16 Small Travel Trailers With Pictures (Floor Plans)

16 Small Travel Trailers

When most people think of the ideal trailer, they probably imagine grandiose RVs or motorhomes the size of a small bus, but the truth is that smaller travel trailers have a charm all their own and many winning features that often get overshadowed by the super-sized campers. Small trailers are not only more compact for storing and parking purposes, but they are also easier to manoeuvrer on your travels since most can be towed safely with your own vehicle!

Before you buy your cozy home on wheels, it’s important to consider which features you can and can’t live without. Some may not have a bathroom or a stove, for example, which may not be a problem if you’re cool with cooking (or answering nature’s call) outside! Other designs may or may not have air conditioning, which could also be a deal-breaker depending on where you’re traveling to.

With so many styles and varying features on offer, trying to choose the right trailer might seem overwhelming, but if you start by listing your ‘must-have’ features as you browse through the following small travel trailers, you’ll be able to make the appropriate compromises and arrive at the best overall trailer for your needs.

Jayco Jay Flight SLX 154BH

This SLX 154BH model of Jayco Jay Flight travel trailer is perfect for the basic weekend camping needs of adults and small families.

Right out the gate, this tiny trailer (barely 18 feet long!) can accommodate up to 6 people in total thanks to its generous dinette area and bed capacity – as well as two bunk beds measuring around 6 feet, the dinette converts into your master bed, making it ideal for parents and couples to sleep comfortably on while kids can fight for the best bunk! The relatively spacious seating area at the dinette could sit 4 adults and 2 small children.

Should you choose to travel at full passenger capacity, you’ll be pleased to know there is ample storage space with plenty of overhead cabinets, kitchen cabinets and one external storage compartment.

There are no drawers, but the numerous cabinets, spacious pantry and generous amount of counter top space is pretty impressive when you consider the trailer size.

Mercifully for family and group travelers, there is also a single AC unit, though it is non-ducted (meaning it blows cool air through various bottom vents rather than distributing cool air throughout the trailer).

The trailer itself measures 17 ft 10 inches long by 8 ft 11 inches tall and the cargo carrying capacity is 850 lbs. Also, the dry hitch weight for this model (not including cargo, passengers etc) is 295 lbs, so consider your towing vehicle capacity and use a tongue weight scale to safely determine the extra weight you’ll be carrying with you.

Key Features

  • Toilet
  • Bath tub/shower
  • 2 burner cook-top & High Pointe microwave
  • Fridge
  • Comfortably sleeps 4
  • Single non-ducted AC unit
  • Ample cabinet space
  • Dinette converts into bed
  • 10 ft awning
  • 14 inch Goodyear endurance tires

2019 Airstream Sport 16RB

The Airstream Sport 16RB Bambi makes a great camper for families of all ages and is even dog-friendly thanks to nifty features such as an exterior shower port for hosing down your pooch after a day at the beach and a powerful fan vent for propelling wet dog smell and other odors out of the trailer!

The ‘RB’ in the title stands for rear bedroom and this Airstream Sport trailer is home to a super comfy memory-foam double-bed – not everyone was built for the camper life, so the inclusion of a quality memory foam mattress will be a welcome addition for fussy travelers.

Speaking of features to win over passengers that aren’t too crazy about trailer life, the Airstream Sport has an LED HD TV to appease kids who need more than board games to stay entertained. The main design highlight though has to be the panoramic windows which bring a flood of natural light into the trailer and provides a fantastic view of your chosen beauty spot when you’re sitting at the leather dinette.

And when you need some shut eye from a full day of exploring, just slide the blackout curtains along each side of the panoramic windows and fold the modular Velcro cushions and cushions out into an extra bed or lounge area.

In all, this trailer measures 16 ft 4 inches long by 9 ft 3 inches size and has a cargo capacity of 505 lbs. The hitch weight is 378 lbs.

Key Features

  • Panoramic windows
  • Memory foam double bed
  • Comfortably sleeps 4
  • Ultra-leather dinette converts into extra bed
  • Exterior shower
  • 3 fan speed AC/heater
  • Fantastic Fan vent
  • Multiple overhead and under-seat storage
  • 2 Burner cook-top and microwave
  • 2-way fridge freezer

Rustic Trail Teardrop KODIAK STEALTH

This Kodiak Stealth trailer by Rustic Trail is designed in the teardrop style (a larger section built for sleeping at the front with room for storage at the rear) and is built in a simple yet rugged construction for the adventurous traveler.

