Fun Activities for Kids You’ll Ever Need (A Complete Guide)

fun activities for kids

You’ve probably had an afternoon where you and your kids all looked at each other and asked what everyone wanted to do. The kids shrugged and said they don’t know, your spouse asked what you want to do, and you ended up drawing a blank. The kids seem really bored and unengaged, and you find yourself trying to find a fun activity for everyone.

Everyone has their own idea of what fun activities for kids are supposed to entail. Some people lean towards outdoor activities and adventures while other prefer rainy day comfort activities. All these suggestions are correct. It’s just a matter of finding out what kinds of things your kids enjoy.

In this guide, we’ll cover a variety of different activities for kids of all ages. We have everything here from outdoor activities to nighttime activities to do before bed. This is the complete guide to kids activities you’ll ever need. Keep this handy and you’ll never have one of those moments of not knowing what to do again.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

We’ll start with some great activities you can do with your kids that get them outdoors and into nature.

Build Do-it-Yourself Bird Feeders

Are you looking for an easy way to let your kids explore nature? Making do-it-yourself bird feeders will allow them to do exactly that. The only things you’ll need are toilet paper rolls, bird seed, and peanut butter.

Construct an Outdoor Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are small gardens made of plants and small accessories.Their design is meant to “lure” fairies. This activity is a great means of teaching your kids about gardening. It will also get their imagination active.

Spend an Afternoon Identifying Clouds

If your kids could use some more time spent outside enjoying the fresh air, ask them to look at some clouds with you. They can identify different clouds with a free printable cloud viewer. You can also sit and ask your kids what kind of shapes they see in the clouds.

Run Your Own Nature Scavenger Hunt

A nature scavenger hunt will entertain your kids for hours. You will also aide your kids in discovering and exploring the world around them. You might even leave little surprise goodies around as a bonus treasure. Who wouldn’t love that?

Make Play-Doh Nature Prints

This is a more artistic way for your kids to explore nature. Have them collect a few items while exploring the world around them. You can piggyback this off our previous nature scavenger hunt idea. Save the memories by creating prints of the items in Play-Doh.

Make a Tie Dye T-Shirt

Making tie dye t-shirts is another artistic activity for more fun outside with your kids. Each shirt will be unique and special. Your kids are sure to have fun creating these shirts and showing them off later to all their friends and classmates. Just remember to wear clothes you’re okay with possibly getting messy.

Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

Below is a list of fun activities for kids to do on a rainy day when they’re stuck in the house.

Set Up a Game of Indoor Bowling

Indoor bowling on a rainy day can snap your kids out of their boredom ASAP. You’ll have an entire afternoon of excitement with this budget-friendly activity. Many stores sell kid’s bowling sets. You can also use empty bottles and a ball you have at home.

Host a Balloon Tennis Match

Just because you’re stuck in the house doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good tennis match. You just need to do so in a way that you don’t run the risk of breaking anything. Using balloons and plastic fly swatters should protect household heirlooms and get the kids off their phones.

Set Up an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Your kids don’t have to be outdoors to have a fun scavenger hunt. This activity can make for hours of fun indoors as well. For instance, have your kids search for specific Legos or puzzle pieces throughout the house. At the end of the scavenger hunt, you can build your Lego project or complete your puzzle together as a family.

Let Your Kids Try Juggling

Juggling is a thrilling circus style activity for your kids to try. It keeps them active while developing their motor skills. Worried about things at home getting broken? Have your kids try their hand at juggling with some foam stress balls.

Construct an Indoor MiniGolf Course

It’s easy to bring a game of miniature gold indoors. You can set up a challenging yet exciting course by taping down plastic cups to act as the holes. Then, use household furniture as obstacles or boundaries. Let your kids create the course before they play for even more of a high-stakes activity.

Paper Plate Figure Skating

You may have an aspiring figure skater in your household. If so, then your kids will have a blast with this indoor activity. All you’ll need is a few paper plates and some tape. You can also use dryer sheets if you don’t have any paper plates handy.

Fun Group Activities for Kids

Next, we have some activity suggestions for your kids to do in a group with their friends.

Have a Water Balloon Fight

A water balloon fight is a classic group activity for your kids to enjoy. If you’re looking for a special twist on this classic favorite, you can always try water balloon volleyball. You’ll need a net and some towels in addition to water balloons for this game. Your kids will certainly have a great time.

