18 Best Micro Campers With Pictures (Examples) Floor Plans

18 Best Micro Campers With Pictures

Micro campers typically weigh anywhere from 400-1000 pounds. They are much smaller than Class A and Class C RVs. Micro campers are rapidly gaining prominence for their portability and exceptional ease of towing.

Dimensions, amenities, cost, and payload are some of the most important factors to consider when buying micro campers. Despite being traditionally small, your micro camper should give you measurable spaciousness for everyday activities and sleeping duties. The payload determines how towable it is. Its quality of furnishing (in terms of amenities) will determine the amount of homely comforts the micro camper would give you and your camping party.

With the myriad of micro campers strewn across the market today, it could be exerting making your pick. What more, you can’t be too sure you are getting the best bet for your money. This is why we are saving you all that headache by diligently identifying the best 18 micro campers in the market.

Wingamm Bookie 3.5 

The Wingamm bookie 3.5 is portable and exquisite. It has a signature appearance, typifying it from the generality of micro campers out there in the market. This distinction can be attributed to its fiberglass monocoque sitting magnificently on the AL-KO chassis.

This micro camper measures 5 meters from its drawbar to its rear end. You will like the expansiveness of its wet room and front seating group, which is convertible.

Yes, this Wingamm is small, but it doesn’t starve you much of your homely comforts. This camper manages to present a convertible dinette with the kitchen admirably stocked with a 70-L refrigerator, dual-burner stove, and sink. The washroom comes with a stand-alone shower and toilet.

  • Berths 2
  • Internal Length 3.60 m
  • Shipping Length 4.46 m
  • Max Width 2.15 m
  • Headroom 2.00 m
  • Weight 1,650 lbs

Easy Caravanning Takeoff

The Easy caravanning takeoff parades camping technology at its finest. One of the standout features of this camper is the way it opens automatically. True to its name, within about 30 seconds of preparation, your camper is set to jump on the road.

We must applaud how this camper manages to pack the space it presents. With its awning attached, this camper readily transforms into an accommodating tent.

This Take Off is fortified with a strut-assisted lift, fabric sidewalls, and a hard roof ensuring durability even in rough usage. On the inside, this camper presents a center aisle furnished with a dining table with two benches adjoining the table on either side.

When sleeping time comes, you can easily adapt the dinette (with varying configurations) into a queen-sized bed. This can be convenient for two people to sleep.

  • Length 16 ft
  • Height 48in
  • Dry weight 1,200 pounds
  • Gross vehicle weight 1,650 pounds

Lumberjack Birdsville Hard-edged

The Lumberjack Birdsville shares a striking resemblance to the Squaredrop and the Tear. This resemblance is more prominent when the Birdsville is being towed.

Nonetheless, this camper doesn’t lack peculiarity. Compared to the Tear, the Birdsville’s living space (consequent of the roof popping free and folding forward) is bigger. The experience on the road is jolly, thanks to this camper being supplied with 12-in electric brakes and 16-in tires.

There are double sleeping births within the Birdsville’s fiberglass walls (which are insulated by the way). These births are arranged as double bunks instead of adjoining each other on a single mattress.

Together, this can satiate the sleeping needs of four campers. During the day, these bunk beds can be adapted to bench seats.

This camper’s rear opens up above the floor and bunks, giving you sufficient headroom. The queen-sized bed adorns the front area.

For the lower bunk, ventilation is taken care of by a dedicated window enhanced with shade and fly screen. For the upper bunk, it has to make do with the tent for ventilation.

  • Closed Height: 6.9 ft
  • Closed Width: 6.9 ft
  • Weight: 3090 lbs.

Lamancele Liberty 440

If you want to escape civilization, there is no better way to do other than camping with the lovely Lamancele liberty 440. On the inside, the camper is decked with TV pre-equipment, WC Electric swivel cassette, and telescopic table stand.

You can be assured of a cozy night rest as this camper is provided with an HR foam mattress, boasting stitched cotton. This can take care of the sleeping needs of four campers. Furthermore, the living area is rigged out with a half-sphere lounge which can size up to five dinners.

The bathroom is discrete thanks to its curtain shield, coming with an independent shower. The kitchen is girded with a 3-burner hob, fridge, and stainless steel bowl (further enhanced with drainer).

  • Length 6.38 m
  • Width 2.25 m
  • Height 2.58 m
  • Weight 1202 kg

Eriba Eroll 540

The Eriba troll 540 is furnished with three birth variants. You can take pretty much gear with you on your camping, courtesy of this camper’s sizable storage space.

Notably, the headroom is impressive, coming at 1.95m. This can be attributed to the lifting roof feature.

The front dinette can be adapted into a single bed. There is the option of a multi-functional bed configuration.

This way, you can enjoy significantly bigger single beds. The kitchen is fitted with an L-70 fridge.

  • Internal Length 4.66 m
  • Shipping Length 5.76 m
  • MRO 980 kg
  • MTPLM 1300 kg
  • Max Width 2.10 m

Sprite Basecamp

It is normal to be enthused at how this Basecamp manages to pack its interior space, given its traditionally reduced look on the outside. This camper can give two campers a thrilling outdoor experience, appreciably packing gear like clothing, food, and equipment.

