20 Best Beach Carts Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Beach Carts

We checked, tested, and tried many good beach carts and found the best one to be the Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon Cart, Blue/White. It’s a roomy cart with a 150 pounds weight capacity that comes pre assembled for your convenience. The cart has a compact design, durable fabric, and can be folded for easy storage. It resists mildew and UV rays and is easy to clean to boot.

All in all we shortlisted the following 20 beach carts for your shopping convenience. Each had some distinct quality that makes it stand out.

20 Best Beach Carts Reviews

1. Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon Cart, Blue/White

When you’re looking for a beach cart to cart your stuff to the beach you’re not seeking a complicated contraption that takes hours to assemble only to get stuck in the sand immediately afterwards. Mac Sports offers a beach cart that treats you just right.

It’s a heavy-duty cart made of tough fabrics and a sturdy metal frame that resists UV rays and the damage of salt sprays. In addition it’s collapsible and you can fold it within seconds to make up space in your car.

The cart comes pre-assembled so you can release a sigh of relief since you won’t have to fiddle with screws or try to align the drill holes with the bolts. This has all been taken care of by the experts and you can start loading the cart once you take it out of the box.Load capacity is a stunning 150 pounds. Imagine how many towels, snorkeling gear, beach balls, and lotions you can carry in that roomy and sturdy cart. When we tried to load it with the beach necessities of 5 people, it took everything and there was room for more.

But that’s not all. We’re just scratching the surface here. Other great features we loved include the adjustable handle. It’s a pain trying to maneuver an unwieldy cart stuck in the sand. But the handle allows you to pull the cart behind you with ease and comfort.


  • Large wheels for easy mobility.
  • Metal frame that resists rust and erosion.
  • Strong and UV-resistant fabric.
  • Collapsible and easy to fold.
  • Requires no assembly.
  • Adjustable handle.
  • Cup holders for your beverage.


  • Hard to handle on soft sand.
  • The pivot on front wheels is tricky.

2. Timber Ridge Folding Camping Wagon/Cart – Collapsible Sturdy Steel Frame Garden/Beach Wagon/Cart

We all know how tricky the sandy beach can be. Even your feet tend to sink in the sand and sometimes it’s hard to yank them out without spraining an ankle. So you can understand when a cart loses its footing and drowns in the endless sand under its own weight. But Timber Ridge took care of this problem.

The beach cart has a steel frame and a creative solution to the wheels being submerged in the sand. First off, you can’t help but notice the sturdy steel structure that distinguishes the cart from others on this list. This strength allows it to function on different surfaces with admirable ease.The load capacity is also good for a versatile cart that navigates different terrains. On the beach you can load it with 110 pounds of beach equipment while on hard land it can handle up to 150 pounds of your stuff.

The cart doesn’t require assembly and you can fold it and unfold it with ease. When folded, all you need is to push the button to release the mechanism that turns the packed lump of steel and fabric into a fully functional cart or wagon.


  • Versatile cart for different terrains.
  • Sturdy steel frame for strength and durability.
  • 150 pounds load capacity on hard land and 110 pounds on sand.
  • Rotating front wheels.


  • Back wheels don’t roll smoothly.
  • Problem of balance when the cart is on the move.

3. Sandusky Lee FCW5424 Heavy Duty Folding Wagon

Sandusky is a famous name in the world of beach equipment and accessories. Their products have a distinct quality and they really focus on your comfort. This heavy duty wagon functions well on the beach and comes with a fitted cover for your convenience.

The handle is adjustable and you won’t feel the drag of pulling the cart behind you on the loose sand. In addition, the wagon can be folded along with the handle and stored away when you’re not using it. It doesn’t take up much storage space.The frame is made of iron and to reduce the weight of the cart, the frame is made of tubes that offer durability without the heaviness of the metal. The durability of the cart is not just about the iron tubes. The fabric is strong and filled with foam for extra protection.

The wheels are large enough to spread the weight of the cart over the soft sand and prevent it from getting stuck. Moreover, the handle is attached to the front wheels which gives you a lot of leverage and eases the strain on your back and legs.