Play a Game of Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is a staple summer camp activity, but you don’t have to be at camp to enjoy it. Play with classic rules or set up your own household rules. Your kids can have an afternoon of competitive fun with their favorite pals.

Run Through a Backyard Obstacle Course

Making an obstacle course to run through in your backyard can get hearts racing in the best way. Your kids will love racing through the course against their friends. If you want, you can even have small prizes for different things. Think fastest time, biggest jump, or best somersault.

Bust Out Classic Team Sports

A great way to have an afternoon of closeness and memories with your kids and their friends is through classic sports. Play a game of baseball, soccer, or basketball. The children will have a blast as they get competitive with their buddies.

Start a Game of Tag or Freeze Tag

There’s almost no one who doesn’t love a good game of tag. Your kids and their friends will have a blast with this activity. To change things up, you can try out dead-ant tag. When someone gets tagged, they lay down with their arms and legs sticking up.

Host the Neighborhood Backyard Olympics

Combine several of the activities we’ve listed together for an epic afternoon. This backyard competition for your kids and their friends can make for a day they’ll never forget. Crown your own backyard Olympics champion and then throw a party afterwards.

Fun Activities for Kids to Do at Night

Here are some activities to do with your kids to wind down at the end of the day.

Color Together

Coloring is a very simple way to help your kids get some quiet time. There are coloring books available for just about any interest. For some more unique work, you can go online and print off countless pictures to color.

Build a DIY Tent or Couch Cushion Fort

Have your kids build a small do-it-yourself tent to relax and read a book in. If you don’t have materials suitable for a tent, then you can build a classic couch cushion fort instead. Adding pillows to it can make it even grander.

Create a “Quiet Time” Box

A quiet time box is filled with stuffed animals, coloring supplies, or other trinkets. These boxes help keep your child entertained when they’re putting up a fuss about going to sleep.

Have a Pajama and Puzzle Picnic

A pajama and puzzle picnic is a sweet way to help your kids relax. Have everyone change into their pajamas and lay out a blanket on the living room floor. Grab a few of your kid’s favorite snacks and several puzzles you can do together.

Create Your Own Drive-In Movie Theater

Your kids are sure to adore this imaginative way to watch a movie as a family. Craft a few do-it-yourself “cars” out of large cardboard boxes. Sit back and relax together with a great movie and everyone’s favorite snacks.

Play the Quiet Game

The Quiet Game is a kid’s game in which your children must be quiet. The last kid (or team) to make any noise is the winner. If you’ve had a long day and you need a way to relax, set up this game with your kids. They’ll be entertained and you can regain a little sanity.

Fun Arts and Crafts Activities for Kids

These activities are great for getting your kids’ creativity flowing while having fun.

Create Leaf Paintings

Incorporate the outdoors into an arts and crafts activity with leaf paintings. Collect some fallen leaves with your kids that are intact and not too brittle. Paint one side with acrylic paint and press them down onto a sheet of paper for a natural work of art.

Make Homemade Play-Doh

This activity enables your kids to enjoy things in two stages. First, they get to prepare their own homemade Play-Doh recipe. After that’s completed, they will have a fun craft they created themselves.

Paint with Bubble Wands

Bubble blower paintings are a very unique, creative activity for your kids. Mix soap bubble solutions with different shades of food coloring. Then use the bubble wands to blow bubbles onto a sheet of paper. This will create a beautiful design your kids are sure to enjoy.

Make Macaroni Rainbows

Macaroni rainbows will let your kids get in touch with their artistic side. Have them paint uncooked macaroni pieces in the different colors of the rainbow. Once the paint is dry, string the macaroni together. Your kids will love showing the finished project off to family and friends.

Try Your Hand at Splatter Painting

Splatter paintings can be another very entertaining outdoor activity for your kids. They’re inexpensive, easy, and a lot of fun. First, set a piece of paper down on the grass and then drip different paints down onto it. You can also put paint on a brush and flick it at the paper for a more intense splatter.

Build Your Own Paper Kites

Making do-it-yourself paper kites will keep kids occupied all afternoon. All you need for this project is paper, small dowel sticks, tape, and string. Ribbons are optional but not necessary. This is the perfect way to spend a breezy summer day.

Fun Cooking Activities for Kids

Get your kids into the kitchen and have some fun with food with these great activities.

