Akita Border Collie Mix (Physical Look, Lifespan and Temperament)

Akita/Border Collie Mix

Have you ever thought about the result of combining an Akita’s dignified strength with a Border Collie’s intelligent agility? Discover the Akita Border Collie mix, a breed that is both mysterious and fascinating.

This guide will provide you with detailed information about the Akita Border Collie mix.

Physical Characteristics (Size and Physical Look)

Because Akitas are large dogs while Border Collies not so much, the size of the new breed can vary. It will be on the large side for sure, but just how large depends on which parent’s genes dominate.

And while this specific designer dog has a rather recent history which makes it hard to get a read on, we can still summarize its physical characteristics to give you a clear idea.

The Akita Border Collie measures between 22 to 28 inches from paw to the tip of the shoulders. If the dog leans toward its the Akita side of its parenthood, it will be a large dog that weighs up to 130 pounds. Or it can be a lightweight one not exceeding 60 pounds at most.

Its look also varies. It will always have erect oval ears, however, and with a dense fur backed by an undercoat. The dog will most likely be handsome looking with a touch of adorable cuteness.


Since Border Collies tend to have a larger lifespan than Akitas, the Akita Border Collie is guaranteed to have a moderate lifespan between 10 and 13 years. You have to factor in health issues that Akitas are known for.

If the Akita parent is a healthy dog, then the Akita Border Collie will not give you problems and won’t require many visits to the vet. It also means that the new breed will go on to reach old age and maybe match the Border Collie’s side of the family in longevity.

As there’s no reliable history of this new breed, there are no records yet of dogs that have gone on to live beyond the expected age of the Border Collie around 13 years.

Grooming Needs

That’s something you’ll love about your new breed. It takes care of its own grooming without much help from you. These dogs don’t shed much if at all thanks to the good genes they get from both their parents. You still need to clip their nails and clean their ears though.

As for bathing time, something most dogs and dog owners loathe, you won’t have to worry about that either. Your Akita Border Collie is a vain dog who spends hours keeping its fur clean. You will rarely have a need to give it a bath. In the extreme circumstance where it played in the mud or got itself really filthy playing outside, only then would you need to run a bath for it.

As with drooling, this dog doesn’t indulge in this habit. It’s a clean canine all over. But to maintain their oral hygiene you’ll need to brush their teeth regularly.


Temperament wise, your new breed is a mixed bag. We have to consider both sides of the dog’s ancestry to get a good idea of how it behaves and what its mood is like. Since Akitas are not the most patient dogs in the world and their guarding background makes them less tolerant than Border Collies, you can expect your dog to have a quirky side.

Thankfully, the other parents are much more friendly and even goofy. This will compensate for the aloofness that Aktias are famous for and make the dog a good companion for people of all ages. It won’t have trouble dealing with small children and doesn’t get offended easily.

As for other pets in the house, your Akita Border Collie will get along famously with any animal even the famously grumpy or mean cat.

Exercise Needs

Depending on how you look at it, this can either be a blessing or a curse. Both Border Collies and Akitas are hyperactive animals. They need their fair share of exercises every day and then some. This is not a canine that is only too happy lying on the couch beside you and watching TV all day. It will drag you out of the house kicking and screaming.

This high level of energy means you need to set aside some time for your dog. You can play fetch, go hiking, or just let out into the backyard to entertain itself chasing birds and squirrels. In any case, you need to know that you got an outdoor dog here. It loves to run, jump, and go on hunting expeditions from time to time.

Working/Hunting Dogs

There are many ways that your Akita Border Collie can help you around the house. Akitas were originally guard dogs in Japan which gives your dog an alertness not found in other breeds. Although the friendliness of the Border Collie might make the new breed less apt for guarding, it might have other uses.

For one, this breed is more suitable as therapy dogs than pure Akitas. This breed is patient, easy to train, and has less mood swings than the Akita side of the family.

Another thing this dog can be useful at is going hunting. Its predator senses are extremely high and it will be a great hunting companion in the woods. Just make sure it doesn’t extend its hunting appetite to the other pets and small animals around the house.

Health Risks

Both pure breeds and designer dogs have their health issues. The problem with mix breeds is that they tend to inherit the health conditions of either or both of their parents. As because Akitas tend to have more health trouble than Border Collies, you need to be prepared for the vet visits. Pay extra attention to hip and elbow dysplasia.

On the other hand, you need to get your puppy from a reputable breeder. If both parents are healthy then the chances that your dog will develop a disease later in life are minimal. In that regard, the breeder should give you health guarantees and if possible provide health checkups of the parents of the puppy.

