Akita/German Shepherd Mix-Akita Shepherd (Complete Guide)

Akita Shepherd

Akita Shepherds are a cross-breed dog between an Akita and a German Shepherd. Pridomentaly found within Central America, humans have slowly integrated these dogs into domesticated household pets.

An Akita Shepherd shares almost identical traits and features as its parents. With their large bodies and strong-willed nature, the Akita Shepherd serves as a fantastic guard dog or companion for a dedicated and energetic owner.

Although an Akita and German Shepherd share intriguing characteristics, the Akita Shepherd is the perfect mixture between both breeds. Continue reading to learn more about their similarities, likes, dislikes, temperament, lifespan, and much more!

Physical Characteristics (Size and Physical Look)

The Akita Shepherd continues to awe humans with their captivating appearance and distinguishably large body mass. Never straying too far away from its roots, an Akita Shepherd inherits noticeable traits of both parents. (Akita and German Shepherd)


It should come as no shock to discover that an Akita Shepherd will grow to be a large canine. Akita Shepherds continue to tally its parent’s size, with both breeds considered as large dogs themselves.

Once fully mature, expect an Akita Shepherd to reach a height of 20 – 24 inches (50 – 60 cms) and weigh between 60 – 85lbs (27 – 38kgs), depending on the gender.

Physical Characteristics:

Head – Akita Shepherds have an “in-between” sized head. Usually larger than a German Shepherd but smaller than an Akita.

Facial Structure – Their nose is a dark black color and their eye shape is mostly almond-shape that ranges in a variation of colors.

Ears – They have tall, pointy ears.

Coat – Coats are always thick, coarse, and shaggy. They also vary in colors such as black, brown, white, golden, or a mixture!

Because of the thickness of their coat, an Akita Shepherd is prone to shedding and requires regular brushing.

Tail – Fluffy and curled!


The average lifespan for an Akita Shepherd is 10 – 15 years.

Grooming Needs

Grooming is very important when it comes to an Akita Shepherd, particularly focusing on their coat.

Due to shedding, you should brush their coat regularly to prevent irritation and buildup of hair.

Interestingly, you do not need to bathe this breed very often, however, every so often a year is sufficient.

Other things to consider with grooming are clipping of their nails (Purchase Dog Nail Clippers Here), cleaning of their ears, and brushing their teeth.

Consider haircuts if you live in a hot climate country, otherwise, a slight trim will be enough.

Never completely shave your Akita Shepherd, as their coat serves as a protection from the heat.


Similar to his parents, an Akita Shepherds temperament melds courageous and intelligence into the perfect combination.

If you know a thing or two about an Akita breed, they’re often found to be dominant and rambunctious.

The same goes for this half-breed canine, often demonstrating the exact traits as an Akita.

Thankfully, however, an Akita Shepherd has a combination of the temperament of its German Shepherd parent which can make it an obedient, confident, and loyal dog.

Because of this “almost perfect” combination, Akita Shepherds serve as fantastic watchdogs, helpers, and protectors. They sometimes are considered as police dogs or security dogs.

On the odd occasion, you may find an Akita Shepherd to have a wild streak which can be dangerous if exposed to strangers. In this instance, it’s up to the owner to re-train them or keep them isolated from other dogs/humans.

This “bad behavior” you can see in certain Akita Shepherds usually stems from poor upbringing or lack of environment/socialization.

For the most part, however, they’re well-behaved animals.

Exercise Needs

Exercise and frequent stimulation are two vital responsibilities we must develop when caring for an Akita Shepherd. They’re not only large dogs, but they’re also curious and busybodies that demand outdoor play and exerting energy on a daily basis.

Be sure to dedicate 40 minutes each day to walk/exercise/play with your Akita Shepherd.

This not only aids in their health, keeping them fit and alert. But prevents boredom and the downward effects that can come with it.

Some fun exercise activities to do with your Akita Shepherd:

  1. Take him for a walk around the block.
  2. Water play, underneath the sprinklers.
  3. Dog park
  4. Go on a bike ride while he runs along
  5. Play fetch, tug, or chase!

Working/Hunting Dogs

Akita Shepherds can become incredible working or hunting dogs if adequately trained as a pup.

Akitas were originally bred for hunting, dating before World War II. It’s believed an Akita Shepherd has the ability to become a great hunting dog for this reason.

German Shepherds are also great working dogs and inherited their natural love for their half-breed pups.

When combining this natural instinct in conjunction with their temperament, and a sensible upbringing for this specific lifestyle, Akita Shepherds are more than qualified to do the job.

Fun Fact: They love to naturally play “pretend working/hunting dogs”!

Health Risks

Like many dogs, this breed is no exception when it comes to potential health risks. Common health risks are hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, bloat, and usual allergies.


