120 Hobbies for Men Every Husband Needs

Does your husband complain of boredom when all you do on a weekend is have a cup of coffee and sit or rest on the couch all day? That sounds really boring.

In a time when social media and the internet have overthrown physical activities as the most favorite hobbies, it feels like something is always missing. Because like it or not, We all have to be physical sometimes, if not all the time. And since the internet and platforms like Facebook and Twitter take much of our hours, we had seemingly forgotten to enjoy physical activities that can distract us from the burnout caused by the modern life.

So if you think your husband needs to get out and discover hobbies to kill boredom, here are 120 hobbies for men that should entice him.

120 Hobbies for Men Every Husband Needs


If your husband is a hands-on crafty kind of man, ceramics is one good hobby for him. Making ceramics is a beautiful art that involves shaping and molding clay. Men can make decorative jars, bowls, and candlesticks out of it, which you can use at home!


Husbands who are fond of getting outside and enjoying the weather would love landscaping. Though it is a profession, anyone who has the skills and talent can do it for leisure too!


Bargain hunting sounds like an activity for women. Ladies usually shop until they drop when they saw banners of “HUGE SALE” or “BIG DISCOUNTS.” It’s a hobby that every wife would love. But men will definitely like it too! Especially if they are hunting bargains of the motorcycle, bike, and car parts or accessories. Don’t you think?


Is your husband fond of DIY? Then you must introduce him to the hobby of furniture making! So much of what we buy in the market today are expensive but do not deliver the quality we expect. Why not make your own furniture, instead? It’s a great hobby that’s not just enjoyable but also profitable.


If your man is thirsty for the thrills and challenges of acting on stage, theater acting is for him. Check out with your local theater, they might be needing a new talent!


Distillation is the process of how liquor is made. And with distilling, your husband can produce his own unique bottle of bourbon! That’s totally fun and exciting! However, to make distilling at home legal, please know that you need to get a “distilled spirits permit.”


Is your husband a good adviser or counselor to your friends? Maybe he can enroll himself in a public speaking workshop. Public speaking can be a hobby for hubbies who have the will to help others by sharing and inspiring people.


Graphic designing is another hobby for artistic husbands. Males can unleash their imaginations, have fun, and even earn while they’re at it!


Fixing simple electronic toys and stuff is a piece of cake for most men. So husbands can easily turn this skill into a hobby. Building electronics like mini robots and gadgets is such an impressive talent. If your man can do it, you’re one lucky wife!


In this age of modern technology, having skills in coding leads to infinite possibilities. Knowledge in coding allows a person to develop apps, games, and programs that can automate lengthy processes in our jobs. If your man knows how to code, it can be an amazing hobby for him!


Not all husbands have the energy and time to practice the sports they love. So why not coach little kids during the weekend? It’s a stimulating and exhilarating activity for men!


Grab a new pair of shoes for you and your husband and encourage him to discover the benefits of running! Running is a healthy hobby for couples. And the best part is, you only need your shoes to start!


Let your husband chill and seek good company over the weekend as he enjoys bartending. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a job. Anyone can do bartending for leisure.


If your husband likes to get in touch with nature, horseback riding is one good actor. If you’re living in the countryside, you can even gift him a horse and take care of it!


Is your husband spending too much time on the internet? Is he reading a lot about gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, and smartwatches? Maybe, instead of plainly reading about them, he can review them and make it a hobby during leisure days. Besides, making reviews about gadgets can be a source of extra income too!


Who said that proofreading and editing can’t be a hobby? Men who have the skills and talent can do it for leisure. When you edit and proofread, you don’t just correct grammar and spelling in the process. You also learn something new about the piece you are proofreading or editing.


The touch of the wind and the coolness of water feel so refreshing after a whole week’s work. Windsurfing allows your husband to enjoy the waters while having fun. So, go get him a sailboard today!


If rock climbing doesn’t give enough adventures and fun for your husband, then let him try bouldering. It’s a form of rock climbing without ropes attached to the body. It definitely leads your man to the extreme and natural way of climbing.


Motorcycling is an adventurous and freeing hobby for husbands. It even gets better when shared with co-husbands or co-dads.


For husbands who are not into fast cars, huge motorbikes, and fancy gadgets, guns might be for them! Collecting firearms seem interesting to some men. Maybe your husband would like it too!


Navigating through rough and rocky roads is seemingly a challenging adventure every husband should try. It’s a great social activity with friends too. If your husband owns a truck equipped with all-terrain tires, it’s easy to start offroading as a hobby!


A hunting game and fishing game in one, spear fishing is another thrilling hobby for the husbands. Spearfishing is a game where players need to catch fish underwater through the use of a spear gun. But please note that since this is still a fishing activity, one must get a fishing license before diving in.


