13 Best Backpack Vacuums Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Backpack Vacuums

Does cleaning time leave your arms aching and shoulders sore? Do you dread the day you have to vacuum the place because of all the strain on your back and all the bending and straightening up? Well, worry no more. Because now you can strap your vacuum on your back like a backpack and do your cleaning faster and with less effort.

Backpack vacuums are the latest fad to gain traction in home cleaning. Out of all the appliances we tried we liked the ProTeam Backpack Vacuums, Super CoachVac Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Media Filtration and Telescoping Wand Tool Kit best. It’s an all-in-one vacuum that cleans everything from low-pile carpets to hard-to-reach corners. It has high capacity and the advanced filtering system prevents dust from flying everywhere.

We reviewed more than a dozen backpack vacuums just to make sure we got everything in the market covered. Here are the products we reviewed.

13 Best Backpack Vacuums Reviews

1. ProTeam Backpack Vacuums, Super CoachVac Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Media Filtration and Telescoping Wand Tool Kit, 10 Quart, Corded 

Comfort, power, and high-capacity are the main features that distinguish this backpack vacuum and sets it apart from the competition. If you’ve read the introduction you’ll know by now that this nifty vacuum is our editor’s choice. It has everything you need from a mobile vacuum that hangs lightly to your back and doesn’t pester you with its noise.

Sitting pretty at 11 pounds, the ProTeam is at the low end on the weight scale. Its compact dimensions make it easy to carry, strap on and move around without much hassle. Add to that a 50-inch power cord and you know you’ll have a wide range of motion to cover a large area of your home.

The noise level is also rather low and averages 66 decibels. You can use earplugs but in most cases that wouldn’t be necessary. You can still listen to music from the nearby stereo system and hum along as well. In addition, it has an ergonomic handle, and the suction tube comes with plenty of accessories to suit every area, corner, and angle in your home.


  • High-capacity filter system.
  • HEPA media filter for advanced filteration.
  • Plenty of accessories.
  • Low noise output.
  • Only 11 pounds in weight.
  • 4 levels of filtration.


  • Not suitable for some tight places.
  • High price tag.

2. Atrix – VACBP1 HEPA Backpack Vacuum Corded 8 Quart HEPA Bag 4 Level Filtration Attachments

When you’re looking for a compact and lightweight backpack vacuum that hangs to your back without much drag and delivers high-grade vacuuming, then the Atrix won’t disappoint you. At 10.3 pounds it’s lighter than the ProTeam and it has a low profile as well with 12” wide x 20” high x 9” deep dimensions.

The double functionality of sucking and blowing means you can use this nifty tool to suck up dirt as well as blowing it off surfaces at the same time. In addition, it works well for both left-handed as well as right-handed people. Shifting it from one arm to the other is a convenience feature.

The power cord is on the low side and ranges from 22 to 37 inches. But don’t let that discourage you since the accessories more than make up for this shortcoming. The Atrix comes with 3 blower nozzles, a crevice tool, an air-driven turbo brush, a floor brush, a furniture nozzle, and a round brush.

The HEPA filter ensures power and high capacity. And although the Atrix has a filter that’s only 8 quarts compared to the ProTeam’s 10 quarts, it still gives you enough mileage to go through a mid-sized home on a single run.


  • The dual functionality of sucking and blowing.
  • Loads of accessories.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • Lightweight and compact.


  • Power cord on the low side.
  • A high noise level that requires earplugs.
  • Not very durable.

3. GV 8 Qt Light Powerful Backpack Vacuum Loaded

With a 4-stage HEPA filtration system, a power nozzle that is best suited for high-pile carpets, and smooth operation, the GV 8 QT is a powerful backpack vacuum that’s hard to pass. Even if you’re in the process of shortlisting your prospective vacuum, this one should come at, or at least near, the top of the shortlist.

At only 10 pounds, this is the second lightest backpack vacuum you can find on this list. With small dimensions to match, it won’t strain your back or shoulders when you strap it on and get cleaning. The extension cord is only 25 inches which is why this nifty appliance is not our best choice.

Regardless of that drawback, there are other features that distinguish this vacuum and gives it its rightful place on your consideration list. The filtration system has four stages to make it easier to clean just about any surface in your house. High-pile carpets are not a problem as the nozzle makes its way across your carpet and picks up every strand of hair or speck of dust.