Right away, an important thing to keep in mind is that the Rustic Trail Teardrop does not have a heating element of any kind, only a MaxxAir fan vent and a basic AC unit to keep things cool. Because of this slight drawback, the Kodiak Stealth is probably best suited to solo travelers and small groups of adults.

This isn’t to say that the Kodiak Stealth can’t accommodate more passengers. The dinette area could quite comfortably sit 4 adults for lounge purposes and when the table folds away, you’re left with a queen size bed, which very comfortably sleeps 2 adults or (in a pinch) a small family of 4. The addition of two USB charging ports by the bed will also be a plus if you choose to take younger passengers with you.

This is a very bare bone trailer, built as a comfortable place to rest and store equipment – but with more than 11 options available, you can customize your Kodiak Stealth as you wish.

Overall it measures 14 ft long and 6.7 ft tall with a dry hitch weight of 150 lbs, making it one of the more easy-tow travel trailers around. Depending on optional extras, the cargo capacity is 1,833 – 2,025 lbs.

Key Features

  • Easy to tow
  • Exterior LED lights
  • 5 inch tall headroom
  • Dinette converts to queen-size bed
  • Comfortably sleeps 2 adults (but can accommodate small family of 4)
  • MaxxAir roof vent
  • Under-seating and under-bed storage
  • Dual USB charging ports above bed

2020 NuCamp Barefoot – Haydocy Airstream & RV

If you like your travel trailer with personality and design flair, then this cute retro-looking camper will be right up your street. The sleek, curved NuCamp Barefoot trailers come in a striking pastel-blue color and the unique egg-shape design is very reminiscent of vintage British camping holidays.

Its cute appearance and compact frame would make this a perfect choice to take to festivals and camping holidays or just taking friends and family out to the beach for a day. The laid-back flower power vibes are baked right into the name – barefoot!

The small, lightweight design makes this NuCamp RV easy to tow, though don’t be fooled by its compact exterior, because you’ll step inside to find a very spacious trailer.

The matching pastel-blue dinette can sit up to 6 adults and when you want to switch up from dinette to bed at night, the slide-out function makes this a piece of cake – converting to a 6 by 6 foot bed in no time.

To add to the streamlined feel inside the trailer, the sink and 2 burner stove is built into a recess in the solid oak counter tops, so you can use the surface for extra storage space when they’re not in use. We also love the elegant wet room with teak flooring in the shower recess.

The NuCamp Barefoot measures 16 ft 8 inches long by 7 ft 9 inches tall and has a user payload of 331 lbs.

Key Features

  • Easy to tow
  • Very spacious dinette (up to 6 people capacity)
  • Colorful, retro design
  • Recessed sink and stove
  • LED lighting
  • Wardrobe
  • Toilet and shower room
  • Exterior rail to add awning
  • Gas box doubles as storage compartment
  • Multiple storage compartments
  • Dinette converts to full size bed

2020 Forest River Wolf Pup 14CC

From the Forest River brand of travel trailers comes the Wolf Pup 14CC – a compact yet stylish and spacious home on wheels that is perfect for friends, solo travelers or a family of 3 out on the open road.

Because the Wolf Pup travel trailer has a rear entry door as opposed to a side door, the floor plan is quite uniquely designed compared to other small trailers. So as you walk in, you’ll find it has separate doors to the wet room and toilet whilst the bulk of the trailer space is dedicated to a generously sized kitchen and dinette with a queen size bed at the front.

Amazingly for a travel trailer of this size, the Wolf Pup comes with a full sized 2-door refrigerator like you’d find in your own home, so this feature is a huge plus if you’re traveling as a family or you’re planning a long stay.

There is also a large window to provide a great view at your dinette. We also love the little extra touches of things like TV mounts, Bluetooth radio and external speakers with LED lighting if you want to host outdoor parties.

The overall size of the Wolf Pup trailer comes in at just over 19 ft long and 10 ft 6 inches tall and has a dry hitch weight of 400 lbs. For a trailer this size, it also has a forgiving cargo carrying capacity at 1016 lbs.

Key Features

  • Rear entry door
  • Comfortably sleeps 3
  • Full size 2-door refrigerator
  • Recessed 2 burner cook-top
  • Overhead microwave
  • Generous cabinet space
  • Bluetooth radio with HDMI/USB ports
  • Queen-size bed
  • External speakers with LED lights
  • External TV mount
  • 5 ft external storage compartment
  • Exterior Leash Latch for dog owners

Escape 5.0 TA Fifth Wheel

The first thing you’ll notice about the Escape 5.0 trailer is its unique aerodynamic design which helps reduce wind resistance and give it a low center of gravity – making for smoother towing.

