Do Pigs Eat Meat? (Chicken, Processed, Cooked, Pork, etc)

Do Pigs Eat Meat

Agreed, pigs have a notoriety for eating a lot. From maize to vegetables to cassava and soya beans, there are not many things a pig wouldn’t gobble down. But you may be curious if it is healthy for your pig to eat meat.

Pigs eat meat. Pigs are interesting omnivores and would eagerly consume plant and animal products. Undiscriminating in their feeding habits, pigs would eat meat, even as far as scavenging, if the situation presents itself. Naturally, pigs have a knack for animal fat and protein.

Alright, we have established that pigs eat meat. But what type of meat do they eat? Should you feed your pig chicken meat? Would your pig be comfortable eating processed meat? How about feeding it cooked meat or meatballs? These are the questions we will answer in this guide.

Do Pigs Eat Chicken Meat?

Oh yes, your pig would gladly eat chicken meat. Once a pig tastes the meat of live birds (from which chicken meat is not excluded), the chances become very high that the pig becomes a vigorous hunter of poultry or avian meat.

Nonetheless, if you intend to feed your pig chicken meat, you should feed it cooked or prepared – instead of in the raw form. Also, take note that some legislation – as we will learn in the latter part of this article – criminalizes feeding pigs meat.

While it may not outrightly kill your pig, it is not advisable to feed your pig meat still containing a significant amount of blood. Meat that is already decaying should be kept far off your pig’s eating menu. The same prohibition applies to the meat of higher animals – specifically mammals like cows and goats.

Do Pigs Eat Processed Meat?

Pigs are very comfortable eating animal by-products – including processed meat. Wild pigs may not be treated to this luxury as they hunt and eat their prey raw.

However, if you are into pig farming and desire to feed your pig processed meat, the processed meat must be of premium quality.

This is to avoid the regrettable transmission of diseases to your pig from such unhealthy meat. It is easy for pigs to be infected with microbes or viruses from eating bad meat. Boiling the meat before feeding your pig will go a long way in reducing the viral or microbial content.

Can Pigs Eat Meatballs?

Farmed pigs have no problem with being fed meatballs. They even enjoy it!

Can Pigs Eat Cooked Meat?

Yes, pigs find cooked meat palatable. In fact, cooked meat is one of the healthiest ways to feed your domestic pig animal products.

Your pig would love you for taking the time to cook and prepare the meat you feed it properly. Wouldn’t it help if we told you how to prepare such meat?

Wait, don’t hurriedly dump your meat in the pot for cooking. Make sure to wash it first appropriately. Such washing helps to eradicate impurities residing in the meat and reducing the blood content.

Should you go for boiling, boil the meat for at least 30 minutes before feeding it to your pig. Boiling is not the only way your pig loves cooked meat, pigs would still enjoy grilled meat, stewed meat, or even roasted meat.

Can Pigs Eat Deer Meat?

In line with the undiscriminating feeding habits of pigs, these animals will have no problem feasting on deer meat. Farmed pigs would devour deer meat with relish but would struggle to hunt deer compared to the wild hogs.

Wild hogs – with their hunting skins yet to be subdued with civilization or domestication – are avid hunters of deer – especially the whitetail deer.

Do Pigs Eat Pork?

This may shock you, but pigs eat pork. The high fat and protein content in pork makes it even more relishing to pigs. It is not rare to see pork offal being integrated into pigs’ diet in commercial production.

Pigs pronouncedly display cannibalism. The most apparent demonstration of this is in sows. Sows are known to eat their own litter.

This habit is prevalent in the first litter the sow produces. Such cannibalism has been examined to be a response to stress (or anxiety) from the sow’s external environment. In some cases, such infanticide (sow eating its litters) arises from hormonal variations just before birth.

However, it is not recommended that you feed pig pork that has not been cooked. This is considering the amplified risk of transmitting cholera to the pig being fed. Trichinosis – a condition where trichina larvae infest the host – has been linked to pigs ingesting uncooked pork.

Can Pigs Eat Meat Scraps?

Why not? Your pig will eat meat scraps. Provided the meat is healthy and properly prepared or processed, your pig can eat chips of it.

Can Pigs Eat Goat Meat?

Pigs can eat goats. Feral hogs are known to be avid lovers of goat meat. In states like South Carolina in the United States with a significant population of wild hogs (130,000-140,000), these pigs have been recorded to hunt livestock (a considerable proportion of such livestock being goats), with damages running as high as $263,000.

However, if you have a domesticated pig, it is not advisable to feed it the meat of higher mammals like goats.

Can Pet Pigs Eat Meat?

Yes, across the length of this article, we have sufficiently ascertained that pigs – including pet pigs – can eat meat. However, given that the inherent wildness of pigs can’t be totally eliminated by domesticating, it is advisable never to feed your pet pig raw meat.

This is because when it tastes such meat – particularly meat with blood – your pet pig can end up developing avarice for it. Considering this, it wouldn’t be totally impossible for your beloved pet pig to hunt you one day since it equally finds you to be meat.

Do Pigs Get Sick from Eating Raw Meat?

Pigs can readily adapt to eating raw meat. So long the raw meat is healthy, the pig’s digestive system (thanks to a stomach pH running as low as 2.5) has sufficient acidity to digest such raw meat.

Such an all-accommodating stomach fits the pig’s broad eating spectrum, with a relentless curiosity that drags it into eating just anything. However, pigs are not infallible to poor-quality meat or infected meat. They would fall ill if they ingested such food.

How Much Meat Can Pigs Eat?

While there is no definitive amount of meat pigs can eat, a pig’s age still influences the amount of meat it can eat in a day. Overall, it is uncommon to see a pig eating more than 6 lbs of meat in a day.

Is It Illegal to Feed Pigs Meat?

In some jurisdictions, the law forbids farmers or pig owners from feeding pigs animal by-products. For example, feeding pig meat in Australia attracts a penalty.

Precisely in Victoria, the Livestock Disease Control Act 1994 spells a maximum fine of $19,028 for anyone found to be feeding pigs meat. The United Kingdom has similar legislation. Therefore, before you procure meat for your pig, ensure to check out the laws governing where you are.

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