The accessories include an upholstery mini-head, a multi-surface turbo nozzle, and a waist strap storage tool. The hose design allows it to expand from 3 feet to 11 feet for convenience and wide reach.


  • Lightweight and compact.
  • 4-stage filtration system.
  • Plenty of accessories.


  • Short cord.
  • Overheats easily.

4. Hoover Commercial Lightweight Backpack Vacuum, C2401

Hoover is such a household brand name that in the UK it’s what people call a vacuum no matter its brand. A few years ago the best joke in Britain involved a Hoover, not because the vacuum is a laughing matter but because it worked so well collecting dust.

So, of course, we had to try one or two Hoovers. And we weren’t disappointed. The Hoover lives up to its name and delivers in the areas of weight, efficiency, and filtering system. It stands at 9.2 pounds which is really really light when you come to think about it.

Convenience doesn’t stop with the weight though. The straps are similar to the ones used by chiropractors to reduce the strain and increase your comfort as you go around sucking up dirt. The 48-inch cord lets you clean faster without the need to stop to change outlets.

The Hoover also excels with its wide assortment of attachments. An 11-inch turbo floor tool is handy with all types of floors, and the 6-inch crevice tool lets you access any narrow nook or cranny in your place.


  • 9.2 pounds in weight.
  • HEPA filtering system.
  • Chiropractor-designed straps.
  • Quiet operation.


  • Bulky canister.
  • The dirt bag isn’t easy to empty.

5. GV 10 QT Commercial Backpack Vacuum with Warranty

The first brand to have a double feature on your list is the GV. This tells you something about its quality and popularity among customers. It has all the good features of the previous GV we reviewed earlier as well as some appealing qualities of its own.

For starters, this is a commercial backpack vacuum. This means that it works well both at your home, office, or factory. It has a powerful engine along with a structure made of aluminum for extra the lightness and convenience that you expect from this brand.

At 11 pounds, it’s still easy to put it on without getting much strain. But it’s the filtration power and capacity that really sets it apart. With a 10 quart filter, it’s as good as our top choice, the ProTeam vacuum.

Tools and accessories add to its functionality and give it power no matter where you use it. The deluxe floor tool, the air driven power mini head, the duster brush, and the crevice tool, all allow you to give the place a thorough cleaning with minimum effort.


  • Aluminum canister for extra lightness.
  • 10-quart filter.
  • Commercial vacuum with a powerful motor.
  • Loads of accessories.


  • The power cord on the short side.
  • Attachments are not sturdy.

6. Powr-Flite BP6S Comfort Pro Backpack Vacuum, 6 Quart Capacity

Comfort and adjustability are the top features that put the Power-Flite BP6S on our radar. The harness has many adjustable points that let you tighten it up on your back no matter your body shape or size. Once it’s on your back, its weight and comfortable harness make it easy to carry on your cleaning duty without distractions.

The 50-inch power cord is another necessary feature for your vacuum. That way you can cover a large area without the need to change power outlets. But the most striking feature that we liked about this vacuum was the built-in tool belt. It lets you conveniently pick your accessory of choice and replace it on the fly.

The HEPA filtration system has four stages for deep cleaning. You’ll need this extra power as you go about sucking up every last bit of dirt in your home. The accessories don’t let you down either. You have a 5-inch upholstery tool, a 14-inch power glide carpet tool, another 17-inch crevice tool, and a 3-foot dusting tool among others.


  • HEPA filtration.
  • Adjustable and comfortable harness.
  • Convenient built-in tool belt.
  • 50-inch power cord.


  • The motor is not durable.
  • Not convenient to switch from left- to right-hand operations.

7. ProTeam Backpack Vacuums, ProVac FS 6 Commercial Backpack Vacuum with HEPA Media Filtration and Restaurant Tool Kit, 6 Quart, Corded

Since ProTeam has proven to be such a top-quality product, we had to try another vacuum and see if they could outdo themselves. The ProVac FS 6 is not exactly top of the line when it comes to power or quality, still, it has its merits and affordability is not something to sniff at.

But if the low price wasn’t good enough to sway your mind, maybe the restaurant tool kit would. This is a tool kit designed to tackle the toughest of stains and deal with them efficiently and with minimum hassle. Throw in a 50-inch power cord and you got yourself a practical appliance to deal with your house cleaning.

The four-level HEPA filtration system gives you good-quality air and plenty of power that you can only get from a commercial-grade backpack vacuum.


  • 50-inch cord.
  • Four-level HEPA filter.
  • Affordable price.


