Top 10 Advantages of Love Marriage (Read This First!)

Top 10 Advantages of Love Marriage

Love marriage has a lot of advantages. Financial consideration is important. Long-lasting commitment is also essential. Even having children may be an important factor in selecting your spouse. But ultimately, you need love to be the main reason for your marriage.

Love will get you through good times and will definitely get you through the bad. For those who have the opportunity to choose the people who they want to be with for the rest of their lives, ensure that your love for each other endures throughout the marriage.

Here are 10 advantages of love marriage:

You Can Freely Choose the Person That You Want to be with.

With love marriage, you are given the freedom to choose someone to spend your life with. There are no conditions, no requirements and no payments. All you need is the mutual decision of both the man and the woman to get married.

According to Mahatma Gandhi, where there is love, there is life. Love is an expression of what you feel inside your heart. A love marriage is a way for two lovers to show their affection for one another. Life is breathed into the marriage. Emotions run wild, feelings go deeper and wider. You become alive in a love marriage.

There Will be no Awkwardness.

Do you know the feeling of stressing yourself out because you are with someone that you do not like? You may not be talking to one another, nor doing anything to make each other uncomfortable. But the sentiment of uneasiness with someone you do not know remains. This reminds me of how I want to get out of the elevator as fast as I can because of the anxious feeling I have whenever I am with a stranger.

Love marriage is the result of months or even years of getting to know each other. All the restlessness or tension between you and your partner will be thrown out of the window prior to the marriage. You can enjoy your life together right at day one.

It Easier to Make an Effort to Show Your Affection to Your Spouse.

Have you read the book entitled I Love You, Ronnie: The Letters of Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan? Ronald Reagan, the former actor and US President, was so in love with his wife that he wrote a lot of very affectionate letters to her. One excerpt from one of his letters says that she is as vital to him as his own heart. He also said in the letters that he cannot imagine a world without her. He said that Nancy has two hearts, her own and Ronald’s.

He was so smitten with his wife of 52 years that he was able to write so many love letters to her. This is the result of a true love marriage. You want to tell your husband or wife that you love him or her every day. And nothing will stop you from doing so. You will do all the things you can for the one you love.

You are Happier in a Love Marriage.

According to an online poll conducted by Pew Research Center, 88% of Americans still feel that love is a very important reason to get married. Having a free choice at the start of marriage to be with the man or woman you want makes your life easier and happier.

Marriage is something that men prepare for and women aspire to. It takes a lot of courage for a man to propose. And it takes great patience for the woman to wait for marriage. Once all the planning and the waiting have come to fruition, you can see that all the decisions they made prior to the wedding have made their road to marriage happier.

Love Marriages Indicate Maturity for The Couple.

Having the privilege to choose your husband or wife indeed presents freedom at the hands of the couple. But along with this type of freedom is the responsibility that each individual has taken. Since you both were given the chance to choose the one you marry, the mere fact that you made a choice is a sign of maturity. You become accountable to yourself and your decisions.

Maturity is developed in a love marriage. You nurture your relationship with your spouse, and you continue to care for your marriage through the highs and lows of life. Treating yourself as an adult and making decisions for yourself and your family continuously increases your maturity.

Love Marriages Result in Mutual Respect.

In a love marriage, you want to get married to a person because of who they are and what they do. You spend hours, days, and months together. With each passing hour, you get to know him or her and find out who they are as a person. Because love marriage is rooted from a loving relationship, mutual respect results.

Respect is earned. You cannot demand it from other people. And it always takes time to prove that you deserve respect. When a marriage starts from love, respect begins to grow prior to marriage.

Love Marriages are Ahead of the Game.

Picture this: the husband and the wife in an arranged marriage only start to get to know each other at the wedding. They do not know what each other’s likes and dislikes are, what their attitudes are, or what hobbies they enjoy. Now, think of a couple who are in a relationship for 3 years before getting married. They have spent time getting to know everything they can from each other.

Which of the two couples have already established a firm foundation in their marriage? Definitely the latter. They have known one another for 3 years prior to the marriage. Love marriage is ahead in terms of getting acquainted with the personality of their spouse. .

No Financial Obligations are Required.

For a love marriage, unless a prenuptial agreement is made, the husband or the wife is not required to give a specific amount of money to the family of the other before the wedding. Asian countries often have financial obligations for the spouse in an arranged marriage. The money is called a dowry. In the ceremony, the dowry comes from the family of the woman and is given to the man’s household.

Love Marriage Cultivates Mutual ​Attraction.

It is easier for the couple who chooses a love marriage to be attracted to one another. Not much effort is required because when they were still in the boyfriend-girlfriend stage, they were already engrossed with one another. Mutual attraction translates to great intimacy and sex. Since the appeal and desirability between the couple is strong, the height of their emotions are reached during marriage.

Love Marriage Produces a More Secure Relationship.

To be practically honest, you cannot guard your spouse 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You both still have to work. You need to devote time for your friends and family. The best way to have a peace of mind in your relationship with your spouse is through a love marriage.

Because love is the center of your connection with one another, you can rely on this attitude whether or not you are together. Love is being secure with your spouse. No matter where he or she goes, you trust that your spouse is protecting your marriage.

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