18 Best Porch Swings Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Porch Swings

The best porch swing is Amish Heavy Duty 800 Lb Roll Back Treated Porch Swing with Hanging Chains and Cupholders (4 Foot, Cedar Stain). A sturdy and durable swing made from kiln-dried and pressed pine. It has a soy stained finish that makes it stand out in any porch. With a comfortable design and genuine Amish craftsmanship, this is a swing worthy of your porch.

18 Best Porch Swings Reviews

1. Amish Heavy Duty 800 Lb Roll Back Treated Porch Swing with Hanging Chains and Cupholders (4 Foot, Cedar Stain)

The Amish are known for their handmade and top quality products. And that’s something that this swing has in common with those fine people. It’s a heavy-duty swing with an impressive 800-pound weight capacity. That’s practically a small family riding together on the swing.

The secret behind its strength and high weight capacity has to do with both the material and the way it has been treated. Made of pine, the wood is first put in a kiln to dry then pressure treated to give it an unmatched solidity. The finishing touch is the soy colored staining which gives you a swing that matches the color combinations of any porch.But the quality of the swing doesn’t stop at the material. It’s the crafty hands that designed this swing which make it stand out above the competition. This is not a run of the mill swing. It’s handmade and a lot of effort went into making each unit. Down to the rounded corners for added safety and reduce accidents.

The swing arrives at your door partially assembled. It comes with its own set of chains and the whole process of putting it together is simple and straightforward. The included instructions will help you get it up and ready in a little time.


  • Handmade
  • Kiln-dried and pressure-treated pine wood.
  • 800-pounds weight capacity.
  • Rounded edges for added safety and comfort.
  • Chains and cup holders included.
  • Comes partially assembled.
  • Instructions included.


  • Might need a cushion to protect your knees.
  • Size might be too small for some people.

2. International Caravan Tropico Iron Patio Porch Swing in Black

The Tropico from International Caravan is a sturdy swing made of metal. To be honest the only thing that makes it stand out is how solid it looks and feels. This is a swing that you can pass on to the next generation and expect you granddaughter to carry her own granddaughter while riding it. It’s durable, that’s all I’m saying.

And of course it should be durable. This is solid iron that makes up every part of it. All you have to do is paint it to protect it against rust and erosion. The bench gives you enough room to support you back and legs as you slide up and down.So these were the advantages. What about the disadvantages? Well, as with everything that’s sturdy and made of iron, it lacks comfort and convenience. True it’s strong but it also feels hard to sit on. You’ll need to throw a few cushions and a couple of pillows to make it more comfortable.

Also another downside are the included chains. For a solid piece of iron like this swing, the chains are anything but. So you might have to replace them with sturdier chains to make this swing truly durable.


  • Made of solid iron.
  • Good design.
  • Roomy


  • Not comfortable without cushions.
  • Chains are not up to snuff.

3. Kilmer Creek 5′ Natural Cedar Porch Swing, Amish Crafted – Includes Chain & Springs

If the previous iron swing failed to impress you, then this swing from Kilmer Creek will no doubt make you pause and go back for a second look. It’s made of red cedar which as far as wood goes, is top of the line both in quality and resistance to rot. And despite its high density, this wood swing is lightweight making it suitable for any porch with a cover.

This thoughtfully designed swing has your comfort and safety at heart. From the rounded corners to the wide benches, it can seat two people comfortably. The slats have no edges so you won’t have them cut against the back of your thighs or damage your clothes.The whole swing is easy to assemble since only screws and bolts are used not nails. So get out your screwdriver and follow the detailed instructions to put this beauty together without breaking a sweat.

The only comment we had was on the unfinished wood. You receive the wood without any paint or stain finish. You’ll have to do it yourself.


  • Made of red cedar that resists rot and decay.
  • Lightweight and comfortable for two people.
  • No nails used, only screws and bolts.


  • Unfinished wood.
  • The chain position is uncomfortable to rest your arm.

4. Jack Post CG-05Z Country Garden Swing Seat, Bronze

Some porch swings come with an elaborate design that will leave you wondering, while others are simple and plain. The CG-05Z from Jack Post belongs to the latter category. It’s like a garden bench but instead of the legs, it has chains.