  • Heavy-duty cart made of iron tubing frame.
  • Foam-filled fabric for extra protection.
  • Sturdy front wheels attached to the handle.
  • Fitted cover.


  • Bolts tend to fall off easily.
  • Not easy to fold up.

4. Rio Brands WWWC5-4670 Wonder Wheeler Plus

The WWWC5-4670 from Rio Gear is more than just a beach cart. It’s a multi-purpose wagon that handles all your beach items with grace. From wheels in different sizes to added features, this is a cart worth your consideration.

The wheels on this cart deserve a lot of elaboration. There are 4 wheels. The two front wheels are small and nimble while the back wheels are large and sturdy. The different in size allows the cart to move gracefully on soft sand without getting bogged down.Thanks to a streamlined design, the weight of the load is mostly carried by the back wheels. As you push the cart, the front wheels are easy to manipulate and makes for smooth steering. And when you consider the sturdy frame you know you have a high-quality cart on your hands.

The body of the cart is made of durable mesh that’s easy to clean and maintain. And with a good load capacity of 75 pounds, this is a cart that you can use for various settings and purposes. From the beach to groceries, it won’t let you down no matter the terrain or load.


  • Sturdy wheels with big treads.
  • Streamlined design for maximum mobility.
  • 75 pounds load capacity.
  • Serves you on different terrains and purposes.


  • Wheels squeak.
  • Not easy to assemble.

5. Rio Beach Brands Deluxe Ultra Wonder Wheeler

Another good-quality cart from Rio Gear, the Deluxe Ultra Wonder lives up to its name with all the accessories it provides. The mesh pouch helps you separate and organize your beach stuff according to shape and weight. The utility tray is there for your drinks, phone, books, and whatever else you take with you to the beach.

You also have a cooler bag for keeping ice, and cold drinks and the odd fruit you bring with you. Even the umbrellas have their own place to hold them tight during your trek to and from the beach. Such thoughtfulness makes this wheeler really stand out.The wheels on this cart are a wonder in design and mobility. Each wheel is 10 inches wide and have deep treads to increase traction and prevent sagging in soft sand. The pneumatic tires give the cart the agility you’d expect from a cart that has to course its way through unfriendly sand.

The load capacity is a decent 100 pounds and with all the pouches and specialized spaces, you won’t have a problem carrying all the family’s items in one go instead of making various trips back and forth.


  • 10-inch pneumatic tires.
  • 100 pounds load capacity.
  • Plenty of pouches and spaces to hold different items.


  • Requires assembling.
  • Has a rubber tire smell.

6. Pink Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon Garden Cart Shopping Beach

When it comes to design complexity, less is better. At least that seems to be the principle behind the design of this cart from Pink Mac Sports. It’s a bit pricey for a simple cart that might as well have been designed by a kid in an art class. Still, it gets the job done.

In fact the cart looks to be more suitable for a child. There’s nothing complicated about the 4 equal-size wheels, foldable handle, or the open wagon concept. It’s all straightforward. You pile your towels, chairs, and umbrellas and drag the cart behind you.It’s so simple, it actually works better than other beach carts we have seen with more elaborate designs and complex frame structure. With a good frame it balances the weight over all 4 wheels to make it easy to pull or push it across the beach.

The cart is foldable and since it’s not especially designed for the beach, you can put it to use in different situations and scenarios. You can take it shopping and load it with your groceries, or during a trek when you go camping.


  • Simple and functional design.
  • Foldable cart to save space.
  • Can be used in different situations and scenarios.


  • Steep price.
  • Not easy to handle.

7. Challenger Mobility Folding Beach Cart Large Balloon Tires Challenger J2020 Sand and Beach Trolley

For anyone who’s tried lugging a heavy load of beach accessories on a cart across the hazardous terrain of sand, the common complaint is how the wheels get stuck in the sand. It’s such a regular complaint that Challenger Mobility decided to take up the challenge.

The answer to the problem of wheels sinking on the beach comes in the form of two gigantic wheels that will not sing or get bogged down under any circumstances. Then a simple metal frame cart was attached to these wheels. And that’s all you get. It’s probably all you need anyway.Carts are not the type of vehicles you like to parade or show off at the beach. But this cart will make heads turn for sure. The balloon tires stick out and give it a character that’s as much likable as it is functional.