Shaping stones and decorating them with traditional hand tools is a hobby that’s perfect for husbands with endless imaginations. With the use of some ancient techniques, men should be able to create a magnificent masterpiece out of stones! This really sounds like an interesting and incredible leisure activity, isn’t it?


Electronic music is in the new. If your husband has the talent, he can create complex beats and turn them into songs. The best part is, making electronic music can be done using your computer at home.


Knitting is a popular hobby for the women. Remember our grandmas? They knit in the morning, afternoon, and evening until they fall asleep. There must be something about knitting that makes it an engaging activity. Well, knitting, in case you didn’t know yet, was invented by a male. Yes, a man. In the 16th century, they had male professional knitters who made things like fishing nets and sweaters. In today’s age, we see less and less of men knitting. So, why not gear back to an old hobby that was originally popularized by men?


Computer programming is not an easy hobby. A lot can be done using computer programs today. It must be so hard building those useful programs. But if your husband has extensive skills in it, he can actually turn his talent into a hobby. There are computer programmers who create apps and games on the side. They don’t do computer programming for a living but instead, they turned it into a hobby. They enjoy making programs and they earn while they’re at it. That sounds interesting, doesn’t it?


Airsoft, according to Wikipedia, is a sport in which gamers shoot using airsoft guns. Like in paintball, there’s a special kind of bullet for airsoft guns. A harmless, fun and exciting hobby for your husband,


Adventure races is an extreme form of running. There’s a variety of running and hiking activities ranging from 10 to 20 miles. There are checkpoints along the way that joiners should locate using their map and compass. It is a great outdoor activity for men who love adventures and challenges.


If men can’t do sports but have the knowledge of game mechanics, refereeing is quite a fit hobby. With refereeing, husbands can still play part in the game without having to actually play.


If your husband has the passion for writing and sharing his experiences with the public, you can encourage him to blog. Blogging can be an outlet for men who are bombarded with the daily stresses of life. It’s relaxing to write your thoughts and share your learnings with people. The best part is, we have a lot of bloggers today who are earning on the side because of their passion for blogging. Let your husband try it too!


With vlogging, your husband can record himself in a video as he shares about his passion and things that interest him. It’s like blogging, really. But with vlogging, you record videos instead of writing. Let your husband try vlogging and share it on your social media accounts to influence people and reach many viewers!


Blacksmithing is a manly craft that has been forgotten as we entered the age of technology. However, there are still a few men who make it as a hobby today. Let your husband channel the inner blacksmith in him. Find a local blacksmith class for him to learn more about it!


Building miniature models or replicas of cars, planes, and ships seem to be a hobby for little boys. But who said men can’t take this hobby to adulthood? Model building is quite an expensive and addicting hobby for adults but it’s such a fun and amusing leisure activity.


If your man loves nature and the mountains, there’s no reason why he wouldn’t enjoy hiking. What’s good about hiking is that it allows people to appreciate the beauty of nature, the animals, the rocks, and the trees. With hiking, you have to pay no entrance fees to the trails. Just prepare your bottle of water, some snacks, your hiking boots and clothes, and of course, don’t forget your hiking etiquette!


Hunting has long been recognized as one of the most favorite hobbies of men. The kings and men of the old age have enjoyed tracking down wild animals in the forests. But today, hunting is being regularized by the U.S. government. However, it is still legal as long as you get a license for it and of course, follow the protocols. There are animals that are not subject to hunting licenses such as endangered species and migratory birds.


It’s not surprising if your man still likes playing sports games until today. Sport is a huge part of a man’s life. Which is why sports games are still the most nominated best hobby for men.


Motorcycling is a great social and physical hobby for men. But to make it more interesting, some men join motorbike racing where they compete with other motorbikers like what they do in a car racing game.


Like a car racing game, bike racers compete with each other to steal the Number 1 spot, the faster bike racer in the game. It’s a healthy physical activity for men who have the passion for biking.


A fun run is a friendly running activity for those who want to run for enjoyment and not for competition. Today, there are a lot of fun runs where participants run for a cause. It’s another healthy activity for men who want to get physical during leisure time.


Men who want to experience the pleasure of a shooting sport to a whole new level can do marksmanship. This shooting game requires more concentration and a steady hand.


Men can take up the wonderful hobby of woodworking. It’s a useful skill that can lower stress levels and promotes patience. The good news is many technical schools today offer classes that teach the fundamentals of woodworking.


Today, amateur radio enthusiasts still exist and expand their knowledge on radio and communication. But if your husband wants to it up as a hobby, please know a license is required before he can use a radio.


Even grandpa knows how to dance! Let your husband discover the beauty of ballroom dancing too!


Men love to be fit. And what better way to be physically fit than to find a hobby that will help you get in shape? Let your husband try skiing. All this hobby requires is snow, determination, and of course his gears.


Leather doesn’t go out of style. With leatherworking, your man can create endless possibilities with a sheet of leather. He can make you a bag, a purse, a cardholder, and so much more!