This is actually what the designers were going for. Because this is a simple bench made of steel and hard wood imported from Indonesia. Despite its lackluster look, there’s something appealing about the straight lines that makes it even elegant in its own way.So that was the nice stuff. What about the less savory details that the manufacturer wouldn’t like to know? Well, there are many. For one thing, this is a swing sweat that can’t handle the elements very well. It won’t age gracefully as it watches you children grow.

You’ll need to use it either indoors or under a well-protected porch. So if you’re not so fussy about your outdoor furniture this one will do nicely. Just hang it on your porch and let the wind rock it gently.


  • Steel frame and imported hardwood.
  • Elegant design and simple lines.
  • Toxic-free paint.


  • Loose bolts are an issue.
  • Requires cushions.

5. Highwood AD-PORL2-WHE Recycled Plastic Marine-Grade 2-Person Lehigh Porch Swing with Zinc-Plated Chain, 4 Feet, Nantucket Blue

Right from the get-go we were taken aback by the AD-PORL2-WHE from Highwood. Not that we found anything wrong with it, not at first, though. It’s because it’s manufactured by a company called Highwood but the swing itself is made from recycled plastic. You get why were confused?

Names aside, we decided to give it a try. If for anything at least so that we give you a good idea of what plastic swings have under their built. As it turns out, not much. We were drawn to the swing because it’s made from recycled plastic which is as eco-friendly as it gets. But that was it.The rest were flaws and downsides. The design was too drab and the color options awful. What else would you expect from recycled plastic? And even though it boasted of a decent 500-pounds weight capacity, we still were skeptic.

Then we took a look at the price tag and were flabbergasted. This is a steep price to pay for a drab looking swing made from recycled plastic. Even the 12-year warranty couldn’t persuade use to give it another try.


  • Eco-friendly recycled plastic.
  • Zinc-plated chain.
  • 500 pounds weight capacity.


  • Drab colors and unappealing design.
  • High price tag.

6. Best Choice Products Outdoor Metal Fleur-De-Lis Hanging Swing Bench w/Weather-Resistant Steel, Black

We always like Best Choice Products. They combine quality with looks to create an affordable and durable outdoor piece of furniture that you will be proud to own. And this covers the porch swing niche as well. Their Fleur De Lis swing is a piece of art that’s also sturdy and strong.

We start with the design because that’s the first thing that gets your attention. The fleur de lis, symbol of France, is a bold statement right in the heart of an elegant swing made of metal. You can hang this swing on your porch and immediately feel the value of your property going up.It resists rust and erosion admirably and doesn’t require much in the way of maintenance either. It takes two people comfortably. The included chains provide comfort and don’t interfere with your seating in the least.

The downside was the low-quality bolts that hold it together. Despite its advertised 480 pounds weight capacity, the swing durability is ruined by a few cheap bolts. You might have to replace the bolts.


  • Elegant and sleek design.
  • Made of durable metal.
  • Seats two people comfortably.


  • Bolt issues.
  • Not comfortable without cushions.

7. CAF Amish Heavy Duty 800 Lb Roll Back 5ft. Treated Porch Swing With Cupholders

Another heavy-duty swing from CAF. This one too has an impressive weight capacity of 800 pounds. The kiln-dried pine that has been pressure-treated makes this one durable swing that adorns your porch and gives you something to do on those lazy afternoons when there’s no game on TV.

And since we’re talking about comfort, the two cup holders next to the armrests will come in handy when you the hot afternoon calls for something cold to drink. The craftsmanship says it all. This is a handmade product to come out of the Amish workshops. So you know that quality is implied.Despite the treated wood and the sturdy chains, this swing doesn’t weigh more than 62 pounds when assembled. It won’t put too much strain on the cover of your porch. And since it comes partially assembled, it won’t take much time to finish the assembly and start swinging.

To add to all this quality, the slats of the bench are curved just in the right places to give you and your partner a comfortable ride as the breeze tickles your hair.


  • Solid treated pine wood.
  • Top quality from the Amish workshops.
  • Comfortable and sturdy.


