Make Your Relationship Grow Spiritually Through Bible Studies for Couples

For couples, it is always important to find ways to build and strengthen a marriage. If a habit or an activity will be able to change your relationship for the better, then it is something that is worth doing and exploring.

To get on track with the spiritual life of your spouse, a nice piece of advice to take is to join Bible studies for couples. You will invest time and effort into doing this, but it can grow your relationship as well as your spiritual health.

What is a Bible study?

In its broadest sense, the term Bible study means, well, the study of the Bible. It is deepening your knowledge of the Bible through examination and application of what you have learned in your own lives.

According to, a Bible study is simply the analysis of the Bible. The type of learning will depend on the reason why you want to learn about the Word. You will give a definite meaning and purpose to your own study of the Bible.

Studying the Bible is just like any other type of learning. It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain your spiritual hunger. Although Bible studies will require a personal desire to study the Word, a loved one who will push you and keep up your longing for the study will be a great help.

What is a Bible study for couples?

A Bible study for couples gives more focus to building the relationship and fostering your love for one another. On the site, it is said that the word love is mentioned 310 times in the King James Version. If you are going to look for a book that talks about love, it has to be the Bible.

What happens in a Bible study for couples?

You have two options when you want to study the Bible as a couple. You can do the studying alone as a married couple or join other married couples in studying the Word. You can pick one of these options, or you can do both.

When you study the Bible with your husband or wife, you can choose a verse, a chapter, or a book to focus on – whichever you prefer. But you need to agree and be consistent with it.

You will read the Bible together and share your thoughts about the words as well as how they have an impact on you as an individual and as a married person. You will then apply your new knowledge to your own life and to your relationship.

For those who are just starting to learn the Bible, it is advisable to acquire Bible study references and books that can guide devotion for married couples. These books will be easier because the verses are divided for each day to make the studying more organized.

You can also study the Bible by joining groups made specifically for couples. Joining a Bible study group for couples can feel quite uneasy at first, especially if you know little about the Bible. You may think that only scholars and experts can examine and study this book.

But you will be surprised to know that a lot of couples do enter Bible study groups, even with no knowledge about the Bible. When you study something, it means that you have no idea of what it is. That is why you are investing your time and effort to dive into the book and gain rich insights from it.

Couples Bible study groups have many forms, styles, and varieties, but the idea is still the same. They are designed to help couples learn about the Word and how to develop a loving relationship with each other through the Bible’s teachings about marriage.

Bible study groups for couples are available in most churches. You just have to ask the leaders of the church to find out more about where and when the Bible study is held.

Sometimes, age brackets are implemented among Bible study groups, but more often, groups are open to all ages so that wisdom and knowledge are shared among the couples. Newly married couples can learn about marriage from those who have stayed together for years. But with the enormous knowledge present in the Bible, even young couples can share new learning with couples in long marriages.

7 Benefits of Bible Studies for Couples

If you are not yet sold on the idea of joining Bible studies to increase your faith and your relationship spiritually, here are some of the benefits that you will gain through constant application of this habit in your marriage:

1.You can be more open to each other through Bible study.

Reading the Bible together will give you a deeper understanding of yourself as a person. You will be enlightened about the things you do that nurture your relationship and those that hurt it.

By studying the book with your husband or wife, you are giving yourselves an open platform where you can discuss the Word and not be hesitant to open up about your faults and errors.

You can also be vulnerable about your needs as a spouse. There are aspects of the relationship that you are afraid to admit to your husband or wife. Bible study will help you have an honest voice in your marriage.

2.It provides you with an ear to listen to your spouse.

A Bible study will help you listen more to your spouse. If the challenge that you have in your relationship is not being able to listen to him or her, then the Bible study can change your habit. Because you are required to listen to what your spouse has to say, you can develop an ear that listens and hears.

3.You will mature in your spiritual intimacy.

In your marriage, different intimacies are present. You have physical intimacy, in which you satisfy your physical senses to show your love for your spouse. Another type of intimacy is emotional intimacy. In this type, you are emotionally connected to each other through your feelings and expressive bond.

The next type of intimacy touches on the spiritual growth of your relationship. It helps you become linked spiritually by building your faith as a couple. Bible studying provides a way to learn about the truth, your security, and your devotion to each other.

4.You will develop trust in each other.

If one of the issues in your relationship is trust and loyalty, then Bible studying can greatly help you. The Bible has a lot of information about cultivating trust and having faith. Studying and applying the learnings that you get from this book will create a new level of confidence and reliance in your relationship.

5.It helps you keep your focus on your spouse.

A lot of things may distract you in this world – careers, hobbies, interests, men, women, cars, gadgets, and more. But the Bible teaches us to prioritize our spouses next to the Almighty. It gives us insights on how to care for our husbands or wives.

You love your spouse, right? Then, when in a predicament, your spouse should always be your primary choice. Nothing is better than to be with the love of your life. The Bible helps us understand why it is best to choose our spouse above everything else.

6.It keeps our intentions pure.

Do you remember your vows to each other at your wedding? Do you recall how pure your words and your heart were at that moment?

The Bible reminds us to be pure and clean in our intentions for our spouses. It does not matter how long you have been married. The vows are still the same, from the moment you got married up until today.

Studying the Bible will remind us how we should always check our hearts and see if we are still pure in our relationship with our spouse.

7.It promotes accountability.

In your work, when you are the one accountable to a particular aspect of the company, you do everything you can to make it successful. This is also true in marriage.

When you are accountable to each other, you do your best to keep the marriage successful. This means that you have to shield each other from possible temptations. You also become more aware of and alert to the things that you do.

You have to ask these kinds of questions to yourself. Will the thing that I am going to do hurt my husband or wife? Is this something that will make me doubt my love for him or her? If you are accountable to your husband or wife, you will not do anything to ruin your marriage with him or her.


Bible studies are a great way to spend time with your husband or wife. You are doing things together, involving your life with each other, and initiating the growth yourselves. But the effects of Bible studies will only last if you push through them every day and be consistent in implementing them.

Marriage is not a sprint but a marathon. Persevere in the habit. Prioritize it. And make sure to have unwavering faith so that you will be able to weather the storms of your married life and grow spiritually as a couple.