50 Flirty Texts for Her That Drive Women Wild

Flirting is an effective way to bridging the gap between the emotional and sexual slants of your relationship. Therefore, if you’re a man wanting to get on your game and reignite the fiery romance in your relationship, it’s time you consider flirting with your girl as often as possible.

A report by Bustle affirms this and advises for couples to continue flirting as they did during the beginning of their relationships, quoting Certified Relationship Coach Chris Armstrong: “Couples who stop flirting are couples who stop anticipating.”

But of course, we do know that it’s not too easy for couples to jump back into the flirting stage if they haven’t done it in a long time. Which is why we rounded up a few flirty text messages to jump start your flirting business with your girlfriend or wife.

You are so sexy

I can’t stop thinking about our date last night. You are so sexy, I can lose myself around you. So don’t tire yourself out at work because you’ll need some energy for tonight!

Thinking of you makes me want to drive my car to your workplace and steal you from your boss. But I’ll be patient. Just promise you’ll make it up to me later!

Hi baby! I so miss you. I want to write the words in a rock and throw it your direction so you would know how hard it is to miss someone like you. But I wouldn’t do it because I don’t want to hurt you so, can I just come over?

have you all mine

You can love me or hate me but there’s nothing you can do to break my love for you. I am in love with you honey and I will climb the tallest mountains just to have you all mine.

I am really trying my best to get some rest but whenever I close my eyes, I see you and your sexy body. You are so gorgeous that I can’t control myself when you’re naked. I miss you.

I want you here

If you have a “to-do” list for today, please put me on it. Because I want you here, in my bed, tonight.

I hope you don’t mind me being selfish but I really want to see you and be with you, right now. I had this dream of you and you were so amazing. I can’t help myself but wonder if you would still be so good in reality. So are you in?

Are you having a good time at work? What if we play a game? Guess what color I’m wearing under my pants and if you get it wrong, I would drive all the way to your office to pick you up and take you home for the consequence!

Honestly, I used to be a terrible flirt but now, I can say I’m getting better at it because I know your smiling and getting excited to see me as you’re reading this. I love you baby. See you later!

I was your mirror

I wish I was your mirror so I can see you everytime you check on your body and I can tell you how sexy you are. I miss you, babe.

see you again

Last night was so amazing. I can’t wait to see you again and let you own my body and do to me whatever you it is you please.

Whenever you turn me on, I feel like I’m losing my head that I would do anything you ask.

If you tell me your deepest and darkest sexual fantasy, I would be more than willing to turn it into reality. So what is it, honey? Are you ready to see your dreams come true?

Baby you are so hot

Baby you are so hot. I cannot stop wanting you and get you out of my head!

Are you in the mood to have some fun tonight? Because I am! Don’t blame me for being so clingy. I woke up this morning with a dream about you in my bed. You teased me so well in my dreams that I want to make that dream come true!

want to think of you

Could you stop being so sexy? You make me want to think of you all day. You drive me so crazy that I always want to come to you and spend the night with you.

You are very sexy

There is no word in the dictionary that can describe the hotness in you. You are very sexy, alluring and beautiful. Any man would be happy to be your lover!

Why is that everytime you post a picture on social media, you look hotter and hotter? Are you kind of teasing me? Well, if you are, I want you to know it is perfectly working. Can I come see you at 7?

I am so excited to see you tonight baby. I cannot believe that I will finally see the girl of my dreams in flesh after a pretty long time. I miss you so much!

what we did

I have so much to do at work today but I am distracted by my memory of what we did the other night. I never thought you can be sexier. I love you, babe!

prepare for it

I wonder, if you could do one thing sexually with me tonight, what would it be? I hope you tell me now so I can prepare for it.

Do you realize how much courage I mustered just to get myself to say hi to you? Trust me, you wouldn’t want to count every drop of it. Well, you can’t blame me for having a hard time saying that first hello because you are so hot, beautiful and stunning! I never knew you would like me back but I am so glad you did!

romantic and fiery

Baby, I need you to come home early tonight because I have this surprise waiting. I promise, it’s romantic and fiery hot just as you always want it.