Make Bagged Ice Cream

Did you know you can make ice cream at home in a bag? Your kids are sure to be amazed by this interactive culinary method with a sweet treat at the end. All you will need is a few basic ingredients and a freezer. There’s no fancy kitchen equipment involved.

Create Unique Pancake Art

Start the day off on a fantastic note with this playful activity. Make some pancake batter and add food coloring to it. Place the colorful pancake mix in squeeze bottles. Then turn your kids loose to create some crazy looking breakfast food.

Try Out Bread Painting

Bread painting is essentially art you can eat. It’s a very simple activity your kids are sure to like. Mix a quarter of a cup of milk with three drops of food coloring. Use a food-safe brush to paint anything your heart desires directly onto slices of bread.

Make Pretzel Letters for Spelling and Counting

This activity can be both a delicious and educational way to entertain your kids. Bake up a batch of soft pretzels in the shape of different numbers and letters. Then teach your kids basic spelling and counting lessons as they enjoy a homemade snack.

Try Rainbow Fruit Pizzas

Rainbow fruit pizzas are a lot of fun to make and are a very delicious treat. To make a rainbow fruit pizza, use crescent roll dough for the crust. Add in plain or flavored yogurt for the sauce. Finally, place colorful sliced fruit all around the pizza and enjoy the fruits of your labor (pun intended!).

Create Chocolate and Fruit Ladybugs

This is a very simple cooking activity that requires little supervision on your part. You need only strawberries, blueberries, and melted dark chocolate. Slice strawberries in half from top to bottom for the bodies of the bugs. The blueberries are the heads and the dark chocolate is used to hold everything together.

Fun Scientific Activities for Kids

Teach your children about science with these fun and exciting activities.

Set Up a Mentos Geyser in the Backyard

This outdoor activity makes for an exciting chemistry lesson with your kids. Go into the backyard with your fledgling scientists and set up a Mentos geyser. It’s a very simple process requiring only a few Mentos tablets and a bottle of Diet Coke.

Make a Backyard Volcanic Eruption

There’s no better way to learn about volcanoes than building your own in the backyard. Work with your kids to construct a volcano as big and intricate as their heart desires. Then watch an epic eruption together.

Learn About Weather with a Tornado in a Jar

This activity only requires a tall jar, dish soap, and tap water. In about five minutes, you’ll have yourself a tornado in a jar. Your kids will be so excited to replicate this experiment with their friends and neighbors.

Launch Some Alka-Seltzer Rockets into Orbit

This is an exciting activity which will introduce your kids to space and physics. You’ll need to have a canister, some Alka-Seltzer tabs, tape, water, and a rocket design. Let you kids create the rocket of the future before sending it into the sky.

Make a Solar Oven for S’mores

You don’t have to make s’mores around a campfire at night when you can whip some up in the middle of the afternoon with a solar oven. This activity uses the sun’s power to make a delicious treat while you teach your kids about solar energy.

Watch as Water Walks

This experiment will teach your kids the properties of paper towels and water. Like the other activities we’ve listed here, you only need basic household supplies. Tap water, paper towels, food coloring, and mason jars will do the trick.

Water Activities for Kids to Have Fun With

Make sure you and your kids are dressed to get wet with this next list of activities.

Build Your Own Water Slide

This activity is a cheap alternative to spending a day in the waterpark. Lay out a large tarp in the backyard. Make sure the area is free of rocks and other sharp objects. Turn the hose on full blast and wet the tarp down. Slide across and have a blast.

Hold a Water Balloon Toss

Have a water balloon toss competition on an especially hot day. The idea here is to throw a water balloon back and forth without letting it pop. The last pair whose water balloon stays intact the longest is declared the winner.

Construct a Sprinkler with Pool Noodles

This can be a fun activity if you and your kids are feeling crafty. Cut small holes into a pool noodle and seal up one end. Place the garden hose into the other end and turn on the water as high as you can. This will give you an instant pool noodle sprinkler.

Build Your Own Dunk Bucket

Building your own dunk bucket is an easy project to do at home. All you really need is a large bucket, garden hose, and a lever release. A homemade dunk bucket is a great way to provide your kids with hours of fun.

