100 Hobbies for Couples That Keep Boredom Away (Complete Checklist)

Hobbies for Couples

If you and your spouse are slowly becoming resigned to the corner of monotony, lack of exciting activities, and uneventful days, then maybe it’s time for a change! Explore hobbies that you both can enjoy and transform your boring days into trips filled with thrills and adventures. Besides, sharing hobbies with your significant other is not just important for your happiness. It can also improve your bond and make your marriage stronger.

Like it or not, marriage can get dull as the years go by. So if you want to keep the fire burning, you need to focus on engaging in activities outside your bedroom too! Recharge your romance at least once a week with interesting hobbies that shall make the both of you fulfilled and happy.

Now, bid your goodbye to a boring married life—and say hello to our impeccable list of 100 hobbies for couples that can keep boredom away from your door!


Aeromodeling is an expensive but truly creative and engaging hobby that excites the imagination of technically-oriented people. It involves the construction, design, and flying of planes, helicopters and even rockets.


Dancing is a good workout. If you have no time to hit the gym, then you might want to consider dancing. There are dance lessons on YouTube that come for free, while some online dance classes require a fee for a number of sessions. With these options, you can enjoy dancing in the comfort of your own home.

Taking Care of Pets

Taking care of pets is not new to some married couples. But if you and your spouse have not tried adopting a dog, a kitten, or any domestic animal, now is the best time to do so!

Learn a New Sport

Age is just a number. If you think sports is no longer for you because you’ve grown older, maybe you’re wrong. There are a lot of different sporting activities you can learn without having to worry about your age, such as cycling, water aerobics, and walking football.


Karaoke, perhaps, is one of the most popular hobbies of music-oriented people. If you have the talent, sing along with your spouse and enjoy karaoke nights together at home!

Arts and Crafts

There are a lot of arts and crafts activities you can learn together. The possibilities are endless. You can even sell your handmade products if you wish!

Magic Tricks

This may sound childish, but who doesn’t like magic tricks? Put up a little competition and see who among you can perform new tricks flawlessly like it’s real magic!

Play Paintball

If you’re up for some competitive games, paintball is quite a thrilling shooting sport that might entice you.


Photography is not about taking snaps and selfies alone. It is about capturing and recording memories as photos. Many people today have discovered their passion for photography. Who wouldn’t? It’s always great to capture good moments and be able to look at them when taking a trip down the memory lane.

Collect Shells, Semi-Precious Stones, Rocks, and Gems

You may think it’s a little too late to start a new collection. But once you appreciate the beauty of gemstones, shells, semi-precious stones, and rocks, you’ll realize it’s never too late to start finding and buying them all.

Join Recreational or Meditation Camps

If you and your spouse love traveling, then joining recreational or meditation camps is an adventure you shouldn’t miss. It’s fun as you get to meet new people while being able to reflect on your lives.


Traveling in your car could be boring. Try bicycling and go places together on two wheels!

Bird Watching

A widely popular hobby, bird watching is a perfect recreational activity for couples who love nature and birds.

Learn Puppetry

Do you have kids or grandkids? If yes, then why not learn the art of puppetry to show off to your children? I’m sure they’ll love it!

Clay Art Modeling

Clay art modeling is another fun activity for married couples. It encourages creativity through molding and sculpting clay into beautiful artwork pieces.

Participate in Some Social Work

Helping individuals is truly rewarding. If you and your spouse love extending help to communities and families that need assistance, then social work might interest you.

Enroll in a Fitness Class

What better way to spend your spare time than enrolling in a fitness class?


A fulfilling and profitable hobby, winemaking is great for couples who live in places where there’s an abundance of grapes.


If you have not grown flowers in your garden yet, then what are you waiting for? Discover the power of gardening in combating your stress and anxiety. It’s a great leisure activity!


If the both of you love the waters, then try canoeing. It’s a water sport that’s widely popular as a recreational activity as well.


Another profit-making hobby, candle-making is easy and also stress-relieving. Even men will appreciate whipping up different scents and colors into beautiful candles that come in different shapes!


Painting stimulates one’s imagination and expression of emotions using paint and a canvas. It gives couples an opportunity to relax as they draw their ideas, enjoying and learning at the same time.


Fishing has long been established as a stress-relieving yet challenging and fulfilling recreational activity. It’s a good bonding activity to share with your spouse!

Collect Paintings, Antiques, and Artwork

If you’re the kind of married couple who doesn’t have the talent for sculpting, painting, or drawing, then you can just join auctions and collect masterpieces that captured your hearts.


Cooking is one great hobby that doesn’t just satisfy your recreational needs but also your cravings. Most couples who cook together are reported to be more satisfied and fulfilled in their married life. So what are you waiting for? Get your kitchen ready and start whipping up your favorite meal with your spouse!


If you are looking for another hobby that’s easy to get into, then check out snowmobiling!