  • Needs specific tools to put it together.
  • Chains are too short for a high-roofed porch.

8. Highwood AD-PORL1-ACE Recycled Plastic Marine-Grade 2-Person Lehigh Porch Swing with Zinc-Plated Chain, 5 Feet, Weathered Acorn

A few reviews back we tried and detested a drab-looking porch swing from Highwood. We didn’t like it at first glance and our opinion didn’t change even after we had tried it. So we left unimpressed and wrote that review.

But we felt we may have been too rash and maybe, just maybe, we didn’t give the Highwood swing a chance to show us all it has got. So we went back and tried another swing. All Highwood porch swings are made from the same synthetic wood which is nothing more than recycled plastic.So how was the second swing? Well, we didn’t see any difference from the previous model we had tried a few weeks earlier. It was the same unshapely design and the same off-putting colors. However, this one was even more expensive than the first one. We inquired about the reason for this high price and were told it’s because of the durability of the material.

So we still stand by our first judgement. We think this is an overpriced piece of outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic and has nothing going for it.


  • Durable.
  • Made from synthetic wood which just recycled plastic.


  • Terrible colors.
  • One plain design.
  • Exorbitant prices.

9. Best Choice Products Iron Patio Hanging Porch Swing Chair Bench Seat Outdoor Furniture

We like Best Choice Products and that’s no secret. So we decided to give another one of their quality swings a try. And we landed on this porch swing made of iron that simply beckons to you to try it. And you’d find it hard to decline such an alluring invitation.The swing is well-designed and made of powder-coated iron that resists rust and the wear and tear of being left outdoors all the time. It’s sturdy, durable, and it’s also well-balanced. You won’t have a problem hanging this beauty on your porch.

We had trouble with many other swings before. They always seemed to be off. You need to have a level swing for safety reasons. And the way this swing hangs freely and takes two people comfortably says a lot about its quality.


  • Powder-coated iron for durability and rust-resistance.
  • Comfortable and well-balanced.
  • Attractive design.


  • Needs cushions for more comfort.
  • Requires regular repainting.

10. Lakeland Mills 4-Foot Cedar Log Porch Swing, Natural

A new swing that’s taking the minds and imagination of the public by a storm comes from Lakeland. It’s a rustic swing made from the leftovers of the logging industry. So in its own way, it has a style and beauty that transcends the traditional concept of beauty in art.

Let me explain what I mean. Rather than come up with a pretty design that captures your heart the way other manufacturers do, Lakeland decided to go the other way. Give you a no-frills product that doesn’t require the felling of a single tree.Taking the bits and pieces that are discarded by the logging industry, Lakeland focused on white cedar for its strength and insect-repellent qualities and cobbled together a rustic swing that adds beauty to your porch.

It’s easy to clean with water and a dash of bleach. Handles the aging process with dignity and will serve you for long and happy years.


  • Made of white cedar for strength.
  • Insect-repellent wood.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Rustic design.


  • Parts might not match well when assembling.
  • No chains included.

11. Outsunny Covered Outdoor Patio Swing Bench with Frame, Sand

The main complaint about the previous cedar swing from Lakeland was that it didn’t come with chains. So you had to purchase chains separately to hang it. But you won’t have to worry about that with this covered swing from Outsunny. There’s no need to chains because the swing comes with its own stand.It’s like a metal frame with a canopy at the top to protect you against the sun. So even if your porch has no cover or even if you don’t have a porch at all, that wouldn’t be a problem. It comes ready to swing with no need to extra tools or preparations.

The powder-coated metal gives it durability and the wide bench seats three people comfortably. The canopy and seating are made from polyester which makes them easy to clean and maintain.


  • Powder-coated metal frame.
  • No need for chains.
  • Seats three people comfortably.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Canopy doesn’t fit the swing.
  • Small seats.

12. Jack Post Jennings Traditional 4-Foot Swing Seat with Chains in Unfinished hardwood

If stability and support in a swing are your main concern, then you’ve got nothing to worry about with this 4-foot swing from Jack Post. Made of hardwood, the swing has steel reinforcement plates on either end to make your ride steady and less bumpy.But that’s not the only quality that made us fall for this one. It comes at an affordable price making it a great value purchase either for yourself or as a gift to someone you care about.

