Dwarf Hotot Rabbits as Pets: Costs, Colors and Temperament

Dwarf Hotot Rabbits as Pets-All You Need to Know

As kids, and maybe even adults, you may have fantasized about having a pet rabbit! So many breeds to choose from, how could one even choose!

Luckily, a good breed of rabbit that the world has provided us with is the Dwarf Hotot Rabbit. It’s cute, fluffy, and small – which is where the “dwarf” part comes into play, – and it has significant attributes that specify it from other Dwarf rabbits.

You may not know much about this rabbit, and I’m here to change that, because it’s definitely an animal worth taking a look into. So let’s enjoy learning about the Dwarf Hotot Rabbit.

Do Dwarf Rabbits Make For Good House Pets?

Yes! Dwarf rabbits do make for great house pets for three major reasons: their demeanor, size, and look.

Dwarf Hotots are very quiet and easy-going animals. They simply require food, and enjoy the interaction of affection as much as a dog or cat would. When you are still and calm as well, The Dwarf rabbit can sense that and choose to connect itself to your peaceful flow.

They are pretty small too, making them easy to tote around, or even keep in a sizeable bunny home inside of your room or den.

Also, when you see one, the word “cute” will constantly pop out of your mouth. They are aesthetically pleasing to look at, and have a very capturing nature about them.

How Long Do Dwarf Rabbits Live As Pets?

Fun fact: Dwarf rabbits tend to live longer than their larger counterparts, especially in captivity.

Dwarf versions of the larger Hotot rabbit has the capacity and potential to live between 10 and 12 years, based on the type of care, environment, and food that are receiving.

Another factor that plays into the lifeline of a Dwarf Hotot is being cured of any illness that it may contract, considering that they can be susceptible to environmental parasites and bacteria.

The larger Dwarf Hotot rabbits are a bit lower on the life scale, being able to reach up to age six, in the right condition, and possibly between five and five years old in the wild.

What Is The Size Of The Dwarf Rabbit?

Typically, a Dwarf rabbits can weigh anywhere between 1.5 and 3 pounds. A lot of mini rabbits fall within the 2 to the 2.5-pound range, and some others can even be as big as 5 pounds, at the most.

With their size being so small, their physical features follow suit. Most Dwarf Hotot rabbits have shortened faces when compared to bigger rabbits; and some even keep the rounded head, large eyes, or small ears, which are the common features of the Dwarf rabbit.

Dwarf Hotot Color

You can find the Dwarf Hotot rabbit draped in the classic colors of black and white.

Their eyes are commonly known to be a standard brown, dark brown, all the way to black.

Most of the Dwarf rabbit’s fur coat the surrounds the body, ears, and most of the face, is a nice, fluffy, soft white color. This attributes gives them a sense of pristine and cleanliness for you to pick up and enjoy.

And for other Dwarf Hotot rabbits, their eyes may be encased in beautiful black, which will make their big eyes shine.

Some Hotot rabbits may even have a random black spot or two on their leg or paw, behind their ears, or on the underside of their belly.

How Much Does A Dwarf Rabbit Cost?

The general cost of most rabbits is anywhere between $15 and $60 dollars.

The average cost of Dwarf rabbit can range in the average price range of $25 and $40 dollars. The considerations of the price include the location of which you purchased the rabbit, as well as the type of species that you choose.

For a quality Dwarf Hotot rabbit specifically, the price can run you between $15 and $50 dollars. This is based on the breeding process, as well as the where the Hotot rabbit was purchased from.

Are Dwarf Hotot Rabbits Friendly?

Yes! Dwarf Hotot rabbits are both friendly and affectionate.

They enjoy the attention of their owner or trainer, and have the capacity to build a unique and real bond with whomever is taking good care of them.

Because of their size, they will tend to hop into your lap and snuggle up in your warm – they may even purr a little bit! –

They are capable of keeping themselves entertained while you’re gone; small toys like a ping-pong ball or a small and spacious tube would become an adventure for them.

However, Dwarf Hotots have been known to nibble or nip at the fingers of their owner. It doesn’t hurt much, and it’s simply a signal to get your attention.