The redeeming feature of this cart is its weight. It only weighs 18 pounds which makes it one of the lightest carts you can find in the market today. It also has a load capacity to match. You get to load 165 pounds of stuff without any complaints from the sturdy cart.


  • Two large balloon tires.
  • Only weighs 18 pounds.
  • 165 pounds load capacity.


  • Tires are prone to get punctured.
  • Tends to rust.

8. Mighty Max Cart Plus One All-Purpose Utility and Garden Cart with Black Tub and with All-Terrain Weatherproof Wheels

Some carts are more suited to the beach more than others. There’s nothing wrong with that. And while we try to review carts designed for the beach exclusively, sometimes we find an all-purpose cart that you can use just about everywhere, and not just the beach.

The Mighty Max Cart Plus One is one of those carts. You can use it in the garden, on the beach, or in the grocery store. It fits in every setting and it performs well no matter the terrain. Sand or concrete, its nimble wheels carry your load with ease and efficiency.The four wheels are of the same size for better weight balance. They are weather-resistant and will plow through sand as lightly as they cross puddles of water or compact ground. This is a trusty cart that will accompany you on every excursion or outdoor escapade.

The flatbed is expandable giving you more room to load even more items. It’s more suitable for the pragmatic person looking for more space and mobility than appearances. What this cart lacks in looks, it more than makes up for it in features and functionality.


  • All-purpose cart.
  • Handles sand, ground, and shallow water with ease.
  • Expandable flatbed.
  • 300 pounds load capacity on hard ground.


  • High price tag.
  • No spare parts available.

9. Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Wagon Beach Cart with Table – Black

Mac Sports of course is well established name in the world of outdoor furniture. The first cart we reviewed on this list won our admiration and respect. So we decided to take a closer look at the other products that roll out of this company. And we weren’t disappointed.

The all terrain wagon/beach cart lives up to its name and its company’s reputation. It’s sturdy, dependable, feature-rich, and quite affordable. You can’t ask for more from a simple vehicle that’s supposed to carry your stuff, right? And we gave it a try, or, in the lingo of auto enthusiasts, we gave it a spin.Yes the hype is true. This is an all terrain cart that handles itself with elegance and proficiency no matter where you take it. It didn’t get bogged down in the sand, nor did it get stuck in the mud. The light and strong wheels carried it through every path we took.

We also liked the metal frame and the way it collapsed easily so we could store it in the trunk of the car.


  • All-terrain wagon.
  • Sturdy metal frame.
  • Big light wheels.
  • Side table.
  • Adjustable handle.


  • No wheel locking mechanism.
  • Handle doesn’t stay up when extended.

10. Sekey Folding Wagon Cart Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon Garden Shopping Cart Beach Wagon

Not to be outdone and since the all-terrain war was raging, Sekey decided to come up with something even better. An all-terrain wagon that has an astounding 265 pound load capacity. I know what you’re thinking. It’s easy to make a beach cart large enough to carry a lot of stuff, but can it move on the beach when fully loaded?

To answer that we decided to test this huge capacity along with the cart’s wheels. We loaded the cart with all the beach chairs we could find, about a half dozen umbrellas, enough towels to keep a mid-size motel running and all the snorkeling gear we could borrow. We weighed the cart and it came up to 270 pounds. So we took out two chairs.Other features we liked include the adjustable handle, its easy set up, and its versatility. This is a cart that you’d like to have in your trunk whenever you decide to go spend some time in the wilderness.


  • All-terrain wheels.
  • 265 pounds load capacity.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Adjustable handle.


  • The cart is heavy.
  • Not rust-resistant.

11. Creative Outdoor 900250 Distributor Two Tone All-Terrain Wagon

We’re still with the all-terrain wagons and we couldn’t just let the opportunity slip without trying a few of those monsters. Creative Outdoor decided to get creative with their own version of the all-terrain carts. It has a hippy touch. I mean it’s not your average design.

