15 Cool Milk Snake Morphs With Pictures

15 Cool Milk Snake Morphs With Pictures

Milk Snakes come in various morphs, and whether you’re a beginner reptile lover or experienced breeder- the Milk Snake morph can provide you complete companionship for up to 20 years. If you’re interested in learning more about Milk Snakes and their many morphs, continue reading!

Some popular Milk Snake Morphs:

  • Traditional Honduran Milk Snake
  • Tangerine Honduran Milk Snake
  • Black Milk Snake
  • Pueblan Milk Snake
  • Sinaloan Milk Snake
  • Nelson’s Milk Snake
  • Ecuadorian Milk Snake
  • Eastern Milk Snake
  • Andean Milk Snake
  • Mexican Milk Snake
  • Guatemalan Milk Snake
  • Dixon’s Milk Snake
  • Red Milk Snake
  • Utah Milk Snake
  • Smith’s Milk Snake

How Many Milk Snake Morphs are There?

Currently, there are 24 recognized subspecies or morphs of Milksnakes. Some of these subspecies can be split further into multiple species. The majority of Milk Snakes continue to produce their famous striped back pattern. However, the bands can come in various colors.

15 Cool Milk Snake Morphs

1. Traditional Honduran Milk Snake

Traditional Honduran Milk Snake
reddit.com u/bloodfire66

Found within the rainforests of Honduras, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua- The Honduran Milk Snake, is one of the most popular Milk Snake morphs on the market.

Honduran Milk Snakes are a medium-sized reptile, possessing the famous striped Milk Snake pattern. Their body consists primarily of a deep reddy/orange color, with yellow and/or black bands dispersed evenly throughout its backside.

Traditional Honduran Milk Snakes can cost you anywhere between $40 – $110 (if located within The United States,) depending on your place of purchase.

2. Tangerine Honduran Milk Snake

Tangerine Honduran Milk Snake
reddit.com u/hotmayonaise69

As the name suggests, a Tangerine Honduran Milk Snake is a further-morph of the Traditional Honduran Snake. They possess a similar color variation and pattern that may become confusing to identify as a beginner reptile-keeper.

Tangerine Honduran Milk Snakes can be burgundy in color, with tangerine-like colored bands, or vice versa.

If purchased online, the price of a single Tangerine Honduran Milk Snake may cost you no more than $110. Other breeders or reptile stores, however, may charge you more- depending on demand.

3. Black Milk Snake

Black Milk Snake
reddit.com u/brenna_stell

The Black Milk Snake has gained diverse popularity amongst reptile and non-reptile lovers, for its unique color variation.

As a young hatchling, traditional Black Milk Snakes look no different than the common Milk Snake morph- possessing the typical red and black band pattern this species is known for. It isn’t until they’ve matured, where their color darkens until completely covered in black.

You should expect to pay between $70 and $250 for a single Black Milk Snake, depending on your choice of breeder or store.

4. Pueblan Milk Snake

Pueblan Milk Snake
reddit.com u/flynn0720

A Pueblan Milk Snake was bred to resemble the infamous and highly-venomous Coral Snake. Unlike the Coral Snake, a Pueblan Milk only resembles its color pattern, and nothing more.

The color of a Pueblan consists of yellows, reds, and blacks. These colors can vary between the color of its band or body.

One of the cheaper Milk Snake morphs around, the average cost for a single Pueblan Milk Snake varies between $40 – $80. Thankfully, this Milk Snake won’t break your bank or your body (if bitten,) therefore making them the ideal pet.

5. Sinaloan Milk Snake

Sinaloan Milk Snake
reddit.com u/Scarab138

Home to Sinaloa, Sonora, and other parts of Mexico, the Sinaloan Milk Snake is an anxious reptile when held in captivity. Over-time, however, with regular handling, they can grow to become docile, eventually being much more comfortable to be cared for.

In terms of coloration, their body is generally a blood-red color, with black or red rings dispersed around its backside.

Depending on demand, you could easily pick up a Sinaloan Milk Snake for no more than $70.

6. Nelson’s Milk Snake

Nelson’s Milk Snake
Source: Facebook

Home to dry woodland areas, the Nelson Milk Snake, is another popular Milk Snake morph that people love to care for. Unlike the Traditional Milk Snake, Nelson’s usually have little to no black in their body color.

Instead, their body is primarily a peachy-red with yellow or cream-colored bands dispersed around its backside.

The start price of a hatchling Nelson Milk Snake can cost you as little as $50.

7. Ecuadorian Milk Snake

Ecuadorian Milk Snake
Source: Facebook

Unfortunately, the Ecuadorian Milk Snake morph has little verified information around its history origin; however, it’s easy to believe that it most likely derived somewhere within the country of Ecuador, South America.

