Emperor Scorpions as Pets-Costs, Temperament and Facts

Emperor Scorpions as Pets-Everything You Need to Know

Pandinus imperator, better known as the emperor scorpion, is a special species of scorpion that is native to the savannas and rainforests across West Africa.

It’s common name tells you that this scorpion is a big deal, although it’s very small in size. As a pet, the emperor scorpion is becoming very popular because of their cool look and small essence of adventure. They are easy to care for and can provide a sense of companionship for it’s caretaker.

Now, let’s check out some more information about the emperor scorpion.

Cost of Owning A Emperor Scorpion

The cost of owning an emperor scorpion can range between 25 dollars and 100 dollars.

The range is based on several factors such as the cost of the emperor scorpion itself, which can cost between 25 dollars and 50 dollars based on their size, age, and gender.

The remaining 50 to 75 dollars is related to the accessories associated with the emperor scorpion such as its enclosure, natural habitat supplies, food, and entertainment that the emperor scorpion will need to live a long and enjoyable life with you.

In addition to the price, there may also be a breeder’s fee, which can also be included in the overall total or used as a tax, which could increase the overall cost of the emperor scorpion.

Emperor Scorpion Behavior and Temperament

Because of their pedipalps, or claws, and the sizable stinger on their tail, emperor scorpions are not the best animal to physically handle and carry around because they will become prone to stinging or pinching you if they feel threatened.

Their sting and pinch typically feels like bee sting, but luckily, medical attention is not usually required – unless you have an allergic reaction to the venom that they carry. – Outside of their stingers and pinchers, they are simple to care for, clean, and feed.

They are animals that can interact with you while still having the ability to stay to themselves in a healthy manner.

Emperor Scorpion Size

Emperor scorpions are approximately 20 centimeters in overall size and can weigh around 30 grams. It’s one of the largest species of scorpion in the world considering that it reaches just about 8 inches in length, or about the length of your palm.

Now, this size is based on their adult physical stature. They are usually about one inch when they are born, and can more than triple their size within their first year of life.

Their size is also what makes them a decent animal to have as a pet; they are big enough to be entertaining and interactionally satisfying, but small enough to not cause much damage to your personal property or furniture.

How Long Do Emperor Scorpions Live For?

As far as scorpions go, the emperor is pretty docile considering that it is one of the more powerful scorpions on the Earth. Because of their demeanor and self-sufficiency, the emperor scorpion can live up to 8 years in captivity.

This is fairly long for the life of a scorpion because they are usually picked off by predators such as birds or larger mammals and reptiles. However, while in the protection of your room, the emperor scorpions stand a much greater chance of living.

In addition to the safety that you provide them, they will also receive food and water on a routine schedule as a pet, thus, resulting in some extra years of life.

Emperor Scorpion Tank Size and Setup

The emperor scorpion enclosure should be at least 10 gallons for an adult and should also be a solid glass sided tank that is long enough to create two different temperature gradients: one side being cool and the other side being warm, which helps them to regulate their body.

If you have multiple pet emperor scorpions, then you’ll want a 20 to 40 gallon tank to avoid any fighting.

For the set up, you’ll want to include items like

  • Light dome and basking bulb
  • Temperature gauge
  • Dry hide house
  • Shallow water dish
  • Coconut fiber substrate, moistened.

The set up takes less than 30 minutes to complete, and will give your emperor scorpion the feel of being in its natural terrain.

How Poisonous is the Emperor Scorpion?

Emperor Scorpions are poisonous animals and they carry their poison in the tip of their stinger at the end of their tail.

They carry the toxins imperatoxin and pandinotoxin, which are two venoms that are meant to slow down and subdue the emperor scorpion’s prey so that they may use it for a hardy meal. For us humans, the venom from an Emperor scorpion is mostly harmless.

It can have the same effect on the human body as a bee sting, unless you have an allergy to the venom, in which medical attention will be necessary to bring down the swelling.

The emperor scorpions’ venom is meant for smaller creatures; so although the mouse that goes up against it may die, you, the human, most likely will only feel a strong sting in a localized area with little venom integrated into your system.

Are Emperor Scorpions Good Pets?

Outside of the occasion pinch or sting, emperor scorpions are on the rise to becoming one of the more popular animals to keep as a pet.

For starters, it looks so cool! The big pinchers, sturdy and pointy tail, it has venom that won’t hurt you (that much), and it’s a great size for managing and handling when the situation permits it.

Their natural diet is very easy to mimic for overall health and longevity, while providing you with random, yet, significant interaction.