Play with PVC Pipe Water Blasters

Your kids may love to create and build things. If so, this is an activity they will absolutely love. This does require a few more supplies to put together than our other suggestions. If you have the time, it’s a great activity that will keep the kids active and entertained.

Play Water Balloon Baseball

Get your kids and their friends in on this soaking wet twist on baseball. This activity is great for an afternoon of fun and laughs in the sun. The object of the game is to smash the water balloon “ball” open as hard as you can for a “home run”.

Fun Travel Activities for Kids

Pass the time on a lengthy car ride with some of the activities listed below.

Create an All-in-One Travel Binder

Before your family goes on a long trip, make a travel binder for your kids. Include a map printout highlighting your route along with pictures of the destination. Keep a list of car games in the binder along with CDs or DVDs for entertainment. This will make a long trip more fun for everyone.

Have Hourly Treats or Other Surprises

This is a fun way to mark off the miles you’ve traveled. Keep small numbered tickets above your kids’ seats, with one for each hour of the trip. Have your kids redeem one ticket every hour for candy or small toys to play with. Call out for tickets in a conductor voice for even more effect.

Bring Along a Personalized Trip Jar

This activity is entertaining and can teach your kids about budgeting. Everyone has their own personalized trip jar. Add spare change to the jars when you can throughout the year. When it’s time to go on a trip, spend the contents of the jar on souvenirs or snacks.

Craft Souvenir Ornaments

Looking for a way to help your kids preserve small memories of your trip? Crafting a souvenir ornament could be just the activity for you. Save nature finds, ticket stubs, and other mementos from the journey. Arrange them in a clear plastic ornament ball for a reminder each Christmas.

Make Use of an Instant Lap Desk

An instant lap desk is a great way to keep your kids entertained on a long trip. Fill a small tote bag with your kids’ favorite toys or coloring materials. Use a cookie sheet as an inexpensive car-seat lap desk. When your kids are done coloring or playing, it fits right in the seat pocket.

Stock Up on Activity Pages

This can be used as an alternative to the all-in-one binder we mentioned earlier. Fill a three-ring binder with sheet protectors containing different activity pages. These can be coloring book pages or games like Tic-Tac-Toe and Hangman. Stock up on different color dry-erase markers as well. Your kids can play for hours and simply wipe everything clean once they’re done.

Prepare a Vacation Scavenger Hunt in Advance

Help your kids explore your travel destination by preparing a scavenger hunt before you go. Glue photos of items they’re searching for onto index card backs. You can include landmarks, nature finds, or standout buildings. Use your own photos if it’s an area you’ve visited before.

Fun Bath Time Activities for Kids

Try out some of the activities below to get your kids excited about and even looking forward to their bath time.

Throw a Bath Tub Pool Party

One way to make bath time fun for your kids is to bring in some small pool toys and transform the little ones’ bath into a fun indoor pool party. Include a small snack or drink to complete the experience. Remember to try and keep the water in the tub.

Create a Simple Watercolor Painting

Here’s an idea that would make you cringe if it were suggested any other time: let your kids paint on the walls. Give the kids a set of washable watercolor paints and then let them create a masterpiece in the tub or on the tile wall.

Throw in Some Colored Ice Cubes

You can make your kids’ bath time more fun by throwing in a few colored ice cubes. Put a few drops of different food coloring into some water in an ice cube tray. Then watch it melt and create different patterns as it hits the warm bath water.

Play a Game of “I Spy”

The bathtub I Spy game is a surefire way to make bath time more fun for the little kids. It’s also very easy since you can use bathtub toys you already have. This is a perfect learning activity if your kids like to spend a long time in the tub.

Have a Frog Pond Bath

Let your kids pretend they’re having bath time with the frogs. For this activity, all you need is a few small frog toys and props to resemble a pond. Tint the bath water blue with a few drops of food coloring. Let the kids’ imaginations take over from there.

Use Bath Time to Learn About Bubbles

Educate the kids about the science of bubbles during bath time. All you need for this project is a plastic container with a small hole poked in it. Hold your finger tightly over the hole and submerge the container in water with the hole facing down. Remove your finger and then watch the bubbles escape.

Make Some Abstract Art

This is a great activity for use during bath time. Take turns with your kids making some simple foam shapes out of different colored foam sheets. During bath time, stick them to the wall to create some cool and unique abstract art pieces. The best part is there’s no mess involved. It all just washes away.

