A Letter to My Hard Working Husband (3-minute Read)

A Letter to My Hard Working Husband

My dear husband,

I can still remember the first time we met. You were this nice-looking man who did not have a care in the world. Well, neither did I.

And at that moment, you approached me. You loved me right there and then. You said that you did not worry a bit about being rejected. You were so confident—and that’s one of the reasons why I admire you.

I loved you back. It did not matter that we were still in school. You were young and so was I. You adored me, and I adored you back. We were, and still are, a perfect pair.

And then, two years later, we got married.

You know what? We were the rulers of this world! Our battle cry was always YOLO or ‘you only live once.’ We both worked hard to play hard. And we said to each other that every paycheck would be used to travel, gaze at the evening sky, and sleep underneath the stars.

And we did! For the first couple of years, we were so happy going to different places. I was so thankful in February of 2015 when you brought me to the Bahamas as a surprise. We drank a lot that day. We danced and swam and laughed. Our anniversary was a blast.

Fast forward to today. We now have an additional two in the family. Our son and daughter are growing up fast. I said that I needed to stay at home to take care of them. And you know what you said? You told me that it was okay. You said that you would take care of me. You promised to take care of our family.

Since our family was growing, I had to learn how to do new things, like preparing the food for the kids and constantly cleaning up after them. But it did not matter. We loved our children so much that we would do everything for them.

On your part, you had to double your work. And I understand. We needed to pay the bills. And the cost of education for the kids is only getting higher.

Our YOLO turned from You Only Live Once to You Only Leave work Once. You had to earn for the family. Sometimes, I see you go home with weary eyes, tired body, and fatigued mind. I know your experiences from work. We talked about it. But all that was happening in the office did not stop you from doing all of this for our family.

I wrote you this letter to appreciate you, my dear. You know how I am with these things. I am not really vocal about the gratitude that I have for you. I am not a writer, either. But our family feels the overflowing love that you have for us, so I wanted to write to you just to give my appreciation to you as my hard working husband.

As a Father

You know what? Our lifestyle did change when the kids arrived in our lives. The paycheck we got every month turned from vacation to baby diapers. Our trips to other countries became trips to the doctor.

But we never felt less happy. I think we are even happier that the kids became part of our routines. You never made me feel incomplete when we got married. From then, up until now, you still made me laugh, and we still enjoyed each other’s company.

We still travel, but only to parks and pools. Yes, the distance is shorter. But the journey is much more fulfilling and enjoyable. We still gaze at the beautiful scenery. Not at the sky anymore, but at the peacefulness and innocence that our kids have when they fall asleep.

I know that you are very busy at work. And sometimes, you get home late at night—but you don’t show it to the kids. And I appreciate that. Your eyes light up when they come down the stairs to greet you. You are just as excited to see them as they are to you.

You said to me that you don’t have time to change from office clothes to house clothes, because by 9 pm they have to go to sleep. So you just put down your bag on the side by the door, and you sit on the couch and talk to the kids.

Even if you are tired from work, you still spend quality time with them. You still ask them how they are doing in school. When they want to talk to you about what happened during the day, you eagerly listen to what they have to say.

When they want to hear a story from you, you gladly oblige. You sometimes even dress up like a monster, a superhero, a wolf, a wizard, or even a lion. I love how you change your voice so that they will understand the story better. You are a great storyteller. Have I told you that?

When they sleep on the sofa or on the floor, you slowly lift them up. You tuck them into their beds and turn out the lights. I sometimes see you just staring at them and smiling. You really love your children, and I thank you for that.

You were born to be a father and you did not even know it. You told me before that you were not sure if you would be a great dad to your future kids. Well, I can say it with all honesty, you are the best father that your children could have in this world.

You still exhaust your energy after a hard day at work. I feel your frustrations. I understand your hardships. But I know that you still love your job and you want to provide for the family. As long as you are happy with your work, I will support you all the way.

As a Husband

We are so much into the routine of you going to work in the morning and me preparing the kids to go to school, fixing the house, and waiting for all of you to come home. Because this happens every day, sometimes, I fail to recognize all your effort for the family.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you, my dear, for keeping your promise in your vow when we got married up until this season of our life.

Yes, there are a lot of changes that have occurred. I had to stop working. You needed to do more work. And the kids can take so much of your time.

But despite all these, I still feel loved. You know what? You never fail to amaze me. The love that you showed me before we got married is still the love that you have for me today, if not more.

We have many distractions in our lives, but you still write me love letters. You still commend my good looks even if I haven’t fixed my hair yet.

When the kids are asleep, you switch on the music from your phone app and ask me to dance with you. I may have two left feet, but I enjoy these times together with you.

When you arrive at home feeling devastated after a meeting or two at work, you are still the one telling jokes and making me happy.

Even if you have a lot to handle for the day, you never seem to forget to ask me how my day was. Even if my stories can be boring sometimes, you still look me in the eye as you patiently listen to what I have to say.

You may sometimes bring your work home, which I still prohibit. But the moment we lie on the bed, your whole focus is on me. I thank you for that.

You are my love. I cannot imagine living my life without you. The care and the love that you have for me never ceases. You are a capable husband and a hardworking one, too. Yes, you still need to go to work. And I still have to take care of the household. You still need to do all your tasks in the office and I still need to stay at home. This is our life. It can be tiring and frustrating. But I would not exchange it for anything else.

All I want to say is: I love you. Thank you for being part of my life. I appreciate all your hard work. Whatever happens in the future, I will still be here for you, giving you all the support that you need.

-Your wife.

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