Let me explain. Most carts we have seen have solid frames with sharp angles that limit your loading space. Not the 900250 though. It’s more like a hiker coming up with an elastic design that focuses more on carrying all their belongings rather than on looking good.

When you finish packing this cart with your beach stuff it will turn into an elongated and lumpy shape that might diminish your social status. But if your prestige is not your top most concern and you’re secure about the image your project, then this cart is for you.

The cart has a metal frame that is easy to fold and unfold. The fabric is durable 600 denier canvas. And the wheels will take you over gravel, sand, grass, or even mud without a hitch. We also liked the pockets and pouches in the body.


  • Light wagon with flexible design.
  • All-terrain wheels.
  • Decent load capacity.


  • Steel frame is not rust-resistant.

12. Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart

Having had enough of the all-terrain craze, we decided to go back and try the more traditional beach carts. You know, the ones with the regular wheels. Since the wheels are a vital part of the cart, the trick is to change the weight balance of the cart to increase the mobility of the wheels.

And that’s a solution Rio Brands is adopting with varying degrees of success. Take for example this wheeler. It has a set of four wheels. The back wheels are large and solid. The front wheels are small and flexible. Since the load is carried on the back of the cart, this makes steering the front wheels much easier.The load capacity is a decent 100 pounds which is the average for these types of beach carts. It has a metal frame and a sturdy mesh body. Mesh bodies are not bad but when the sad gets into your stuff, you’ll wish you had a denser fabric.


  • Large back wheels.
  • 100 pounds load capacity.
  • Handle with neoprene grip.


  • Noisy wheels.
  • Stitching tears open easily.

13. YSC Wagon Garden Folding Utility Shopping Cart,Beach (Black)

Some carts try to offer you convenience when there’s nothing else to distinguish them from the rest of the pack. The YSC cart is one such example. Designed specifically to be a garden wagon to carry your hoes and forks and fertilizers, the cart is being marketed to be used on the beach as well.

We put it to the test and had a meh reaction. We were neither thrilled nor greatly disappointed. Honestly, we didn’t find anything special about this cart/wagon. It comes pre-assembled which is the most convenient thing bout it.

It also has a metal frame and a polyester body like many other carts. The cart however was easy to handle, fold/unfold, and pull behind you. You won’t have to stain hard to make it move.


  • Polyester fabric.
  • Metal frame.
  • Easy to handle.


  • Small load capacity.

14. REDCAMP Folding Beach Wagon Cart with Big Wheels – 2.6″ Wide, 1200D Canvas All Terrain Collapsible Utility Wagon

Redcamp came up with something novel that makes this cart worth trying out. The cart can be either pushed or pulled. As you know most carts can only be pulled which isn’t a great option if you have a weak back or your leg muscles ache. With a push cart all your back troubles are over.

The cart is easy to put together and, when folded, takes up little space. That makes it convenient to store after usage. The cart weighs about 22.5 pounds and has a load capacity of 120 pounds.The metal frame and 1200 denier polyester canvas ensure its strength and durability. You can also use it in various settings, not just on the beach. It’s mostly for outdoor excursions whether you’re going shopping or hiking.


  • 120 pounds load capacity.
  • Metal frame.
  • Versatile usage.


  • Unwieldy handle.
  • Hard to maneuver.

15. Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Folding Wagon for kids and cargo

Probably the first thing that gets your attention about the Ultimate EZ from Radio Flyer is how it very much looks like a retro golf cart. The wheels, the canopy, and the straightforward design, all indicate that the designer is passionate about golf.

But that’s the resemblance with a golf cart doesn’t stop there. Inside the cart, you get two chairs facing each other. If you think the chairs are there to help you arrange your towels and books you would be mistaken. This is a vehicle to give your children a ride while you carry your other stuff to the beach.If that sounds like one of those features which nobody uses, you won’t be the first one to have that thought. There are safety concerns to think of especially when you’re transporting chairs and umbrellas along with your kids.


  • Telescoping handle.
  • Chairs to carry children.
  • Canopy for protection.


  • Wheels are poorly designed.
  • Back tailgate rattles.