From the outside, this Basecamp stands out for the graphic design embroidering its panel. It is impossible not to notice the chequered flag design when this camper is on the go.  

On the inside, this camper parades a distinctive tangerine design. This closely aligns with the storage bags which you can take off. This design significantly elevates the aesthetic flavor of the interior.

  • Overall Width 7’6″
  • Overall height (also measuring the TV Aerial) 8’5″
  • Maximum Internal Headroom 6’5″
  • Overall Length #16’9″
  • Total User Payload 2.2 cwt

Caretta 1500

One thing we love about the Caretta 1500 is its ease of set up. This camper wasn’t extravagant on the inside. The interior is modestly decked with a sizable 1.5m x 2m bed, lovably lighted with double LED lights. 

The double overhead cabinets (and smaller storage shelve enhanced with net) give you pretty room for your appreciable space to keep your camping ware.

This camper has two doors, with privacy and protected provided by a reliable combo of sunshade nets and mosquito nets.

The kitchen is fitted with a sink, single-burner stove, and 35-liter coolbox. As is normal of micro campers, you can do your dishwashing and cooking at the micro camper’s back.

  • Length 3900 mm
  • Width 2040 mm
  • Height 1725 mm
  • Weight 445 kg

Hero Ranger

The Hero ranger relentlessly prioritizes your camping comforts. This camper comes with a thoroughly insulated cabin. Notably, this camper is decked with the famed SkyMount roof rack. This Skymount can take on a static load of 200 kg and a dynamic load of 100 kg.

You wouldn’t have to worry about camping in the winter as the interior is decked with the famed Thermo Proove sandwich-design. This technology can keep you extensively warm.

This camper is girded with rear and front-facing door lights (dual colors), brake lights, with the cabin embellished with LED mood-lighting. This camper is equipped with 5V/12/230V power outlets.

The kitchen is incredibly illuminated with LED lights. More than the beautiful lighting, the kitchen is decked with drawers, stainless steel top desk further supplied with sinks.

  • Height 7’7 ″
  • Length 15’81′’
  • Width 7’55”
  • Net weight 1.911 lbs
  • Total weight 1.984-2645 lbs

Eriba Titon 420

The EribaTiton 420 is purveyed with two berths. This micro camper defies expectation, presenting uncommon space in its living area when measured against its contemporaries.

First, there is more freedom for you inside, with a headroom of 6’4″ when you open the roof. Leveraging the other three expansive windows, you get far more space and natural illumination.

Still, in the living area, you get a table flanked by big benches. This space transforms into a double bed of a 1.9 mx1.8 m dimension.

The kitchen is decked with a 70-liter fridge, 2-ring gas hob, and bountiful sink. Furthermore, there is adequate natural lighting in the kitchen from the double windows, being that the kitchen is situated in the forepart of the caravan. The bathroom is supplied with a Thetford bench toilet, washbasin, and shower tray.

  • Length: 5.28 m
  • Width: 200 mm
  • Height: 2.26 m
  • MTPLM: 1000-1300 kg
  • MiRO: 855 kg
  • Total User Payload: 145-445 kg

Adria Action 391 PH

The Adria action 391 ph deserves every bit of its placement on this list. Indeed, this micro camper is spoiled with engineering at its finest. It has four berths.

Its progressive exterior is one of the best ways to step out in class as a camper. The design of the Adria action 391 ph consolidates its reputation as one of the best contemporary micro campers.

It manages to present a compact size, reduced weight, and polyester construction. Its stability is equally assured, thanks to a combination of the AL-KO chassis and cutting-edge aerodynamic design.

Inside, you have a 202 x 120 cm central berths and sleeping area, while the kitchen is supplied with a 140L refrigerator.

  • Total length (including drawbar) 5970 mm
  • Total width 2196 mm
  • Total height 2580 mm
  • Mass in running order (MRO, kg) 1014h

Lifestyle Camper Steeldrop

There is simply no way you are not turning heads with the Lifestyle camper Steeldrop’s sparkling metal skin. This is AISI 304 stainless steel instead of the conventional aluminum in known campers like Bowlus.

This camper has double side doors, presenting a typical Teardrop layout. Inside, this Steeldrop is furnished with a full-cabin size mattress and LED TV.

For the kitchen area, you get a stainless steel sink, gas stove, and fridge. This camper is further equipped with an electric pump and a 50-L water tank.

  • Internal width 140 cm
  • Overall width 195 cm
  • Overall length 350 cm
  • External cabin length 252 cm
  • Standard weight 500 kg
  • Maximum towing bar load 75 kg

Tabbert Davinci 380

The Tabbert Davinci 380 is stocked with illuminated strips. Silver, black, and red decals adorn the camper’s offside. This camper has four berths.

At the caravan’s rear, you get the kitchen. This is furnished with a sink, storage shelves, 3-gas burner hop, and 106L domestic fridge.

