Corgi Pug Mix-(Physical Look, Lifespan and Temperament)

Corgi Pug Mix-Everything You Need to Know

A Corgi Pug mix is an adorable dog that you may be considering as an addition to your family. But you’re probably wondering how much attention this particular breed of dog needs, and if they will be a good fit for you or not.

Corgi Pugs love attention and require a moderate amount of exercise to keep happy and fit.

A Corgi Pug mix is a loyal, affectionate dog who isn’t too difficult to train. With the right levels of attention and training, they’ll make a wonderful addition to your family.

Physical Characteristics (Size and Physical Look)

A Corgi Pug mix is a mix of two smaller breeds of dogs — the Welsh Corgi and the Pug. Both males and females stand about 10 – 13 inches high and typically weigh anywhere from 18 – 30 pounds.

Since they are a mix of two breeds it’s always possible for them to look more like one breed than the other. However, most Corgi Pug mix dogs will have short, dense, golden-fawn colored fur, with dark eyes, and often a darker “mask” of fur around their face. They are long, squatty dogs, and they have floppy ears and a bushy, yet curly tail. Some people describe Corgi Pugs as having a “smiling face” and friendly expression.

Lifespan Of A Corgi Pug Mix

When this breed is well taken care of their lifespan is approximately 12 to 15 years. As with any dog, when you feed your Corgi Pug the right food, give them enough exercise, and properly manage any health issues they may have they can certainly live long happy lives.

A Corgi Pug Mix Grooming Needs

Although you may not think so, a Corgi Pug mix does require quite a bit of maintenance to keep them looking and feeling their best. They are not a breed of dog which is hypoallergenic and you should be aware that they do shed heavily. Here’s what you need to do to keep your Corgi Pug well-groomed.

Brush their fur. Brushing your Corgi Pug mix daily is important to remove any loose, shedding hair as well as dirt and debris from their coats. It will keep their fur looking smooth and healthy.

Luckily, since their fur is quite short brushing generally doesn’t take too much time or energy to do. You can find special dog brushes at most pet stores or veterinary offices — read the descriptions on the brush or ask for help to decide which will work for your Corgi Pug.

Brush their teeth. Corgi Pugs do not drool much so their saliva may be a bit stale — although they’re not generally known as a dog breed which has bad breath or many mouth issues.

But it’s still extremely important to brush their teeth a few times a week to not only keep their mouth clean but to ward off any serious dental issues or diseases as well. Pick up a specialty toothbrush and toothpaste from your local pet store or your veterinarian.

They should also be able to give you some advice on the best way to brush your dog’s teeth — and of course, it’s best to start brushing your Corgi Pug’s teeth when they’re as young as possible so they get used to it.

Clean their ears. Dogs with floppy ears — like most Corgi Pugs have — can be more prone to ear infections and ear issues so it’s important to clean out their ears regularly. This can be done by a veterinarian or professional groomer — or by yourself if one of them shows you how to do it properly.

What’s The Temperament Like For a Corgi Pug Mix?

A Corgi Pug mix will make a wonderful addition to most families. They are affectionate, friendly, loving dogs who are pretty good with children. They will be friendly towards most strangers as long as they don’t sense danger. If they do sense harm towards their home or family, they will bark to warn their owners — but they aren’t likely to attack.

Corgi Pugs are a hybrid of two dogs (Corgis and Pugs) who are both known to be quite stubborn. So, it’s a given that Corgi Pugs are going to be quite stubborn as well. Some training will help your dog learn the routine and behavior that is expected of them and may help you control their stubbornness.

Since Corgi Pug mixdogs are so friendly and affectionate, they can be quite sensitive — and will therefore have a need to be around their family more often than not. In fact, if they’re left alone for too long, they may act out due to their anxiety and separation issues.

It’s best to train your Corgi Pug early on to tolerate being alone for longer periods of time. Start slowly and leave them alone for longer periods each time. Reward their good behavior each time. Consult your veterinarian or professional dog trainer for tips on how and when to train your Corgi Pug.

What Type Of Exercise Needs Does A Corgi Pug Mix Have?

A Corgi Pug mix has a moderate amount of energy they need to burn off daily. They are quite happy with a few short to medium length walks each day with some longer play sessions thrown in. Luckily, since they are fairly small dogs, they don’t need a lot of room to move around and play so playing with your dog in your home or a small yard is usually enough.

Are There Any Health Risks In A Corgi Pug Mix?