They are protective of themselves, so it’s important to always make them feel calm, safe, and away from any potential danger that will cause that stinger to come out. In essence, yes, emperor scorpions are good pets.

Emperor Scorpion Diet

In the wild, the emperor scorpion has a wide variety of selections to choose from. They are known for eating different types of insects, other arthropods such as other types of scorpions, and small reptilians such as small lizards and baby snakes.

This diet can be recreated for a pet emperor scorpion by using live bugs and insects such as crickets, moths, and worms including mealworms, caterpillars and moths.

Other forms of scorpion food can be processed forms that may fill them, but not be as nutritious they need to be to live as long as they can. Other forms of food can be calcium-dusted insects or other supplements.

How Often Do You Feed An Emperor Scorpion?

For their size, emperor scorpions do not eat as much as you may think. Emperor scorpions first should always eat a gut-loaded animal as a meal; meaning that the animal is fed a nutritious diet 1 day prior to being fed to the emperor scorpion.

Adult emperor scorpions should be fed approximately 4 to 6 large gut-feed crickets per week. Other prey such as reptiles or other arthropods are also feasible animals that can be kept, fed, and then fed to the scorpion as a substantial meal.

When it comes to frequency, your pet emperor scorpion can be fed every other day, at night, because they are nocturnal animals and tend to sleep during the day.

How Do Emperor Scorpions Drink Water?

It’s quite an interesting sight to see emperor scorpions drink water. They approach the bowl of water very casually and use their claws to push the water closer to their mouth, while using their two-part mouth to continue the flow of water directly into their mouth.

As their mouth is not like other animals, they are capable of using both sides on an alternating basis to keep their body hydrated.

It’s also good to know that while in captivity, emperor scorpions drink a lot of water, so you’ll always want to make sure that there is water available for them.

How Long Can An Emperor Scorpion Go Without Eating?

The answer to this question is surprising! An emperor scorpion can survive up to 1 year without eating!

Here’s why:

First, they have the ability to slow down their metabolism to an almost nonexistent speed; thus keeping them capable of not having to eat for a long while.

Also, their diet is filled with nutrients and protein, so their body is packed with sustenance that will keep their body stuffed. Also, because of their efficient way of handling their nutrition, they can choose to keep it inside of their body as a reserve until they need it.

Do Emperor Scorpions Glow In The Dark?

Yes, under an ultraviolet light, emperor scorpions do glow in the dark! It’s easy to see in the dead of night in the desert.

They glow in an illuminating blue-green color, which is a natural and innate trait of their species. Although the true answer is still unknown, the most plausible reason for their awesome glow are two chemicals that lie active in their body, but only shows why in reaction with UV light.

What Happens If An Emperor Scorpion Stings You?

If you are unfortunate to get stung by an emperor scorpion, then you will feel a quick sting of pain. However, most people are not affected by the emperor scorpion’s sting.

Now, if you have allergies, then you could have a reaction in the same way you could be affected by a bee sting.

Localized swelling could occur and potentially itchiness as well. Although this is a serious concern to keep in mind, they are known for their easy-going demeanor, unless they feel unsafe or threatened.

How Many Emperor Scorpions Can Live Together?

Emperor scorpions are known to live in colonies of up to 15 individuals. They are a collective species of scorpions and tend to live together versus being alone.

They also live together as a form of protection from bigger prey. Although they live together, they are not a big fan of being cramped right next to each other; it causes them to have physical anxiety about their personal space and forces them to fight to the death for their territory.

How Fast Do Emperor Scorpions Grow?

The average adult emperor scorpion is between 5 and 8 inches long, and they grow approximately a little under 1 inch per year.

They are capable of growing a bit faster based on their diet, level of exercise, and stress, but it isn’t a significant difference in their growth rate. However, with lack of a nutritious diet and high level stress, it can negatively impact their growth rate by a few inches.

Emperor Scorpion Molting

Your emperor scorpion will show signs of molting starting with losing their appetite, and sitting still in a secluded area for days or weeks at a time.

The molting process starts from the outside in; the outer skin or “exoskeleton” begins to crack and open up. The scorpion will work their muscled body out of the way where it will wait for their outer skin to grow back.

This is all part of the process and luckily their outer skin grows back within a few days to a week!

How Many Babies Do Emperor Scorpions Have?

Emperor Scorpions have a gestation period of seven to nine month from conception, and can produce up to 30 babies in one birthing session!

What’s really interesting is that the female emperor has the ability to hold back fertilization until the conditions are right to give proper birth. The babies are typically born all white and about 8 millimeters in length.

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