Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix–Physical Look, Lifespan and Temperament

Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix-Everything You Need to Know

The Australian Shepherd and the Corgi are beautiful dog breeds. When both strains are interbred, you have the Aussie Corgi, which is informally referred to as the Augie. Being that both parents have significant herding instincts, the Aussie corgi is an avid herder. This designer dog has an enormous love for attention and interacting with other people.

The Australian Shepherd corgi mix inherits the stubby legs that the Corgi is famed for. This hybrid dog has a round face and triangular ears. Indeed, this dog has a strong penchant for sensing body language and the emotional disposition of its owner. It is playful and energetic. This designer dog sheds all through the year. Overall, the Aussie Corgi is a healthy dog.

There is so much you would love to know about this incredible dog mix. Do you know its average lifespan? What are the grooming needs of the Aussie Corgi? Is this hybrid dog protective? How well will an Aussie Corgi roll with your family, your kids, and other animals? Lastly, what are the feeding and exercise routines of the Aussie Corgi? These and more valuable pieces of information we will learn down this guide.

Physical Characteristics (Size and Physical Look)

While there is no infinite certainty about how a hybrid dog would turn out, the majority of Aussie Corgis we have seen share some common features. This forms the standard we will be talking of.

The Aussie Corgi has short legs. This is typically what you get from a corgi – or even shorter. This hybrid dog has double coats, which is relatively thick and silky.

For the size, the Aussie Corgi has a small stature. It has a height range of 10-13 inches. Interestingly, this designer dog can weigh anywhere from 20lbs. to 30lbs.

The facial features are majorly determined by which parent’s genes dominate in the genetic makeup of the Aussie Corgi. If the Corgi’s genes come on top, expect your Aussie Corgi to have a significantly rounded body with stubbier logs.    

Commonly, this dog has a tapered muzzle with the eyes coming as triangular – folding to the side in the case where the Australian Shepherd’s genes are prominent. The Corgi heritage of the Aussie Corgi can also make the ears stand out.

The eyes are mostly almond shape and scarcely rounded. The eye color varies from blue to brown.


In some cases, your Aussie can live as long as 15 years or about 12 years. The average lifespan of this hybrid sits somewhere around 13 years. This is for a healthy Aussie Corgi with no major health handicap and is well cared for and fed.

Grooming Needs

The Aussie Corgi has two layers of coat and is non-hypoallergenic. This hybrid dog sheds all through the year. The Aussie Corgi needs to be well-groomed. Indeed, it should be brushed at least once in a day.

This goes a long way in keeping their coat clean and free of tangling. If your Aussie Corgi loves going out, then you should bathe it at least once in 2 weeks. Considering the perpetual shedding habit of the Aussie Corgi, you would be vacuuming it regularly as well.

You need to be equipped with some grooming tools like brush, hair clipper, combs, and grooming dryer. Nonetheless, we highly discourage brushing behind the legs of your Aussie Corgi or under its chin.

When bathing your Aussie Corgi, you should use a high-quality shampoo that keeps its coat clean and protect its fur. Preferably, go for a shampoo that is enriched with jojoba oil and coconut oil. Sure, this enhances skin hydration. This type of shampoos is very effective in reducing dryness and itching, in addition to around-the-clock protection of the fur.


The Aussie Corgi is a lively and affectionate dog. It is loyal but also prone to a sporadic display of self-dependence is can easily pass up as stubbornness.

Given the abundant herding habits of their parents, the Aussie Corgi is an excellent herder. Yes, this dog loves being lavished with love and time. It wants to be the center of attention.

They don’t hesitate to register their displeasure when they feel they are being mishandled or forced inappropriately. The Aussie Corgi takes after the famed barking abilities of the Corgi.

Nonetheless, the Aussie Corgi is an intelligent dog, with an acute aptitude for learning and adopting tricks and training. Of course, this dog breed isn’t the easiest to train as they are not totally subservient to your authority – especially at the start. They require an experienced hand to tackle them, given their reluctance to follow your orders.

Take note, a “dictatorial” or forceful training regimen may not result in much good for your Aussie Corgi. You have to be empathetic when establishing your authority on the Aussie Corgi. Don’t violently rebuke it when it goes wrong and use treats when it does your bidding. It is a gradual process.

The good news is that the Aussie Corgi is more collected than the Corgi, which is famed for its hyperactive nature. No doubt, this dog mix loves a lot of exercises, being a dog hybrid with a lot of stamina.

They can engage in high-intensity drills and not get worn out easily. They will not run away from rugged work either.

Exercise Needs

The Australian Shepherd Corgi mix is an athletic dog with seemingly boundless energy. It needs a lot of exercise; otherwise, it gets prone to destructive habits and even aggression.

Daily walks are a core part of the workout of these dogs. We recommend that you walk your Aussie corgi out at least two hours every day. Walking out with your dog and playing with your dog also consolidates the bond between you and the Aussie Corgi. This makes it more loyal to you and submissive to your authority.

Given the energetic nature of your Aussie Corgi, it may not be satisfied with just daily walks. In that case, this can be supplemented with more activities like hiking, running, and swimming.

Particularly, Aussie corgis have a unique love for playing fetch and Frisbie. These sorts of games are adept at enhancing the coordination skills of your Aussie Corgi. Ah, your Aussie corgi loves a lot of swimming.

However, ensure that after your Aussie Corgi is through with its swimming, bathe the dog. This goes a long way in reducing the chlorine on its fur and possible dirt as well.

