6 Underrated Signs You Have The Best Husband

When looking for a lifetime partner, most women focus on compatibility, stability, and a man’s ability to stay committed. These are all undeniably some of the most wanted traits of a good husband.

But life’s not perfect, and neither is marriage.

As a matter of fact, in long and beautiful marriages, you don’t expect perfection. Naturally, there will be flaws. You don’t get everything you want.

You might even be surprised that your spouse does not possess the best qualities you’ve been looking for in a husband. Yet, you chose him. Why?

Perhaps you chose him because, despite not having the traits of an ideal husband, he showed you more. Maybe he offered something you never knew you wanted until he presented it to you.

Well, it’s actually possible to fall in love with somebody who’s the opposite of your “ideal life partner,” or someone who doesn’t meet your “best husband” requirements.

In reality, we won’t know what we’ve been looking for until we’ve found it. And most of the time, we don’t marry the perfect husbands. They just become perfect for us in their own special ways as time passes.

So, do you believe your husband is your Mr. Perfect or Mr. Right? If you’re still unsure, check out these six underrated signs that you have the best husband, and be convinced that you’ve got yourself nothing but your perfect match!

6 Underrated Signs You Have The Best Husband

1.He treats you as an equal partner.

Let’s face it. Our society is accustomed to a playing field where men are generally favored more than women. In fact, a social trends report by the Pew Research Center showed that only four in 10 Americans give equal treatment to the two opposing genders.

But the good news is, attitudes toward equality have exhibited a sizable change in the past 20 years. As it appears, more and more Americans are now voting to continue escorting our nation to a realm where men and women are treated equally.

This change in views is clearly evident in marriages when the husband treats his wife as an equal partner.

Gone are the days when only the male species are entitled to making decisions for the family. Today, there are households where a husband views his wife’s opinion as no less than his own.

If you are married to a man who demonstrates this, then you have found yourself a keeper. Equality is a strong foundation to marital bliss.No woman would appreciate a home where her wishes, needs, and wants are taken for granted.

Male dominance is probably the most known form of inequality in our history. Women can’t be grateful enough that this bias is slowly being consigned to oblivion in the new generation.

2.He is a provider.

Interestingly, a study authored by Professor Alexandra Killewald of Harvard University found that 33 percent of men who do not work full-time are more likely to get divorced within a year than males who are working full-time jobs. It is a clear verification that women need life partners who can provide for the family and not ones who will drown them in financial pressures.

Having said that, one of the signs you have the best husband is if your mate is a provider.

Problems with money are often listed as the principal reasons why married couples get stuck in constant arguments.

Financial stability can be too hard to achieve if the husband is not working for it the same way the wife does.

Needless to say, a woman prefers a man who is focused on providing what’s enough for their family. If you found yourself a provider, you’re one lucky girl!

3.He handles pressure well.

“How we behave under pressure says a lot about whether we keep our cool or lose it when life gets hard in general,” Marriage and Family Therapist Winifred M. Reilly said in a statement published in the Huffington Post.

Being able to handle pressure well is a good sign that you have the best husband. Some people cannot thrive in stressful events and it negates the potential of success.

Therefore, your husband is a gem if he knows how to remain in control under pressure. Life’s not easy, and it can get harder everyday. It is important that we do not simply crumble under pressure when the situation turns rough.

The ability to keep your cool when presented with life challenges is a skill and talent that can lead to success.

Some women may have paid less attention to this quality when looking for a husband. I think it should be top priority to find a man who will not easily give up when the situation gets worse. Don’t you agree?

4.He boosts your confidence.

They say women’s confidence levels are not the same as men’s. Apparently, women need more confidence boosts than men.

What’s more interesting is that science has confirmed that the biological makings of a woman can be blamed for this. This is to say, there is a scientific explanation behind the claim that women are actually less confident than men.

Without these studies, however, we can maybe agree that boys are naturally confident. Whereas for women, it really takes time before they totally come out of their shells.

Sometimes, they need people to boost their courage to show what they can do, what they’re made of. And unless someone encourages them to step out from their comfort zone, they remain in there, losing the chance to unleash their potential.

That is why a husband who boosts your confidence is definitely a good catch. With him, you know there’s nothing that you cannot unlock. He will be there to push you and support you until you reach your dreams.

5.He has humor.

A poll done by fashion and lifestyle website Verily Mag, which sought to identify the traits that women want in men, found humor to be a likeable quality in the male species.

Hearty laughter and smiles are known to benefit our physical, emotional and mental health. I’m sure you’ve heard this: “Laughter is the best medicine.”

It’s fun to share laughter with your spouse every single day. It is the sweetest pill you can take when life’s bombarding you with pressure and stress. And what better way to get your prescription than from the man you love?

A man who can make you laugh and happy is a gift you get to open everyday for free. He can flawlessly transform boring chit chats to amusing and meaningful conversations. When he’s around, the home is filled with joy and laughter. That sounds a real jackpot to me!

6.He is considerate.

No woman, I believe, would want to be with a hot-tempered man who doesn’t know how to treat people with kindness and consideration. Being considerate is not rare in males, but if you found it, you must still be thankful.

Sometimes, little things matter the most. And when your husband does little acts of consideration everyday, I am pretty sure your heart would be filled with joy.

Like when he washes the dishes, which he normally doesn’t do, when you’re sick. Or when he does the grocery errands because you just simply want to rest on a weekend.

It feels good when your life partner knows how to show consideration with your feelings and situation. You don’t need to ask him to do things for you because he definitely understands what you’re going through. And he is willing to do what he can to help you or at least lessen your burden.


Most women have probably dreamed of marrying the best husband on Earth. But girls, you have to know that the perfect husbands (if they exist) don’t grow on trees.

Also, a man doesn’t marry a woman and become the perfect spouse a night after the honeymoon. It can’t just happen that way. My friends, great husbands are developed over time.

So if you’re new into this thing called marriage and you feel like you made the wrong choice, fret not. It’s just the beginning. Give it a chance and let yourselves grow, mature, and learn together.

And if you’re a married wife who sees the six underrated signs of the best husband from our list above, then we’re so happy for you. Now, give your husband a hug and kiss after reading this! You are both lucky to have found each other.