Bored Housewives (Usual Scenarios and Solutions to Switch)

What Turns Happy Housewives to Bored Housewives

Boredom is actually a perspective that you choose for your life. Your season may be full of routines and motions. But you can still find excitement despite your situation. Life is a combination of choices that turn you to what you are today.

Resist the boredom and choose to be happy once again. Get that attitude of joy and be a ray of sunlight not just for yourself, but also to your husband and kids. Be the right influence and infuse gladness into your marriage.

Solutions on How to Switch It Back from Bored Housewives.

Is it really possible to get the life that you want to have? Can I remove the boredom of being a housewife? Definitely! I want to share with you practical solutions for how to turn that frown upside down! Switch that life from a boring to a happy housewife!

Think of a New Hobby.

You have to adapt to your new lifestyle no matter how boring it feels. You can start by finding new hobbies that can consume your time at home.

How can you start? You can do this by trying different things and see which one you are pretty good at. You can delve into crocheting, painting, or cross-stitching. You can even do carpentry. You would never know what you are capable of doing unless you try, right?

For those techie housewives out there, you can focus your attention on blogging or vlogging. It is all about coming up with new content to show your subscribers. Writing articles and editing videos will take up most of your time. You can even make new friends through social media.

Bond with Your Husband.

If you have to force him to date you, then do it! Kidding aside, your husband should give an ample amount of time to build a connection with you. This can be in a form of date nights, vacation getaways, or even simple walks in the park.

You have to get a change of scenery. What I mean is be somewhere other than your house to remove the boredom. If you dream about going to an island in the Pacific, then go with your husband! By taking yourself out of the house, you can get yourself excited again when you come home.

Be Spontaneous.

Relive the type of life that you and your spouse had in your first years of marriage. Be spontaneous and explore the things that you are curious about.

It does not have to be huge. If you are intrigued by a restaurant that serves a particular kind of cuisine, then you should go to that place for dinner. Plans are good for your long-term goals. But you can also be spontaneous in some instances to make your lives more exciting.

Freshen up The Sexual Intimacy.

With years of marriage on your belt, it is quite difficult to change something if you have been accustomed to a particular kind of sex. But it is not too late. There is still hope for both of you.

You can start by talking about it. Communication is the key to great sex. If you communicate your needs to your husband, you will have the best chances of getting what you want.

It is not shameful or humiliating to try something new. You may find some styles to be surprisingly stimulating, while some are just plain awkward and painful. But you will never find out until you try it. And I think husbands will generally enjoy this adventurous new version of you.

Read a Book.

This may be the simplest suggestion that you can instantly do today. Pick a random book from your shelf or buy an interesting one from your favorite bookstore. If you prefer an e-book, you can get a lot of intriguing titles online.

Books can bring you to places that you have never been to. They can also stimulate your mind in unexplainable ways. Some people can get a good book and finish it in one whole day. Others can be so stricken by the story of a book that they read it three to four times. The power of a great novel can remove the boredom from your life.

Have a Bucket List.

You and your spouse should make a bucket list for things that you need to do. Bucket lists give direction to a couple’s life because they give you a purpose for why you do the things that you do.

As a housewife, you will be reminded of why you chose to stay at home.  And the husband will also be motivated to go to work because he wants to fulfill and scratch off the stuff that is written on your bucket list. By dreaming of going to specific travel destinations, you will aspire to do the best that you do in your home and not be bored anymore.

The Usual Scenarios That Can Turn You into Bored Housewives:

Boring Sex

When you have been together for so long, the experimental person in you starts to fade away. We still want sex. But sometimes, because of the exhaustion from all the things we did from morning till night, we would just want to get the sex over and done with.

Boring and routine sex can take a toll on most housewives. We aspire to have the excitement of sex that we experienced in the first years of marriage.


If you have become ill because of a particular disease, your life as a housewife can become boring for you. Doctors will not permit you to go outside of the house. Your husband would rather that you rest and recover from your sickness than do anything. Even your normal household chores will be restricted because of your current condition.

Staying in bed and recuperating can be pretty boring for a housewife who is used to running errands, cooking, and taking the children to school. The longer your condition is, the longer the boredom will be.

Aging Gracefully

Another cause of boredom for most housewives is not being able to look great as they age. Aubrey Hepburn said that the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years. But it gets more difficult to see the beauty of life when you cannot see the beauty in the mirror.

I do not mean here that you should be vain about yourself. But you should still take care of yourself and keep yourself looking good years down the line. If you do not appreciate the way you look, things can become boring for your life.

Not Being Challenged Intellectually

You can have many sources and facets when it comes to intellectual stimulation. It can be your husband, your friends, your hobbies, and even your own kids. But because you become accustomed to the routines that you are doing every day, you often fail to make time for yourself to be challenged intellectually.

If you are someone who gains stimulation from intellectual talks, conversations, and activities, you are called Sapiosexual. It is quite normal for some women to feel this way toward men. In this article published on, researchers at the University of Mexico found out that high virility is associated with high IQs.

No Humor

If you are in your home all day, you tend to become bored of not being surrounded by other people. Browsing Facebook and watching videos can bring you amusement but only up to a certain point. You realize that you still need people to interact and laugh with.

Your husband must be the primary source of your happiness in your life. Even if he is not humorous per se, he must still make you laugh one way or another. But if the situation changes over time, you will want more people to be present in your life.


Waking them up, fixing their clothes, bringing them to school, waiting for them to come home, doing their laundry, preparing their dinner, tucking them to sleep, and doing all of this again the next day.

Your children will depend on you throughout their young lives up to their teenage years. Your schedule will pile up. And you think about them all the time. You want to make sure that everything about them will be okay.

But the busyness of your life may translate to boredom if not handled the right way. Too much focus on your kids may cause you to forget about your own needs. Housewives who make children their main priority in life can feel boredom during this season of their lives.

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