health! So why not take up a new language course and keep those brain cells working during your leisure time!

  1. Chess

My father taught me how to play chess when I was 8 and I initially thought it is a brain drain. But after playing a couple of games, I realized it’s a good mental exercise. So instead of just plainly sitting on the couch and watching TV, I’d play chess with my sisters and cousins during my free time. It’s fun so you must try it too!

  1. Origami

Transforming papers into beautiful works of art is an amazing hobby. The art of origami allows you to shape colorful papers into animals and flowers, which you can use as decors. It’s a worthwhile hobby that improves attention skills, patience, and eye-hand coordination.

  1. Tennis

Are you a sporty kind of lady? If so, then you must grab your tennis racket and hit the court. Tennis is one hobby I was really good at in my teenage years. I stopped playing as I entered adulthood but now that I’m older, I think I need to gear back at playing the sport I love.

  1. Puzzles

Puzzles, like card games, are great boredom killers. Playing puzzles helps develop better cognitive process and improved focus and memory!

  1. Rebounding

Rebounding involves jumping and running on a mini trampoline. It is an inexpensive and easy leisure activity that improves your fitness level while having fun.

  1. Wine Tasting

Girls who enjoy a good wine can try wine tasting for a hobby. If this interests you, pay a visit to your local wine store and they might be offering wine tastings!

  1. Quilting

Quilting is an art that’s very useful in making different household objects. It is a gratifying hobby for women and homemakers. Choosing fabrics and selecting designs for your project is the beginning. Then, you’ll find yourself busy in the next few days until you finish your remarkable masterpiece!

  1. Decluttering

Some people don’t have the leisure of staying home on a weekend because of work commitments. Which is why they won’t notice that their homes are already stuffed with things do not use anymore. If you’re a busy woman who has no time for hobbies, then you can simply declutter your home little by little during your free time and sell your old stuff. It’s a productive hobby that allows you to earn and clean your home at the same time! It’s brilliant, isn’t it?

Woah! That was a long list hobby you can try today! But if you have not fallen in love with any of the activities we listed above, scroll down to check out more hobbies you can do for leisure!

More Hobbies for Women

  1. Belly dancing – an Arabic expressive type of dance that emphasizes complex movements of the torso.
  2. Pole dancing – a type of dance that combines acrobatics and dance moves on a vertical pole.
  3. Public speaking – an activity that involves communicating with a large audience that sharpens critical thinking skills.
  4. Singing – an act that produces musical sounds from the vocal cords using sustained tonality and rhythm.
  5. Candle making – the art of making candles from scratch.
  6. Food styling – a hobby that involves food arrangement in different styles usually done for food photography.
  7. Ice sculpting – an art that uses ice as raw material for sculptures.
  8. Engraving – the process of incising designs and logos into hard surfaces such as metal and wood.
  9. Beekeeping – is a refreshing hobby of caring for and maintaining bee colonies or most commonly called man-made bee hives.
  10. Paper mache – an art of creating a paper masterpiece using paper pieces or pulp bound with an adhesive.
  11. Kickboxing – is a type of combat sports that mix karate and boxing.
  12. Perfume making – an activity that involves making perfume from raw materials such as witch hazel and essential oils.
  13. Boxing – a combat sports that teaches punching styles and techniques.
  14. Archery – the skill of using bows to shoot arrows.
  15. Weightlifting – an athletic discipline that teaches strength training to develop the strength and size of skeletal muscles.
  16. Vlogging – a type of blogging using recorded videos and graphic design.
  17. Cloud watching – a recreational activity wherein people watch the movements and shapes of the clouds.
  18. Cave Diving – an underwater sport that is done to explore water-filled caves for scientific and leisure purposes.
  19. People watching – a hobby of idly watching passersby and observing people in public places.
  20. Paintballing – a competitive shooting sport that uses a paintball gun and spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules.
  21. Hockey – a sporty hobby that employs players to maneuver a ball and puck it into the opponent’s base using a hockey stick.
  22. Volleyball – a famous sport wherein players score points by grounding the ball on the opponent’s court.
  23. Table Tennis – a game that makes use of a lightweight ball which players hit back and forth using a small bat on a hard table.
  24. Badminton – a racket sport similar to tennis that uses a shuttlecock instead of a tennis ball.
  25. Billiards – a game played on a rectangular pocketed table wherein players strike billiard balls using a cue stick.
  26. Karate – a form of Chinese martial art involving punching and kicking, with advanced throws and grappling techniques.
  27. Jujitsu – a combat sport that focuses on grappling and ground fighting.
  28. Judo – a modern Japanese martial art that teaches complex throws intended to train the body and mind.
  29. Swimming – a water sport that makes use of arms and legs to forward through a body of water.
  30. Running Marathon – an exhilarating hobby that requires no special gadget, just a pair of shoe and the endurance to run in a marathon.
  31. Kayaking – the use of kayak to move across water.
  32. Gymnastics – a sport that contributes to the development of the arms, legs, shoulders, back, chest and abdominal muscles through movements that promote balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and endurance.
  33. Woodcarving – a form of woodworking that uses a chisel or knife in shaping and designing wood.
  34. Miniature Bonsai Sculpture – the art of curling and twisting wires to create a mini tree that mimics the characteristics of a bonsai.
  35. Weaving – an art that uses yarns and threads to produce textile, which can be used for household projects.
  36. Movie watching – a hobby that simply involves watching movies at home or in theatres.
  37. Jenga – a sociable game that employs players to take turns in removing one block at a time from a tower of 54.
  38. Spa nights – having a spa night is a hobby where women can indulge in relaxing facials and massages.
  39. Fruit Picking – a seasonal activity that allows people to harvest fruits in farms and orchards.