Corgi Pug mix breeds come with their fair share of medical concerns you need to keep an eye out for. They’re particularly prone to joint and bone type injuries and diseases such as Hip Dysplasia, Intervertebral Disc Disease, and Legg-Calve Perthes Disease.

Now, don’t worry, these aren’t all that common but are just a few things sometimes seen in this breed of dog — especially as they grow older. If you notice your dog looks uncomfortable or is limping consult your veterinarian as soon as possible. Often there are treatments and medications to help control their pain and suffering.

Your Corgi Pug may also end up suffering from eye issues like cataracts and glaucoma as they age.

What Feeding Requirements Does A Corgi Pug Mix Have?

Both Corgis and Pugs are prone to overeating, which can lead to them becoming overweight. And the Corgi Pug mix seems to be following in their genetic footsteps by eating as much food as they can find. This is why it’s important to follow certain feeding requirements.

When to eat. When your dog is a puppy leave them to free feed to get the needed nutrients and get them used to eating. However, once your Corgi Pug is over 3 months old you want to slowly get them down to eating only two meals per day.

What to eat. Choose a high-quality dry dog food to feed your Corgi Pug. Ask your veterinarian or local pet store for their recommendations and keep in mind that your dog’s diet requirements may change as they age. Most dog food formulas offer puppy formulas, adult dog formulas, and then food appropriate for senior dogs.

How much to eat. Follow the recommendations from your veterinarian, or the directions on your bag of food on the amount of food to give your Corgi Pug each day, then divide that amount into their two meals — preferably spaced at least 8 hours apart.

Are Corgi Pug Mix Breed Dogs Protective?

Corgi Pugs love their families and will do anything to be with them — but it’s rare that they will become aggressive towards anyone, even if they see them as a threat. They will likely bark and growl to warn their family of impending danger but won’t likely attack.

How Much Does A Corgi Pug Mix Cost?

Corgi Pug mix dogs are a popular type of dog for families — and are therefore highly sought after. There are lots of breeders out there who will charge between $700 to $1200 USD for a puppy, and some will charge even more if you’re buying a dog you plan on entering into dog shows.

Make sure you’re using a reputable breeder who genuinely cares about the dogs and not just breeding as many dogs as they can — which can lead to some major health issues.

Best Climate For A Corgi Pug Mix

The best climate for a Corgi Pug mix is a temperate climate. They tend to overheat with their dense coats of furs, and they also don’t do well in the cold temperatures either. Keep their exercise inside or take them outside for shorter periods of time during extreme heat or cold temperatures.

The Attention A Corgi Pug Mix Needs

As mentioned, a Corgi Pug mix needs quite a bit of attention. They’re friendly and loving and are happy to play with you, or just sit and cuddle. If they’re not trained properly and are left alone for long periods of time, they may attempt to entertain themselves — causing damage to your home in the meantime. They may race around, pull at furniture or clothing, paw at furniture or curtains, or chew on things they’re not supposed to.

If you start when your Corgi Pug is a puppy, you can train them to stay home alone and not be destructive.

What Is Their Compatibility With Kids Like?

Corgi Pugs make great family dogs and are affectionate with children. However, they do like to play and may paw at or nip at young children. They mean no harm, but this behavior may scare or hurt children. They may be best suited for families with children who are a bit older.

What Is Their Compatibility With Other Animals Like?

As long as your Corgi Pug mix is well socialized — hopefully starting from the time they are a puppy — they are generally compatible with other animals like cats and other dogs. Occasionally male Corgi Pugs may be a bit aggressive towards other male dogs at first, but they’re generally not highly aggressive.

Is A Corgi Pug Mix Right For Me?

Corgi Pugs are great dogs but since they do require a certain level of maintenance it depends on a few factors if they’re the right dog to get.

You have a family. If you have a family with older children and other animals and are looking to add a dog to your home a Corgi Pug mix will likely be a great addition since they’re affectionate and not aggressive.

You live in an apartment. Since Corgi Pugs are fairly small dogs who don’t require an excessive amount of exercise to burn off energy, they’re a great breed to choose if you live in an apartment or another small space.

You are home a lot. Corgi Pugs love attention, and even with proper training, they won’t like to be left alone for long periods of time so it’s important that someone is home for part of the day with your dog. If you live alone and work for long hours, perhaps a breed of dog who doesn’t mind being alone for long periods would be a better choice for you.

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