Fun Mealtime Activities for Kids

Are you looking to make meals more fun and less of a struggle? Introduce some of these activities.

Craft a Set of Custom Placemats

Making placemats with your kids can make mealtime much more engaging. Help them craft a placemat from paper or cardboard in whatever pattern or design they want. Then let them use stickers and markers to craft their own special place for mealtime.

Let Your Kids Get a Little Messy

This activity may make you nervous as a parent in some ways. The thought of your kids playing with their food is most likely opposite your usual household rules. Let them get a little messy during meals at times, though. Exploring different textures using food can act as a sensory learning experience.

Make Your Mealtime Social

It may seem like a given, but it would be foolish not to mention this activity. Make a point to have mealtime be a sociable activity. Encourage and foster family conversation as you eat. Play little interactive games with your kids during a meal.

Have Your Kids Help with the Cooking

Give your kids the chance to help you out in the kitchen. Hand out age-appropriate tasks like stirring a bowl of batter or putting spaghetti in a pot. This will allow your kids to get involved in the meal-making process. They’re sure to enjoy mealtime more knowing they helped with it.

Make Food Faces

Use this activity to help convince your kids to try new and different foods. Place food items on a plate and make silly faces with them. After the kids have had their fun, encourage them to try some of the different items.

Get Creative with the Cooking

This is a great activity to get your kids excited about mealtime. Create shapes out of your food. For example, you can make Mickey Mouse pancakes by pouring three circles together. You can also try cutting hamburgers into triangles or squares. Your kids will have a blast while learning about shapes.

Explore Foods in New Ways

Try using foods in different activities outside of mealtime. You and your kids can complete crafts using foods as we covered in an earlier section. This will help your kids be more comfortable with different foods. In turn, they might be more open to trying them during their next meal.

Fun After-School Activities for Kids

Here are some suggestions for awesome activities your kids can do when they get home from school.

Dress Up and Put on a Play

When your kids arrive after a long school day, give them a theme to work with. It could be an icy kingdom or a picnic in summer. Ask them to put together a short play to present after dinner. Encourage them to really get into the activity by dressing up and using props.

Make Your Own Movie

Your kids may be a lot more skilled with using smartphones and tablets than you are. It’s easy to install free editing software to put together short films. Depending on the app, your kids can make a movie using pictures, cartoons, or footage they film themselves.

Write a Rainbow Poem

This activity teaches your kids about using the colors of the rainbow while creating poetry. Have the children pick out the colors of the rainbow using crayons or markers. Tell them to come up with a description for each of the colors. When finished, write them out as a rainbow for a creative piece of poetry.

Put on Your Own Puppet Show

This activity can be an amazing time for the entire family. Start out by helping your kids create some simple puppets using paper bags and little accessories. Encourage them to come up with a puppet show once you’ve finished. Let them be as creative as they want.

Write Your Own Fairy Tales

Create a collection of different storytelling prompts in a jar. Have your kids each pick one to tell a story from. Encourage them to use as much detail as they can. If you’d like, you can even ask them to draw a picture to serve as their story’s cover.

Make a Batch of Slime

There are countless recipes for homemade slime on the Internet, and with good reason. Kids seem to love making their own slime. This activity will help your kids learn chemistry basics while creating a new substance from their combined ingredients.

Play the Movement Chain Game

This is an activity to do with your kids that will get up them up and out of their seats. The first person starts off by performing a movement. The next person has to repeat that movement while adding one of their own. This forms the Movement Chain. Keep going until the chain is broken.

Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

The activities listed below will almost guarantee your kids will have a spooky fun Halloween.

Make a Batch of Radioactive Punch

If you’re in need of a memorable Halloween party treat, your kids will enjoy making a spooky punch. Mix Mountain Dew with blue Kool-Aid to create a radioactive-looking drink. Then, freeze some orange juice in a latex glove overnight. Float the “hand” in the punch bowl for some very spooky ice.

Personalize Your Kids’ Trick or Treat Bags

Spend a fun afternoon or evening with your kids by personalizing their trick or treat bags. Using canvas tote bags, have your kids decorate using tempera paints, googly eyes, glitter, and other decorative materials. They’ll love going out with their own unique treat bags.

Play a Game of Pin the Warts on the Witch

This is a game very similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but with a Halloween twist. Your kids will get a lot of laughs out of pinning warts on the witch’s face. The player who pins their wart closest to the “X” on the witch’s face wins.

