14 Best Travel Trailers Under 5000 lbs With Pictures

14 Best Travel Trailers Under 5000 lbs With Pictures

Travel trailers under 5000 lbs are amazing for many reasons such as the investment value, convenience and overall experience. Before buying a travel trailer under 5000 lbs, you’ll want to learn how to choose the best one to avoid being ripped off.

Consider the onboard amenities, features, cost of maintenance, and overall practicality of your travel trailer. Ask yourself questions such as how many people should it carry, how often you’ll use it, and whether you can tow it with ease.

Larger travel trailers require heavier vehicles, therefore purchasing one under 5000 lbs is practical for most people. Also, you should take into consideration how much space you’ll need- as some smaller travel trailers can feel cramped or lack storage.

1. 23MK Grey Wolf Under 5,000lbs Rear Window Couple’s Camping Travel Trailer

Grey Wolf Couple’s Camping Travel Trailer is a good value for money and has everything you need.

Key Features:

  • Weighs under 5000 lbs
  • Large bathroom
  • Private queen-size bedroom
  • Extra sleeping areas
  • Three TV mounts
  • Sizable kitchen
  • Outside power awning

What it Can Offer You

Grey Wolf provides a spacious yet convenient unit designed to accommodate your needs whilst traveling.

You’ll have a decent-sized couch on the left- followed by two storage units on each side. The couch transforms into a day-bed- suitable for the grandkids or one additional adult!

On the right-hand side, you have your dining area as well as a kitchen. Your diner also turns into an extra bed, comfortably fitting two extra adults.

Carry on and you’ll come to a door. Open that door and you have a luxurious spaced bathroom (with additional storage) on either side. Walkthrough one further door and you have a private master suite- situated with a queen-size bed.

Outside of your trailer, the numerous exterior benefits would be hard to pass upon. From decent storage, a side-mount solar prep plug, and an exterior TV bracket with speakers are just a few to mention.

Overall Features

The generous living area, decent sized bathroom, and private master bedroom- there isn’t anything you won’t be happy with.

Grey Wolf incorporated multiple windows throughout the rooms to give that “open and welcoming” space that certainly captivates.

You’ll also be happy to know that Grey Wolf uses identical TV brackets throughout three areas of your travel trailer.

Why We Recommend It

Grey Wolves 23MK Couples Travel Trailer is convenient, has generous facilities, and is good value for money. Whether you’re traveling with one or traveling with numerous- investing in this travel trailer won’t do you wrong.

2. 2018 Keystone Bullet 243BHS Bunk House with Slide Under 5,000 Pounds!

Keystone Bullets’ 243BHS travel trailer is an open plan model that suits families- including ones with young children.

Key Features:

  • Weighs less than 5000 lbs
  • Outdoor LED lighting
  • Kitchen (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Shower (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Queen Bed with plenty of storage
  • Bunk Beds with windows
  • Private bathroom

What it Can Offer You

Inside the Keystone Bullet 243BHS model, you have a comfortable open-plan design.

There’s room for storage, and a TV mounted on the wall. Behind that, is an area dedicated for sleeping- a queen bed in particular. You’ll also find generous storage units on either side, including a laundry chute.

You have a large kitchen area on one side with all basics covered! On the other side of the kitchen is a big dinette shaped like the letter U. This area could easily fit 6 adults comfortably.

Walk further down and you also have a private bathroom, and two bunk-beds with windows on each compartment.

Outside of the 243BHS, the benefits don’t stop there. Keystone Bullet made sure to incorporate an outside kitchen, shower, additional storage, and of course well-designed speakers.

Overall Features

A comfortable inside living area; including numerous sleeping areas, a functional kitchen unit, and a private bathroom with a toilet, shower, and all-in-one cabinet.

Outside you have LED power lights on the top of your awning and as you enter your trailer, there’s a sturdy handle to grip onto as necessary.

Storage is generously shared throughout various areas of your travel trailer, and the dry weight continues to remain under 5000lbs!

Why We Recommend It

We recommend the 2018 Keystone Bullet 243BHS travel trailer for its handy design and comfortable feel. They’ve incorporated essentials into a classy yet homely way- and certainly didn’t shy themselves away with using all of its space when possible.

3. Sportsmen SE 260BHSE Travel Trailer

The Sportsmen SE 260BHSE Travel Trailer will keep everyone happy, comfortable, and cozy during those long travel nights.

Key Features:

  • Weighs less than 5000 lbs
  • Double bunk-beds
  • TV Wall Mount areas (2 – 3)
  • Built-in speakers
  • Generous kitchen/dining area
  • Numerous sleeping areas
  • Outdoor power awning

What it Can Offer You

As you walk into the Sportsmen SE 260BHSE, you have a spacious queen-sized bedroom to your right-hand side. This bedroom is designed for you to walk around comfortably, whilst continuing to adhere to a space optimizing design. It also has your storage and TV covered!

On the left-hand side, you have a generous dinette which turns into an extra sleeping area. Opposite of that is an all-inclusive kitchen facility.

Once you make your way down to the lower section of the travel trailer, you have a double-bunk in one corner and a private bathroom with a shower, toilet, and basin on the other corner.

Externally, you have further storage compartments and additional solar power awning.