  • Not easy to plug in the attachments.

8. Sanitaire EURSC412B Quiet Clean Backpack Lightweight Vacuum, 8.5 Amps Power, 21″ Length x 10-1/2″ Width x 10-1/2″ Height, Black/Red

As we have seen so far, not all backpack vacuums are suitable for certain narrow areas and crevices. You might need to stop the appliance, remove the nozzle and plug in another more suitable one. This wastes time and breaks the rhythm you’ve already established.

Sanitaire EURSC412B is designed specifically to address this unproductive situation, streamline your cleaning, and save you time in the process. As a lightweight vacuum with 8.5 amps of power, you know right away you got a powerful vacuum buzzing on your back. What you can do with all this power is up to you. But know this, some dirt really needs all the vacuuming power you can get.

The HEPA filter has wonderful cleaning abilities and you’ll see it in action once you push the ON button. Accessories and attachments are a good addition.


  • Lightweight and powerful.
  • 8.5 amps power.
  • HEPA filter.


  • More suitable for offices than homes.

9. Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum

Hoover packs a punch with a 7.4 amps motor and a lightweight vacuum with dual functionality. It has a blower that gives you the option to chase the dust instead of collecting it. Think of your car seats and how it’s much better to blow the dust off them.

The compact design of the vacuum lets you reach the remote corners in your place that a regular vacuum has trouble getting to. The extendable hose is useful for just that purpose. Or course when you buy a Hoover, you expect nothing less than premium quality and top craftsmanship. The CH30000 delivers on all levels.


  • 7.4 amps powerful motor.
  • Lightweight.
  • Dual functionality with a built-in blower.
  • Extendable hose.


  • Not efficient on hardwood floors.

10. Makita 193472-7 Dust Extraction Attachment with Makita XCV05ZX 8V X2 LXT Lithium-Ion 36C Brushless Cordless 1/2 gallon HEPA Filter Backpack Dry Vacuum with Tool Adapters

As far as cordless and brushless backpack vacuums go, the Makita 193472-7 is well worth your consideration. We already discussed how cordless vacuums are more convenient than the ones that need to be plugged in, so we’ll focus here on some of the more distinct features that we liked about this vacuum.

Its filtering system can handle particles of all sizes, including the tiny ones that other vacuums failed to pick up. The lithium-ion battery can last for up to 90 minutes on low settings and 60 minutes of operation on high settings. Add in the high capacity of the vacuum and you know you got a reliable appliance to take care of all your cleaning details.


  • Cordless vacuum.
  • It offers up to 90 minutes of operations.
  • High-capacity.
  • Cleans tiny particles.


  • Batteries not included.

11. ProTeam Super CoachVac Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner With Power head,Grey,1. 8pc powerhead kit & 10 bags

We couldn’t help ourselves when we saw this vacuum from ProTeam. As you already know, we fell in love with the two products that come from this company and when we saw this one, we knew it had a place in our review.

The 10-quart HEPA filtration system gives you hours of cleaning without the need to clean the dirt bag. Like all commercial-grade vacuums, this one can be used just about anywhere you like. Your home, your garage, your vehicle, or even your office if you have one.

The only drawback we found with this otherwise efficient vacuum was that the telescoping wand doesn’t grab the attachments tightly. This makes replacing the tools less than convenient. But other than that we were totally satisfied with its performance.


  • 10-quart filtration system.
  • Commercial grade and versatile.
  • It can be used in different settings.


  • The telescoping wand is faulty.

12. GV 6 Qt Backpack Vacuum with Commercial Tool Kit

GV brings this roundup of the best backpack vacuums to a close. And we couldn’t find a better vacuum to end our list. With only 12 pounds in weight, this light vacuum works best on hard floors.

Power is the middle name of the GV and with a 10 amps motor, you know you got plenty of power in your hands. Something else you got on your hands is plenty of accessories that help you clean the various surfaces and tight places you got in your home or vehicle.


  • Molded polyethylene body.
  • 10 amps motor.
  • 12 pounds in weight.


  • Fragile attachments.

13. Shop-Vac 2860010 6.5-Peak HP Industrial BackPack Vacuum

If power cords have been bugging you lately and you still worry that even a 50-inch cord won’t be enough and might trip your cat, Shop-Vac 28600 decided to do away with cords altogether. Powered by a battery, this backpack vacuum will go where no other vacuum before it dared to go.