Go Bowling for Pumpkins

Bowling for pumpkins is a wonderful outdoor Halloween activity for your kids to enjoy. Try and find gourds shaped like bottles for a more authentic bowling pin look. Show your kids how to roll their pumpkins to knock down the gourds.

Try a Word Game Like Tricks and Treats

This game is a great way to have your kids screaming with joy and swapping candy with each other. The idea of the game is simple. Each player gets a bag filled with a dozen pieces of candy. The object is to catch the other players saying Halloween-related words. When they do, they must give up a piece of candy. The player with the most candy at the end wins.

Carve Pumpkins as a Family

Pumpkin carving is one of the most iconic Halloween activities. Your kids will love the idea of creating a scary face that will light up the night. All you need is carving tools, pumpkins, and a scoop for the inside of the pumpkin. Roast the pumpkin seeds for a great snack while carving.

Paint Halloween Flower Pots

Your kids may not be interested in the idea of carving pumpkins for Halloween. You can still create some Jack-O-Lantern style decorations by painting flowerpots to have similar faces. All you’ll need is orange and black paint, flowerpots, and acrylic sealer.

Fun Christmas Activities for Kids

These are some activities you can do with your kids to help make Christmastime more special.

Go to Your Local Mall and Visit Santa

Take your kids to the mall to see good old Saint Nick in person. Let the kids tell Santa what they’d like to get for Christmas. Get a cute professional photo you can put on the fridge or have framed. Your kids are sure to have a magical time.

Make Snowman Spoons for Your Hot Chocolate

Here’s a yummy activity your kids will like eating as well as making. To start, pick up a pack of candy cane spoons. Cover the end of the spoon in melted chocolate. Use mini marshmallows to create the snowman. Pretzel sticks can be used for the arms, and a chocolate chip for the hat.

Build a Gingerbread House

Pick up a pre-baked gingerbread house kit from your local grocery or craft store. Work with your kids to build the house. Let them decide on the candy decorations which will be on the exterior of the house. When finished, your children get to choose whether to leave it up or eat it.

Create Some DIY Wrapping Paper

Your kids will be delighted to give loved ones a gift wrapped in paper they created. But a roll of plain brown paper and let your kids go nuts with Christmas colored paints. They’ll enjoy being creative and be proud of the end result.

Go on a Drive to See Christmas Lights

Get your kids bundled up in their warmest winter clothes and take them on a drive to see the lights. Cruise around your neighborhood or town to see what your neighbors have done to ring in the season. You can even look up local light shows to take the kids to one night.

Have Your Kids Plan Part of the Dinner Menu

Sit down with your children and ask for their help in planning your Christmas Day menu. Discuss their favorite foods and what they’d like to have most. Letting them share their input will make your kids feel valued and give them a sense of being part of the process.

Decorate the House and the Christmas Tree

This is a given, but it needs to be on this list. Let your kids take on a big part of decorating for Christmas. Have them place the majority of the ornaments on your family Christmas tree. Make sure Santa leaves a note complimenting their decorating skills.

Fun Snow Day Activities for Kids

Are you and your family snowed in? Here are some wonderful activities for a snow day.

Build a Snow Fort

If enough snow has fallen, building a snow fort will let you be close to your kids all day. You can help them build up a fort as big and grand as their minds can dream up. Once you finish, you can attempt to invade the snow fort while your kids defend it.

Dig a Snow Maze

Digging out a snow maze is another fun way you can spend the day with your kids. Walk through the backyard with a shovel, digging out a maze path as you go. Have your kids crawl through the maze path and see who can find their way out first.

Have a Snowball Fight

Snowball fights are probably the most classic snow day activity. Your kids can have a snowball fight with each other, their friends, or even you. If you want, you can combine building a snow fort or a snow maze with snowball fighting as well.

Blow Bubbles and Watch as They Freeze

One creative activity your kids can do on a snow day is watch as bubbles freeze over. This is a great way to teach them about what happens to liquid in the cold. To make things really cool, mix in a drop or two of food coloring and create frozen bubbles in different colors.

Try to Hula Hoop in the Snow

Mix in some summertime fun on your kids’ snow day by challenging them to hula hoop in the snow. This may sound easy, but is actually a lot harder than you think. Make a game out of it and tell your kids whoever can hula hoop longest wins.