16. Gorilla Carts GOR200B Poly Garden Dump Cart with Steel Frame and 10-Inch Pneumatic Tires

From an elaborate cart that carries people and cargo and looks like a golf cart to a simple cart that fits right in your back garden. Gorilla Carts are famous for putting functionality over looks. And the GOR200B is a perfect example of the company’s methodology.

This is a sturdy wagon made of metal. The only non-metal parts are the tires. So you know you’re getting something that will pass from one generation to the next. But the downside is the weight. This is one heavy cart and taking it to the beach would be a real challenge.In fact, this cart might work anywhere where the terrain is level and hard. Since the beach is sandy, it’s not an ideal setting.


  • Metal frame and body.
  • Pneumatic tires.
  • 600 pounds load capacity.


  • Heavy cart.
  • Not suitable for sand.

17. Timber Ridge Folding Camping Collapsible Sturdy Steel Frame Garden/Beach Wagon/Cart

You may have noticed that we try to cover as many different beach carts and brands as possible to give you a good idea of what’s on the market. This versatile cart from Timber Ridge brings a different flavor to our already saturated list.

You can use it anywhere you want to have a handy vehicle to move your belongings from point A to point B. So it works well in the garden, it fits right in on the beach, and you can take it when you go camping. It has a sturdy steel frame and won’t look out of place in a grocery store.The front wheels rotate while the back wheels are fixed. This makes it easy to steer this nifty cart and gives you better control even when it’s fully loaded.


  • 150 pounds load capacity.
  • Large back wheels with rubber treads.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Heavy and clunky.
  • Wheels and handle are made of plastic.

18. PORTAL Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon Quad Compact Outdoor Garden Camping Cart

The 7-inch wheels give this cart from Portal a distinct quality. But other than that you wouldn’t find anything that bumps it up the list. It has a simple design and doesn’t require any assembly. When folded it’s compact and you can unfold it with the push of a button.The steel frame and high-density polyester give it durability. You can also use it for a variety of occasions and events. Sports events, shopping, gardening, the beach, or when you go to a concert. Its suitability for the beach is in doubt especially with its 225 pounds load capacity.


  • Steel frame.
  • High-density polyester.
  • Multi-purpose and versatile.


  • Poor handle design.
  • Rather flimsy parts.

19. Sea Striker BRSC Beach Runner Fishing and Beach Cart

We wrap up our coverage of the best beach carts with this monster of a cart. It’s one of those carts that you can use it practically everywhere you go. Fishing, hiking, swimming, kayaking or anywhere where the terrain isn’t very friendly.

The wheels look like they were taken off your car. The metal frame is heavy-duty and solid. The lack of fabric makes it stand out anywhere you take it. The only question is, do you really need such an industry-grade cart to carry your chairs to the beach?


  • Gigantic wheels.
  • Heavy-duty rods.
  • Powder-coated steel for protection.


  • Hard to break down.
  • Not easy to carry around in your car.

20. Beach Cart with Folding Table/Drink Holders – Grey Frame/Black Table

We all know that no two beach carts are exactly the same. There has to be a one or more unique features that set each one apart from the rest. Otherwise choosing a beach cart would be as simple as closing your eyes and picking the nearest one to you.

BeachMall knows this and that’s why the company created a beach cart with a twist. It functions as a normal beach cart that takes everything you throw in it and carries them all to the beach with grace and ease. But once you get there you can lay the cart down on its face and use it as a beach table as well.Versatility is the name of the game as far as beach carts are concerned. And this cart that doubles as a folding table really knows one thing or two about versatility. The spun polyester gives this cart strength and durability that you will appreciate with every usage.

The cart has a decent load capacity of 75 pounds which is enough to carry 4 chairs, and all their accompanying umbrellas and towels and the other items you can’t do without on the beach.


  • Made of spun polyester for durability.
  • Two large wheels that glide on the sand.
  • Doubles as a foldable table.
  • 75 pounds load capacity.


  • Overpriced
  • Rivets break easily and table comes off frame.

Things to Consider Before Buy


It’s no secret that the beach isn’t the most welcoming environment for a beach cart. The sun, the sea spray, the sand, and the humidity, all can wreak havoc with your beach cart. From fading to mildew outbreaks, unless the cart is made of tough material, it stands no chance against the merciless elements.