The fiberglass construction also makes the Escape fifth Wheel lightweight yet very rugged, so it was definitely built for long stretches on the open road.

The makers of this Fifth Wheel model have really made the most of the space, since the interior has a very comfortable, roomy feel.

It has a high ceiling compared with other trailers in its class size (interior height of 7 ft), features a queen size bed in the front with hollowed-out carpeted steps leading up which lends an extra cozy feel and still has the space for a 4-person dinette (which also converts into a spare bed), a 3-way 6.0 cubic ft refrigerator and 3 burner stove (with options to include an oven).

The storage space is pretty impressive too – there are 6 overhead cabinets in total with added wardrobe storage, under-seating storage at the dinette and cabinet space by the fridge. The beautiful natural oak finish on the cabinets lends a very charming feel to this home on wheels, and thanks to plenty of natural light, it will always have a bright and open feel.

In total, the TA Fifth Wheel measures 21 ft 2 inches long and 9 ft 7 inches high. It also has a dry hitch weight of 630 lbs and a cargo capacity of 1,690 lbs.

Key Features

  • Aerodynamic design for smoother towing
  • Oven and 3-burner stove
  • 3-way refrigerator
  • Wet bath with toilet
  • Large sink and counter top area
  • Queen size bed
  • Natural oak cabinets
  • 4 person dinette converts to spare bed
  • Outdoor shower port
  • Generous storage space

Little Guy Max

The Little Guy Max travel trailer certainly lives up to its name, as the designers have really utilized the interior space.

This adorable teardrop-style trailer can comfortably sleep 3 so it’s perfect for a family of 3 or a small group of friends, though be warned if you’re traveling with kids, as there are so many comforts and entertainment features that they may never want to leave!

As well as a Bluetooth stereo system with DVD, MP3 and HDMI connectivity, there is a 24 inch HDTV in the bedroom with 2 speakers and even a TV mount outside should they want an outdoor cinema experience.

This mini trailer is super practical too, thanks to multiple storage cabinets and additional storage cubbies beside the dinette so kids can keep their phones and gadgets off the table during meals or family game time!

We also love the little touches like adjustable shelves in the full-sized pantry and a silverware tray built into the drawers to prevent your crockery clanging about on the move.

Accent lighting above and below the kitchen cupboard is also a plus for when you need to use the bathroom at night without waking up the rest of the trailer!

Overall, the Little Guy Max measures in at 21 ft long by just over 9 ft high and has a dry hitch weight of 330 lbs. Cargo carrying capacity will depend on optional upgrades.

Key Features

  • Maple hardwood cabinetry
  • Queen-size bed with stargazing window
  • AC/furnace
  • Recessed 2-burner stove and microwave
  • 4 cubic ft fridge freezer
  • 47 cubic feet bathroom
  • 4-dinette converts into bed
  • Bluetooth stereo system
  • Under-dinette storage
  • 3 speed Fantastic Fan  
  • Porch light
  • Full-sized pantry with adjustable shelving
  • Exterior power outlet and TV mount

2017 Airstream Sport 16J Bambi Small Travel Trailer

Similar to the 2019 Airstream Sport trailer but with a slightly different floor plan, this 2017 16J Bambi model packs in many great features for the size.

First off, the much-loved panoramic windows are featured at the dinette area to let in a flood of natural light and is complete with blackout blinds for a more restful nights sleep.

Also, unlike many small travel trailers, the 16J Bambi dinette converts into a true double bed size rather than a single so 2 adults or 2 children could sleep comfortably on this spare.

This 2017 Airstream has an interior height of 7 ft 4 inches, making it feel considerably roomy for the size – it also doesn’t hurt that Airstream have found a practical use for every last corner of this trailer.

As well as the standard overhead compartments, you’ll find extra storage space at every turn, from the storage hampers at the head and foot of the main bed to a cubby for shoe storage by the entry door.

Other space-saving designs include the movable TV bracket in the bedroom, allowing you to view the TV in bed, in the kitchen or whilst sitting at the dinette and some helpful bathroom touches such as the inclusion of a medicine cabinet, a clothes line and a towel rail for added convenience.

In all, the Airstream Sport 16J is 16 ft 4 inches long and 9 ft 7 inches tall, with a dry hitch weight of 350 lbs.