If you focus on feeding, you should be providing a nutritional diet filled with natural-animal fats, and fruits or veggies as a treat.

Such foods like chicken, fish, beef, or liver are all fantastic options!

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Are Akita Shepherds Protective?

Yes, Akita Shepherds are protective dogs and are often deemed to be great guard dogs.

Both its parents (Akita and German Shepherd) share the protective and loyal trait, which is why Akita Shepherds do too.

Because this mix-breed is protective, it’s recommended to socialize and train your dog if you have no desire to turn them into guard dogs while they’re still a pup.

This will help for future reference if your Akita Shepherd requires you to remain in the same predicament as strangers. Doing such can help them feel less protective and on edge, allowing you to be freer.

How Much Does an Akita Shepherd Cost?

Considering you live within the United States, the average cost for an Akita Shepherd ranges between $600 – $1000 USD.

Demand for Akita Shepherds varies, however, the cost is expensive considering there isn’t a great deal of the mix breed compared to an Akita or better yet, a German Shepherd.

The total price will also vary, as the average price stated above factors only the price for one Akita Shepherd at the age of a puppy.

Your final price will likely rise to $1000 – $1650 USD after factorings items such as:

  • Cage/Dog house/Kennel
  • Adequate bedding
  • Shading
  • Cost of food and water
  • Medical costs + VET visits
  • Grooming equipment
  • Other essentials

If you’re looking to purchase an Akita Shepherd, don’t forget to look at Facebook MarketPlaces, forums and shows in addition to pet stores.

Is an Akita Shepherd Right for Me?

Determining whether an Akita Shepherd is the right animal for you before purchasing can save you time, money, and unnecessary heartache.

The Akita Shepherd is a fiery, active, and energetic animal that requires frequent stimulation and attention from its owners.

Owning an Akita Shepherd is not for the faint of heart, as they can be found to be demanding and over-protective. They’re also not equipped to coexist with other household pets or children unless thoroughly trained as a puppy.

An Akita Shepherd will require daily grooming, daily exercise (40mins on average), an owner willing to train and control their behavior, plenty of food, and dedicated time to bond with their owner.

Despite common misconceptions around Akita Shepherds, these animals can become extremely affectionate with their owners and feel a sense of requirement to protect them at all costs.

Although this animal will hesitate to kill other animals, they certainly can harm or damage another. This is why it’s extremely important for future Akita Shepherd owners to commit time, dedication, and patience towards this process of training and taming.

All in all, an Akita Shepherd is the right animal for you if you’re willing to see past all of these requirements and can dedicate the requirements needed for raising such a breed.

In return, you’ll have a well-behaved, obedient, loyal, affectionate, and loving dog growing up by your side for at least a decade.

Best Climate for an Akita Shepherd

Climate and environmental factors are rarely considered when purchasing dogs, however, when it comes to an Akita Shepherd you should be sure to consider such.

Akita Shepherds do not thrive well in warm weather conditions; They prefer cold climates and can withstand snowy temperatures if adequately equipped prior.

The reason why Akita Shepherds do not do well in warm climates is mainly due to their thick coat. Serving as insulation during cold conditions, the heat from the sun can cause many issues for an Akita Shepherds.

Heatstroke, anxiety, stress, dehydration, cracked paws, irritation to the skin and chipped/dry skin can create many problems for both yourself and the Akita Shepherd.

This is why it’s recommended to own an Akita Shepherd if you live in a cooler state or have the ability to counteract warm weather conditions.

The Attention an Akita Shepherd Needs

The attention an Akita Shepherd needs is one of which requires its owner to be actively aiding their development.

Akita Shepherds are extremely loyal dogs that thrive on encouragement and attention from his owner/s. Neglecting such breed can cause a shift in behavior, often turning into bad habits and dangerous temperament.

If you are seeking to own this particular breed, ensure you can dedicate the time required for raising a well-mannered Akita Shepherd.

Compatibility with Kids

Compatibility with Kids

Akita Shepherds are rarely compatible with kids by reason of their temperament and hyper behavior.

This can be corrected, however, with extensive taming and socialization of the dog as soon as it reaches 18 weeks old.

The younger you begin training your dog to adapt to children, the quicker their presence no longer becomes an issue.

If you’re considering purchasing an Akita Shepherd for young children, re-consider another breed that’s more friendly and less likely to turn defensive to such presence.

Compatibility with Other Animals

When it comes to compatibility with an Akita Shepherd and other animals, you’ll find it’s a hit and miss situation depending on his upbringing and socialization skills.

Similar to the compatibility with children, an Akita Shepherd that lacks socialization with other animals (…even their own species) can become overly aggressive for no reason.

Akita Shepherds are territorial animals and don’t know how to peacefully coexist with other animals unless exposed at an early age.

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