What Do Dwarf Hotot Rabbits Eat?

Rabbits in general are herbivores, meaning that their diet is primarily-to-always made up of plant-based foods that are full of rich vitamins and minerals.

This is what helps them to live so long in captivity. The most important mechanism when it comes to the diet of a Dwarf Hotot rabbit is fiber.

They have very small internal organs, and it’s important to keep whatever goes in moving through, so it can smoothly come out; that’s what fiber does such a good job at doing.

The best plant-based foods that are great for Dwarf Hotot rabbits are fruits and vegetables: celery, carrots, broccoli, or apples are quality selections. Simply chop them up small and let the Hotot nibble away!

Do Dwarf Rabbits Smell?

Most people have the misconception that rabbits stink…but naturally, they don’t! Rabbits smell are based on how clean they keep themselves, and how clean you keep them.

Rabbits themselves are usually very clean animals with odourless fur; they fastidiously groom themselves all day, while moving items around to keep their area tidy and spacious.

Now, their urine can tend to have a strong scent to it, based on the natural biology of the rabbit, which could cause a stench to occur if it compiles.

So as long as you keep their living area clean – spot clean every few days and a total clean-out once a week – you shouldn’t have, or smell, much of anything from them.

Can Dwarf Rabbits Live Outside?

Regardless of their size, Dwarf rabbits are still rabbits, and yes, they can live outside too!

I know they’re all cute and cuddly, but outside of the aesthetics and mostly docile nature, Dwarf rabbits are pretty durable animals and can withstand the elements fairly well.

What’s most important for a Dwarf rabbit to survive outside, or in your backyard, are two elements: shelter and food. Setting up a small cover as a roof with some shrubs to use as walls is a great start.

Also creating a natural bedding of wood shaving and shrubs, along with a spot for their urine and droplets will make it highly convenient for them to be successful outdoor bunnies.

Do Dwarf Rabbits Like to Cuddle?

Indeed, Dwarf rabbits do in fact like to cuddle; in fact they love it!

What makes cuddling so great for them is the warmth and security. Rabbits are known to bundle up in order to reserve the warmth in their bodies; so if they are sitting on your lap, better believe they will bundle up and get comfortable.

They also enjoy being petted and stroked. They find backstroking from the top of their head to the end of their back very relieving and nurturing.

Keep in mind that it’s best to simply sit with them in order for them to cuddle with you. They aren’t fans of being picked up because being away from the ground can make them anxious.

Can Dwarf Rabbits Eat Bananas?

Yes, Dwarf rabbits can eat bananas, and they are major fans of the sweetness that it brings to their taste buds.

Dwarf rabbits are advocates of plant-based meals, especially those that are filled with sugar, so bananas are a real treat for them! When giving a Dwarf rabbit a banana, it’s important to remember that they are very small animals with small organs, so they won’t need much of it to satisfy them.

A trick to knowing how much to give them is by using your thumb. The piece that you give them should be smaller than, or equal to the size of your thumb.

Too much banana will make them extremely energetic, so always play it safe when giving them this delicious treat.

Do Dwarf Rabbits Bite?

Well, any mammal’s teeth can bite; so the more specific question could be “Do Dwarf rabbits bite, maliciously?The answer is no, not necessarily.

Most Dwarf rabbits will nip instead of bite. The nipping is based on two different scenarios: fear or attention.

If a rabbit has been harmed in the past, they will defend themselves against you with one or two quick nips to the fingers, as a defense mechanism for protection. If they are of even tone temperament, the nipping could be a signal for attention and cuddling, or treats!

In the end, you may receive a nip or two from your Dwarf rabbit; but fear not! As long as your rabbit is healthy and clean, and you’re calm, collected, and showing adequate attention to them, the nibbles will lessen over time.

How Long Are Dwarf Rabbits Pregnant For?

The length of pregnancy in a Dwarf rabbit is 28 to 33 days, with 31 days being the average, and can vary by a week or two depending on the breed of dwarf rabbit.