100. Theatre hopping – a leisure activity that lets people watch several theatre shows in a day.

101. Chalk drawing – an art of drawing using chalk usually done on a dark drawing board.

102. Motorbiking – the hobby of riding motorbikes to travel to places with friends or group of motorbikes.

103. Polymer Clay Molding – the art of shaping and designing polymer clay, usually used as keychains.

104. Soap making – a productive hobby that allows women to make soaps from raw materials such as melt-and-pour, beeswax, and fragrance oils.

105. Ballet – an Italian artistic dance form that uses light, graceful and fluid movements.

106. Pilates – a physical fitness activity that consists of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength exercises to promote proper postural alignment and balance.

107. Target Shooting – a shooting sport that requires the use of rifles and pistols.

108. Skating – a recreational activity where people travel on ice surfaces using skates.

109. Surfing – a surface water sport wherein surfers are carried towards the shore through moving waves.

110. Fishing – a pastime that involves catching fish using fishing gears such as hooks, sinkers, and floats.

111. Handball – a team sport that requires players to toss a ball using their hands and throw it into the opponent’s goal.

112. Golf – a club-and-ball sport, which requires players to hit balls into a series of holes on a golf course.

113. Puppet Mastering (ventriloquy) – a stagecraft wherein a person changes his/her voice to make it appear that it comes from a toy or a puppet.

114. Pooktre – the art of tree shaping.

115. Reverse Glass Painting – a craft wherein the artist creatively reverse-paints onto a piece of glass and then views the image by turning the glass over.

116. Graphic Design – a modern hobby that involves combining text and pictures using different apps on a computer.

117. Beading – the art of making jewelry pieces and home decors using beads.

118. Podcasting – a profitable hobby involving the process of producing a series of digital audio that subscribers and users can listen to.

119. Geocaching – an engaging outdoor activity that requires participants to use a GPS receiver to locate caches.

120. Mountain Climbing – a hobby that involves climbing mountains, crossing glaciers, and rock climbing with friends and loved ones.


Taking time to concentrate on yourself and focus on the activities you love can benefit your physical and mental health. Do not deprive yourself of the niceties of life. You only live once and this once is enough for you to experience your life’s real beauty.

Therefore, you must pick a hobby that will allow you to relax and eliminate feelings of pressure and stress. Shoo away your boredom and make your time worthwhile with rewarding projects that’ll make you feel good and fulfilled.