Key Features

  • Deadbolt door lock
  • Panoramic windows
  • Queen-size memory-foam bed  
  • Comfortably sleeps 4
  • AC/Furnace
  • 2-way fridge freezer
  • Recessed 2 burner cook-top
  • Stereo system with DVD and speakers
  • Ultra-leather dinette converts to double-bed
  • Plenty of storage
  • Spring-loaded durable awning
  • Exterior shower port

135 Retro Silver Series – Silver Dream Package

This simple yet stylish RV by Riverside will turn heads on the motorway! The sleek curves and high-gloss black and white aluminum finish of the 135 Retro silver Series trailer is reminiscent of a 50’s diner, making it feel inviting before you even step in!

Because of the rear entry door, the floor plan is a little different, but generally this trailer makes the most of its limited space. This was designed as the perfect travel trailer for couples, although it can sleep 4 quite comfortably, thanks to a Queen size bed and 3 seater sofa that doubles up as an extra bed.

Features such as a full sized 2-way fridge freezer, wood-grain floors and hardwood cabinets will make it feel more like home, as will the microwave, deep sink and 2 burner stove – all the home comforts you really need for a romantic getaway for two.

Although if you’re traveling with the family, the 135 Retro trailer has you covered there too. It has a flat-panel TV and Bluetooth stereo system with USB, HDMI and AUX connectivity that can play through either internal or external speakers.

It may lack the dinette and storage capacity of some of the travel trailers mentioned, but for its size this is a convenient and super stylish camper.

The 135 Retro Silver Series measures 15 ft 9 inches long and 9 ft 4 inches tall, with a dry hitch weight of 250 lbs and cargo carrying capacity of 1,170 lbs.

Key Features

  • Queen-size bed
  • Extra Sofa bed
  • Wet room with shower skylight
  • AC and Furnace
  • 2-way fridge freezer
  • 2 burner stove and microwave
  • Bluetooth stereo system with multiple connectivity ports
  • Overhead storage cabinets
  • External storage compartment
  • External shower port
  • 6 ft electric awning

2019 ROCKWOOD GEO PRO 14FK Lightweight Travel Trailer

Before you even step inside, Geo Pro have really put some consideration into this trailer’s design – for starters the entry door has an electronic key entry so you can still enter even if you lose your keys after a long day’s exploring!

Another nice touch is that the door hinges are wind-resistant, meaning it won’t just slam shut or swing against the trailer on blustery days. We also love that the steps into the trailer are adjustable so you can set foot on solid steps even when parked on uneven terrain, which will be a comfort to elderly or disabled campers.

Once you step inside, the 14FK greets you with a lot of cool amenities for the size – you have a 3-way fridge freezer and a spacious seating area that could accommodate 4-6 adults which then folds out as a double bed.

You also have a decently sized wet room and toilet, ample storage space in overhead cubby holes and kitchen cabinets and a HDTV and Bluetooth entertainment system.

As an added bonus (particularly if you’re on the road with fussy teens) is that Rockwood Geo Pro have fitted their trailers with a Wi-Fi extender which essentially strengthens an otherwise mediocre camp Wi-Fi signal so you can enjoy improved internet access compared to most other travel trailers.

All in all, The Geo Pro 14FK measures just over 14 ft in length and 9 ft 4 inches high with a cargo carrying capacity of 812 lbs and a hitch weight of 331 lbs.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, easy tow design
  • Propane connect line for outdoor grills
  • 6-seater dinette/double bed
  • Wet room and toilet
  • 3-burner stove and microwave
  • AC/Furnace
  • HDTV with DVD
  • Bluetooth stereo system
  • 3-way refrigerator
  • Sturdy bike rack (Holds up to 2)

2016 Camp Lite 11FK

The super compact 11FK Camp Lite trailer by Livin’ Lite is a decent no-fuss camper with many of the basic amenities you’d expect, so if you don’t mind traveling in a basic no-frills camper for your holidays then this is the trailer for you.

Its lightweight aluminum frame makes the Camp Lite an easy tow camper with the help of your average large family vehicle or minivan and has a sleek nose cone design to reduce wind drag.

Outside you have a 7ft power awning and option to have a pull-out bunk bed which extends the overall length of the trailer to 14 ft 5 inches.

Inside you have a surprisingly spacious 6-seater dinette for the size and this folds out into a spare bed, so combined with the optional expandable bunk bed, this mini camper could sleep a family of 4, though it is probably better suited to couples and solo travelers as far as comfort goes.

