German Shepherd Corgi Mix-Physical Look, Lifespan and Temperament

We may know that German Shepherds can be known as “super dogs” with their knack for hunting, being personal with their trainers and owners, as well as being stupendous at protecting those they love; while Corgis are also strong, chipper, functional, and great with herding.

A German Shepherd Corgi mix, better known as Corgi Shepherd – or Corman – is the best of both worlds; they are highly adaptable to various situations, and are strong-willed and compassionate when it comes to their companions and task completion.

But what else is there to know about this fascinating and lovable mix? Let’s keep reading.

Physical Characteristics (Size and Physical Look)

From a puppy, Corgi Shepherds can weigh between 20 and 65 pounds, 40 to 70 pounds as an adult, and stand between 12 and 15 inches tall. They have a sturdy body that’s set pretty low to the ground due to their short legs, so as you can imagine, Cormans are petit dogs.

They tend to take more towards dominant genes, and can have the head of a German Shepherd, with the elongated body stature of a Corgi. When it comes to their coats, they tend to be short, or medium length, therefore making them a low-maintenance dog.

They can range in colors, but the typical color is a mix of both parents, with the most common colors being brown or tan, with splotches of black and white fur.


Both Corgis and German Shepherds are known as herding dogs, which means that they are capable of being fit and healthy as long as they are allowed to use their natural talents. With that being said, you can expect your Corman to live anywhere between 12 and 15 years.

Now this is a typical age range for most dogs, but what makes this significant for the Corgi Sheperd is that it is a designer breed, and designer breeds tend to have shorter lifespans; but not the Corgi Shepherd!

Parts that play a major role in them living the average length of time for dogs for Cormans comes down to proper – and effective- exercise or physical movement, healthy and fulfilling eating habits, as well as adequate love and affection from you, the caretaker.

Grooming Needs

As I previously mentioned, Corgi Shepherds have a medium-length coat of hair that does well at not shedding excessively, but they still do shed; therefore, Corgi Shepherds can be fairly easy dogs to groom.

Of course they require a bath about once per week – on the cautious side – but you can make it every other week if your Corman doesn’t engage with nature too much.

Their shampoo and conditioner should hydrate their skin for protection, while also being able to clean their skin and fur simultaneously. In addition, you can manage their shedding by brushing their fur.

A great amount would be 4 to 5 times per week; this will extract any loose hairs from their body, and capture them before they hit your breathing atmosphere. With these automatic factors, you’ll be able to groom your Corman effectivley to keep their coat and skin healthy and shiny.


At puppy stage, German Shepherd Corgi mixes are affectionate, playful, and full of life. They are willing to go on a walk with you, or stay in the house and simply chill out, and this is because of their even-toned demeanor.

Don’t let this fool you though, because there are times of stubborness and adverse behavior that can stem from your Corman due to lack of maturity; luckily, this can be taken care of with some obedience training.

As an adult dog, Corgi Shepherds are still lovable and relaxed dogs; but now that they are more experienced, they can be more functional and more active. Adult Cormans can be wary of strangers, which makes them a great watchdog, and they are also very witty, curious, and smart.

Overall, German Shepherd Corgis may be small in size, but pack a strong sense of self, as well as intelligently protective of themselves and loved ones.

Exercise Needs

Corgi Shepherds require at least one hour of serious activity per day. Why; because Corgi Shepherds have a massive amount of energy, enough for both them and you!

They are naturally herding dogs, so being outside in the fresh air is literally ingrained in their DNA, and it’s up to you to allow them to let it out.

Corgi Shepherds are lovable dogs, so they are more prone to be next to you; so playing outdoor games like fetch, catching a frisbee, or even just running around in the backyard will definitely get their gears going!

Other ways to make sure that your Corgi Shepherd is getting the right amount of exercise is to simply take it for a nice long walk. This will allow them to use their entire body to exspell most of their energy, and they will love the fact that they are right next to you.

Health Risks

When you see that little adorable body and face, it sucks to know that there are some health risks that come with it.

Although they may live a healthy lifestyle, these physical ailments are still a major part of your Corgi Shepherd’s life, and you should be ready for any of them if they were to occur.

There are several health risks out there for Cormans, and they most significant ones tend to deal with their legs and eyes. Joint and/or Hip Dysplasia is a prominet ailment that could occur due to the amount of time they spend on those little legs, as well as genetics.

Bloating is also a concern; with an improper diet, it could cause knots inside of their intestines, which leads to irritability and constipation. Obesity is another factor that can piggy-back off of constipation.

Cormans tend to have small and senstive stomachs, so too much of bad – or good – food can lead to quick and unhealthy weight gain.

There’s also eyesight problems like glaucoma, pannus, or cataracts; a muscular degeneration of the eye muscles; luckily, omega-3 fats can help decrease the chances of this happening.


German Shepherd Corgi mixed dogs are small, but they pack a wallop of an appetite! This may seem fun at first, but feeding them the right food, and amount of food, is imperative to their overall health.

