7 Surprising Reasons Why You Dream About Marriage

When you have a dream about marriage that’s vivid and precise, do you just go back to sleep because “nah, it ain’t gonna happen”? Or, do you get up and search the Internet for its meaning?

If we are to trace back history, ancient folks such as the Greeks believed that dreams were visions of the future as well as visitations from their Gods. However,modern psychology and neurobiology controverted such impressions.

Apparently, many psychologists agree that our dreams are windows into our unconscious mind. They are mostly suppressed and unfulfilled wishes we want to materialize in our waking lives, which is why modern dream interpreters assign meanings to dreams relative to human emotions and experiences.

When it comes to dreaming about weddings and marriage, most people think that it only has something to do with union and relationships. However, there is more meaning to such dreams than you can imagine.

Here Are 7 Surprising Reasons Why You Dream About Marriage.

1.   A New Chapter in Life

Dreaming about marriage when you are happy and single could seem confusing. Why would you marry someone in a dream when you are not even in a relationship?

Some of you would easily shrug it off because, well, there’s no way you’re going to marry soon. So, you may think that it’s just another dream about nonsense.

But little do you know that your dream could be a symbol of a new beginning. It can be an incoming transition or a key to your life’s transformation.

Do you believe it?

Marriage, in our waking lives, is the first phase of an eventful journey—new adventures, new challenges, and a new home together with your better half. It’s no wonder that a dream about marriage translates to a new chapter in life.

As a matter of fact, a wedding in a dream also indicates good news and good luck. So the next time you dream about marriage and you know that no wedding bells are going to ring for you anytime soon, just relax and prepare for possible opportunities that may come your way.

2. A Possibility of New Love

If you’re single and you dreamed of yourself in a wedding dress or tuxedo, be delighted! You’re highly likely to meet the love of your life!

Dreams, as the ancient Greeks believed, could be a vision for your future. So if you are unmarried and you suddenly dreamed of yourself on the altar, exchanging vows with somebody, then behold! Mr. or Mrs. Right is on his or her way to you.

This sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Most of us wait long enough before we finally meet that one person. The only human being born to flip everything and change our lives.

But keep in mind that just because your dream is interpreted this way doesn’t mean you will definitely find a new love soon. It’s just one of the many meanings of dreams about marriage. Therefore, it’s best that you keep your expectations at bay and just be ready in case the right one for you finally arrives.

3. A Problem in The Marriage

For married people, a dream of marrying someone else other than their spouse signals bad luck.  It could denote a problem in the relationship, such as dissatisfaction and disappointment.

It could be that the marriage didn’t turn out as the couple hoped it would. Perhaps they don’t get as much from their marriage as they expected.

Lack of time. Lack of affection. Loss of connection. Are you someone complaining of these?

Let’s admit it. Marriage is hard work, and lucky are those who get to marry only once in their lives. Unfortunately, not every couple can keep true to their vows until the end of time.

So, if you dream about marrying someone else and in your waking life and you know that there’s a problem in your marriage, then talk it over with your spouse. Communication is key.

4. A Lesson Learned

A dream about marrying your ex is one that you don’t want to happen to you if you’re already married. It’s scary, frightening, and a real nightmare, I must say.

But don’t be too shaken. There’s really no need to worry unless you still harbor feelings for your ex-partner. Well, that’s totally another problem.

Anyhow, dream interpreters remarked that a dream about an ex is indicative of lessons learned in the past. It’s possible that in your waking hours, you were reminded of the mistakes you committed and learned from your former relationship.

It can also suggest that a part of your new relationship somehow resembles your past. Seeing yourself in the same story and with the same problems can jog your memory and realize that you’ve been in that situation before.

If this is the case, then you must take your dream as a warning not to commit the same mistakes again.

5. A Sign of Self-Doubt

Not all dreams about marriage present a union of two people. There are also dreams in which you see your spouse cheating on you. This is another nightmare!

But the interpretation of this kind of dream actually indicates self-doubt and low self-esteem. It speaks more about your view and opinion about yourself in your marriage and not about your spouse’s infidelity.

It could be that you no longer feel attractive and you believe that you’re not good enough for your partner. So, you perceive yourself as unworthy of a happy marriage.

If this happens to you, then you need to seek help, not just from your spouse, but also from your friends and family. Low self-confidence will do you no good. It may branch into more serious problems that could hurt your marriage in the long run.

However, it is also important to note that your dream could also be the voice of your subconscious. It’s a possibility that in your waking life, you have strong feelings that your spouse is cheating on you, but you just don’t have the courage to face that reality.

So, if you think that your spouse is actually cheating on you and it manifests in your dreams, then it’s time you do something about it. Act and fix it if you don’t want to see your marriage going down the drain.

6. A Hidden Desire for Recognition

A woman who sees herself as a bride in a dream could mean that she has long been waiting to be the center of attention. It can be a sign of her hidden desire for recognition.

Maybe women who experience this would only want to be noticed by men, their Mr. Right in particular. However, life gets so tricky sometimes. We cannot get what we want exactly when we want it. Especially when we talk about the right love.

Most of the time, love moves in mysterious ways—and it will show up at the time you least expect it to arrive.

With that said, I encourage you to embrace your single womanhood. You knight in shining armor is just out there. Give yourself the freedom to enjoy life before he arrives to take your hand.

7. A Life’s Pressure

A man who sees himself as a groom in a wedding could be in a situation wherein the woman is the one who’s more dominant in the relationship. He might be pressured into doing something he is not ready for.

Yes, this happens for real. There are men who are just comfortable doing things in their own time and phase. It doesn’t mean, however, that they do not want to marry their girlfriends. Perfect timing is always a key to any kind of success. Do you believe so?

Therefore, if you experience this pressure, then you can just communicate your plans with your fiance or girlfriend. Maybe you both just need to meet halfway and compromise. If you two are meant to be together, then you will be together in time.


Some people are fond of searching for the interpretations of their dreams. And there are those who just don’t care.

But whichever team you’re on, keep in mind that there is no definitive meaning to every dream. The interpretations are mostly generalizations that have been passed from our ancestors to the young generation. So, whatever your dream shows you, know that it does not have the power to control your life.