19 Best Outdoor Projector Screens Reviews and Buying Guide

A backyard wouldn’t be complete without a large projector screen that turns your evenings into an exceptional experience of entertainment and fun. It’s an opportunity to get your kids to enjoy the outdoors while they’re watching a movie.

Naturally, the whole experience hinges on your choosing the best outdoor projector screen. And for that, you couldn’t do better than with the Visual Apex Projector Screen 144HD Portable Indoor/Outdoor Movie Theater Fast-Folding Projector Screen with Stand Legs and Carry Bag HD4K 16:9 format. This is a 144-inch one-piece screen that is easy to set up and fold. The 4K HD screen works nicely for both 2D and 3D formats and you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

19 Best Outdoor Projector Screens Reviews

1. Visual Apex Projector Screen 144HD Portable Indoor/Outdoor Movie Theater Fast-Folding Projector Screen with Stand Legs and Carry Bag HD4K 16:9 format

When you’re looking for the very best outdoor projector screen, Visual Apex knows exactly what you want and delivers it in spades. It’s all about the features, right? And that’s where Visual Apex excels. This is a projector screen that you can unfold and use both indoors and outdoors.

It follows the regular 16:9 format which makes it convenient to watch either TV shows or movies on DVD. The 4K ultra HD quality lets you watch a superb picture with all the refined details that you don’t get to see on your regular TV screen.The screen’s size is a whopping 144 inches and this is the closest you’ll get to have a movie theater experience right in your backyard. It comes with detachable legs which you can use as a stand or remove them to hang the screen.

The PVC material is wrinkle-free and the matte white appearance gives you a 1.1 gain for extra brightness. In addition you have a 160 degrees viewing angle making it suitable for large groups and parties. You get a clear picture no matter where you sit in relation to the screen.


  • 144 inches.
  • Made of PVC material.
  • 1 gain and great viewing angle of 160°.
  • For indoors and outdoors.
  • Detachable legs.


  • Folding the screen gives it creases.
  • Takes effort to set up.

2. Elite Screens Yard Master 2, 100 inch Outdoor Projector Screen with Stand 16:9, 8K 4K Ultra HD 3D Fast Folding Portable Movie Theater Cinema 100″ Indoor Foldable Easy Snap Projection Screen, OMS100H2

Elite Screens is another trusted name in the world of projector screens. They have the answer to Visual Apex. If the previous screen had 4K ultra HD quality, the Yard Master 2 from Elite Screens comes in 4K and 8K as well as 3D to ensure an unmatched quality image.The 100-inch outdoor screen comes with a stand that can handle just about any terrain. Set it up in your backyard or take it with you to a camping site. It’s both sturdy and stable. Because of its wide viewing angle, you can accommodate a whole party as each gets to enjoy the same viewing quality whether they’re sitting in the middle or to the sides.

The screen is made from cinewhite material that resists damp weather and mildew breakouts. It offers 1.1 gain for an exceptionally bright image. The screen is also easy to maintain. Some water and soap is all you need to get it all cleaned up. It’s also compatible with various types of projectors from HD/UHD to standard and  short throw ones.


  • Easy to unfold with a snap button frame.
  • 8K, 4K, and 3D.
  • Made from cinewhite material that resists mildew.
  • A 160° viewing angle.
  • Easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Different projectors’ compatibility.


  • Creases when folded.
  • Customer support needs improvement.

3. Inflatable Movie Screen Outdoor – Screens for Christmas Movies Outside – Mega Blow Up Rear Projection – Just Set Up Your Projector + Speakers – Package Inc Frame, Blower, Pegs, Popcorn Bags

There’s something about a family-owned business that still appeals to the hearts and minds of middle class America. Maybe it’s the quality of the product or maybe it’s the idea that you know that this is a product that wasn’t manufactured by a bunch of children in a poor country that appeals to people.And that’s what makes this inflatable screen from Holiday Styling so exceptional. It’s a family-owned business that puts a lot of thought and consideration in their products. The result is  a high satisfaction rate among customers. This outdoor projector screen will win your heart and that of your family and friends.

The rear projection screen is easy to set up and is made from strong materials that resist creases and wrinkles. The 600DD fabric defies the wind and stays put even in the face of strong wind. The stand is both sturdy and durable and keeps the screen firmly in the ground.


  • Rear projection with high quality images.
  • Strong fabric that doesn’t blow away with the wind.
  • Powerful blower to inflate the screen in a short time.