For that, you’ll need a cart made of top quality and durable materials. Such as steel or aluminum frames that don’t rust or succumb to erosion. Make sure the frames are powder-coated because that makes them resistant to damages of UV rays and salt water. And while steel is more durable than aluminum, it also makes the cart heavier and less wieldy.


Let’s not the main reason you’re buying a beach cart. It’s so that you can load it with all your beach stuff and pull it down to the beach. Instead of carrying a bunch of items of varying sizes and weights, you want a roomy cart to take the whole load.

The cart’s weight capacity gives you a good idea of whether it will help or hinder your beach plans. A 75-pound weight capacity might be too small for you especially if you have a large family and many towels and lotions and slippers need to be carted every day. On the other hand, a large cart might prove to be difficult to handle. So choose wisely as you navigate through the reviews below.


Have you tried a loaded cart down the beach in wet sand and against the wind for that matter? It’s not fun, right? Now imagine you’re carrying a lot of stuff and the cart is already heavy and unwieldy. That doesn’t make for a fun trip to the beach, right?

One of the reasons that weight is an important factor to consider when choosing your beach cart is that you might have to make this trip back and forth every day of your beach vacation. And the main cause of this unnecessary weight is the frame material. Steel is heavy while aluminum frames make for an agile and easy to handle cart.

Wheel Size

The wheels of your cart can sink it in the sand, literally speaking. It all depends on the size of said wheels. Small wheels are harder to get any traction on the sand and when the cart is loaded will sink deeper.

A cart with large wheels is easy to maneuver the softest of sands and make your trip both to and from the beach as easy and hassle free as possible. Check the size of the wheels of the cart before you purchase it and make sure they have treads to navigate all types of sand from coarse to soft and anything in between.


The frame of the cart is the one that gives it durability and strength. A shaky frame gives you a wobbly cart that swings from side to side as you push it on the sand and ends up on its side. The best frames are made either of steel or aluminum.

Steel frames are sturdy, rust-resistant and can handle any weight you drop in the cart. However, these frames are usually heavy and that extra weight diminishes the mobility of the cart. Aluminum frames don’t rust and are lightweight. That doesn’t make them less sturdy so they’re considered a better option.


Of course beach carts don’t transport themselves to the beach. If you try to ride a beach cart down the road you’ll end up with a traffic violation. Usually, sensible people take these carts in the back of their cars to the beach.

So you need to have a cart that’s easy to fold and takes up minimum space in the trunk. Folding the cart shouldn’t be any trouble since you’ll be doing it twice a day throughout your vacation. So check the foldability of the cart before you buy it. If the cart is not foldable you’ll need to think twice because cramming it inside your car will give you more trouble than necessary.


A beach cart is a seasonal vehicle. You only use it during certain days when you’re on the beach. But despite this low usage, the cart should stand up to the harsh treatment it receives during its busy days. How you check the carts durability depends on two things, frame and fabric.

The frame should be the first indication of how durable your cart is. Steel and aluminum are both good candidates for a cart that lives on for years. The fabric should be UV-resistant, handle a splash of salt water without cracking, and sheds off sand without giving it a second thought.

Easy to Clean

As we have seen so far, the cart’s fabric can be all the difference between a joyful trip to the beach or one mired in wet sand. Even if your cart falls on its side in the wet and gritty sand, that shouldn’t be a concern for you. A good cart is easy to clean.

In most cases you’ll just need to brush off the sand and maybe use a wet cloth to wipe away any dirt or grime that sticks to the fabric or the frame. This feature makes your life a lot easier since you’ll be more concerned about cleaning the sand off your body rather than spending a lot of time ferreting coarse sand grains out of the squeaky wheels.


And here we are at last. You made it. We reviewed 21 beach carts and we lived to tell the tale. Our editor’s choice is of course the Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon Cart, Blue/White We liked the fact that it doesn’t need assembly, is easy to set up and is relatively light.

We also liked its 150 pounds load capacity, the heavy-duty frame, and the adjustable handle among other appealing features. For all of that and more we recommend this beach cart for your next beach vacation.

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