Can You Use Baby Wipes On Dogs? (Eyes, Ears, Paws and Bum)

Can You Use Baby Wipes On Dogs

As a dog owner, you’ve probably attempted to use baby wipes to keep your dog clean and sanatized.

Many owners have wondered if they can use baby wipes on dogs and the answer is yes. Baby wipes are typically safe to use on your puppy or dog, as long as you keep it out of their eyes. If a reaction occurs, you’ll need to stop using them and reach out to your veterinarian.

Keep reading to learn more about the effects of using baby wipes on your dog to keep them clean and healthy.

The Effects of Using Baby Wipes on a Dog’s Eyes

Although baby wipes affect most dogs differently, the consensus is the same when it comes to the fact that you should refrain from using baby wipes on your dog’s eyes. Whether the wipes are typical or hypoallergenic, they are still wet from different chemicals that are meant to clean skin, not the cornea of eyes.

Now you may be thinking can I use it “around” my dog’s eyes; and that answer is sometimes. Placing strong scents towards your dog’s eyes is typically harmful for them.

It is best to take full and necessary precaution when using baby wipes around the eyes because the chemicals within the wipe can also cause severe irritation to your dog’s iris, which could possibly lead to difficult vision or even subtle blindness.

If you choose to use baby wipes to clean around your dog’s eyes, be sure that they don’t have processed chemicals or fragrances within them and they have been dried out as much as possible.

Effects of Using Baby Wipes on a Dog’s Ears

The effects of using baby wipes on your dog’s ears come down to whether you are cleaning on the outside or scrubbing on the inside of them.

If you are cleaning the outside of your dog’s ear, using baby wipes typically render good effects; their ears are no longer dirty and the scrubbing sensation has taken away surface grime, as well as made them feel really good!

If you are cleaning the inside of your dog’s ears, it’s recommended that you use a specific type of dog wipe. Why? Because some of the chemicals in baby wipes are known to cause small bumps in the ears of dogs, which indicates an allergic reaction. If this occurs, reaching out to your veterinarian is recommended.

No matter the location of the ear, using baby wipes on them comes at a slight risk; but with the right wipes, and not pushing down on their ear canal, cleaning your dog’s ears should be a breeze.

Is It Safe to Use Baby Wipes on a Dog’s Paws?

Using baby wipes on your dog’s paws is generally a safe way to clean them. After a long walk in waste, dirt and mud, baby wipes have shown to be a popular and extremely resourceful tool to use.

Although the chemicals in wipes can cause problems when an ample amount touches the skin, using them on dog paws typically ensures little-to-no-hassle. This is because of their fur and extra padding that they have on their paws that protect them from outside forces being soaked in.

Additionally, baby wipes are a great solution for getting in between your dog’s toes and removing various sand, salt, grime, or grit that they may have lying in between them. You should also know that there has yet to be significant incidences between baby wipes and dog paws, so feel free to use them to clean the paws of your dog every once in a while.

Can I Use Baby Wipes on My Dog’s Bum?

Amazingly, yes, you can use baby wipes on your dog’s bum! The bum is the best and probably only area on a dog where you can use baby wipes because baby wipes are made to clean bums!

The major factor that you will want to keep in mind is that although they are useful, “baby” wipesa are still meant for babies and can carry chemicals in them that are safe for humans, but not for dogs. Another significant factor to remember is not to go too deep inside of your dog.

Yes, it is true that some smaller dogs have a hard time reaching their backside to properly clean it, which is where you come in to ensure proper maintenance. Keeping your dog’s bum clean with baby wipes is an easy and quick job to do.

However, the type of wipe that you use is the difference between a happy dog and a itchy, infected dog, so make sure to use neutral-scented wipes on your dog’s bum.

Baby Wipes Ingredients

Baby wipes are made of several ingredients that can either be harmful or beneficial to dogs.

In the cloth of the wet wipes, you can find polyester, polypropylene, or viscose. These are the plastic materials that create a wipe that has the ability to be stretched out. Unfortunatley, these three materials are typically seen as harmful to the inside of a dog’s body.

You can also find cotton mixed in with the cloth materials, which is why most of them are soft and white. Cotton wipes are more than safe for both your dog and baby to be cleaned with!

Other ingredients that are hidden in baby wipes include impuriteies that can contaminate your dog and other chemicals that filter into a solution for sanatizing them. More specific information can be found on the company’s website; there, you can decide whether the ingredients of the baby wipe you are using are safe.

What is the Difference Between Baby Wipes and Dog Wipes?

One of the major differences between baby wipes and dog wipes is their strength. Baby wipes tend to have more cotton fibers within them, making them stronger and longer lasting than dog wipes.

Additionally, baby wipes are much better at removing debris from your dog’s fur and paws. When it comes to dog wipes, they tend to have less strength and are thinner because it doesn’t take much to clean a dog because they are accustomed to doing it themselves.

The biggest difference between baby wipes and dogs wipes tend to be the ingredients; dog wipes have way less chemicals in them than baby wipes. Some of the chemical properties found in baby wipes include moisturizers, essential oils for great scents, and alcohol or isopropyl for disinfecting.

This can be a problem for dogs considering that they lick themselves, which is why using baby wipes less often on them is advised.

Are Kirkland Baby Wipes Safe For Dogs?

Kirkland is a company known for their atomic baby wipes. When used on humans, they are known to have plenty of water in them for hydration and not have as many chemicals.

After reviewing, my research shows that Kirkland baby wipes have some natural ingredients in them that are good for your dog’s skin such as Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice and water. Additionally, there is no exposure to carcinogens like 1, 4-dioxane and formaldehyde. Their wipes are also made with 70% Tencel fiber which makes them extremely soft.

Yet, Kirkland baby wipes still hold some of the unfamiliar and scary chemicals that we know little about such as fragrances that are processed instead of natural, as well as propylene glycol, which is a known skin-irritant for dogs.

When used with caution and infrequently, Kirkland baby wipes still hold the potential for being safe for dogs, considering that many people use them for this reason.

Are Pampers Baby Wipes Safe for Dogs?

Pampers is the behemoth baby company that specializes in baby materials such as pacifiers, clothes, and of course, diapers! Which is why it is no secret that they sell baby wipes.

What we can tell you is that Pampers baby wipes do not contain the chemicals methylisothiazonlinone or methlchloroisothiazolinone, two carcinogens that are found in many other brands of baby wipes. Some of the wipes may use a derivative of the chemicals in small doses, which has shown little-to-no effect on a dog’s body.

However, Pampers baby wipes do contain some fragrances that could cause damage to your dog’s taste buds and to their olfactory sense when used in excessive amounts. Generally, using dog wipes is recommended over baby wipes, but in a clutch, Pampers wipes are safe to use on your dog.

Why Do Dogs Like Baby Wipes?

Whether the wipes have chemicals in them or not, dogs see cleaning and grooming each other as a form of connection and quality time with their caretaker. Additionally, dogs love the sense of feeling clean and fresh, especially after a long hot walk in nature.

Dogs may even like the smell of some of the fragrances in baby wipes, although they aren’t as healthy for them. When it comes to using baby wipes on dogs, you’ll want to find the most neutral and sustainable wipes to keep your dog clean, but just know that regardless of what you use, your dog is grateful for being cleaned.

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