  • Huge logo printed on screen.
  • Screen is see through.

4. Camp Chef Outdoor Entertainment Gear Outdoor Big Screen 92″ Lite Portable Movie Screen

When we discussed the features to look for, we mentioned the material as an important factor in helping you decide on the best outdoor projector screen for your backyard. And that’s something that this large screen from Camp Chef truly excels at. It’s the Oxford nylon that lends its strength and makes it a screen that’s hard to pass.The front projection rectangular screen is 80 inches by 45 inches in size and is exceptionally light. You can carry it around and even take it with you when you go camping without a hassle. It has the common 16:9 format for best compatibility.

Portability is another great feature that we liked about this outdoor screen. It comes with four guy lines and four frame stakes to easy set up. The carry bag is for you to fold the screen in and stow it away safely when you’re done watching.


  • Made from Oxford nylon.
  • 80 inches wide and 45 inches tall.
  • 16:9 format.
  • Portable and easy to set up.


  • Connector pins have unaligned holes.
  • Screen is off-white.

5. Projector Screen with Stand, TaoTronics Indoor Outdoor Projection Screen 4K HD 100” 16: 9 Wrinkle-Free Design(Easy to Clean, 1.1Gain, 160° Viewing Angle & Includes a Carry Bag) for Movie, Meeting

Wrinkles seem to plague even the best inflatable screens. No matter the material or the quality of the fabric, as soon as you fold it a few times, the screen becomes wrinkled. But not the TaoTronics screen though. One of its outstanding features is its ability to stay wrinkle-free no matter how many times you use it.The secret behind the smoothness of this screen has to do the premium PVC material that also repels discoloring and makes it easy to clean. It’s a sturdy screen supported by a tripod that makes it stay in place wherever you choose to put it in your backyard.

Thanks to the material and a wide viewing angle of 160°, you get to enjoy a perfectly clear picture without being bothered with any interference from surrounding lights. The 1.1 gain reduces reflections and gives the images the right level of brightness.


  • Wrinkle-free and resists discoloring thanks to premium PVC material.
  • Wide viewing angle.
  • 1 gain.
  • Tripod stand for stability.


  • Fragile frame.
  • Not easy to set up.

6. JaeilPLM 100-Inch 2-in-1 Portable Projector Screen, Outdoor Indoor Compatible with Triangle Stand or Hanging Design Movie Projection for Home Theater, Gaming, Office

Versatility is the name of the game for this portable projector screen from JaeilPLM. Once you get past the large 100 inches size, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easily you can customize this screen to fit your specific needs.You can make it a standing screen with the help of a triangle stand with an aluminum frame that’s both light and sturdy at the same time. It handles itself well in the presence of wind and won’t fly away or topple over when a breeze hits it.

The other option is to turn it into a hanging screen. You will do away with the stand and the frame and use only a nail to hang it on the wall. You can go back between the types according to your viewing mood.


  • Versatile and easy to customize.
  • Carry bag included.
  • Large 100 inches screen.


  • Tends to wrinkle.
  • Triangle stand takes up more space than a regular stand.

7. Projector Screen, Upgraded 180 inch 4K 16:9 HD Portable Projector Screen, Premium Indoor Outdoor Movie Screen Anti-Crease Projection Screen

Because we know that size matters as far as outdoor projector screens are concerned, we decided to give this one a try. And let me just say that once I set it up in my backyard I got a lot of heads turned in my direction. I’m talking about my neighbors of course. People came from three doors down to check this gigantic screen.Because 180 inches is nothing to sneeze at. But that’s not this screen’s only claim to fame. It’s also made from a composite resin that has been specially treated to reflect the light in a way that preserves the integrity and quality of the image.

Other features that stand out include the 4K ultra HD and 3D ready qualities as well as the 16:9 format that makes it compatible with TV stations as well as movies. And let’s not forget the 160° viewing angle. Even the neighbors sitting in their own backyard could enjoy a quality image.


  • A giant 180 inches screen.
  • Made from composite resin for even reflection of the light.
  • 4K ultra HD and 3D ready.
  • 160° viewing angle.


  • A bit wrinkly.
  • Instructions are not clear.

