Are Dogs Allowed in Starbucks? (8 Questions & Answers)

Are Dogs Allowed in Starbucks

Dogs are arguably the most popular pets in the world, and we usually do a lot of our chores together with dogs especially when they are service dogs. While we are out together with our furry pal, there are some moments wherein we might want to stop by Starbucks for a quick cup of coffee. But what about old Fido? Are dogs allowed in Starbucks while you go get your cup of Joe?

According to the official Starbucks pet policy: Pets are not allowed in Starbucks stores to avoid health code violations. Starbucks permits service animals in its stores. The definition of service animals may vary according to state and local laws.

In general, Starbucks might be considered to be neutral when it comes to whether or not dogs are allowed in their stores because it really just depends on the store. Still, when it comes to service dogs, it is unethical for any Starbucks store or any other type of store to restrict such animals from entering the premises. So, if you want to learn more about Starbucks and their policy on dogs, read on to inform yourself.

Is Starbucks Dog Friendly?

Generally, Starbucks is a dog-friendly company that loves dogs and are nice to your furry pets. When you bring a pet along with you in one of your visits to their stores, they are even nice and friendly enough to give your dog a puppuccino (a free drink for your dog) if you ask for one in a respectful manner.

But just because Starbucks is friendly towards your dog it doesn’t really mean that they will always welcome old Fido when you allow him to tag along with you. This further leads us to Starbucks’ pet policy.

Starbucks Pet Policy

The policy of Starbucks when it comes to dogs is that, although they may be friendly towards their pets and their employees are asked to be courteous and respectful to you and your furry friend, they still are not allowed to enter the store premises.

Still, though, there have been cases wherein dogs have been allowed in a Starbucks store for one reason or another such as when the employees are a bit lax in implementing the store policy or when the pet is a service dog.

Starbucks Service Dog Policy

Unlike pet dogs, service dogs are considered to be professionals that are hired by the “owner” not as pets but as actual “employees” that help them in many different ways such as telling the owner that it is time for him or her to take his or her meds or by assisting the person in a lot of different manners.

You can read in Psychology Today that dogs are great for those suffering from PTSD because they offer their owners a sense of calm and companionship that will allow the person to feel less stressed about his or her past trauma.

In that sense, Starbucks does not regard service dogs as “pets” but as actual employees that are recognized to be helpful when it comes to the different conditions suffered by their owners and when it comes to making sure that the customer is safe and assured throughout his or her entire visit in one of the company’s stores.

The problem, however, is that not all employees are aware of this policy and are too strict when it comes to their policy against dogs in a Starbucks store.

That is why, on the Starbucks website, Joe Thornton, Starbucks division senior vice president, said in an article that they will always welcome service dogs and that they are committed to educating their employees regarding their policies on service dogs.

That article post came after an incident wherein a customer had a negative experience regarding his concerns about how a Starbucks employee was unaware of the company’s policy on service dogs.

But the problem on the other side is that some owners do tend to be a bit too abusive with this policy and are trying to disguise their pet dogs as service dogs just so they can skirt the Starbucks policy on pets. This is where Starbucks requires the service dog downers to be responsible regarding what qualifies as a service dog.

As an owner, you should be able to meet Starbucks’ policies as well. This includes having your service dog wear a vest that is printed with the words “SERVICE DOG” and an identification tag that will indicate that your dog is really a service dog. When your service dog meets all those requirements, there is no room for employees and customers alike to ask questions as to why you are carrying a service dog with you inside a Starbucks store.

What Will Happen If You Take Your Dog into Starbucks?

When you take your dog into Starbucks, the first thing that an employee will ask you to do (in a friendly and courteous manner) is for you to leave your dog outside due to the company’s policies that dogs are not allowed inside the store premises. But it may depend on some stores because there are employees that tend to relax in implementing this policy.

Still, if you are able to bring your dog in the store without any employee telling you to leave it outside or without any indication that it is a service dog, some customers might be vigilant enough to ask you to stick with the policies.

And if ever you are not allowed to bring your dog inside the store, don’t worry too much because the store is still very much friendly towards your furry pal and will even offer a puppuccino drink as some sort of compensation for not being able to bring old Fido inside the store.

But things should be different if you are bringing a service dog with you. The moment you try to enter a Starbucks store with a service dog with you, an employee will most likely verify whether or not it is truly a service dog. But if everything checks out such as when it is clearly wearing the vest of a service dog and has the identification tag to prove it, no questions should be asked by any employee or customer regarding your service dog.

Are Emotional Support Dogs Allowed Inside Starbucks?

Emotional support dogs are in the same class as service dogs. As previously mentioned in the Psychology Today article, emotional support dogs are helpful for those who are suffering from PTSD because they allow their owners to stay calm and relaxed and to have greater control over their emotions. That is why emotional support dogs are just as welcomed into Starbucks as any other type of service dog out there.

Why are Dogs Not Allowed into Starbucks?

The reason why dogs are not allowed into Starbucks is that the very nature of the business or the store makes it clear that dogs can be detrimental to the experience of other customers in the store.

No matter how clean your dog might be or how well-behaved the furry pal is, there is still a chance for things to go wrong when you bring the pet inside a Starbucks store.

Companies that are in the food and beverage industry are required to keep their stores as clean and as sanitary as possible. And when you bring a dog over to a store such as Starbucks, there is a good chance that your furry friend will be carrying over germs and bacteria that may end up compromising the cleanliness of the store and the health of the other customers.

Of course, there is also the issue of your dog’s hair causing allergies and getting into the drinks of the customers or even potentially contaminating the store’s entire supply of coffee and other food and beverages. Hence, in that regard, it still is better to keep your dog outside the store premises where it won’t be able to potentially spread bacteria, harmful diseases, and allergens.

Does Starbucks UK Allow Dogs?

In the UK, the rule regarding dogs is still the same as in the US in the sense that only service dogs and guide dogs are allowed inside the stores although the dog-friendly approach is still very much fostered.

Are Dogs Allowed in Starbucks Canada?

When you are talking about Starbucks Canada, there still also isn’t a difference in terms of their policies on pets and dogs. The rule that only service dogs are allowed inside their stores still stands because it is for the purpose of cleanliness and hygiene.

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