Make Pinecone Bird Feeders

Crafting bird feeders from pinecones will occupy your kids on a snowy day. All you’ll need for this activity is a few pinecones, bird seed, wheat Chex, and creamy peanut butter. Mix the bird seed, Chex, and peanut butter together. Then press the mixture into the pinecones. Hang the finished product in the yard and watch as the birds come in for a snack.

Track the Winter Storm

Are you snowed in the midst of a blizzard? Show your kids how to track the storm on the computer or on their phones. This activity will give you an opportunity to teach the kids about the weather and how it moves. You can do this over hot chocolate or other cold weather snacks.

Fun Family Activities for Kids

Looking for something you can all do together as a family? You’ve come to the right place.

Build a Homemade Treehouse

This is an activity that requires some skill, but the payoff can be amazing. No backyard is ever complete without a treehouse for your kids to hang out with their friends in. Treehouses are a great way for kids to experience the outdoors while being under your watchful eye.

Go for a Family Bike Ride

Biking together can make for a great family bonding activity. If your kids are young, it’s better to start off in a local park or on your block. Once you get more comfortable, you can expand your bike riding horizons. Take it at your own pace.

Take Your Kids for a Hike

Not every town or city has great hiking options. Check out your local woods if your town has deemed them to be safe. The woods are a wonderful place for a family hike. Your kids can explore. The dog can run loose. You can step back and enjoy the moment as it unfolds.

Visit Your Local Mini Golf Course

A day out playing mini golf screams family fun. Mini golf is a family favorite for just about everyone. The wild layouts of mini golf courses can challenge the kids, but in the best way possible. It also makes for friendly competition. Make sure no one hits their ball into the water traps, though!

Have a Family Game Night

Take one night at home to have a family game night. We’re not talking about video games. Break out some card games like Apples to Apples or Uno. You can also play board games such as The Game of Life or Battleship.

Stargaze in the Backyard

Spend a night with your kids in the backyard gazing up into the stars together. Stargazing is a unique experience for families. It allows you to teach your kids as well. You can point out different constellations or notable stars in the sky.

Camp Out for a Night

Pitch a tent with your kids and go camping in the backyard on a beautiful summer night. Bust out some sleeping bags and tell scary stories around a small fire. If the kids get scared at all, you can go right back in the house where it’s safe.

Fun Anytime Activities for Kids

Finally, here is a list of activities you and your kids can do anytime.

Have a Movie Marathon

This is a great activity for a rainy day where the kids are stuck inside. Grab a few Blu-Rays or fire up Netflix and have a lazy movie day. Get your kids their favorite snacks and have a little mini-marathon.

Try a New Restaurant

Every once in a while, it’s good to get the kids in the car and try out a new restaurant you’ve never been to before. It doesn’t even have to be a brand-new establishment, just new to you and your family.

Go Geocaching

Taking your kids on a geocaching adventure can be a fun activity for all. Geocaching is a form of treasure hunting via GPS coordinates. Going on a treasure hunt may not seem like a local activity, but these geocaches can be found all over the world.

Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown

Set aside some time with your kids to do some tourist-type things in your local downtown area. This is a great way to spend the day together and see things you would otherwise skip over.

Introduce Your Kids to Classic TV

Did you grow up watching the Muppet Show, Scooby Doo, or the Looney Toons? Take an evening to introduce your kids to your old favorite shows. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and even YouTube can be a great source of classic TV shows.

Declutter Your House

There’s never a bad time to go through everyone’s rooms and set things aside for donations or a yard sale. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can end up holding onto things you don’t need or want anymore.

Give Back to Your Community

If you and your kids have some free time available, why not spend it giving back to your community? Donate some of your time to a nearby animal shelter or create some artworks for sick children. You can also visit a retirement community or put together care packages for troops.

Related Questions

Why is it important for kids to get active? Kids need to be active every day. This promotes healthy development and growth. Children who establish healthy lifestyles early will carry them for the rest of their lives. The benefits of being active younger in life can be felt throughout the course of their lives as well.

How long should my kids be active every day? Kids should be active in one form or another for 60 minutes each day. Most of that time should be focused on doing moderately intense physical activities. At least three days a week, children should include some form of high intensity physical activity in their daily schedules.

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