Because of its unique design and raw wood look, it can be used either as decoration or for its original purpose as a swing. The bare wood gives you the choice to stain or paint it or you might want to leave it the way you got it.


  • Made of hardwood with steel plates for extra support.
  • Raw wood looks.
  • Good as a piece of decor or as a swing.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Small size.
  • Requires constant repair.

13. Abba Patio 2-Person Outdoor Porch Swing Hammock with Steel Frame and Adjustable Tilt Canopy

You may have noticed that most of the swings we have reviewed so far come bare without any form of cushioning. Mostly because you’re expected to either provide your cushions and pillows or not to stay for too long on the swing anyway. But not this swing.The swing hammock from Abba Patio is as luxurious and durable as its namesake in the music world. Again this is a swing that doesn’t require chains or a roof to hang from. It has its own powder-coated metal frame. The elaborate design and comfortable cushions invite you for a ride you won’t forget.

The swing seats two people with plenty of comfort and the teapoy on the side is the icing on the cake of luxury. The polyester cushions are easy to clean.


  • Comfortable and sturdy.
  • Has its own metal frame so no need for chains.
  • Seats two people.


  • Seats slide off.
  • Steep price.

14. Tangkula Converting Outdoor Swing Patio Porch Garden Swing with Comfortable Cushion Seats, Adjustable Canopy & Coated Steel Frame Hammock 3 Seats Patio Deck Furniture (Beige)

We liked the cushioned swing from Abba Patio so much we decided to try another one that offered the same features. Tangkula gave us just what we wanted. A plush swing with canopy that is both comfortably and steady.The metal frame is sturdy and gives this swing an impressive 750 pounds in weight capacity. It seats three people for a gentle rocking and lazy conversation. The canopy protects against the elements. Sun, rain or even snow.

The swing is adjustable and you can easily turn it into a flat bed. Just roll back the backseat and you got yourself a comfortable bed. For added comfort you get a curved handrail as an armrest and the whole swing is easy to assemble.


  • Metal frame for durability.
  • Comfortable cushions.
  • Adjustable backrest.
  • Seats three people.


  • Doesn’t convert into a hammock.
  • Missing instructions manual.
  • Canopy shifts in the wind and can’t be adjusted.

15. PatioPost Porch Swing Outdoor Lounge Chair Seats 3 Patio PE Wicker Glider Bench with Steel Frame and Padded Cushion, Dark Brown

When you have a swing with a canopy you can expect to get a lot of shade from the sun. But in reality many of the canopies cannot be adjusted and so they throw their shade wherever they like. Sometimes a gust of wind will carry the canopy with it. All these problems are addressed by this swing from PatioPost whose canopy gives you plenty of shade and cover.The cushions are a nice touch and offer comfort and convenience. Speaking of convenience, this swing doesn’t need any chains or a patio cover to hang it. It has its own stand which might take some extra space in your patio, but it does away with the hassle of the chains.

The swing seats three people easily and has a weight capacity of 500 pounds. The metal frame is responsible for this decent weight capacity.


  • 500 pounds weight capacity.
  • Metal frame for durability.
  • No need for chains.
  • Large canopy.


  • Canopy might fly with the wind.

16. Outsunny 3-Person Steel Outdoor Porch Sling Fabric Swing Canopy with Stand – Black

If you have been keeping track you’d probably noticed that more and more of the swings we cover have cushions and come with their own metal frame. These types of swings are usually hassle-free and once you get over the rather complex assembly process you’re all set.

Outsunny offers us one of those convenient, no-chains-required swings. It seats three people and has a nice canopy with flaps. The canopy is UV resistant and gives you a nice shade even when the sun pours down on your porch.The metal frame is rust-resistant thanks to the powder coating. The cushions and canopy are made from polyester for easy cleaning and durability. You can leave it out in the sun and the fabric won’t fade easily.

The cushions are also water-resistant. So if it rains you won’t get soggy cushions the next time you spend your afternoon on them. The canopy too repels water and dampness.


