60 Flirty Texts for Him to Make Him Miss You Like Crazy

Women, like many other men, also feel flirtatious and horny at unusual times. They feel excited, sensual, and teasing even during working hours.

But the problem is that some ladies find it awkward to let their boyfriends or husbands know about it. The thought of sending a sexy, flirty text message scares makes them break out in cold sweat in fears of being rejected or looking like a fool.

What women don’t know is that a text message is a useful tool to build up excitement in their sexual lives. A flirty text sent to a lover is a powerful foreplay, which doesn’t make use of any physical contact.

So lady, if you are feeling horny and you feel the need to let your boyfriend or husband about, don’t be afraid. Send that text message!

And if you want him to see you as soon as possible, write a daring, hot, sexy message. He will surely get what you mean.

But if it’s your first time doing this, fret not. We got you.

Below is a list of 60 flirty texts for him to make him miss you like crazy. These texts would absolutely push your man to run to you fast or text you back like a lightning bolt.

60 Flirty Texts for Him

  1. Hey Babe,I hope you are in the mood for some fun because you know I always am. What can you say about a “naked night?” Sounds fun, right? So, can I see you without your clothes on when I come home tonight?
  2. Do you want to hear a secret? I’m a little drunk, a little horny and all alone. What would you say if I ask you to come over? Is it a yes or no?
  3. You know, I am really in the mood to have some fun. So I’m heading to the mall after office and get me some new dress up clothes. What do you think would be good on me for tonight? A hot maid or a sexy nurse?
  4. You’ve been in my head all this morning and it’s just 10 a.m.! I can’t get your sexy bod out of my mind. I think I need to see you right now, as in now! So where you at?
  5. Hi husband! I can’t wait to be alone with you again. I love your body close to me. When you kiss my lips, I can say anything you want me to say. When you kiss my neck, I can do anything you want me to do. You totally rock my world and our bed. See you later husband!
  6. Come see me soon naughty husband! I have a dirty little confession to make. I’m feeling a little postal right now. I might need to check your package so what time will you be home?
  7. I can’t stop thinking of your sexy lips around mine and the warmth of the damp breath of yours as you exhale after a long night of our sweet romance. Honey, I can’t wait to feel that again!
  8. How’s your afternoon baby? You know, I am lying naked on my bed right now and I don’t know what to do with myself. Maybe you can help? I will allow you to do whatever you want. I promise not to resist! But you have to promise me you would take me to heaven.
  9. You know I’ve been daydreaming all day long about you and me cuddling, naked, moaning and all sweaty on our bed. Do you have anything to add to that vision? How about we do something different tonight?
  10. Hi sweetheart. Are you having a good day? I hope you’re not all exhausted at work because I need every ounce of your energy tonight. I’m so in the mood for some sexy time!
  11. I have some very hot dirty things in my mind right now and I don’t know how to get them out of my head. Can you help me execute these thoughts?
  12. Tonight I want to savor every inch of you my love. So don’t stay up late in your office. I will be waiting to have you, all of you for myself!
  13. Last night, I had a naughty dream with you in it. And guess what we were doing in that dream? I’m going to show you later. Come home early, okay?
  14. I cannot focus at work all day long because all that’s in my head is you and how you made me feel so good last night. Can you do that to me tonight again and again and again?
  15. I can’t wait to see you baby. I can’t wait for you to touch every inch of my body with your soft wet kisses. I can’t wait for you to bite me gently under my earlobe as you go inside me deeply. So can you do that to me baby? I promise to scream out loud!
  16. When I think of you, it turns me on. I wanna feel your sweet lips all over me and when I say all over me, I do mean all over every part of my body. What can you say about a late night naked time tonight? Wait for me home darling!
  17. I had a dream about you and me last night moaning and sweating in naughty pleasure. Can you come home early tonight? Find me in our bedroom and let’s put my dream to reality!
  18. My legs get weaker and weaker as your sweaty lips touch every inch of my body. I’m getting all wet down there with just the thought of you and me and our bed. What are you planning to do to me tonight?
  19. This morning I saw some interesting naughty sex positions in a magazine. What can you say about trying them all out after office?
  20. Babe, I want you to undress me slowly with your mouth and give me little sweaty bites all over my body. I want no inch of my skin untouched by your muscular arms. You need to come see me asap as I can’t wait to feel you inside me again.
  21. I have some dirty naughty thoughts about your this morning and I am excited to show them all to you as I come home. You have no idea how much I need you right now but I am keeping my excitement in. So be ready for a hot fiery night darling.
  22. I can still hear myself scream from what you did to me last night. You are so hot your warmth is left inside of me. But I wouldn’t mind if you do that to me over and over. For you, I am willing to scream and keep you in until you want me to.
  23. Honey, I couldn’t focus at work all day long as I am too excited to come home and let you touch every inch of my body with your tongue and fingers. So tell me 3 things that make you the most excited and I’ll make sure you get at least 2 out of 3. How does that sound?
  24. Baby, I can’t help but think about you because you’re the sexiest and hottest man that has ever walked in my life. Let me thank you by offering myself anytime you want. Just text me, okay?
  25. I was choosing my outfit for the day this morning then I found the red underwear you bought for me last week. You got really good taste! It feels really soft and looks really attractive on my skin. Can I show it to you tonight?
  26. You, my darling, can put my entire body on fire with a single gentle bit under my earlobe. The warmth of your breathe on my neck as you caress my body with your muscular arms absolutely takes my breath away. I love the way you make love to me and I can’t wait to spend the night with you later!
  27. The only man I ever wanted this bad in my life is you. For you, I found an insatiable hunger inside of me. I crave for your sex and you always leave me wanting for more.