As a pup, your Corman can handle about 1 to 2 cups of food per day; it should consist of vitimans, essential minerals, as well as omega-3 fats to help them properly grow and develop.

As fully mature Cormans, you can up their food by one cup, allowing them 2 to 3 cups of food per day; it’s recommended that the cups be split into their own meals throughout the day to counteract any bloating that could occur.

If you’re more of a naturalist, you can feed your Corgi Shepherd organic whole foods that are good for digestion, without excessive amounts of sugar attached to it.

Oh! And treats are ok, especially if they are whole fruits; but be cautious of the amount of treats you give them to avoid obesity down the road

Are German Shepherd Corgi Mixes Protective?

Indeed they are! O.K., it’s very obvious that they are small dogs, and you’re probably wondering how they can protect a grown adult…well it all comes down to their roots and their spirit.

Both German Shepherds and Corgis are known to be in the fields with their bigger mammal counterparts like cattle; and they do a great job at keeping the peace, even if they have to break it first.

German Shepherds alone are fierce when they want to be, and are great assests to any protection squad; which is why police departments still use them to this day.

Corgi Shepherds are also good at protecting because they are willing to attack anyone whom they deem a threat to themselves, or to their family unit.

Their high energy keeps them on high alert, which means that they are good at picking up dangers before they occcur, making them a valuable asset of protection.

How Much Does A German Shepherd Corgi Mix cost?

If you’re in the market for a Corgi Shepherd, be sure to look up reputable breeders in order to receive quality service and a quality dog.

From official breeders, the cost of a German Shepard Corgi mix is between 250 dollars and 750 dollars to purchase a newborn or puppy Corgi Shepherd. For a fully mature German Shepherd Corgi mix, the price is increased to between 1,000 and 2,200 dollars.

The price of a German Shepherd Corgi mix is based on several factors such as weight, size, and even personality type, along with how many pups are in the litter to sell. The biggest factor for the price of a Corgi Shepherd is their status of health.

If they are in tip-top shape, they are considered a premium pup, with a matching price. However, if there are a few physical shortcomings, you are more than welcome to haggle the price with the breeder to ensure that the price matches the dog.

Is A German Shepherd Corgi Mix Right For Me?

Riddle me this: are you a casual person that likes to rest for most of the day? Are you prone to staying in your house with minimal outside time? Do you like to be alone, with a short burst of socialization?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then the answer is no, a German Shepherd Corgi Mix is not the right dog for you.

Now, if you do enjoy the outdoors for more than 10 minutes, and are prone to being physically active throughout your day, and don’t mind a friend tagging along, then a Corgi Shepherd is right up your canine alley.

They are great at forming bonds and expressing love to their caretaker, while at the same time play a vital role in their protection and overall security.

Best Climate For a German Shepherd Corgi Mix

Both Corgis and German Shepherds are adaptable beings, yet, do well in warmer climates; therefore, their blended offspring will thrive in warmer enviroments as well. Sub-tropical area are the best climate for German Shepherd Corgi mixes because of the temperature.

This enviorment can land between 60 and 75 degrees farenheit, on average, which is perfect for Corgi Shepherds. They are capable of handling cooler temperatures because of their thick and dense coat, but remember that it’s only medium length, and won’t suffice for extended periods of harsh cold weather.

So to make it comfortable for both you and your Corgi, it’s best to be in areas that will allow you to break a sweat with major physical activity, yet, be cold enough to make you simply put on a jacket, without getting frostbite.

The Attention That a German Shepherd Corgi Mix Needs

Corgi Shepherds require a lot of attention; but the beautiful attribute about them is that they have more than enough energy and curiousity to keep themselves entertained!

This is a big help, because watching them move around will give you energy, which could be reciprocated right back to your fun and loving Corman.

Quality attention, like walks, playtime, or even snuggling up in a comfortable blanket it’s what they are seeking, and it isn’t too hard to give to them.

Caution: although they are good at entertaining themselves, this comes at the cost of them finding something to do; which could lead to them biting, gnawing, or digging in your items to find a playtime buddy.

To avoid this, be sure to spend some quality time with your Corgi Shepherd.

Compatibility With Kids

Corgi Shepherds are a wonderful pick for kids. Your child(ren) will enjoy the stamina, joy, and energy that a Corgi Shepherd will bring into their lives.

Both entities are small, so the Corman will have no problem playing properly with your kids. Also, both children and Cormans tend to have lots of energy, so you’ll have someone to help you with keeping your dog entertained while you rest.

Additionally, since your Corgi Shephed is low-maintance, they kids can help raise, train, and love it with little-to-no problems on either end.

Compatibility With Animals

Corgi Shepherds are known to be aware of foreign animals, and don’t take too kindly to them approaching them so suddenly. Keep in mind, the parents of this blended animal are both fierce and protective of their space.

For Cormans to do well with other animals, you’ll want to invest some effort into social training for them; this will introduce them to other animals safely with minimal damage.

Once your Corgi Shepherd is comfortable, their livliness will become their persona, and they then have the capacity to create a great bond between them and their new animal friend.

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