  • Water-resistant cushions and canopy.
  • Powder-coated metal frame.
  • Sturdy construction.


  • Screws and nuts are not rust-resistant.
  • Seats are too small.

17. Lakeland Mills CFU28 Cedar Log Outdoor Yard Swing, 5-Feet

Lakeland is well known for their cedar log swings. No trees are cut to make these swings. It’s all logs that have been discarded by the wood mills. And that’s something we do appreciate. But unlike other swings we saw that used recycled plastic, this one is both appealing and functional.And I know what you’re thinking. A bench made of wood slats tends to cut into the back of your thighs if you sit on the swing for too long. But not this swing. The slats, here, are contoured and the edges have been removed.

The swing itself weighs about 145 pounds which is a little on the heavy side. But since it comes with its own wooden frame, you don’t have to worry about the cover of your porch. You also get the option to stain or paint the swing with the color of your choosing.


  • Made from discarded cedar logs.
  • Sturdy structure.
  • Comes with its own wooden frame.


  • Poor packaging.

18. Ecommersify Flip Cup Holder Console Rot-resistant Cypress Eternal Wood Lumber Roll Back Porch Swing, 5-Feet

Have you ever sat on a bench at the park and wished you had a cup holder right in the middle of the bench? If you have, you’re about to get your prayers answered. And if you haven’t then maybe this swing isn’t for you.The cup holders are the only thing that distinguishes this legless bench from the other swings of this type. To be honest, we didn’t find any redeeming quality about this swing that makes it stand out or justifies its price.

It’s made of wood and has a weight capacity of 500 pounds. The structure looks sturdy but the chains are a drawback. Overall, an OK swing that you might want to try.


  • Routered slats.
  • 500 pounds weight capacity.
  • Cup holder in the middle.


  • Chain location is not comfortable.
  • Hardware issues.

Things to Consider Before Buy


Let’s face it, when you want to add a swing to your porch, you’re not really looking for something that looks and feels cheap. A swing is not something you buy every summer like an inflatable above-ground pool. A swing is something to keep you company and grow old with you.

So naturally, you’d be looking for something sturdy and durable. Which is what wood gives you. Wooden swings are stylish and the older the get the better they look on your porch. Especially if you invest in a beauty made of cypress, cedar, ash, or oak.

Each type of wood has its advantages. But all these types are long-lasting and can handle weight gracefully. They all have a glossy finish which doesn’t fade with time. So you know you’re getting a swing for the generations in the family.


There are a few things to consider before you click the Buy button. One of them is the size of the swing. Before you decide on a swing, make sure that your porch is big enough to have it installed there. A large swing in a small porch is no fun for anyone.

That said, you can invest in a large swing to get that comfortable feeling that a small swing doesn’t offer. You need enough seating room so that when you take off, your back slides in snugly and your legs get enough support.

Also, consider how many people would like to use the swing at the same time. It’s more fun to have everybody on the swing rather than people waiting for their turn.


As a general rule, the porch swing’s weight should not be a concern. Unless you’re worried that the posts or rafters that you plan to hang the swing from are not strong enough. In that case, you need to consider the weight of the swing itself as well as its dimensions.

A large and wide swing allows more people to sit there and dangle their legs. Which means an added weight on the chains and beams or rafters. We’ll discuss the chain later below, but you should know that you need to test the structure of your porch before you hang the swing there.

You can get the opinion of a carpenter about the strength of your porch before you buy your swing. This will put your mind at ease.


Another feature that is related to both the weight and size of the swing is its capacity. In simple terms, the swing’s capacity refers to how much weight it can handle. In other words, how many people can ride the swing together without straining the chains or bring the swing crashing to the ground.

The material of the swing is one of the decisive factors that determine its capacity. A sturdy oak swing has a greater capacity compared to one made of a lesser material. Also keep in mind that while most swings are designed for two people, there are those that can take three adults comfortably.


As we mentioned earlier, a swing is one of those durable commodities that you buy just once in your lifetime. But that’s only possible if you purchase one made from strong material and has high quality written all over it.