8. Jumbo 20 Feet Inflatable Outdoor and Indoor Theater Projector Screen – Includes Inflation Fan, Tie-Downs and Storage Bag

Judging by the success of the last giant screen we had put up, we knew we had to repeat the experience at least to make the neighbors get really jealous. So we went with something bigger. This time it was the 20 feet Jumbo from Khomo Gear.Even though the screen is both front and rear projection, we had trouble setting it up. Even though the manual promised easy installation and a stunning picture once the thing was up, it didn’t deliver on the 5-minute installation promise.

Still we got it up and the picture was decent for a screen this size. We do recommend that you use the rear projection more though since the front projection needs a lot of space in your backyard. The inflation fan wasn’t really that effective in getting the screen ready.


  • 20-foot screen.
  • Front and rear projection.
  • 16:9 aspect ratio.


  • Inflation fan isn’t powerful enough.
  • Difficult to set up.
  • Takes up a lot of space in your backyard.

9. Outdoor Projector Screen – Foldable Portable Outdoor Front Movie Screen, Setup Stand, Transportable Full Set Bag for Camping and Recreational Events,80 Inch by Vamvo

For an affordable, foldable, and portable outdoor projector screen you might want to consider this one from Vamvo. What distinguishes it is how easy it is to put it together in a few minutes without much fuss. And once it’s standing in your backyard you won’t have to worry about the wind knocking it down.Despite this stability, the screen is far from being heavy. You can carry it around with ease and store it away when you’re done. This has to do with the way the frame is designed from pipes that you can easily drape with the screen. It doesn’t get any more convenient than that.

Both the screen and frame have a decent quality for such a low price and the screen follows the 16:9 format.


  • Affordable price.
  • Made from lightweight material.
  • Easy to put together and carry.


  • Questionable picture quality.
  • Wrinkly screen.

10. Vamvo Outdoor Indoor Projector Screen with Stand Foldable Portable Movie Screen 120 Inch (16:9) Full-Set Bag for Home Theater Camping and Recreational Events (120inch)

So we established that Vambo specializes in budget-friendly products. The quality of the material might not be top notch but at least they’re affordable. Compared to other products, you’re getting yourself a good deal with a 120-inch screen for this low price tag.But the Vamvo also has some redeeming qualities if you’re willing to accept a mediocre picture quality. One of them is its light weight. The stand is about 9 pounds which makes it easy to set up and transport. The screen has ropes on either side to fend off blowing wind and keep it from flapping.

Besides its size and price, the screen doesn’t have much else to brag about. This current screen is an update from a previous version that was only 100 inches and even sold for the same price.


  • Cheaper than other screens of the same size.
  • Ropes on both sides to protect against the wind.
  • 120 inches.


  • Quality control is nothing to brag about.
  • Difficult to spread tripod feet.

11. Abdtech 100 inch Projector Screen with Stand,Portable Wrinkle Free Outdoor Movie Screens 4K HD Rear Front Projections Movies Screen with Carry Bag for Indoor Home Theater Backyard Cinema Travel

If you have been following closely, you’ll notice that most of the screens so far have been foldable. This means they get the curse of wrinkles and creases every time you fold and unfold them. This of course has to do with the material. Something that the Abdtech screen strives to fix.Made from a mix of polyester and spandex, this screen is always as smooth as the face of a TV celebrity with Botox. No matter how many times you fold the screen, it always looks new. That’s something refreshing considering that wrinkles go hand in hand with foldable screens.

Your wrinkle-free screen is about 100 inches in size and has a wide viewing angle which is essential for when you have a large group of people over to watch a movie. The 1.1 gain, 4K HD, and 16:9 aspect ratio all ensure an exquisite viewing experience.


  • 4K HD front and rear projection.
  • Made from spandex and polyester for a wrinkle-free screen.
  • 100 inches.


  • Can’t stand to a mild wind.
  • Flimsy stand.

12. VIVOHOME 14ft Indoor and Outdoor Inflatable Blow up Mega Movie Projector Screen with Carry Bag for Front Projection

VivoHome brings the joys of an inflatable screen right to your backyard. When you install this 14 feet screen you know that your outdoor evenings will not be the same again. Unlike other screens which focus on size and not quality, this one gives you the best of both worlds.The 210D Oxford cloth gives the screen durability and increases the image quality at the same time. And since it’s inflatable, you can say goodbye to wrinkles and creases. All you need to do is plug in the fan pump to inflate the screen quickly and keep it inflated while you watch your movie.

Cleaning the screen is done easily once you unplug the fan pump and let it collapse. After cleaning it, you can store it away until the next time you need it.


