The Cons of A Cheap Divorce

I believe that in marriage, there is no cheap way out. More often than not, the price you have to pay to getaway from your spouse is higher than your actual wedding expenses.

So if you’re here, thinking that you could spend less on your marriage breakup, you better think twice. Cheap divorce exists, but are you ready to settle for a shoddy service?

I did my research on cheap divorce, wondering how lawyers trim down the costs of such a complex and lengthy process. I realized that it is, indeed, plausible to shell out fewer dollars on divorce than the usual.

But before you get lured into the idea of beating skyrocketing divorce charges, think about these. Filing for divorce is not free. It averages around $100 to $350.

Then, there might be additional court fees and paperwork review charges, depending on your case. Plus, of course, you have to consider the stresses you go through and time you have to allot for the entire proceeding.

Now, let me ask you. How do you cut down on those expenses?

But if you still want to try the budget-friendly option, proceed with caution and be prepared for what’s in store for you.

Here Are The Cons of A Cheap Divorce.

1.It prolongs your agony.

An interesting article by author Rocky Lang illustrated his nerve-racking struggle with what he called “sleazy legal,” a firm that offers cheap divorce services. In his narrative, the paralegal service filed his divorce papers, quickly and easy, without having to pay expensive fees to private lawyers.

The idea is inviting. You fill in the forms, pay a few hundred dollars to the court and firm, then presto! Your divorce papers will be out on their way to the justice’ table.

So after getting the papers done with the assistance of “sleazy legal,” Mr. Lang was hoping to put everything that involved his marriage behind. However, his hope-o-meter lost fuel after months and months of waiting for his divorce to get done to no avail.

The delay of his divorce process made Mr. Lang doubt the firm. Who wouldn’t, anyway? They created an idea that divorce could be affordable, speedy, and painless, so clients definitely would expect the same.

But fast and easy was far from Mr. Lang’s experience from “sleazy legal.” After a year of waiting for his divorce papers to finalize, the court returned the paperwork due to some errors committed by the cheap paralegal service.

It was then that Mr. Lang finally hired a reputable family lawyer to check his divorce papers and file the petition correctly. Six months later, his marriage was dissolved at last!

Mr. Lang’s experience with “sleazy legal” reflects the horror that’s hidden in cheap divorce services. It took him almost two years of waiting for what could’ve been a flawless process if he opted for a legitimate divorce lawyer in the first place.

Two years is long enough, especially for couples who are very eager to move on from their marriage baggage. Therefore, if you don’t want to prolong your agony from a bad marriage, then you might want to ditch cheap divorce services. As Mr. Lang puts it, “you do get what you pay for.”

2.It can be a total waste of money.

Let’s go back to the stressful strife of Mr. Lang with “sleazy legal” above. Not only did he lose much of his precious time waiting for his marriage dissolution, but he also ended up paying more than what he could have paid if he had only resisted the temptation of cheap divorce.

Mr. Lang’s story clearly outlined the troubles you can run into if you decide on the budget-friendly deal. One, he waited too long for his divorce proceeding to finish. Two, he had to pay a new lawyer to fix the errors of “sleazy legal” and file the papers once again.

It is a waste of time and money, if you ask me.

If Mr. Lang hadopted to pay his good family lawyer to have his divorce petition filed, then he could have saved the dollars he paid for the second-rate paralegal service. Basically, he just gave them money for nothing. And again, it’s a total waste of dollars no matter how cheap it is.

Cheap divorce stints promise a more affordable alternative to high-priced lawyers and costly court fees. But some things we buy at a bargain aren’t always as good as the ones at retail value.

You can’t assume that you’ll get the same quality of service when you slash the going rate. If you’re unlucky, you might end up paying double fees like what happened to Mr. Lang. With that said, dig deeper into research before you give cheap divorce offerings a go.

If you can find a firm that administers legitimate low-cost divorce process, then you’re lucky! But keep in mind that it is borderline impossible because some fees are just unavoidable.

3.The paperwork is overwhelming.

It’s true that you can have your divorce filed and processed the cheaper way. It’s what they call the “DIY divorce.”

For Do-It-Yourself divorce, couples are the only ones to fill out the paperwork and file their petition to the court. Of course, there is still a need to pay for charges such as the filing fees and court fees.

But with DIY divorce, you need not hire an attorney to process the papers for you, which minimizes your expenses. And because there’s no need to meet up with your lawyers to finalize documents, you also save on transportation fees and time.

However, DIY divorce is not for everybody.

Some people are not meticulous with paperwork. And if you’re one of them, you had better think it over before finally deciding to DIY your divorce.

Did you know? A single error in your divorce papers could potentially damage your interests. The facets of marriage settlement agreements are broad and can be overwhelming. Theyre quire your complete attention and time.

Knowing this, you must prepare yourself for a load of paperwork if you want the inexpensive DIY approach to divorce. But then again, we warned you of the mess you can get if you decide to move on with this method.

4. It can be more frustrating.

Everybody is pretty well aware that divorce is a distressing business. Having to go through a long-winded settlement drains energy, and patience is too much of a burden. Who would want to carry that painful and unpleasant load?

What ex-lovers want, generally, is to unpack their marital miseries in the quickest and smoothest way possible. So if there’s an option for a no-frills divorce provider, why would they go for the traditional approach?

But although cheap divorce services seem handy, they are not 100 percent guaranteed. Some shoddy legal firms don’t do the job well. The case could be prolonged, adding more stress and anxiety to both the spouses. And for exes who want to extricate themselves from the despair and agonies of their bad marriage, this can be very frustrating.

Well, “frustrating” is an understatement, especially if it’s a case of couples who absolutely despise each other. Some ex-partners waited years before finally deciding to divorce. They, naturally, would like to have the settlement finished with ease and speed.

That is why cheap divorce services like the ones we see online are very enticing for such couples.

The online cheap divorce thing offers the convenience of e-commerce shopping. It’s like carting your items, filling in your shipping details, putting your credit card numbers in for payment, and voila! You’ll just wait a few days or weeks and the goods shall be knocking on your door.

However, some of these online paralegal firms are sham. They don’t deliver their promises. So instead of a hassle-free divorce proceeding, you’ll end up with a stressful dispute that will cause you a bunch of frustrations and regrets.

5.Hidden charges are everywhere.

Today, it is easy to find an affordable divorce service online. A single search on Google shall feed you with several websites that grant a convenient way to legalize your separation. But we all know that the world wide web is full of scammers and deceitful people that offer unreliable services.

Considering that fact, filing your divorce papers through a cheap and online service requires extra and careful attention. Apparently, websites wave their banners online with a commitment to convenience and timeliness, but what they do not tell you is that their promise is only limited to minor cases.

What if your divorce settlements get a little complicated? What if you and your spouse do not agree on the conditions of child custody, properties, and mortgage? Will they not charge you an extra fee for further processing?

Specific issues like I mentioned above are common for ex-spouses. And it would not be surprising if a cheap online divorce provider asked you to cover additional charges for an attorney to arrange complex marital settlements.

So yes, some, if not all, cheap divorce providers will surprise you with hidden fees when your case turns out to be out of the usual. They may not explain all these to you beforehand; that’s why it is a must to do your research.


Divorce isn’t cheap for good reasons. Lawyers with extensive education and training in the field shall do the job well, without causing additional charges, pains, and anxiety for the couple.

What about you? What’s your take on cheap divorce providers? Do you think it’s worth your time and money?