On the front end, the camper is fitted with a toilet cassette, electric, and the television point.

  • Internal Length 4.00 m
  • MRO 1150 kg
  • MTPLM 1400 kg
  • Max Width 2.32 m
  • Headroom 1.96 m

Isabella Camp-let

The Isabella camp-let presents a camper with a fine hand-rolled fiberglass body. We savored the gel coat finish (appreciably flexible and hard).

This camper lasts for long consequent of being outfitted with UV-resistant fiberglass, needing little to no maintenance – sustainably free of rust or rot. This Isabella is lightweight yet remarkably strong, with the fiberglass beating the steel and timber equivalent pound for pound.

Repairing this fiberglass is far easier, as you wouldn’t have to take off the trailer panels or replace them.

  • Length 3.23 m
  • Height 0.95 m
  • Width 1.60 m
  • MTPLM 500 kg
  • MIRO 250 kg

Taxa Mantis

The Taxa Mantis is a notable deviation from the classic Taxa we have seen in the past. The Mantis shaves off the typical heavy material build for a design more flexible.

The Mantis can conveniently accommodate four campers thanks to its 19-ft and 8-ft ceiling construction. It weighs about 2,882 lbs with a cargo capacity of 980 lbs.

On the inside, this micro camper is lavished with USB outlets, a furnace and water heater system, 2-burner propane stove. The inside is well illuminated with LED lights, with a touch of luxury from the 8-ft patio.

Outside, you can treat yourself to a quick hot-water shower, courtesy of the Mantis being outfitted with a 22-gallon grey water tank, and a 20-gallon freshwater tank.

  • Length 19 ft
  • Width 7 ft
  • Height 7 ft
  • Cargo capacity 980 lbs

Opus Op-4

The Opus op-4 off-road boasts fine craftsmanship, coming with dual shock absorbers and heavy-duty coil springs. How were we going to dislike this camper furnished with durable suspension and fully galvanized chassis?

Thanks to its inflated annex, this micro camper has a sleeping capacity of 6, with big double beds. One of these beds can be adapted to a king-sized bed. 

There is something even more kingly about this camper: its lush leatherette interior seating makes you feel royal.

With off-road articulation in mind, this camper is conferred with poly block coupling. Cooking is taken care of by a slide-out kitchen outfitted with a sink.

  • Dimension (Lid Open): 21’4″ x 6’10”
  • Trailer Dry Weight: 2870 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 220 lbs
  • GVWR: 3970 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 1100 lbs

Patriot Camper X3

The X3 boasts a maiden design among Patriot’s long line of campers. This micro camper comes with a trailblazing design packing Patriot’s famed 4WD camper trailer with a seamless setup design and appreciable living area on the inside

The X3 is powered by twin gel batteries, combining to supply this camper with 300 amp-hours. Off-grid camping is possible as this camper is girded with an integrated 1500W inverter and optional solar system.

This side-folding camper is designed on the illustrious Rigilite galvanized chassis, further enhanced with the X1 suspension. More than being tough, this camper is furnished with ample amenities like a coffee fridge, diesel heater, and an internal fridge.

The 12.6m awning gives you ample space to savor outdoor life. This camper’s 34.3-gallon water tank can satisfy the watery needs of a camping party of four.

  • Length 3.75 m
  • Interior height (when the roof is raised) 2m
  • ATM 1,600 kg
  • Payload 480 kg
  • Ball weight 120 kg

Manta Ray Pop Top

This camper is available in three models. These include the Luxury, Adventurer, and Base. Similarly, this pop-top comes in three different sizes. Counting down, these include 18ft, 16ft, and 15ft.

The Mantra ray pop-top is a beacon of strength, equipped with an aluminum body top, domed composite roof panel, and custom-built roof surrounds.

This camper leverages the reputed Walkinshaw engineered galvanized chassis to ensure this Mantra survives the test of time while being easily towable.

This camper is fortified with the legendary New Age rear mold. There is still much to love about this camper considering its exterior sidewall trimming (which lasts well) and ribbed aluminum side cladding.

Pioneer Mitchell

What better way to round this list off than with the fantastic Pioneer Mitchell? This camper is built with durable shells made from premium fiberglass and marine-grade aluminum. This camper comes with a hot-dipped-galvanized chassis, reliably pulled by sturdy 16in alloy wheels.

You have bountiful headroom as this camper is fitted with a pop-top roof. You wouldn’t have problems taking your ware along as this camper is equipped with appreciable storage space under the bed. Interestingly, a robust 120Ah deep-cycle battery is snuck inside a side storage bin.

This camper is incredibly adaptable, presenting removable window flyscreens. What more, you can power your devices reliably on the go as this Pioneer Mitchell is equipped with a 12V/240V outlet.

The Pioneer Mitchell is girded with an external slide-out kitchen. This facility is equipped with a stainless steel unit, a 2-burner stove, with lots of pouches and drawers for keeping your food ingredients.

  • Overall length 5.3 m
  • External body length 2.9 m
  • Body width 1.95 m
  • Unloaded weight 1576 kg
  • Payload capacity 424 kg

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