  1. CHESS

Is your husband a chess champion? He still can take his love for chess to his adulthood. Allow him to play chess with your neighbor, brother, or friends. He sure would love playing it like a kiddo once again.


See those little ships in bottles floating on the ocean in some movies? In real life, there are men who create them for passion. Those miniature ships inside bottles are amazing! Kids will definitely wonder how their father was able to put the ships inside those bottles. It is, indeed, a fun and enjoyable hobby for men.


Rocketry involves the real application of physics and chemistry into a hobby. With rocketry, men shall experiment and research fuel systems that suit their model rockets. They will deal with designs and technology as well. It’s a gratifying activity that produces something that actually works! Though it is an expensive hobby, it’s really amazing!


What hobby is better than investing? During leisure, you can check your stock investments, switch funds, analyze the market, and withdraw! You grow your money as you enjoy the process!


Men who have the talent for cooking shouldn’t put it to waste. If your man turns his cooking/grilling skills into a hobby, you’ll never be hungry in your entire life!


Your husband’s knowledge of chemistry and physics can be put to good use with homebrewing. He can brew his own beer at home and enjoy a bottle with friends and families.


Lockpicking sharpens a man’s motor skills. It enhances cognitive and problem-solving abilities as well.


Let your husband channel his inner “Arrow.” Like this superhero, he can master the bow and arrows with archery!


Searching the flea markets for antique shops where you can find cheap treasures from junk is enticingly refreshing. What’s more is, one can actually expand his knowledge with thrifting and enjoy great conversations with sellers who share the history of their antiques.


For men who have the talent in art, tattooing is another craft to turn into a hobby. Some tattoo artists don’t take tattooing as a day job. They do it for leisure while earning a little on the side.


To get physically fit and active, your husband can take up bodybuilding as a hobby. He can also join competitions while he’s at it!


Another challenging hobby for men, rock sports involves rock climbing, rappelling and other activities you can do in the mountains.


If you have a huge garage, your husband can easily turn it into his workspace where he can spend his leisure time restoring classic cars. Restoring a fine machinery requires a labor of love and research. It’s definitely not a piece of cake but the end result is surely lovely and beautiful.

  1. MAGIC

Magic is a wonderful hobby that’s also an icebreaker on a boring and stressful week. Who doesn’t like magic, anyway?


Paintball, like other gun shooting games, involves the use of a paintball gun with a special paintball bullet. With this hobby, men can play like real soldiers defending their fields with flying paintballs in different hues!

Oh, those were 60 unbelievably enjoyable hobbies for men! Have you chosen any that shall interest your husband? Well, if you still haven’t picked a hobby from the above list, here are a few more hobbies you can select from!

Hobbies For Men Involving Electronics, Gadgets, And Internet

In today’s age of modern technology, men can find several activities that will capture their interests. Check below some hobbies your husband should find interesting.

61. Building electronic models

62. Photography

63. Filming

64. Geocaching

65. Mobile Games

Hobbies For Men To Get Physical

We all know most men would like to stay active and physical. Lucky them! There are countless hobbies to choose from!

66. Learning survival skills

67. Mountain biking/cycling

68. Martial Arts

69. BMX/ Skateboarding

70. Sailing

71. Canoeing

72. Billiards

73. Gold Panning

74. Fencing

75. Boxing

76. Volunteering

77. Golfing

78. Traditional Fishing

79. Flying

80. Car/Auto racing

81. Fish Keeping (aquarium)

82. Traditional Surfing

83. Bowling

84. Snorkeling

85. Wrestling

86. Metalworking

87. Camping

Hobbies For Men They Can Do At Home

Is your husband a home buddy? There’s no need to fret. He can still make his leisure time productive and enjoyable at the same time. Here are some hobbies men can do at home.

88. Currency collecting

89. Wine tasting

90. Learning foreign languages

91. Whittling (minor woodworking)

92. Genealogy

93. Cigar collecting for cigar enthusiasts

94. Reading

95. Movie Watching

96. Gardening

97. Charcoal Drawing

98. Knifemaking

99. Stone sculpting

100. Barbering Art- Wet Shaving

101. Writing Novels

102. Dart

103. Collecting Rocks/Minerals

104. Painting

105. Astronomy Research And Learning

106. Scotch Tasting

107. Poker

108. Guitar

109. Yoga

110. Chocolate Making

111. Museum/Gallery hopping

112. Jewelry Making

113. Baking

114. Ice sculpting

115. Home gym

116. Drinking with buddies

117. Music jamming

118. Karaoke

119. Playing piano

120. Puzzles and card games


Be it a home leisure activity or an outdoor adventure, men need to at least have a hobby to act as an antidote to the general stresses and pressures brought by urban living.

We all need to unplug or disconnect from our jobs, our problems, and getting into a hobby we love should be the best way. Therefore, you must encourage your husband to pick at least one hobby from out list above!