8 Funny Marriage Advice: Why Humor is Necessary for Couples

Funny Marriage Advice: Why Humor is Necessary for Couples

A few fun marriage tips that will make you not take things too seriously. All in all, just remember that marriage isn’t a breeze, but it isn’t prison either. You can always choose to have fun and have laughs with your spouse or spouse-to-be.

Happiness is a choice. Do not dwell on the negatives and the fights. When you feel bad about your spouse, try to recall the feeling you had when you finally realized you were ready to get married. Remember that you made or are making a lifetime commitment, and this commitment needs hard work too.

So the next time you heed advice from other people, ask them for the funniest tip they have and give them one as well. You’ll be surprised to know that all of them are effective, too! If you are curious, whether you are a newlywed or a husband-to-be, this article is for you.

Do Not Go to Bed Without Fighting. Fight all Night!

Yes! Instead of the usual “always make up before you go to bed” advice, why not adapt this one? It sounds weird, but it actually makes sense. The first few months of marriage are all about arguing on the littlest things that don’t even matter.

Trust me, I’ve been there. Just cherish the fighting moment and release all your anger! I’m sure you’ll find yourself laughing at each other and then falling asleep a little later.

Wife, Feed Your Husband… Especially When You Want Something From Him.

It’s true what they say: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” So, if you need to go shopping or want to take some much needed “me time,” feed your husband before asking him. Make sure it’s his favorite food and that it’s so scrumptious he won’t resist your request.

Generally, a full husband makes a great husband. Men naturally become super cranky when they get hungry. To stop that monster from coming out, you better learn how to cook.

Husband, When Someone Calls Your Wife Fat, DO NOT LAUGH. I Repeat, DO NOT LAUGH.

I know it can be kind of funny when other people make fun of your spouse, especially when kids do it. I mean, kids are just being completely honest, right? However,when kids call your wife fat, try your absolute best not to laugh with them.

Women have tons of different insecurities and weight probably tops the list. The last thing your wife needs is you, her better half, thinking that she is ugly and unattractive. You should know better!

Do Not Eat Breakfast Together.

Yes, you read that right! I know how important it is for some couples to share a meal together. That’s completely fine…as long as it’s not breakfast. Most people are naturally sluggish and non-confrontational during mornings.

You don’t want to deal with your spouse when you’ve had a rough night at work or when you two fought before going to bed. To avoid having to argue at seven in the morning, just don’t eat your cereals together. Perhaps you can even skip it and just go straight to work. Just deal with him/her during lunch or dinner.

Husband, When Your Wife Says She’s not Mad, It Means She is.

If you have been in a relationship with your wife for many years, you probably know this already. Because women are naturally emotional, they often try to hide their anger and say, “No. I’m okay.” This is what makes them complicated to deal with, because in reality,deep inside, they are furious!

As a husband, you should know your wife’s signals. You should know when she’s telling you the truth or when she wants you to give her extra attention. Ask her nicely why she’s mad, and if she doesn’t want to speak to you, make a nice gesture.

Wife, Let the Small Stuff Slide.

It can really be tough for a wife to let her husband get away with unwashed dishes, socks left everywhere and toilet seat left up. It’s hard when you are extra meticulous and mindful of mess. However, you have to stop yelling. Try a different approach from nagging.

Try being extra calm and exaggerate being nice while reprimanding him (almost to a sarcastic tone). You will be surprised to find your husband actually realizing his mistakes and correcting them. Just pray he’s not too insensitive to notice!

Live with the Farts and Dozens of Makeup Purchases!

Men fart a lot. Women buy a lot of makeup. You have to say this over and over so that it sticks to your head and until you learn to accept it. Try not to nag your spouse against it.

Men really fart a lot; it’s just the way their bodies are wired. And they sure love to release those gun-like sounds and even have you smell it. It’s tough, I know. Instead of getting mad about it, just try to laugh it out.

And women do love makeup. There is no such thing as buying too many lipsticks and eye shadow palettes. The key to not have an argument with her is to just accept this fact and support her.

Marriage Fades, and so does Your Husband’s Eyesight.

Wife, you have to accept the fact that your husband will not always look at you the way he first did. He sees you everyday, so don’t expect him to compliment you everyday. Just try your best to look good, not only for him but for yourself as well.

To spice things up, you can also fix yourself up during date nights. Surprise your hubby by wearing your sexiest dress and curling your hair. Get his attention so he won’t be able to resist saying, “Oh honey, you’re gorgeous.”

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