Cloud Watching

Isn’t it the cheapest hobby ever? Cloud watching is one hobby that’s free of cost. You just pick a favorite spot and gaze at the clouds in the sky as you chit-chat with your loving spouse.

Play a Musical Instrument

Do you have a passion for music? Then perhaps you might want to learn a new musical instrument and play it for your spouse!

Try Nature Trails.

If you are fit and you have the energy for it, nature trails are fun and exciting. It’s great to do it with your loved one, too!


Joining marathons or walkathons is a fun hobby for you and the spouse. They don’t just help you keep boredom away, but also help the both of you stay fit!

Zumba Classes

Another fun hobby that promotes fitness, Zumba classes have gained popularity in the past few years because there’s no better way to exercise than to dance to the beat of your favorite music!

Mobile Games

Don’t ever think for a second that mobile games are only intended for children. There are lots of games on the App Store and Google Play that you and your spouse can enjoy!

Walking Dogs

If you are fond of dogs or other pets, then you can indulge yourselves in walking dogs in the morning and afternoon. It’s a stress-relieving hobby you can share with your spouse as you walk with your lovable furry friends.


Taking up woodworking as a hobby may sound daunting, but it’s truly rewarding. Crafting or creating furniture from different kinds of wood is a creative activity where you can express yourselves while enjoying the beauty of your artwork. As a bonus, you can also sell the pieces you make for profit!


There are people who don’t know how to cook but possess great skills in baking. If you think you have the talent, then take up baking as a hobby with your spouse. If you have the time, you can set up a small store and sell yummy baked goods in your city.


Puzzle games will surely keep you and your partner busy for hours—especially ones that come in many shapes and colors!


One of the most mind-bending game of all time, playing chess is a hobby that married couples must try. Stimulate your minds and play for hours until “checkmate.”

Mastering a New Language

Learning a new language is one thing, but being a master of a foreign or second language is another. In a highly evolving world, we need to have ourselves prepared. Mastering a new language kind of gives you a superpower. Wherever you go, whoever you talk to, you’ll be sure that someone out there should be able to understand you. Now, how cool is that?


Escape the routines of your urban lives with camping! Camping is one hobby married couples should get into—not only because it lets you escape the busy and stressful patterns of your ordinary life, but also because it allows you to connect with nature and the environment. Just the thought of it seems to be relaxing, isn’t it?


Have you tried to go on an adventure in an RV? Well, now’s not too late to try! There are actually some individuals who have left their old boring lifestyle to live a new life in an RV. But you don’t need to settle in an RV forever. You can turn it into a hobby! Perhaps you can go RVing once every two months.


Swimming is truly a fun and engaging way to get fit. This water sports helps better your cardiovascular health while strengthening your muscles. Swimming is one activity married couples should include in their list of hobbies.


If you and your spouse are on the adventurous side, then surfing could be for you. You really have to try surfing to feel the thrill of catching the waves. Only then will you understand why a lot of people are so into this hobby.


Geocaching is one of the newest hobbies that’s taking everybody by storm. It’s basically a treasure hunting game where participants hunt for “caches,” solve puzzles, and more. In this game, of course, you need a GPS system and other navigational devices to be able to locate “caches.” If you and your partner are up for some treasure hunts, then go find a geocaching community in your city now!

Amateur Astronomy

An outdoor nature hobby, amateur astronomy involves observing, imaging, and learning the starry names and patterns we see in the skies as well as other celestial objects floating above us. It’s a suitable pastime for married couples who are interested in the cosmos and the universe.


Where there’s reading, there’s learning. Reading is the ultimate inexpensive hobby that feeds people knowledge and adventure. You don’t really need to get out of your house to reach places you’ve never been before. Just get a good book, sit back, and read. Let your imagination take you wherever the story leads.

Start an Aquarium

Keeping different kinds of fish in a home aquarium is another perfect hobby for couples. Today, there’s already a huge selection of aquarium accessories that you can buy to beautify your pets’ home. After completing the setup of your aquarium, you’ll realize how fun and relaxing it is to see those sea creatures swim in a home you specifically made for them.

Museum Hopping

If you have an appreciation for arts and history, then you must try museum hopping as a hobby. Bring your spouse along and together, revisit the beauty of the exhibits in all the museums in your city!


A challenging but very entertaining game, poker has captured the interest of many game players. Be careful, however, in becoming too engaged with this hobby. It can get very expensive.


You may have learned to play billiards or pool when you were teenagers, but this competitive game is an all-time favorite hobby for everybody! For married couples, it’s a relaxing and exciting pastime, especially if there’s a consequence for losing the game!


For decades, men and women of all ages have enjoyed playing darts. So why not turn it into a hobby for you and your spouse?


