Akita Corgi Mix-Physical Look, Lifespan and Temperament

Akita Corgi Mix

If the dog lover in you always dreamed of a compromise between large-breed intelligence and compact cuteness, perhaps you’ve been considering getting an Akita-Corgi Mix before. After all, what can possibly beat the most coveted Western dog and Japanese package for one, right?

While the Akita-Corgi Mix may seem to be a more mild package possessing all the features canine enthusiasts value in an Akita and Corgi, the combination of these two active and very strong prey-drive breeds may make them a better choice for more experienced owners.

Before making any decision on commiting to a pet you’re going to need to dig up more info on the breed or mix. Read on to learn about the features and possible concerns behind becoming a potential owner of an Akita Corgi mix.

Physical Characteristics (Size and Physical Look)

How a large breed such as an Akita with already Shiba-like features mixed with a Corgi may prove to be different from our expectations, as the dog will be more Corgi-sized, with Akita features. It will also have longer hair than both its Akita and Corgi parents.

However, it can be said that the sharp, fox-like qualities of the Akita can be said to be mellowed out to almost teddy-bear like snout and ears when mixed with a Corgi and a German Shepard, which is one of the most common mixes for the Akita-Corgi.

The Akita Corgi German Shepard mix would have dark fur and a rounded, almost flattened snout with rex-like hair that would convince anyone of its teddy-like reputation upon first glance. They are also noticeably smaller in size.


Akita Corgi mixes can live anywhere from 10 to 14 years long. Obviously, how well a dog’s hygiene, nutritional and mental care needs are met can ensure the extension of its lifespan.

Grooming Needs

This mixed breed will tend to shed a lot, since both parent breeds have longer hair than most breeds and shed often themselves.

Expect to be grooming and brushing their hair multiple times a week. When giving baths be sure not to give too many as their skin can dry out easier than other dogs.

It would be helpful to have a reliable vacuum cleaner. Finally, please don’t chain your dogs outside because you don’t want to deal with the mess it provides for you indoors, that is considered inhumane and has unhealthy mental and social consequences for your pet.


When you mix a Corgi’s fun-loving personality with the strong prey and drive instincts of an Akita, it may be difficult to determine which side wins out. As with all breeds, the best way to measure a potential pet’s temperament is to observe the behavior and disposition of its parents.

Because of its Akita half, socializing is absolutely necessary for these mixes. They can tolerate being alone in the house, but you should never leave them alone for days, as they crave the presence of family members and will suffer neglect otherwise.

Positive reinforcement during training is recommended as well, as the Akita’s pride and dignity won’t tolerate disrespect. Remember that the Akita’s strong desires to be the alpha may result in it attempting to dominate you, for which the owner will have to stand his ground.

Both the Akita and the Corgi are intelligent dogs, and its intelligence is certainly preserved in this mix. Once trained and loyal they can listen and obey a variety of commands from their owner from potty-training to simple tricks.

Exercise Needs

Be advised, these dogs must be taken out daily for regular walks. Otherwise, their pent up energies and unsatisfied anxieties may manifest in the form of destructive behaviors in the household.

These can entail anything from chewing of shoes and furniture to shredding up curtains, knocking things over and even in depression.

Either one extremely long walk, hike or at least twice a day should be enough to satisfy their energy and tire them out to mellowness. The maxim that a tired dog is a good dog holds true for this mix as well.

Working/Hunting Dogs

Since both the Akita and Corgi were historically used for hunting or working, with the former being a guard dog and occasional hunter of boar, deer and even bears and the latter being one of the oldest known breeds for herding dogs in the Western world.

Can the Akita Corgi mix still be used as hunting or even working dogs? It is not recommended to be using mixed breeds for hunting and the Akita’s aggressive nature would render the Akita Corgi mix unsuitable for use as a seeing-eye dog.

However, as a guard or more as a family watch dog, an Akita Corgi mix would work suitably well.

Health Risks

All dog breeds are susceptible to disorders and health problems if not provided the proper care and nutrition, and mixes don’t possess any special immunities to these.

One heads up before getting a puppy from a breeder is that you must absolutely ask the breeder for a health guarantee, otherwise it’s best that you look elsewhere for adopting a new pet.