Aussie Corgi

Health Risks

The Australian Shepherd and the Corgi – the parent breeds of the Aussie Corgi – are healthy dogs. This makes the Aussie Corgi less prone to significant health issues. Despite this consolidated immunity, this dog mix is a bit susceptible to injuries.

The Aussie Corgi is also prone to muscular issues. Given its small size, you would see this dog mix struggling with joint and back issues, and even epilepsy. The Aussie Corgi is also prone to problems like obesity, deafness, and eye issues.

There are also cases where your Aussie Corgi can suffer excessive shedding. This extends past its typical shedding season. The Aussie Corgi is also mildly prone to other conditions like drug sensitivity, urinary stones, degenerative myelopathy, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), and von Willebrand’s disease.


The Aussie Corgi needs a modest ration of high-quality foods. We frown at feeding this dog mix with fillers. The Aussie Corgi doesn’t need to be fed excessively.

This is because it is a small dog, making it more vulnerable to obesity when it is overfed. They have a small stature and build, which is ideal for their skeletal makeup. Causing weight spikes in your Aussie Corgi (which is triggered by overfeeding) will increase the strain on the spines of your dog – giving them more than they can conveniently carry.

Make sure to spread their daily ration across the day in small meals. Aussie Corgis are not large eaters and won’t eat much at a go.  

Are Australian Shepherd Corgi Mixes Protective?

Aussie Corgis are great herders. This makes them naturally protective, especially of their families. An Aussie corgi can be excessively alert or suspicious when a new face comes in. These protective instincts can be significantly reduced if you socialize your Aussie Corgi early enough.

How Much Does an Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix Cost?

The cost of your Aussie corgi most times will depend on the breeder. We have seen most breeders tend to charge from $700-$1200.

Indeed, the Aussie Corgi is well-loved, making most breeders have a lengthy waiting list of people who want this designer dog.

Typically, such breeders will ask to part with a non-refundable $200 as an initial deposit to register concrete interest. It is, however, important to find reputable breeders who can give you an Aussie Corgi you will love.

Over time, we have noticed some characteristics of bad breeders who you should keep a sizable distance from.

Most of these bad breeders will always tell you they have the exact pup you are looking for (any day, any time). Yes, they will tell you they always have multiple litters for you to come and pick from and dangle convenient payment channels like paying via credit card in your eyes.

This is questionable. The Aussie Corgi is a highly selective dog mix that is well sought after. It is not a dog mix that is perpetually available. If a breeder tells you so, it is highly likely the Aussie corgis are unhealthy, or he has a bad reputation already that other prospective buyers are scared of.

Always spare time to meet the breeder in person and check out the Aussie mix before buying it. There, you can check out the healthiness of the Aussie. Also, make sure to ask for proofs of the breeding rights of the breeder and health tests for the Aussie Corgi.

A reputable breeder is emotionally connected to his pups. He is far more interested in the appropriateness of the family the pup is going into than the money you would pay for the Aussie Corgi. A good breeder will always seek out the buyer that can take the best care of the Aussie Corgi pup.

Is an Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix Right for Me?

Obviously, not every personality (or family) gets along easily with the Aussie Corgi. To tell if the Australian Shepherd Corgi mix is right for you, let us point out some of the good sides to having an Aussie corgi and the downsides as well.

If you particularly love the selling points of the Aussie Corgi, and you can put up with its not-so-nice features, then the Aussie Corgi is the right mix for you. Let us start with the lovelies, shall we?

Aussie Corgis are fantastic family dogs. Correct, they enjoy spending time with their owner and family! They are well tolerant of kids as well. Aussie Corgis have remarkable intelligence as well.

Aussie Corgis are smart. They are alert and emotionally sensitive, as well. Their energetic nature ensures that you have more opportunities to keep fit and enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Of course, there are the negatives as well. This dog breed needs a lot of attention and activity. It is not the type that will readily leave you to your space. It gets bored too quickly and requires regular stimulation.

It will habitually jump on you, playfully pull you off the sofa, and drag you outdoors for play. Its adventurous and energetic nature makes it unfit for thorough indoor life. If you don’t engage your Australian Shepherd Corgi mix enough, it would feel rejected and possibly develop negative habits.

As we said, you need to commit at least 2 hours every day to exercise this dog. If you don’t have that time to spare, the Aussie Corgi is not suitable for you.

The Aussie Corgi isn’t fit for you if you live in apartments with limited space. The Aussie corgi loves to explore. You can’t lock it up in a cage.

Instead, the Corgi is befitting for large homes with enough space for the Aussie corgi to play around and explore. Clearly, this is mainly those big homes with large yards.

Best Climate for an Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix

The Aussie Corgi can tolerate both hot and cold temperatures – although they excel better at surviving cold weather due to their double coats.

The Attention an Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix Needs

Aussie corgis love a lot of attention. They need to be persistently interacted with as they are not dogs that excel in isolation. Your Aussie corgi loves to be part and parcel of all family events – being the “superstar” of your home.

Compatibility with Kids and Other Animals

Aussie corgis are not aggressive around kids or other animals. They are more receptive to cohabiting with other dogs and animals. Interestingly, they are not excessively conscious of their space.

Aussie corgis are lovely and gentle around kids. They love playing with them a lot. However, due to the inherent herding impulses of the Aussie corgi, it could nip at the back of your kids, especially when your kids run from it.

However, such instincts can be largely subdued with early socialization and consistent training. Just ensure your Aussie corgis starts mixing with people and going outdoors early enough.

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