As well as your basic heating and AC, the Camp Lite trailer has a 2-burner stove with a stainless steel sink and kitchen cabinets, a compact refrigerator and a wet room. While the storage capacity may not be great for family travels, the wardrobe and kitchen cabinet space will more than suffice if you’re traveling as a pair.

Overall the Camp Lite 11FK is 14.5 ft long by 9.5 ft with a dry hitch weight of 225 lbs.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, easy tow frame
  • Electric awning
  • Optional full-size tip-out bunk bed
  • 6-seater dinette converts to spare bed
  • Super cool AC and heater
  • 2-burner stove and stainless steel sink
  • Compact refrigerator
  • Flat-panel TV
  • Shower and toilet
  • Stereo system
  • Wardrobe storage
  • Charging center
  • Storage under dinette seating
  • Privacy screening

2019 ProLite Mini

The 2019 model trailer by ProLite Mini is a well-designed compact camper that features many of the amenities you’d expect from other travel trailers of its size.

One main drawback to address first off though is that this specific model does not have an AC unit on board – this was decided by the designers to minimize the trailer’s weight so it could be towed more easily.

Fortunately, all of the windows in the ProLite can be opened and there is a Fantastic Fan fitted, so if a lack of AC isn’t a deal-breaker for you, you will still enjoy a decent amount of airflow in the trailer.

Inside the ProLite, you have a sofa bed that comfortably seats 3 as a sofa bench and pulls out easily into a spare bed that can sleep 2. The dinette seating at the other end of the trailer can accommodate 4 adults and can convert into a double bed, so in all the Prolite mini can quite comfortably sleep 4.

To keep the design mini in every respect, the ProLite also lacks a toilet and shower facility, which may not be such a problem for true rough-and-ready campers, but a family may not be so thrilled about the bare bones design, so keep this in mind.

Overall, the ProLite Mini measures 13 ft long with an interior height of 6 ft, and because of the lack of an AC and shower facility, the dry hitch weight is comparatively lighter than most travel trailers at 130 lbs.

Key Features

  • No AC unit
  • All windows can be opened for better airflow
  • Reduced weight easy-tow design
  • No toilet/shower facilities
  • Fantastic Fan vent
  • Recessed 2-burner stove and sink
  • Furnace
  • Compact refrigerator
  • Decent storage space
  • External storage compartment

2019 Jayco Hummingbird 10RK Travel Trailer

The Hummingbird 10RK is an ultra-light compact camper by Jayco – the ‘RK’ stands for rear kitchen, so this trailer has a different floor plan from many of the small travel trailers on the market.

If you love cooking outdoors then this is the ideal compact trailer for you. The rear kitchen set up allows the foodie travelers out there to whip up a meal with everything they need in easy reach – fridge freezer, microwave, sink, storage cabinets, portable gas grill and even a flat-panel TV to entertain the chef (or the guests) at your next camp cook-out!

A rear kitchen may not be for everybody, but if you love space to cook and prefer to separate the living/sleeping quarters of the trailer from any food and smoke aromas then the unique design of the Hummingbird 10RK will make sense for you.

Inside the 10RK you have a Queen size bed that sleeps 2 and features blackout blinds on the windows for a better night’s sleep. There are also various cabinets overhead for your storage, an AC and furnace and LED lighting throughout.

The hummingbird 10RK also comes wired for solar panels, so you have the option to keep your batteries run on solar power if you wish.

The Jayco Hummingbird measures 13 ft long by 7ft 8 inches tall. Again, due to reduced facilities on board, the 10RK has a low hitch weight of 180 lbs and a cargo carrying capacity of 455 lbs.

Key Features

  • Queen-size bed sleeps 2
  • AC and furnace
  • Wired for solar panels
  • Multiple overhead cabinets
  • USB charging ports
  • Marine-grade speakers
  • External storage compartment
  • Outdoor camp kitchen and microwave
  • Compact fridge freezer
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Extra storage in the rear
  • Portable gas grill included


This Super Lite Weight Teardrop-style trailer by Rockwood has been designed with the solo traveler in mind, since the bed essentially takes up the full interior space.

As you’ve guessed from the RK in the name, the Super Lite G12RK features a rear kitchen which makes up the rest of the trailer – so though this camper can sleep 2, it is probably most comfortable for solo travelers who love to cook outdoors.