Breeders should offer health clearances and any information about the individual breed without issue. This includes breed or mix-specific unique health ailments as well as hereditary issues linked back to the animal’s parents.


For mixed breeds especially, the selection for its diet will depend on the individual dog’s palette and needs.

The Akita breed is susceptible to obesity from overfeeding, and the Corgi is known for being extremely prone to obesity. Knowing this, it’s important to feed at regular schedules and include a fasting day as a regular part of their weekly diet.

The dangers of overfeeding can lead to all sorts of bone and joint problems such as hip dysplasia.

No need to include special foods such as raw meat or anything fancy. Keep it nice and simple with a reliable brand of dog food.

Are Akita Corgi Mixes Protective?

Akita Corgi Mixes are more than likely to be protective of their owners, especially due to the Akita blood famous for its breed’s loyalty to their master.

Being mixed would possibly dilute this intense fixation and loyalty reserved for its owner to the point where it can relax with strangers, which is an added bonus.

How Much Does an Akita Corgi Mix Cost?

Akitas and Corgis are not cheaply priced pets, and mixes are not an exception.

While it’s not possible to pinpoint an exact price for an Akita Corgi dog mix, the average price for an Akita mix would be around 300 USD, with the most expensive being at 700 USD.

When you consider a year of dog food as well as visits to the vet, you can be looking up to an additional 200-400 USD per year.

Is an Akita Corgi Mix Right for Me?

Do you prefer a pet that has a nice mix of independence and undying loyalty to express to its owner daily? Do you have the time and monetary clout necessary to take care of an active and attention-demanding breed?

Have you wanted a compact, cute companion with the majesty and dignity of a Japanese Akita? Have you always wanted an Akita but, after careful consideration, you realized you wouldn’t be able to handle the roughhousing and dominating nature of a large dog breed?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have considered getting an Akita Corgi Mix. However, as mentioned previously in the above points, due to the demanding nature of this mix, it is a mix best for experienced owners to tackle.

Best Climate for an Akita Corgi Mix

Akitas and Welsh dogs are both tolerant of cold weather, with the Corgi from Whelsh and the Akita fur noticeably resistant against the elements and snow since they are both historically used to the cold.

Because these dogs shed so much, the optimal climate for these dogs are colder environments. However, they can still thrive in warmer climates provided that their owners give them plenty of proper grooming and hygiene care.

How Much Attention an Akita Corgi Mix Dog Needs

An Akita Corgi Mix is going to require plenty of attention from its owners. Being very active dogs and with their unique temperament from both breeds (although slightly milder in this mix), they are only logically going to demand a lot of attention, otherwise their mental health would suffer.

The reason for this is that the Akita half of it is known for expressing discontent at the hands of neglect from its owners, which at its mildest may result in protested vandalism in the household; at its worst, possible injury as a result of estrangement from family members.

Corgi’s themselves can express their discontent at not being given enough attention by herding other pets in the household or even small children.

Therefore, don’t be surprised when your Akita Corgi mix tries to herd you or your little children when it’s being ignored, or protest your authority with few blatant displays of disrespect initially.

Compatibility with Kids

While a pure-bred Akita’s size and more primal instincts may make it less suitable for raising around small children, there is little information available on Akita-Corgi mixes to say whether they are suitable as companions around kids.

Because of the smaller Akita Corgi mix size, it can be reasonably deemed slightly safer to have around small children. Of course, you should never leave a pet with an infant unsupervised, especially if it’s just been introduced to the family.

Nevertheless, an acclimated Akita Corgi mix will be loyal and come to view the owner’s children as their own, and can be trusted to be a furried guardian on behalf of the parents in the front or backyard.

Compatibility with Other Animals

Due to the smaller size of the Akita Corgi mix, it may pose less risks of bullying household pets although one should not deem it to be a completely nullified threat.

It is absolutely vital that your dog, regardless of breed or mix, be socialized at a young age and receive training as soon as it arrives in your home and neighborhood. This is even more so when the dog’s genes are part Akita.

Socializing ensures that your dog knows appropriate communications and behavior between other dogs, pack transgressions, limits and appropriate signs of play.

While it’s best to take such websites with a grain of salt, in some online sellers for puppies, they have rated the Akita mix as having a 4 out of 5 stars for tolerance for other dogs. (example: keystonepuppies.com)

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