Good luck on your presentation at work today! I am sure you are going to nail it and you’ll be sexy doing it. I am excited for you to finish all those stuff so I can have all of you for tonight!

Hey baby. Just texting to let you know I’m in a really odd mood right now. I just took a bath and I feel restless. I’m excited to see you home.

sexy thoughts from my dreams

I woke up this morning with some very sexy thoughts from my dreams. I can’t stop thinking about it.

I know you’ve been thinking about me all day and I am thinking about you too. So why don’t we stop thinking and start doing?

Are you still awake? I can’t sleep tonight because all I can think about is what we would be doing if you were here with me. What if I pick you up tonight?

pretty distracted

I am pretty distracted at work today. I can’t I stop thinking about you and me and the back of my car.

Hon, I was made for your pleasure. So the next time you are here in my bed, I want you to use me as your own personal plaything.

I’m thinking about you and the things we do, which made me wonder, what are the things you want me to do to you when we we are together?

To my gorgeous girlfriend, I want you to know that every inch of your body is perfect. Don’t you ever doubt your perfection and beauty. I could even stare at you all day!

my favorite person

You are my favorite person and I am excited to spend my forever with you. Making love to you feels different than anything I’ve ever experienced. You transport me into another world and I can’t wait to do it everyday for eternity.

My love, I miss you so much. I need you. All of you. And I want to give you every part of me. Please know that I’ve never felt this way before with any other girl. It’s only you in my head and that’s how it is going to be until forever.

I love you, honey. I love how you turn from a serious working girl in the morning to a playful sexy lady at night. You turn me on so much that I don’t want to ever let go of you.

You know, the thought of seeing you tonight makes me really excited. I can’t wait until later on just thinking about the things we are about to do. Honestly, I am sitting here unable to focus because I know I’m seeing you later.

biggest sexual fantasy

Can you tell me what is your biggest sexual fantasy? I don’t care how crazy it is, I just want to know because I want to fulfill your wildest and sexiest dreams if you allow me to.

Babe, you know I love you so much that when you are turned on, it makes me feel extra turned on. Can you believe that? I think I’m going crazy over you.

Do you know what turns me on? Me being naked in front of you as your mind races for all the things that we are about to do. I love letting you see every last part of me while I look at you excited for me to touch you.

I wish you could sleep with me tonight because I really miss you, sweetie. It sounds weird but I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about us last night. It kept replaying in my head over and over again.

Did you know that kisses can burn calories. I can help you burn all the calories off your body if you want me to.

going crazy

Whenever your name pops up on my phone screen, my knees weaken. Because it makes me excited to talk to you and to read a message from you. Do you think I’m going crazy?

Can you tell me what turns you on? Because I want to try it next time I’m with you.

I wonder, do you have a favorite memory about our lovemaking? I want to know it so I can do it over and over again, to please you.

You know, I really get distracted at work especially when I am thinking about you and the things you do when you are turned on.

so sexy

Babe, who gave you the right to be so sexy? You are so hot, I can’t get you out of my head! I can’t help but think about the intimate encounters I have with you. I would you like to make it a reality every night. Is that okay with you?

so gorgeous

You, my love, are so gorgeous and attractive. Not to mention your sexy body. I am so lucky to have you all to myself.

Baby, I can’t forget you screaming some pretty filthy words last night. Do you wanna do it again tonight?

The rain

The rain is not the only reason I am wet today.

You were so hot last night. I can’t stop thinking about what you did. By the way, I am still wearing the same smile you gave me from that night.


Men and women flirt for a handful of reasons and believe it or not, flirting is not always about sex. Sometimes, couples do it to keep the connection and energy flowing between them and ensure that they are both still plugged into their relationship.

So yes, you must flirt with your partner every once in a while or as much as you want to! Apart from keeping you bonded and excited with each other, it’s also fun!