  • 14-foot inflatable screen.
  • No wrinkles or creases.
  • Made of 210D durable Oxford cloth.


  • Lack of stability is a recurring issue.
  • Fan pump needs to be plugged in.

13. EasyGo Products 14′ Inflatable Mega Movie Screen – Canvas Projection Screen for Outdoor Parties – Movie Cinema is Guaranteed to Thrill and Excite. Includes Inflation fan, Tie-Downs and Storage bag

EasyGo Products are familiar in many households. Their products are usually affordable, have appealing designs, and durable as well. This 14-foot screen is a testament to their qualities and proof that the company lives up to its reputation.First off, this is an inflatable screen. Since most screens of this type are not steady on their feet, this screen comes with tie-downs so you can tether it to the ground and keep it from flying off or toppling down. The design of the frame will make it fit right in your backyard.

Despite its large size, this screen is portable and travel-friendly. You can detach the screen and deflate it, fold the stand, and store everything in the included storage bag.


  • 14-foot inflatable screen.
  • Tie-downs to keep it stable.
  • Easy to install, dismantle, and store.


  • Pump fan is too loud.

14. The First Projector Screen with Stand Green Environmental, OWLENZ Indoor and Outdoor Movie Screen 100 Inch Diagonal 4:3 with Premium Wrinkle-Free Design (Easy to Clean, 1.1 Gain, 160° Viewing Angle)

The first projector screen that follows the 4:3 format instead of the more common 16:9 comes from OWLENZ. It’s 100 inches in size with a 1.1 gain and a 160 degrees viewing angle. In other words, it has everything you need to enjoy a movie or a show in the backyard.And since wrinkles diminish the quality of the image, this screen was designed specifically to be wrinkle-free. That’s because the screen is actually made up of three layers. The bottom layer is made of PVC, the middle layer is polyester, while the top layer is a coating that enhances the resolution of the image.

The screen is also environmentally friendly. Its back is blacked out in a way that doesn’t emit odors or harm those who touch it. You can use it safely both indoors and outdoors.


  • Environmentally friendly.
  • 4:3 format.
  • 1 gain and 160 degrees viewing angle.
  • 3 layer material for high quality light reflection.


  • A slight breeze will make it move direction.
  • No carry bag included.

15. Safstar Portable Tripod Floor Stand Manual Pull up Home Theater Office Presentation Projection Screen (60″ Diagonal / 48″ x 36″ / Floor Stand)

Another screen with the unusual 4:3 format is this one from Safstar. The screen is white which reflects brighter images and has a black back to preserve the purity of the projected image. In addition, this screen was designed for durability and strength. The tripod keeps it firm in the ground even on windy evenings.

The thing that got our attention about this screen was the material. It’s made from fiberglass which besides its strength is also fire retardant. Whether you’re setting it up in your backyard or in an office, the whole thing only takes a few minutes and you’re ready to go.

Mobility is another feature that sets this screen apart from the competition. It comes in its own case and you can pack it and take it with you anywhere you want.


  • Made of fiberglass.
  • Fire-retardant.
  • Stable and durable.


  • Has a chemical smell.

16. Portable Projector Screen with Stand, Indoor and Outdoor Movie Screen 84″ Diagonal 16:9 with Wrinkle-Free Design (Easy to Clean, 1.1 Gain, 160° Viewing Angle and Includes a Carry Bag) (84″) 

Blina takes us back to the more familiar 16:9 format. It’s compatible with TV shows and movies so you can watch the game out in the open and let the neighbors know which team you’re rooting for. It comes with a stand that you can attach the screen to using velcro. It’s that simple to set up.The frame is made from metal and fiberglass which makes it sturdy and rust resistant. You won’t have to worry about it if you leave it in the backyard overnight. Neither rain nor sun rays will affect it. It’s also easy to clean so maintenance-wise, you don’t have to do much.

The screen gives you a 1.1 gain which is the best reflection you can expect from a screen and its wide viewing angle makes it easy to sit comfortably anywhere you like and get the same picture quality.


  • Metal and fiberglass frame.
  • Wrinkle-free.
  • 84 inches in size.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Needs more than one person to set up.
  • Lacks a top horizontal support to prevent sagging in the middle.

17. 300 Inches16:9 Projector Screen Large Outdoor Portable Movies Screen Canvas Material Folded Easy to Carry

Nierbo offers one of the biggest screens we have seen so far. It’s a 25-foot supergiant of a screen that handles both front and rear projection with grace. The material is made of canvas, which is thicker and more opaque than the other screens we have tried.