While you have no control over any health complications that might occur in the future, having good genes are the best assurances that your Akita Border Collie will live up to a ripe old age and enjoy good health all these long years.


This is a dog that loves to eat. The good news is your Akita Border Collie isn’t prone to obesity or getting overweight. Both its parents are agile and hyperactive animals that spend more time on the move than on the couch.

That doesn’t mean that you should just feed them anything you like. Even if they won’t get fat, that doesn’t mean they won’t have bone problems. That hip and elbow dysplasia we mentioned earlier means you should put them on a fish oil diet and increase their calcium intake to give them a good bone structure.

Food supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin are necessary as part of the dog’s diet to give them the nutrients they need. Also give them plenty of fish since that’s the staple food of their Akita parents. They need to be fed at least 3 full meals a day, more if they have been working hard on that day.

Are Akita Border Collie Mix Protective?

There’s no doubt about that. Remember what we said about the original purpose of breeding Akitas in Japan? They were mainly used as guarding and hunting dogs. As guard dogs the Akita Border Collie mix is extremely protective.

Now your dog might not be as fierce as you’d expect thanks to the docile nature of the Border Collie breed, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come to your side if it senses you’re facing any danger.

Whether you’re confronting a wild animal in the woods, or having an intruder in the house, your dog will rise up to the occasion and keep you out of harm’s way.

How Much Does an Akita Border Collie Mix Cost?

That depends on where you get your puppy. A certified breeder or animal center usually charges more for the dog than someone you find online or hear about from a friend of a friend. Akita Border Collies are easy to breed however since these are designer dogs, the upfront cost will set you back considerably.

In addition, feeding the dog needs a separate budget on its own. While this canine isn’t very particular about the quality of the food in its bowl, its voracious appetite means you’ll need to keep that bowl filled.

You also need to buy food supplements and fish oil to keep the dog healthy. On average your monthly food bill for one dog should be around $50. Health bills vary depending on the dog’s overall health.

Is an Akita Border Collie Mix Right for Me?

To get a better sense of how the Akita Border Collie mix will fare in your home you need to assess the dog’s personality and see if it matches that of your own. This is a lively and loveable dog. It doesn’t laze around all day waiting to be fed like a cat.

It’s a go getter. It is boisterous, and it raises hell sometimes. When it gets bored, which happens often, it will find a way to entertain itself. This can be done by chasing wild animals it finds just for the heck of it or stirring something with the other pets in the house.

If you’re the quiet type who loves a cuddly pet who prefers the indoors, this is not the right pet for you. You’ll be spending more time outside with this dog than inside.

Best Climate for an Akita Border Collie Mix

Akitas and Border Collies are cold weather types. They’re used to the snow and won’t shy away from chasing snowflakes or taking a deep plunge in the powder snow outside your home. Thanks in part to their dense fur and under coat, these animals can tolerate cold weather. Their active lifestyle also keeps them warm when the cold front comes knocking on the door.

High temperatures on the other hand make the dogs lazy and sluggish. They get restless if warm places and prefer the outdoors where fresh air calls on them to go hunting and having fun.

The Attention an Akita Border Collie Mix Needs

Your Akita Border Collie mix is always hungry for attention. It thrives on love and food. Calm environments and loneliness make it bored out of its wits. It will yawn but not because it’s tired. More as a hint that you’ve been sitting for far too long on that couch and need to go out and do something fun together.

It can go for hours and hours without losing steam or feeling the need to take a nap. So you’d better come prepared with lots of games and plenty of love and attention that you’re willing to share with your canine pal.

Compatibility with Kids

This is another aspect about your designer dog that you don’t know much about until the dog is at your home staring at your kids. If it takes after the Border Collie parent, then it will do well with kids of all ages. It’s patient, friendly, and always up for any kind of game your kids have in store for it.

The Akita part of the dog, however, is another story. It doesn’t suffer children or fools and doesn’t consider small kids a suitable companion no matter how cute they are. So always keep an eye on your little kid and don’t leave them with the dog without supervision.

Compatibility with Other Animals

What goes for the kids almost certainly goes for other pets you have in the house. Small animals will get on the dog’s nerves, while large animals might rub it the wrong way. As a large animal, this is a dog that likes to assert dominance wherever it goes.

That said, it will certainly help if the Akita Border Collie was brought in as a small puppy and given the opportunity to grow up with the other animals in the house. That way it will treat them as equal members of the household who deserve their love and respect just as humans.

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