The rear kitchen has a sink, compact fridge and microwave with generous counter top space to prepare your meals, plus an inverter outlet if you want to run your fridge on the RV batteries instead of a generator.

The G12RK has an AC unit and no furnace, but since the trailer is such a compact living space, you’re unlikely to feel overly chilly inside. And even if you do, Rockwood have considered this by including a mattress heater which can be plugged into a Geopro outlet and comes with 6 different settings to help you feel extra toasty on cold nights!

Another great feature inside the trailer is the stereo system with radio, USB, CD and HDMI outlets if you want to hook up your TV, which you can easily do with the help of the included TV mount. The roof rack on-top of the RV allows you to carry extra cargo that otherwise won’t fit such as extra luggage or even a couple of bikes or kayaks.

Key Features

  • Very lightweight, easy-tow design
  • Designed for 1 but can sleep 2
  • Rear kitchen with microwave and fridge
  • Inverter power outlet      
  • LED lighting and external speakers in RK
  • Queen-size bed
  • Overhead storage cubbies and cabinets
  • AC and 6-setting mattress heater
  • Stereo system with speakers
  • Roof rack for carrying extra cargo

2019 Flagstaff E Pro 14FK Travel Trailer

The Flagstaff E Pro 14FK is a sweet and simple trailer that will make an ideal living space for the solo traveler, though this may be comfy enough for two depending on your preferences.

The generously sized dinette (which could possibly accommodate up to to 6 adults) converts into the trailer’s one and only bed – just fold away the table and Velcro seat cushions to arrange into a near to double-sized bed, which could make cozy sleeping quarters for 2, though perhaps not ideal in the long term.

The remaining trailer space is dedicated to a wet room and a fairly spacious kitchen area with a 3-burner stove, 3-way refrigerator and microwave with plenty of storage space in the surrounding drawers and cabinets.

Flagstaff have also included a camp grill and stove for outdoor cooking. There are other thoughtful touches in the design of the 14FK such as friction hinges on the door to prevent it from slamming shut in high winds and a programmable electronic key entry to ensure you won’t get locked out of your trailer if you lose your keys.

All in all – a decent travel trailer for the size with enough amenities for a comfortable camping experience. The Flagstaff E Pro measures just over 14 ft long by 9 ft 4 inches tall, and has a dry hitch weight of 277 lbs and cargo carrying capacity of 712 lbs.

Key Features

  • Spacious 6-seater dinette/bed
  • AC and furnace
  • Wet bath, toile
  • Power awning
  • LED lighting
  • Coleman Camp grill and stove included
  • 3-way 3 cub. ft refrigerator
  • Recessed 3-burner cook-top and microwave
  • Multiple storage drawers and cabinets
  • External flip-out table
  • Programmable keyless entry
  • Friction hinges on door
  • Exterior storage compartment
  • Exterior marine-grade speakers
  • External shower port

Safari Condo Alto 1713R

The uniquely designed teardrop trailer by Safari Condo stands head and shoulders above many of its competitors. Most teardrop camper designs don’t offer standing headroom – so The Alto 1713R trailer decided to rectify that! This stunning camper has a retractable electric roof which when raised up provides not only more headroom but a gorgeous flood of surrounding natural light.

The unique window placement, which virtually covers each side of the trailer, provides incredible views on your travels and almost gives the trailer a kind of fishbowl feel like you’re up close and personal with nature – hence the name ‘Safari’ condo.

And when the roof is closed, the Alto 1713R takes on the slimmed-down aerodynamic shape of most small teardrop campers so it can be compact enough to be stored safely in your garage.

In addition to the views, this Safari Condo camper brings you many of the main comforts you need for a camping adventure to remember – you have a king size bed and dinette-single bed conversion so up to 4 can sleep comfortably.

You also have a toilet and exterior shower outlet, fridge, microwave and 2-burner stove, plus plenty of storage space

When the roof is opened, the Alto 1713R has an exterior height of 8ft 4 inches and a length of 17 ft 3 inches. This is easy to tow and has an overall weight of 1825 lbs before cargo.

Key Features

  • Stunning window views
  • Retractable electric roof
  • 2-way dinette (2-seat or 5-seat)
  • Sleeps up to 4
  • Dinette converts to spare single bed
  • Ample storage space under dinette seating
  • King size bed
  • Recessed 2-burner stove and microwave
  • 3 cub.ft fridge
  • Fixed flush toilet and shower cabinetry
  • External shower port
  • Extra storage in toilet cabinet

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