  28. The way you roll your tongue over my body makes me quiver. It feels so good it hurts! Your passionate kisses make me burn hotter than fire. It’s only you I want baby. See you tonight!
  29. Hey babe. I know you’ve been thinking about me all day. Don’t worry. I can’t stop thinking about you too. So I say let’s stop thinking about each other and start doing each other. Deal?
  30. I feel so bored today and I don’t know what to do with myself. Can you help me with some ideas? I am welcome to any of your suggestions!
  31. Can you still remember what you did to me last night and how you did it? I want a repeat of it tonight! Every part of it, please? I promise I’ll let you do whatever you want to me without resisting!
  32. As you come home tonight, I want you to take your clothes off, get a quick shower and come find me in our bedroom. I prepared a sweet hot surprise for you.
  33. Hey honey. Where are you? Are you near home now? I need to take a shower but I am having a hard time unhooking my bra. Can you come hurry up and help me remove it?
  34. Your kisses are so intense they make me quiver. It feels like an electric current is running all over my body. But don’t get me wrong. I love it! So can you kiss me all over again?
  35. You know what’s the best part of sex for me? It’s when I allow you to see and feel all of me. You’re the only man I would let do that to me. I love you husband.
  36. If I ask you what’s the sexiest or hottest thing I can do for you, will you let me do it tonight? I am willing to do what you ask baby. I am in a weird sexy mood right now.
  37. The best and most peaceful feeling I had so far includes you and your sexy body rubbing all over mine. I wish I was there lying next to you, naked and all ready for another hot date night.
  38. Thinking of you makes me horny. It makes me want to come to you so you can have me up against the wall with your one hand around my throat while the other reaches down my pants. See you tonight babe.
  39. I find you real sexy when I see you between my legs, all sweaty and naked. I can’t stop thinking about you and some of the naughty stuff we do together. I hope you come home soon.
  40. Honey, can you come home now? Can you crawl into our bed and touch me all over my body for the entire night and tomorrow morning too?
  41. Would you mind if I ask you to come see me now? Because I saw this movie with lots of naughty sex positions, which I want to try with you. You wouldn’t mind, would you?
  42. Hey baby! What’re you up to? I booked a hotel room for us tonight. It was supposed to be a surprise but I couldn’t keep my excitement. Plus I need to tell you to save up all the energy you can find because you will be needing it tonight. What can you say?
  43. Call me crazy but I am feeling weirdly horny. I want you to use me like your own plaything and play with me using your mouth, tongue, hand and fingers all night. How does that sound?
  44. I love the way you take hold of my hair and push my face towards yours. I can’t get the sweet taste of your kissed out of my head and the sound of your breath as you rub your body with mine. Oh, thinking about all the things you do to me makes me wish I was there next to you.
  45. Baby, you make me want to crave for you so badly every time you caress me with your hands, looking at me in an innocent face. You make my knees weak but I still long for it. You really made me fall crazy over you.
  46. Hi love. I can’t stop sucking on lollipops today for some reason then I thought of you. Maybe you can buy me more lollipops tonight or maybe there’ something you can offer that’s better than this?
  47. I received your text message. So, we’re going on a date tonight? I would go with you if you tell me what you plan to do to me? So what’s it babe? Make it something exciting and I’ll pack up my stuff and head straight to where you are.
  48. You’re in my mind all day and all I can think of is you sweaty muscles all over my body. I have to be honest. I am having fantasies of you at this hour. I wonder if you’re as good as you are in my fantasies or you can do better in real life.
  49. I have a question. If we’re stuck in the bedroom for a whole day. What’s the first and last thing you want to do to me?
  50. I can’t stop thinking of some dirty naughty things to do with you tonight. I am making a list and I think I need your help to complete this. Is there anything you want to add in my list?
  51. Babe, I just messaged you to let you know that if you are having a hard time, like a really hard time, I’m here for you. I mean, I can give you a hand or something.
  52. Thank you honey for sending me a new set of lingerie. So tell me, when do you want me to use them?
  53. I heard in the news that it was going to be a hot day today. So, I decided to wear a thong and low-cut top and just stay in bed. How about you? What are you up to?
  54. I have a secret. I’m watching a very dirty video online right now and I’m typing this text in one hand because the other is busy? Do you want to join me?
  55. What are you doing for dinner tonight? I thought about getting reservations for my bedroom but wanted to make sure you were available? So what would it be? Yes or No?
  56. I had a very naughty dream last night and would you believe? You are in it? Maybe my dream was just a replay of what you did to me the other night. But I need a refresher, baby. I can’t lose that memory so can you do that to me again?
  57. You know, babe, I get so turned on when you let me undress you from head to toe. I wonder if you would allow me to do that to you tonight?
  58. I am thinking about that thing you did to me last night and it makes me want to scream here in the office. I can’t wait to come home and see you again, sweetheart!
  59. Hey, honey. I was just wondering, what is your favorite sexual fantasy? Does that fantasy have me in it? What’s your favorite part of my body? I am sorry for all these questions. I just miss you so much! When are you going home to come see me?
  60. Hi dear! I can’t wait to see you tonight and take you into our bedroom and well, you know what I’ll do.


In relationships and marriages, it is important to add a little spice to your daily lives to make your man come home to you for more. It’s okay to be flirtatious and sensual sometimes to let him feel that you still want him and crave for his touch.

Having said that, you need not feel awkward about sending a flirty text message to your boyfriend or husband. Most men like it when women express their excitement of being with them. Just don’t overdo it. I mean don’t do it every day.