Can Pomeranians Swim? (Explained and Helpful Guide)

Can Pomeranians Swim

Pomeranians are not really crazy about swimming. They can swim but they’re not big fans of it. So don’t be in a rush to take your Pomeranian to the pool or the beach with you and expect it to have a fabulous time. Most likely, it will enjoy itself but away from the water. It takes training and patience to teach Pomeranians to love swimming and become good at it.

One of the problems that prevent them from getting good with swimming is their long hair and thick hide. It weighs them down in the water and makes their movement sluggish and slow. Another issue is their underdeveloped muscle structure. They’re not as athletic as other dog breeds and as we all know swimming requires muscles. So let’s find out how we can make swimming easy for Pomeranians.

How Pomeranians Swim?

First off, Pomeranians are not big on sports, outdoor activities that require physical stamina, nor are they fond of the water. All of these factors make it hard for Pomeranians to enjoy a good swim even on a hot day. But if they find themselves in the middle of the water, what would they do?

Swim of course. But not like a regular swimmer would do. The way Pomeranians swim is kind of different and odd. They kick and splash at the water as if it was a mortal enemy. Sometimes they panic or get upset. Then they yelp and bark at the water or at you. It’s hard to tell.

It’s funny watching a Pomeranian swim. They push their head above the water while using their front legs to steer. Their hind legs kick ferociously while their tail thrashes left and right helplessly. It’s fun to watch but the dog obviously isn’t enjoying any of it. It’s time to teach the dog how to swim.

Why Aren’t Pomeranians Natural Swimmers?

The lack of a robust muscle structure prevents the dogs from becoming swimming champions. Other breeds love the water and can’t get enough of it, but not our Pomeranians. They treat the water as a mortal enemy.

Of course a little bit of exercise will help. We’ll get to that in a moment. But first we need to know what stands between Pomeranians and enjoying a good swim on a hot summer’s day. It’s the hair of course. All that fluffy hair that is a distinguishing feature becomes an obstacle once they get wet.

Just imagine you’re jumping into the water head first carrying a heavy coat over your back. The coat gets soaked and becomes heavy. It pulls you down to the bottom and makes your movement so much harder. That’s how the Pomeranians feel when they find themselves surrounded by water. It is so difficult for them to move or stay afloat.

Do Pomeranians Like Water?

Not in a million years. Water makes them wet and damp. Pomeranians associate those two feelings with being miserable. And who can blame them? When your hair is fluffy and flies with the breeze then you’d do anything you can to keep it that way.

When they get wet they lose their charm. So the answer is no. They don’t like the water except in little doses in a bowl. They like to drink water but they don’t like to swim in it. If you get them close the edge of the pool or take them to the beach they’ll do everything they can to stay away from the water. You need to teach them to love the water and enjoy a good swim.

Once they get over their distaste for water, Pomeranians tend to enjoy swimming just like the next dog. And then you can take them with you to the beach or enjoy a swim at the pool.

Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a great sport and gives the body a complete workout. Not just for dogs but humans as well. As we mentioned, Pomeranians are not very athletic. They’d rather run for a little, chase a ball, and call it a day on exercise. So you’ll need to coax them.

One of the benefits of swimming is it builds the muscle structure of Pomeranians and makes them healthy. Swimming boosts the immune system which they need to fend off diseases and infections. Not to mention that it builds their stamina.

What a better way to enjoy the sun and fresh air than to take your Pomeranians for a swim? It’s an acquired taste for the dogs so make sure that they approach it at their own pace. Don’t force them or throw them in the pool and let them hit the ground running. This can backfire spectacularly.

What to Do if a Pomeranian is Scared of Water?

It’s no secret that many Pomeranians don’t love the water. They like to stay dry and fluffy with all their hair blowing with the breeze. Water is the opposite of being dry and fluffy. So some hate the water while others straight out are scared of it.

If you don’t know how to swim you too will be scared of the water. So let’s not be quick to judge the poor Pomeranians whose short legs don’t help them in the water. To help them get over their fear encourage them to try it out and show them that water can be fun.

Baby steps. Start with inventing water games that they can enjoy. The garden hose is one such a popular game with dogs. On a hot summer day, take your Pomeranian to the backyard and let them play with the water from the hose. They will enjoy it because they’re hot and the water is fresh. From there you can encourage them to take a dip into the shallow end of the pool.

Supplies You Will Need to Teach Your Pomeranian How to Swim

Just like teaching a baby to swim, Pomeranians need some supplies to help them get over their natural disdain for water and actually feel safe. One of those is a floating toy. If their favorite toy won’t spoil in the water, make sure to bring it along. It will motivate the dog to get into the pool with you.

Towels are important. When the Pomeranian gets wet they feel icky. So make sure to have a couple of towels handy to dry them up quickly. They will feel safe and comfortable once they are dry again.

Teaching Your Pomeranian How to Swim

Now that you got our supplies, the Pomeranian’s favorite toy and got the dog over its fear of water, it’s time to teach it how to swim. First make sure you’re on the shallow end of the pool. The Pomeranian has short legs and it will panic if those legs don’t rest on solid ground.

Sprinkle the dog with water so that when it gets into the pool it won’t lose its breath. You can also rub its nose with water so that it becomes familiar with the smell and taste. Now use your hands to guide or even carry the dog’s body when it’s in the pool.

This helps the dog stay afloat and don’t put much stress on its leg muscles. If you notice the dog getting tired, then call it a day, take it out of the pool and dry it up. Then give it a treat for being a good boy.

What to Keep in Mind When Your Pomeranian Goes for a Swim

One of the things that most dog owners ignore is that the Pomeranian doesn’t have the same stamina as a human. These are small dogs who are not used to exerting themselves. So make sure to introduce the dog to the water in doses.

Each session should be longer than the one before it. If your Pomeranian can only handle 10 minutes in the water, that’s fine. The next time will be longer and so on. Soon the dog will not get tired so easily and will start to enjoy it.

Post Swimming Care

After each swimming lesson, make sure to dry up the Pomeranian. They love to have their long hair flying in the wind not stuck over their hide like glue. Give them a good treat to replenish their energy levels.

Let the dog rest and maybe take a nap if it’s too tired. If the dog has been to the beach, then a quick shower with fresh water will help wash away the salt off its hair.

Other Activities Pomeranians Enjoy

Pomeranians like many other dog breeds love a game of fetch. Running around the backyard and any game or activity that doesn’t put them out completely.

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