As an industrial vacuum, it packs power and reliability along with some tantalizing features. It comes with a 4-foot lock-on hose, 2 metal extension wands that can be locked as well. The nozzles handle a lot of surfaces and you get a disposable fine dust collection bag and a cartridge filter.

It cleans carpets and upholstery with the same ease it takes care of the inside of your car, your camper, and any other place you need to be cleaned.


  • Industrial-grade vacuum.
  • Cordless.


  • A little heavy because of the battery.
  • Rather expensive.

Thing to Consider Before Buy


Since we’re talking about backpack vacuums strapped on your back, then the first thing you should be concerned with is how much does it weigh. You’d want the vacuum to be not so heavy that it leaves you sore after every cleaning.

On average your regular backpack vacuum weighs between 10 and 18 pounds. The lighter is, of course, the better so make sure to check the product’s weight before buying it. In addition, you want to take into consideration the dimensions of the vacuum itself. Even a light one can be cumbersome to carry around if it’s too big for your frame.


By length, we mean the length of the power cord. The backpack vacuum wouldn’t be much good if it only had a short power cord that needed to be plugged in every room in the house. That defeats the purpose of having a mobile vacuum that you can take anywhere inside your place. Look for a power cord between 35 and 50 inches.

A long power cord allows you to move around freely and clean faster. Imagine if you had to stop every time you finished a corner to unplug the appliance, look for the nearest power socket in the new area that you need to clean and plug it in. That’s time-consuming and makes the cleaning process slower rather than faster.

Length of the Vacuum Tube

Tall people will need a vacuum tube that is a little longer than most other people. But even if you’re not a basketballer, you’d still need a vacuum tube that is long enough to reach just about anywhere you want it to go without having to bend.

Ideally, you’d have a vacuum hose that extends from your arm to the floor and covers a good arc in front of you without you needing to lean forward or bend. Bending not only causes back pain but also means you’ll be carrying the weight of the vacuum on your back.

Suction Power

Whether it’s a backpack or a regular vacuum that rests on the floor, you need to pay extra attention to the suction power. Powerful vacuums clean faster and don’t require you run the hose on the same spot over and over just to get the last speck of dust off the floor.

Suction power also makes it easy to get the most stubborn objects that hide inside the carpet fluff and remove your pet’s hair off the sofa. The filtering system has a lot to do with the suction power of the vacuum.

Noise Level

Remember that this is a vacuum strapped on your back and any amount of noise it emits will go directly to your ears. So the quieter the machine the better of course. No kind of noise-canceling headphones can handle the noise that a loud vacuum produces, let alone one that’s directly behind your ears.

Most of the backpack vacuums we reviewed here have a noise level that ranges between the low 60s and high 70s decibels. You should go for a vacuum that purrs rather than roars. You wouldn’t want to be taking a couple of Advils every time you do house cleaning.


The filter system is just as important as the suction power as far as backpack vacuums are concerned. A good filter system allows you to go through the whole house without having to stop every now and then to clean the filters or discharge the dirt.

A good filter also means you clean the place so thoroughly the quality of the air itself improves after you’re done. Check the filtering system in your chosen vacuum before you buy it. Filtering certification is a thing and a vacuum with such certification means it has a good quality filter.


Capacity here refers to the filtering system. A backpack vacuum with a large capacity means it can clean a large house without the need to stop your cleaning just so that you can clean the clogged filters.

On average a vacuum with 7 quarts or more of filter capacity is good enough for a mid-size place. If you have a large place then aim for a vacuum with 10 quarts or even more. Capacity is just as important as low noise output and high suction power.


The accessories that come with or can be plugged into your backpack vacuum can mean all the difference between a comfortable and quick cleaning job and a slow and tiring one. Check what attachments can be used with the vacuum you want to buy.

Some attachments are for narrow corners while others let you reach high ceilings and get the last hair left by your dog or cat from under the couch or bed. Don’t overlook this feature because it will save you a lot of time and hassle later on.


After the buyer’s guide and the comprehensive review of the best backpack vacuums, we hope you now have a better idea of what to expect and probably have already made up your mind about which vacuum you want.

On our part, we chose the ProTeam Backpack Vacuums, Super CoachVac Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Media Filtration and Telescoping Wand Tool Kit. The raw power, the reliability, the low-noise output, and the plethora of accessories, these are some of the factors that helped us decide. For that, we recommend this backpack vacuum for all your cleaning details.

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