This is one of the reasons the quality and design of the swing are the reasons one swing makes it on our list while many others have failed. A heavy-duty swing is desirable and much sought after when you consider that you’re not just going to sit in the swing. You’re going to rock gently or vigorously according to your mood.

A durable swing can handle a lot of weight without creaking, whining, or complaining.


Now to an important part of the swing that you shouldn’t overlook. It’s the chains. Normally the chains are responsible for carrying your weight. The wooden swing supports you but it’s the chains that do the heavy lifting.

Make sure the chains are made of steel that doesn’t rust, bend, or react to chemicals. The chains will be secured to both sides of the swing but you need to hook them to the beams of the porch. For that, they have to come with a hook for easy installation.

A weak link in the chain or a shaky hook can be detrimental to the whole swing. So give the chains some consideration when choosing your swing.


Porch swings come in different styles and shapes. Which one you go with depends largely on your personal preferences. The three main porch swing styles are:

  • Wicker Swings: not very durable but they offer plenty of ventilation and they’re not heavy. You can hang them on any porch. However, they’re not very sturdy and their weight capacity isn’t that great.
  • Swing with Canopy: these stylish swings are more about looks than functionality. They can still hold the odd couple of adults but they’re not very durable. The canopy is a great addition and protects you from the summer sun.
  • Wooden Swings: these the prevalent styles. Many of the swings we cover in this review belong to this style. They’re durable, sturdy, stylish, and can handle a lot of weight. We recommend you choose one of those to get a good kick out of them.


Maintaining your porch swing is a key to its longevity. Wooden swings tend to collect dust since they’re always outdoors and under the mercy of the elements. Both rain and wind can leave a layer of grime that you need to clean.

Depending on how exposed your porch and the weather conditions you might need to use bleach to clean the grime off the swing. If you leave in a relatively clean area surrounded by trees, then a wet cloth is enough to clean the swing and the chains.

You can also use the garden hose to give the swing a good bath. Polished wood handles water very well so you don’t have to worry about wood rot, cracking, or peeling off.

Different Types of Porch Swings

You don’t have to get a porch swing that doesn’t fit in your porch or satisfy your artistic inclinations. When it comes to porch swings we’re truly spoilt for choice. You can opt for a traditional swing that’s more like a bench hanging with chains. Nothing special about that type.

Or you could go for the more elaborate type designed as a swing bed. This one has more space and you can even through a few pillows to enjoy a ride in the air with luxury. There’s also the glider type which is suitable for porches with no cover. These swings have their own stand with legs and you don’t have to use chains to hang them.

Should I Paint or Stain My Wood Porch Chair?

That is a really interesting question and you’re bound to face it once you’ve installed your porch swing. Both staining and painting have their advantages and drawbacks. Staining the bench preserves the natural colors and design of the wood. It won’t change the original hue of the wood and it has its appeal.

Painting, on the other hand, gives you many options. Paint protects the material from rust, rot, and decay. It also matches the color of the porch which creates a symphony of colors in your yard. You can paint your swing whether it’s made of wood or metal. You won’t have to paint a plastic swing, however. You just pick the right color and you’re done.

What Kind of Wood is Best for Swing Chairs?

Swing chairs need to be sturdy since they have to support the weight of the riders. For that, you’ll need any dense wood. Teak and cedar are both great candidates for wood swings. For added protection, you’ll need to either paint or stain the chair as we discussed before.

Both oak and pine are good too, as long as you don’t get a lot of rain or high temperatures. Extreme conditions damage the wood and diminish its strength. So make sure to check the weather in your area before you choose a swing made of either of those wood types.


And now we come to the moment that everyone has been waiting for. That’s when we announce the winner of this roundup. Our winner is Amish Heavy Duty 800 Lb Roll Back Treated Porch Swing with Hanging Chains and Cupholders (4 Foot, Cedar Stain). It has everything you look for in a porch swing.

Sturdy, high quality, handmade, and durable are some of the adjectives one would associate with this swing. The kiln-dried and pressure-treated pine wood offers both the great appearance and the reliable quality that you look for. We recommend this swing for everyone who enjoys the outdoors.

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