However, what you can expect with this particular morph is its familiar resemblance to the remaining Milk Snake species.

An Ecuadorian Milk Snakes color and pattern is made up of large bands- producing blacks, reds, and yellows throughout. It also has a yellow and black spotty head.

8. Eastern Milk Snake

Eastern Milk Snake
reddit.com u/booplesnork

Found within some areas of both Northern America and Eastern Canada, the Eastern Milk Snake morph is bred in captivity and kept for pet-trade.

Unlike the usual red and yellow colors we’re familiar with seeing on numerous Milk Snake morphs, the Eastern Milk Snake produces muddy colors that differentiate them from the rest.

Their body color consists of dorsal, saddle-brown colors with “alien-shaped-like” patterns covering its backside. This is unusual to see, as Milk Snakes typically have a “band/ring” pattern.

9. Andean Milk Snake

Andean Milk Snake
Source: Facebook

Originating from the Andes mountain range of Columbia, the Andean Milk Snake morph thrives while in captivity, making them one of the best reptiles to own as a pet.

Like most Milk Snake morphs, the Andean is a dark, tri-colored snake with red, black, and yellow bands around its body. It also has a white snout with black soft-appearing scales.

The average cost of a single Andean Milk Snake morph is between $150 – $300. This snake is one of the more expensive morphs of the Milk Snake species, and for a good reason.

10. Mexican Milk Snake

Mexican Milk Snake
reddit.com u/U4-EA

Home to the hot regions of Mexico, the Mexican Milk Snake morphs appearance is often mistaken for the Coral Snake. Despite their differences, there’s no lie that this morph has a captivating color combination!

Mexican Milk Snakes are usually found with red bodies and red, yellow, or black colored-bands. The pigmentation of their color-pattern does vary due to the evolution of breeders.

If you’re a beginner to the reptile world, a Mexican Milk Snake can serve as an ideal first-pet!

11. Guatemalan Milk Snake

Guatemalan Milk Snake
Source: Facebook

The Guatemalan Milk Snake is a stunning morph, producing vibrant body colors that can make a person wonder, “how?”.

If you attempted to combine the colors cherry, crimson, and wine, that would be the perfect combination to describe a Guatemalan Milk’s primary body color. Alongside, it has black, orangey/red, and then black (again) bands that cover their entire backside.

This morph truly suits its name and unknowingly represents the climate of its name origin accurately.

12. Dixon’s Milk Snake

Dixon’s Milk Snake
Source: Facebook

Discovered by and named after Dr. James R. Dixon, the Dixon Milk Snake morph is truly a gem in disguise. This morph not only carries a strong heritage but also incredibly unique for its color and pattern.

Similar to a traditional one, Dixon’s Milk Snake is a black, yellow, and red colored-snake with small yellow bands dispersed throughout its backside.

What’s incredible about this morph, is it’s dark black head and long black tail, venturing away from the typical pattern found within most Milk Snakes.

13. Red Milk Snake

Red Milk Snake
reddit.com u/H0rridus

A Red Milk Snake morph can be found in specific regions or Indiana, Kentucky, South Dakota, Alabama, and much more. They’re the ideal family pet, thanks to its friendly nature and passive temperament.

The color of a Red Milk Snake consists of two color-palettes; a brown-saddle color and a red-saddle color. They can also be found in a grey, dorsal-saddle color.

Red Milk Snakes have smaller-spaces and more numerous bands that tend to cover its body.

14. Utah Milk Snake

Utah Milk Snake
Source: Facebook

A Utah Milk Snake morph consists of three different color variations- black, red, and white. The red and white colors (usually found as a band) always touch, making the Utah Milk Snake more pleasant to distinguish.

Many people believe that the Utah Milk Snake resembles the Coral Snake, therefore claiming that breeders “try too hard to mimic that species.” Thankfully, Utah Milk Snakes are both non-venomous and non-poisonous, leaving some room for correction.

Due to its rarity, it is uncertain how much a Utah Milk Snake will cost you- however; it’s safe to assume anywhere between $120 – $350.

15. Smith’s Milk Snake

Smith’s Milk Snake

Named after Herpetologist and Author, Hobart Muir Smith- the Smith Milk Snake morph has a familiar yet distinct color variation and body pattern.

Unlike a Traditional Milk, Smith’s Milk Snake is a deep red colored reptile; with black and yellow bands that are generously spaced apart from one another. This spacing is unusual, as many Milk Snake morphs have tight bands close to each other.

Due to its rarity- the price for a single Smith Milk Snake is uncertain. However, as a guess, you can assume to pay between $100 – $350.

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