But we’re only scratching the surface here. There’s more that this huge screen has to offer. The white canvas has 1.4 gain which is the highest gain a screen can offer. However, because of the type of the fabric, you can expect to find plenty of wrinkles every time you use it.

It is recommended that you wash it by hand and not drop it in a washing machine. As a bonus, you get a lifetime warranty which tells you something about its durability.


  • 1.4 gain.
  • 25 feet in size.
  • Made of sturdy canvas.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Gets wrinkles quickly.
  • Needs handwash.

18. VIVO 84 inch Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen, 84 Inch Diagonal Projection HD 4:3 Projection Pull Up Foldable Stand Tripod (PS-T-084)

It might be a tough act to follow such a gigantic screen, but Vivo has a few aces up its sleeve and this next screen will find a way to entice you. For one thing, it has a white matte surface that reflects light evenly to all angles making the picture look crisp no matter where you sit.The quality of the image is made better with the black back of the screen and a 1.1 gain. So even though it’s following the less traditional 4:3 format, the quality of the image is something that will stop you in your tracks.

The screen is easy to adjust height-wise. The lock system in the stand allows you to set the screen to the height that suits you. This is a convenient feature especially in small backyards where you can’t keep a certain distance from the screen.


  • Crisp picture.
  • White matte surface with 1.1 gain.
  • Back of screen blacked out.
  • Auto-lock system to adjust the height.


  • A bit bulky to move around.
  • Screen wobbles.

19. Elite Screens Spectrum Electric Motorized Projector Screen with Multi Aspect Ratio Function Max Size 100-inch Diag 16:9 to 95-inch Diag 2.35:1, Home Theater 8K/4K Ultra HD Ready Projection, ELECTRIC100H

And last but not least we got this screen from Elite Screens to wrap up our lengthy list of backyard projector screens. We couldn’t find a better screen to end our roundup. It’s 100 inches in size with 8K and 4K ultra HD which gives you a well-defined picture.The viewing angle was really a surprise. Unlike the usual 160 degrees you get from most screens, this elite screen has 180 degrees viewing angle. You can sit at the far corner and still enjoy a quality picture just as if you were sitting dead center.

Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, this screen is safe for the environment either way. It works with most projectors except the short throw types. And it comes ready to use without the need to assemble.


  • 180 degrees viewing angle.
  • 8K and 4K ultra HD.
  • Environmentally safe to use indoors and outdoors.
  • Infrared remote.


  • Screen edges tend to curl.
  • Customer service is an issue.

What to Consider Before Buy

Screen Size

The first thing you need to look at when searching for a good projector screen for your backyard is the size. The bigger the better. If you want to see every minute detail in that epic sci-fi franchise, then you’d want a screen that makes you feel like you’re part of the action not just screwing your eyes looking for the actors.

However, you have to keep two things in mind. First, the size of your backyard. Too large a screen might not fit well in a small backyard since you need to have some space between you and the screen. Think about the people sitting in the front row of the movie theatre. How they keep turning their heads from left to right and back. You wouldn’t want to do that.

The other thing is the quality of the image. A large screen needs a high-resolution projector, else the image gets pixelated and loses its clarity. In which case less is more and you should project your movie on a smaller screen.


Gain refers to the ability of the screen to reflect the light projected on it. If a screen has a gain of 1, that means it will reflect as much light as the projector sends. A gain of 1.1 means the screen will enhance the brightness of the image and reflect light 1.1 times more.

Since you’re sitting in your backyard, you have no control of the surrounding light. It could come from the streetlights or from the windows of a neighbor. This light pollution can degrade the quality of the image on your screen. So a projector screen with a high gain can compensate for the distorting ambiance and enhance your viewing experience.

Front and Rear Projection

Projector screens come in two flavors. The front projection screens work the same way as a theatre projector. A screen is mounted at a suitable distance from the projector and the images are reflected on the front of the said screen.

Rear projection, on the other hand, works the other way round. The light is reflected on the back of the screen just as TV screens work. The difference is subtle when it comes to the quality of the experience and not so subtle when it comes to the cost.

For a true movie theatre experience, you can invest in a front projection screen. It will cost you more but the quality of the picture is much better. Rear projection screens are more budget-friendly and don’t require a large backyard space.