Homebrewing, or brewing beer at home for personal purposes, has been turned into an interesting hobby today. Basically, you just need to collect the ingredients found in beer such as water, yeast, and some kinds of grains. Then, follow the process of brewing beer, which includes mixing the yeast and grain in water and waiting until you produce some kind of alcohol or beer. Of course, there’s more to the mechanism of brewing beer if you learn it. This is just an overview of what this hobby looks like. If this sounds interesting to you, then check out homebrewing today!


Similar to bicycling, motorbiking is also a thrilling and fun hobby for married couples. It’s always exciting to go on rides with your spouse on two wheels!


Today, blogging about anything and everything under the sun has been put in the mainstream. People blog about food, restaurants, bags, shoes, and all things they can comment and write about. It’s actually a nice hobby for married couples, too. It lets you communicate and influence people you don’t even know, which is a good thing, right?

Crafting Jewelry

Crafting jewelry, you might think, isn’t for men. But there are couples who are fond of gemstone and crystal jewelry and collecting them. So if you and your spouse are into this stuff, then maybe you can craft your own pieces of jewelry. Maybe you can sell them for some profit, too!

Graphic Design

In a highly technological world, graphic design is one of the most sought-after skills of business owners or entrepreneurs. The logo and design of any business matters to the public, and most businesses actually invest in this. So, if you and your partner have the talent for graphic design, turn it into a hobby. Design whenever you can, and perhaps some people may recognize you and hire your services!


Pottery is also a hobby that you can make into a career or business. It’s actually one of the most creative and fun arts that you can do with your spouse. You may think it’s not too easy to get into, but once you begin the process, you will surely develop an interest in it.

Soap Making

Making soap in the comfort of your own home is a hobby that stimulates your creativity. Mix your favorite scents in a soap and gift them to your friends and family. This is one fun hobby every married couple should learn!

Digital Art

Just like graphic design, digital art has gained popularity with the rise of online businesses. Married couples who have the skill should take advantage of their talents and make it into a hobby. The more you show your digital art to the public, the more people will recognize and appreciate your work. And soon, they might hire your services for their businesses. What’s more rewarding than being paid for something you love doing?


Young and old couples who are into arts and crafts can get so excited when it comes to sewing. Sewing is a terrific hobby that’s a refuge from stress.


Knitting needles can transform a ball of yarn into a beautiful piece of sweatshirt or blanket. Like sewing, it relieves stress and is an interesting hobby for married couples.


Crocheting is the easier version of knitting. If you don’t like complicated knitting techniques, then try crocheting as a hobby today!

Join a Choir

Married couples who have the talent for music can join a choir and meet people who share the same interest. Singing in a choir can be a hobby that builds a person’s confidence while providing fun at the same time.


Some people have already discovered the healing benefits of yoga. But if you and your spouse would like to try something new, then yoga might be for you! Yoga is a Hindu discipline wherein people learn different body postures to improve health and relax tired bones, mind and muscles.

Get Active in the Community

Getting active in the community can be a hobby for married couples who have lots of spare time. You can have fun while being productive by helping the community with their projects.

Join Advocacy Groups

Today, joining advocacy groups is an easy way to connect with people who share your interests . If you are looking for something to do during your spare time, join advocacy groups and learn how to support and push your goals together.


If you have passion for word calligraphy, then turn it into a hobby! Bring your spouse along and he/she might get interested too.

Movie Hopping

Watching movies is always a relaxing activity. If you’re a married couple who’s looking for fun things to do on a weekend, try movie hopping and make it a hobby!


Making papier-mache projects is another hobby that unleashes the creativity in couples. In this activity, you can build lots of masterpieces and usable stuff using recycled paper!


If you have the money for it, then go shopping. It’s a luxurious hobby, but it’s a diversion you need to save you from the miseries of your ordinary, boring life.


Windsurfing, a sport that involves exploring the waters on a sailboard, is a nice pastime for married couples who live near the ocean—or for those who just love the waters!


Tennis is perfect for couples who are into sports. It’s a game for a team, but two people will do. So just set the consequence for whoever will lose in the game and it will surely be exciting for the both of you!


If you and your partner love flying, then you may consider ziplining as a hobby! It can be frightening the first time you try it, though.


Do you and your spouse have the talent for acting? There are acting workshops everywhere wherein you can enroll yourselves and practice your skills. It’s a hobby you can share to enjoy your talents.


Who doesn’t like bowling? It’s an all-time leisure activity that couples can enjoy!


Badminton, like tennis, can be played with a team. But couples can enjoy the game in a one-on-one match.


Don’t let yourselves be bored at home on a lazy Sunday. Get your dominoes and play with your spouse!

Cave Diving

Are you and your spouse a fan of adventures? Try cave diving. Today, there are many fascinating caves across the world that you can visit for new adventures. It can be an expensive hobby, but being captivated by the beauty of these caves should be worth the price.

