Can Cows Swim? (How, How Far and Do Cows Like to Swim)

Can Cows Swim

If you keep livestock and live close to a large body of water it’s natural to be concerned for the safety of your animals. While some farmyard animals are natural swimmers, other less obvious candidates, like cattle, can also swim if they have to. If you are new to keeping cows, it may seem unlikely that these heavy, lumbering animals with hooves instead of flippers can fare well at all in water.

Cows are pretty good swimmers! Cows can learn to swim from birth and fully-grown cows have been known to swim for miles if forced to swim to safety. Historically, cattle have evolved to cross rivers and lakes for their survival in search of pasture and other forage. Today’s domesticated cattle swim when necessary and occasionally enjoy entering the water to cool down.

Just because cows can swim, this does not mean they are always safe in water. Natural bodies of water such as rivers have banks that make it easier for your cows to exit, whereas constructed ditches and swimming pools have steeper sides and should always be fenced off for their safety. Read on to find out more about how cows swim and how far they can travel in water.

Can Cows Swim Underwater?

Yes, but only for short periods. Cows are mammals, and like us, they can only hold air in their lungs for so long before needing to come up for air. You will rarely see a cow swimming underwater, as their bodies give them a kind of buoyancy that allows them to keep their heads above water for as long as they are strong enough to swim.

Can Cows Swim in the Ocean?

Yes, there have been multiple incidents of cows swimming in the ocean, sometimes for miles, for their survival. In fact, in 2019 when Hurricane Dorian whipped the coast of North Carolina, three cows were reportedly washed out to sea during the storm and astonishingly survived by swimming almost 4 miles from the mainland to Cedar island.

When they aren’t forced to swim in the ocean, many cows love to paddle in seawater. The Nguni cattle breed indigenous to Southern Africa will often walk to the beach to stroll through the salty water in the blazing afternoon to cool off their heels and keep parasites at bay.

Can Baby Cows Swim?

Calves can swim from birth as part of their survival instinct but may not like swimming unless they need to. Younger cows have often been observed following the herd into a body of water and copying by example if they need to swim across to a different pasture or grazing area. How well an individual baby cow can swim will depend on their fitness level and the strength of the water’s current, so do not assume every calf will fare equally well in water.

Can All Cows Swim?

Yes. According to several scientists, including aquatic locomotion expert, Dr. Frank Fish at West Chester University, Pennsylvania, most mammals (including cows) can swim instinctively because, as quadrupeds, they “use their motor pattern that is already set up for land and apply this to water”.

Do Cows Drown in Water?

Yes – though cows can swim well, they will eventually become tired and exhausted after covering a certain distance and drown. This is why fencing off unnatural bodies of water with no exit slope is crucial in preventing accidents.

How Do Cows Swim?

Swimming comes naturally to cows due to their quadrupedal design, so the way they swim is simply a modified version of the way they move on land. Cows can move easily in the water by using all four of their limbs in a ‘floating run’ motion whilst keeping their heads in an upright position. Their bodies are also parallel with the water’s surface which minimizes drag.

How Fast Can Cows Swim?

How fast an individual cow can swim will depend on its fitness level and the strength of the current, but a herd of fully-grown cows will be experienced swimmers and may cover a distance of around 100m (twice the length of an Olympic-size swimming pool) in under 5 minutes.

How Far Can Cows Swim?

Cows cannot generally swim long distances but they will swim a few miles with the herd in search of new grazing areas. As above-mentioned in the wake of natural disasters like Hurricane Dorian, they are capable of swimming for almost 4 miles if forced to for their survival.

How Long Can Cows Swim for?

Cows can generally only swim short distances – no more than a few miles at a time – as they can tire easily and risk drowning. A herd will comfortably swim for a few hundred yards as part of a farming practice for exercise or to cross rivers and lakes to switch pastures.

In India, some farmers engage in the traditional sport of cattle racing and will often train their competing calves with swimming exercises to build up their endurance. Cultural customs like these make certain cows better long-distance swimmers compared to the average herd of domesticated cattle.

Do Cows Like to Swim?

Most cows enjoy wading through water to cool off in warm weather and get relief from insect bites, but swimming is less of an enjoyable past-time for them and more of a necessity to get from A to B.

It can be tricky for farmers dealing with cows who may have a water phobia or show a reluctance to follow the herd into water. If you ever need to coax your cattle across a body of water but are not sure how try the following:

  • Lead the way – the herd is more likely to follow the leader into a body of water, so swim the route yourself first to see how they respond. If it works, stay downstream as bait to encourage the others to cross.
  • Cut off the herd – instead of charging the whole herd into the water, try separating the herd into a smaller bunch of stock and holding off. Once one group has entered the water, another bunch can be added behind to follow those already in the water.

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