15 Cool White Bellied Caique Facts (Explained for Beginners)

15 Cool White Bellied Caique Facts

The White Bellied Caique (Also referred to as White-bellied Parrot) is a bird species that come from the family of Psittacidae. An ancient parrot species that is believed to have originated in the early Paleogene period, White Bellied Caiques, is unique for its beautiful appearance and authentic historical background.

White Bellied Caiques have an orange-colored head, with a horn-colored beak and dark brown eyes. Their throat is yellow; they have vibrant green wings, with a creamy-white chest and belly. Commonly found in humid forest regions of South America, such as Peru, Brazil, and The Amazon- White Bellied Caiques are also kept as household pets due to their bubbly nature.

Like most bird-species, specific triggers can suddenly cause a White Bellied Caique to become fearful or extremely anxious. However, when you dedicate sufficient time to understand this species and get to know your little friend- caring for them will become more comfortable. Continue reading to learn 15 more cool facts about the White Bellied Caique!

1. Caiques Can Be Very Stubborn

Beware: White Bellied Caiques can be very stubborn, especially when you tell them the word “NO.” Although this stubbornness nature never truly goes away, it can definitely be tamed. All you need to do is have strong willpower; possess an ability to say no and promptly put them back into their cage when they’re attempting to argue with you.

2. White Bellied Caiques Are Known As “Clowns”

“Clowns of the bird family” is a title that White Bellied Caiques have rightfully earned. Their entertaining, hilarious, and sometimes silly personalities make these birds too easy to fall in love with. White Bellied Caiques love to hop from place to place, wrestle using their heads, and lay on their backs- all in an attempt to entertain their owners.

3. They’re Extremely Intelligent

Often compared to being “smarter than dogs,” it’s no lie when you say that White Bellied Caiques are extremely intelligent. Their problem-solving skills are something that most owners can vouch for, including an impressive ability to learn tricks and other valuable skills.

A White Bellied Caique intelligence doesn’t come without ongoing training, but once they’ve been taught the ropes- their comprehension is magnificent.

4. Their Lifespan is Well over 30 Years

Specifically, a White Bellied Caique lifespan is between 30 – 40 years! So it’s important to remember that if you decide to purchase one, you’ll share most of your life with them.

5. White Bellied Caiques Require Plenty of Attention

If you’re looking to purchase a bird “just for fun,” you should turn your head from the White Bellied Caique. This bird species requires an owner who can provide them regular attention, particularly at least 2 hours per day outside of their cage. Given they’re incredibly affectionate, White Bellied Caiques need this attention not only for their physical well-being but also for their mental well-being.

6. Incubation Period Lasts Only 25 – 26 Days Long

Once a female Caique falls pregnant, her incubation period lasts between 25 – 26 days before she finally lays her eggs. This is the average time-frame for bird species, but obviously significantly shorter compared to us humans.

7. White Bellied Caiques Are Moderate Talkers

They’re not the most talkative bunch of birds. However, they’re by no means quiet either. White Bellied Caiques are considered to be moderate talkers, meaning they’ll tend to whistle or mimic everyday bird noises- as opposed to speaking loudly.

And if a White Bellied Caique does make any hint of loud noise, owners say it resembles a soothing sound- similar to most parrots.

8. They’re Nippers- So They’re Not Good With Children

White Bellied Caiques have been known to nip at you, especially when they’re frightened, upset, or anxious. Nipping is a natural, instinctual behavior seen in Caiques, especially if they haven’t been trained. But it’s for this reason that this species isn’t recommended to be around young children.

On the upside, however, is their nipping behavior can be tamed through extensive training. So long as the owner maintains consistency and persistent measures to deter such behavior.

9. Caiques Start Breeding From 2 Years of Age

Yes, that’s correct- White Bellied Caiques can start breeding from 2 years of age. They’re considered mature from 12 – 18 months, therefore it’s no surprise that sexual breeding is closely followed not too long afterward. In saying that, however, White Bellied Caiques don’t typically breed until the age of 3 years onwards.

10. White Bellied Caiques Cost Between $800 – $2000

Leaning towards the more expensive side of the scale, the price for a single White Bellied Caiques can set you back between $800.00 – $2,000.

The total price for a White Bellied Caique will depend on a few things such as:

  • Place of purchase: Adoption, Rescue, Breeder, Show, etc.
  • Age of bird
  • Health factors
  • Appearance

Don’t forget that the price listed above doesn’t include additional factors; Such as housing costs, maintenance, food, health-care, toys/perches, VET, etc. If you combine these additions, you will notice a significant change in the total price, and you need to keep that in mind.

11. They Don’t Get Along With Other Bird Species

Typically, A White Bellied Caique does NOT get along well with other bird species. White Bellied Caiques can be both territorial and possess aggressive behavior towards other birds of a different kind. For this reason, this bird is better kept alone or in a pair (with another White Bellied Caique.)

12. They’re an Endangered Species

Unfortunately for White Bellied Caiques, they’re an endangered species (despite the commonality of them being found as household pets.) Their status continues to be deemed as “endangered” and comes down to three main factors:

1. Destruction of Habitat – With the constant shaping and changes being made to the land around us, this poses a significant threat to White Bellied Caiques, who rely on this habitat to live. Habitat loss is a major threat to birds and significantly impacts them as a species.

2: Poaching/Hunting – Another reason why White Bellied Caiques is an endangered species is the illegal poaching/hunting taking place surrounding them.

3: Illegal Smuggling – Lastly, the illegal smuggling of the Caique parrot species hugely affects their ability to reproduce and thrive safely in the world.

13. Owning a Caique Isn’t Ideal for Beginners

If you’re someone looking for a bird that’ll be easy to care for as a beginner, unfortunately, the White Bellied Caique shouldn’t be your first choice. Although this bird species can be both friendly and intelligent at times, White Bellied Caiques require an owner who is familiar with their species and is well equipped to tend to all of their unique needs/requirements.

Territorial, occasional aggression, nipping, and other sporadic behavior is something you’ll need to address confidently and quickly with White Bellied Caiques. Failing to do so can influence it to become overly aggressive, extremely depressed, or an overall bad-tempered bird.

For these reasons, people believe White Bellied Caiques are better suited for someone who has experience caring for this species or birds in the past. And have no problem taming them (through experience) to deter such behaviors.

14. They Only Sleep in Darkness

For all White Bellied Caique owners out there- you may have noticed by now that your bird only sleeps in darkness. That means you must turn off all surrounding lights when you put your bird to sleep.

The reason for this is precisely like humans; Having lights on when you’re trying to sleep can play a huge distraction and make us feel inclined to do some sort of activity. White Bellied Caiques are no different, meaning if you’re trying to put your parrot to sleep- turn the lights off. Otherwise, you may notice odd-sounding chatter or noises coming from within your bird’s cage.

15. Caiques Make as Good Pets

Despite their stubborn, headstrong, and sometimes aggressive nature- White Bellied Caiques truly can make as a good pet for an owner who is well equipped to handle their vibrant personalities.

White Bellied Caiques are energetic beings and can come across as being “too intense” of a bird. However, when trained, tamed, and given enough attention- they’re just as loving and friendly than any other pet.

Their soft-spot for cuddles, head-rubs, and kisses certainly makes these birds extra lovable. And their joyous, sometimes silly personalities are hard not to love! Overall, White Bellied Caiques are great pets so long as you have the time to tend to their needs.

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