Aspect Ratio

When it comes to the ratio between the width and height of the screen, you’re truly spoilt for choice. You have the regular 16:9 which most TV formats follow, and you also have the 4:3 or 6:10 among others.

Which format is the best one for you? It depends on what you’re going to watch. If you’re watching a TV show or a movie on a DVD, then 16:9 is the best option. Any other aspect ratio will not match the resolution and could leave two black bars framing the top and bottom of your screen.

Viewing Angle

Every screen has a sweet spot. You can get the best picture quality only if you sit at that spot. If you move to the left or the right you get a less favorable experience. And this is what we call the viewing angle.

Some screens reflect less light on the sides with the majority of the light coming straight from the middle. If you happen to sit at an angle of the screen you will get a darker image than someone sitting at a perpendicular angle from the screen.

When choosing the best outdoor projector screen, focus on a screen with a higher viewing angle. This allows a large group of people to sit around a screen and get the same viewing quality regardless of where they are from the center of the screen.

Fabric Material

Have you tried projecting an image on a wrinkled screen before? If you have, there’s no doubt you were greatly disappointed with the result. The material of the screen affects not just the quality of the image but the amount of light reflected, the viewing angle and even the resolution.

Overall, screens come in various materials. You should look for a screen that doesn’t wrinkle and is either white or gray. A white screen reflects the best light while a gray screen handles darker tones much better.

In addition, the screen’s gain along with the material and the color the fabric contribute to the quality of the picture you get. For example, a gray screen with 1 gain will do well when you have plenty of light pollution around your backyard.

Fixed-Frame or Inflatable Screen

Would you like your outdoor projector screen to be folded or you’d rather have it take up space whether you’re using it or not? The answer usually comes down to personal preferences. Some people like the screen to be rolled and stowed away after they’re done watching. This is usually the more convenient option.

It doesn’t take up space and doesn’t give you trouble setting it up or moving it around. It also protects the screen from the elements since you can safely store it in your house. On the other hand, fixed-frame screens don’t need setting up. They’re always ready for your projector and don’t get wrinkled because there’s no need to fold them.


A heavy screen is not as easy to move around and set up as a compact one. Keep in mind that the larger the screen, the heavier it gets. At the same time a large screen requires more space in your backyard and a high resolution projector.

When it comes to the screen’s weight, there’s no clear cut rule that lets you decide. In most cases you’ll have to choose one that you can handle without difficulty but at the same time doesn’t fly away with a gust of wind.


The screen’s brightness is one of the most important features to look for. This quality affects the image you see reflected on the screen. And since brightness is closely related to the screen’s gain, you’ll need to consider those two features together.

A white color screen is usually brighter in a well-lit backyard or in cases where light from the street interferes with your viewing experience. At the same time a gray screen is good with darker tones and can be used both during the day and night times without impacting the image quality.

Stand type

When choosing a screen for your backyard, pay extra attention to the stand type. Some stands work well on uneven grounds such as your backyard. Others require flat surfaces to stand on, otherwise the screen gets wobbly and tips over.

The stand is also an important factor when considering the weight and size of the screen that best suits you. A heavy stand adds extra weight to the screen and makes it unwieldy. But if you choose a lightweight stand, it can blow away with the wind and require you to weigh it down with something heavy just to keep it in place.


The stability of the screen has a lot to do with the stand it comes with than with its size. That said, it’s worth noting that the larger the screen, the less stable it becomes. This is especially true when you’re setting up the screen in the outdoors be it in your backyard or when you go camping.

To check the stability of the screen pay extra attention to the stand and the weight. A sturdy screen is usually more stable than one that flaps in the wind like a forlorn flag. Any ripples in the fabric of the screen will diminish the quality of the image it’s reflecting.


We took you on a whirlwind tour of the best projector screens for your backyard. We discussed the features to look for when buying a screen and reviewed the top 19 screens in the market. Now we announce the name of the screen that made our hearts melt.

It’s the Visual Apex Projector Screen 144HD Portable Indoor/Outdoor Movie Theater Fast-Folding Projector Screen with Stand Legs and Carry Bag HD4K 16:9 format. We fell in love with it because of its 144-inch size, PVC material and 4K ultra HD qualities. It’s easy to set up on the stand or hang on a wall. And it comes with a sturdy carry bag for easy transportation and storage.

We could go on and on about it, but we’re sure, by now, you get the idea. We highly recommend it for any outdoorsy person looking to enjoy a movie or a game in their backyard.

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