Fire Ball Pythons as Pets-Costs, Facts, Genetics and Morphs

Fire Ball Pythons-Everything You Need to Know

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility and some pets need more care than others. Owning any type of snake is way less demanding than owning a cat or a dog. However, the coolest thing about snakes is that they can also be friendly creatures that you can love and hold. Snakes are great for anyone who wants a pet to care for but with less commitment and responsibility.

Ball pythons are native to West and Central Africa. A Fire Ball Python is a beautiful morph snake that makes an excellent option for anyone who loves reptiles. A morph python is the same as a ball python except for the color. Fire balls are a gorgeous mix of colors. They have all different patterns but typically come in shades of mocha browns, deep greens, and hints of gold. This coloring creates a beautifully eye-catching snake for you to love and show off.

Fire Ball Pythons are quite easy to care for if you know how. Make sure you know how to hold them properly, feed them, and provide them a dwelling so they can feel safe and happy. Caring for a Fire Ball Python is pretty straightforward. You can handle them with ease and if you touch them every day starting at a young age, they will become friendly towards you. They are naturally smaller than other snakes and already very docile, but handling them gently will help them become more social.

Are Fire Ball Pythons Dangerous?

Fire Ball Pythons are in the constrictor family. However, they do not get large enough to be a threat to you or any human. They are smaller than other constrictors that are dangerous to humans.

Though these sweet creatures are not a danger to humans, if they feel threatened, they can still bite you. This can certainly be a frightening experience for a snake owner and it may leave you feeling like this is the wrong pet for you.

Do not let this scare you away from owning a Fire Ball Python. It is natural for an animal that is scared or startled to want to fight or run away. Pythons will bite if they feel threatened. If that happens there are a few things you can try to get your Fire Ball Python to let go.

If it is out of defense, they will nip you and back away immediately, so stop what you’re doing and leave your snake alone. If it has bitten you and continues to hold on, you can squirt some hand sanitizer in his mouth, this will get them to let go.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the sanitizer method, just stay calm, do not pry them from your body, be still, and massage their head gently.

How Much Do Fire Ball Pythons Cost?

Fire Ball Pythons are not the most expensive pets, they are rather affordable. They can be bought anywhere from $70 to $100 on the low end, but depending on their coloring and age, you might expect to pay $175 or even more. A Super Fire Ball python babies might sell for as much as $400 each.

If you’re considering buying a snake you also need to factor in the cost of their feeding and housing which can be costly. You will want to make sure the terrarium you set up for your snake is big enough for them to grow, play, and hide in.

Their homes can be rather expensive, you may be able to find one as low as $25, but many are a few hundred dollars. It all depends on how you want to set it up for your pet.

Some snake owners are serious collectors and spare no expense for the animals in their care. If you are a first-time python owner, just make sure you have the basic setup covered first and you can alway upgrade later.

How Big Does a Fire Ball Python Get?

When Fire Ball Pythons are babies, they are rather tiny, they can be 9 to 10 inches long. It all depends on the unique pet you choose. Then depending on the genetics of your Ball Python, they can grow anywhere from 3 to 5 feet. This is smaller than some of the other constrictors making Ball Pythons the perfect pet for beginner snake owners.

Are Fire Ball Pythons Good Pets?

If you handle your snake every day and take the time to care for them properly, they are lovely pets to have. Owning a Fire Ball Python is a great way to learn to take care of reptiles because these are one of the more docile reptiles you could own.

They are easy to handle, and the best part is they are generally pretty good for kids who are also learning to handle snakes. Overall, this is a great pet to have.

Fire Ball Python Cool Facts

There are some really amazing facts you should know when owning a Fire Ball Python. All animals are different and unique, so here are some fun facts about this animal to help you decide if owning one is the right choice for you.

• They will reach their full length when they turn 3 years old.

• Fire Ball Pythons can live up to 30 years.

• They all have different patterns! They may look alike, but if you look closely, you will see they all have different shapes and scales than each other.

• It takes anywhere between 80 and 105 days for the babies to hatch.

There are many more interesting facts you should research before choosing a Fire Ball Python, and there are also many breeds of Pythons you can now choose from.

Fire Ball Python Genetics

Fire Ball Pythons are part of the Ball Python family. However, they have a little bit more pigment in them, which gives them the Fire name! Sometimes they have more yellow, gold, and orange flakes, other times, it almost looks like they have a yellow belly. The “fire” gene brightens up the whole snake. There can also be Fire Python mixes with other types creating a very unique look.

How Rare are Fire Ball Pythons?

Fire Ball Pythons are actually pretty common for morphs. This means it is the same as a Ball Python but a different color, it does make them a little rarer than the original Ball Pythons. However, you can get Fire Ball Pythons anywhere they sell exotic pets or snakes.

The rarest Python morph is called the Stranger Ball Python, which is extremely expensive. They are also very hard to find. Fire Ball Pythons are pretty easy to find, but they will be a little bit more costly than your average Ball Python.

Breeding Fire Ball Pythons

Breeding Ball Pythons is relatively straightforward; however, figuring out what type of Ball Python you will get can be a little tricky. First, you will need to sex your snakes to be sure you are working with a male and female.

After that, you will want to make sure your female snake is the appropriate size for breeding. She will need to be 1200 grams, and this is usually between 2 and 3 years old.

Before the breeding begins, you will want to make sure they are separated. When males sense a female who is ready to breed, they stop eating. The easiest way to breed Pythons is by putting them together for a few days and giving them a small break from each other until the breeding happens. Or you can go to a breeder who specializes in this.

Fire Ball Python Shedding

Part of making sure your snake is healthy is also checking to see if they are regularly shedding. They should shed every four to six weeks. In this time, they will turn a slightly lighter shade, and their eyes will become milky.

They also might be a little more temperamental, it is essential you know to leave them alone during this time. Also, do not peel their skin off for them, this can cause aggressive behavior.

Most Popular Fire Ball Python Morphs

Fire Ball Pythons are just one of the few in the Python family, and there are many mixes or morphs that you can choose from. Some of the most popular combos include:

•    Fire Spider Python – This is a bright yellow snake that is a phenomenal combo because it is so unique looking to the other Ball Pythons.

    Fire Calico – Another python with some fantastic prints on it. This is a very popular morph for Fire Ball Pythons.

•    Fire Leopard Coral Glow – This is a white, pink, and yellowish snake with a fantastic pattern making it one of the most popular morphs to choose from.

There are many different morphs to choose from, all of the original and beautiful. No two snakes are alike, and if you handle them properly, they will make wonderful pets. If you want a Fire Ball Python, you might find one at your neighborhood exotic pet store.

However, if you want a more complex morph, you will have to go to a particular breeder or exotic animal show.

One reason the Fire Ball Python is so popular is because they are perfect for beginners. They are suitable for children and if they’re handled correctly, they can be one of the best long-living creatures you will ever have. Of course, they do need to be taken care of properly.

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