Collecting Antiques

There are a couple of reasons why people are fascinated by collecting antiques. There are those who buy this stuff to reconnect with the past, while some serious collectors are doing it for money. Well, whatever your reasons are for collecting antiques, it is still a fun hobby to get into.

Eating Out

Are you a food junkie? Well, eating out should be a hobby for you and your spouse. The good news is that a lot of food shops that offer different kinds of yummy street food keep popping up everywhere!

Educational Courses

To make yourselves productive during your spare time, you might like the idea of taking educational courses as a hobby. During the weekend, instead of just lying on the bed doing nothing, you can learn some new stuff on the internet like SEO, graphic design, and more.

Go Kart Racing

Go Kart racing is another hobby for the bold and brave couples who love adventures. This racing game is for the kids and the kids at heart who love driving!

Horseback Riding

Free yourself from the stressors of the urban city and relax in a horseback riding activity. Horseback riding isn’t just relaxing to the senses, it also helps stretch your tightened muscles, improve your balance, and better your overall muscle tone.

Laser Tags/ Laser Guns

Laser tag is an enjoyable game you can share with your spouse. In this activity, you get to play like a real soldier with a gun, fighting enemies and protecting yourself from their attacks. But in this game, you use lasers instead of bullets. No pain, pure fun!

Mountain Climbing

For more adventurous couples, mountain climbing is the perfect hobby. With mountain climbing, you get to bond with your spouse as you climb heights. You can camp in the mountains and spend quality time together as well. That sounds so fun, do you agree?


The art of folding paper into beautiful decorative shapes and figures is no doubt a lucrative and worthwhile hobby. Origami is a Japanese art, but everyone around the globe knows it. Well, who would not be interested in learning this unique art?


Parachuting is for couples with the bravest hearts. It’s exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. But of course, who wouldn’t want to experience flying or floating into the skies? Adventurous couples who have the time and money for it will surely indulge themselves in the experience without any doubt.

R/C Boats

Radio-controlled toys are in fashion, and even adults are getting hooked in them, specifically R/C boats. You can see even old couples delighting themselves with playing R/C boats at the park. You, too, can enjoy this hobby!

Scuba Diving

This underwater diving activity is great for couples who love water and sea creatures. In scuba diving, you get to touch underwater animals and see the wonders of their beautiful world.

Seeing a Play

Leave your stresses and turn off your mind from the pressures of work. Bring your spouse along and watch a play! It’s a relaxing hobby for the both of you.

Watching Sports Games

If you can’t play sports, you can always watch them on TV! As a matter of fact, watching replays on the weekend is one good hobby you can share with your loved one!

Stamp Collecting

You might dismiss the idea of collecting stamps now that you’re married, but why ditch a popular hobby that was also your favorite when you were young? You can continue collecting stamps even when you grow old, so don’t stop at doing something you really love just because you think it’s not for your age.


Taxidermy is the art of preserving an animal’s skin through stuffing and mounting while maintaining their real-life effect. Quite an interesting hobby, don’t you think?

Writing Music

If you can’t sing, why not write music? If you have a talent with words, you can delight the world with beautiful lyrics coming from your heart. Try it!


If you live near a beach, then you and your spouse might find interest in beachcombing. Beachcombing is a hobby wherein people “comb” the beaches for things of value such as stones, shells, and sea glass.

Cycle Polo

Cycle polo is just like the traditional polo. The only difference is you ride bicycles instead of horses. It’s a fast-paced game that bold and brave couples shall enjoy.


Bodybuilding is for couples who want to level up their fitness routines. Bodybuilding involves advanced and strenuous exercises to enlarge the muscles of an individual while strengthening their overall body.

A Small Business

If you have a small business, you can turn it into a hobby. A business doesn’t need to be a career. It can be a hobby, a something you do not just because it gives you profit but because it makes you happy.

Church Activities

Going to church for mass or worship services is a weekly activity for many couples. But more than that, there are other church activities you can join in to extend special services for the people of your church. It is a philanthropic and rewarding hobby for married couples who have a lot of spare time.

Charity Work

Another philanthropic hobby, charity work is one activity that married couples should try. If you love sharing your blessings with others, you can get in touch with charity institutions to connect you with people who most need your help.

Animal Foster Care

Couples who love animals but cannot commit to taking care of them full time because of work can still do more for our furry friends through animal foster care. Being a foster parent for animals is just temporary, but it really means a lot to the four-legged buddies who need shelter.


Realizing that you’re getting bored in your marriage doesn’t imply that the love has gone. Perhaps it just simply means you need something new in your married life.

When you have reached so far in your marriage, you’ll have to repeat your activities over and over again. The happiness and satisfaction you get from each hobby can diminish over time.

Therefore, it’s always a good advice to try another leisure activity. It will give you and your spouse something new to talk about and keep things exciting in your marriage.

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