Female Dwarf rabbits, and female rabbits in general (commonly known as “doe”) do not have particular times of when they go into heat, and can accept a buck (male rabbit) at anytime they choose.

And unlike other animals, she can become pregnant again within a few days of giving birth. Although a cool fact, it’s best to refrain from such quick insemination right after giving birth.

How Many Babies Can A Dwarf Rabbit Have?

Dwarf rabbits have the capability to produce from 1 to 4, and sometimes up to 6 young rabbits each time she gives birth!

The amount of young ones that at Dwarf rabbit can have is based on their size, diet, and gestation period. Since Dwarf Hotot rabbits are smaller, they will usually cap at about 4 rabbits per litter.

The gestation period, or how long the rabbit can be pregnant for, is around one month, can have up to six litters per year, and has the ability to become pregnant again within minutes!

Overall, a Dwarf rabbit can have around 15-24 baby rabbits per year!

What Do Dwarf Bunnies Like To Play With?

Great question! What do Dwarf bunnies like to play with?

Check out this list of convenient and cool Dwarf bunny toys that I found:

  • Paper Bags and Cardboard boxes for crawling inside, scratching, and chewing. Bunnies like them much more when there are at least two entry points into the boxes.
  • Cardboard rolls from paper towels or toilet paper
  • Untreated wicker baskets or boxes full of: shredded paper, junk mail, magazines, straw, or other organic materials for digging
  • Toys with ramps and lookouts for climbing and viewing the world
  • Dried out pine cones
  • Jungle gym type toys
  • A hand towel for bunching and scooting
  • Untreated wood, twigs and logs that have been aged for at least 3 months
  • Things to jump up on (they like to be in high places)
  • Colorful, hard plastic caps from laundry detergent and softener bottles.

These are simply a few. Also try letting your rabbit outside, and it’ll find some natural ways to entertain itself.

Do Dwarf Hotot Need Haircuts?

It is necessary for you to be proactive in grooming your Dwarf Hotot bunny at least once a week.

Sure, these little guys and girls do a great job at grooming themselves by nibbling at their skin to relieve themselves of physical issues, and scraping their paws through their fur to get rid of anything that could be in there.

However, in the situation of nibbling, those loose hairs can get inside of the rabbit’s mouth; which they’ll swallow, thus, creating hairballs inside of their intestines, which is a big health issue.

But actively grooming the tiny bunny will aid in the automatic process of cleanliness. When grooming, you can take a pair of barber scissors and clip at noticeably long hairs that could cause internal issues if swallowed.

So in the end, a frequent trim will do your Dwarf Hotot bunny very well.

Do Dwarf Hotot Like to Be Held?

Each rabbit has its own personality, and has the ability to shift it based on whomever is surrounding them, just like you and me.

But overall, yes, Dwarf Hotot rabbits rather enjoy being held by bigger entities such as yourself, or any other human.

The trick to hold a Dwarf Hotot rabbit is being peaceful. When you are upset, or really excited, the small rabbit can sense your vibration and heat coming from you.

If it’s too much, your bunny will begin to feel overwhelmed with energy, and won’t be calm enough to cuddle with you. However, it’s just the right amount of energy, then your little bunny buddy will stick right with you, and allow you to hold them.

Dwarf Hotot rabbits are rather very affectionate, and love it the most when that affection is returned back to them.

Should Dwarf Hotot Be Kept In Pairs?

Yes, Dwarf Hotot rabbits should be kept in pairs; and the reason for such a stipulation is simply out of companionship.

You may have to leave your home for work or a social outing, which would leave the small rabbit alone by itself for most of the day. This type of loneliness could have a negative impact on rabbit.

Note that a major attribute that plays into the life longevity of a Dwarf Hotot is energy, which they receive from food, but mostly connection. The connection that it can form with another entity will make a significant difference in their livelihood.

This is where another rabbit comes into play. They will have a blast keeping each other company, and playing with each other, eating, resting, and showing compassion to one another while you’re away.

This type of connective interaction is said to be a staple within the Dwarf Hotot community.

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