Overall Features

One of the best features of this travel trailer is the queen-sized bedroom. Underneath your queen bed, you have an additional storage chest for all of the extra pillows and blankets. Inside the bedroom are a TV wall mount and further pass-through wall storage.

There’s also a double bunk- perfect for the little ones (or slimmer adults).

Your kitchen has everything needed such as a large refrigerator, oven, sink, and microwave.

There are numerous areas for wall-mounted TV’s and a built-in radio/Bluetooth system with USB ports above to charge your devices.

Why We Recommend It

This travel trailer provides quality, both inside and out. It’s a trailer that will last you years and years. And at an affordable price, you’d be hard-pressed not to miss out on the features that come with it!

4. 2017 Coleman Light 1805RB

The 2017 Coleman Light 1805RB works well with couples searching for a combination of convenience and space-saver.

Key Features:

  • Weighs under 5000 lbs
  • All-inclusive Kitchen
  • Generous bathroom with additional storage
  • Overhead storage and queen-sized bed
  • Foldable sofa with dining table underneath
  • Wall-mounted TV and cabinet

What it Can Offer You

As you walk, you’re greeted to an open-planned travel trailer with a queen bed and overhead storage immediately to your right-hand side.

Turn left and you have a decent-sized kitchen with all essentials incorporated amongst a generous area. On the opposite side, you have a sliding sofa with folding tables underneath to create an adequate dining area.

Next to the sofa, you have a mounted TV cabinet- with extra storage below shall be required.

Finally, walk through the door and you have a private bathroom with a decent closet on the left-hand side.

Overall Features

The 2017 Coleman Light 1805RB has all of your essentials ticked when in search of an adequate travel trailer. From a generous sleeping area to multiple compartments- it’s a trailer you might want to greatly consider.

If you prefer space and comfortability as opposed to decor, you’ll be happy with the 1805RB’s foldable furniture and the multiple under-compartment storage areas.

The bathroom is also designed nicely, in a way where it doesn’t feel claustrophobic nor a poor use of space.

Why We Recommend It

We recommend the 1805RB for couples searching for a travel trailer that has everything you need and more! From the comfortability to space-saving design, the 2017 Coleman Light works exceptionally well for those who prefer minimal stops!

5. 2020 Super Lite Travel Trailer – 212FB – Starcraft RV

If you’re wanting a deluxe, suited, and comfortable cabin that works for you and your partner- the 2020 Super Lite Travel Trailer 212FB by Starcraft RV might have the answers you’re looking for.

Key Features:

  • Weighs under 5000 lbs
  • 12’ Awning
  • Queen bed with a large sleeping area
  • Cozy bathroom with glass shower doors
  • Timeless materials used
  • Kitchen essentials
  • Walkable roof
  • Tinted safety glass windows

What it Can Offer You

The 2020 Super Lite Travel Trailer uses materials that change the feel from “outdated” to “classy and luxurious”.

It offers a spacious kitchen facility, with decent walking-space in and around the cabin. It comes with a refrigerator, pantry, and additional OHC. Situated neatly in the corner is a door that leads to a cozy bathroom.

On the opposite is an L-shaped sofa with a large outside window. If required, an additional adult could sleep on this sofa, otherwise, use it to watch the TV located directly opposite on the wall mount.

You also have an open-plan queen bed (60 x 80). Next to the bed are two nightstands with USB ports for all of your devices. There’s also closets on either side with a storage chute.

Overall Features

From the spacious design to practicality, this travel trailer is one of the best for couples- particularly seeking a luxury-vibe. The open-planned bedding makes the area seem even larger, and the numerous areas of storage is another win!

The well-designed kitchen with ceramic table-tops and appropriate hardware should be noted. And the TV makes it perfect for guests sitting across on the sofa, or for the cook making breakfast.

Other great features we love are the external benefits- such as the pet tie-out, door-side spray port, and the lighted oversize pass-through storage.

Why We Recommend It

If you’re seeking luxurious yet practical, the 2020 Super Lite Travel Trailer might just answer your prayers.

6. 2021 Jayco Jay Feather 25RB Ultralite Half-Ton Couple’s Camping Travel Trailer

Looking for a decent couple’s camping travel trailer after hiking on a hot sunny day? Look no further than the2021 Jayco Jay Feather 25RB Ultralite Half-Ton model.

Key Features:

  • Weighs under 5000 lbs
  • Space-saving doors
  • Walk-around queen bed
  • Recessed glass top
  • Backup lighting
  • Large bathroom

What it Can Offer You

Step inside and turn left to a large private bathroom and shower. Turn right and you’re greeted to your dining/kitchen area.

The kitchen is all-inclusive, perfect for people looking for a large cooking space. On the opposite are a jackknife sofa and dinette. This area can be turned into an additional sleeping area if required.

Carry further down and you have a homely private bedroom. You’ll have a queen bed, multiple storage areas, and outside windows to keep an eye on your campsite.

The Jayco Jay Feather 25RB uses modern materials that’ll suit people looking for a change from the traditional travel trailer design.

Overall Features

From the luxurious private suite, large bathroom, and comfortable dining area- there isn’t much you’re missing out on.

There are multiple windows throughout the travel trailer so you can look out and enjoy the view. And the entertainment area is situated perfectly in the middle in case you’re seeking an alternative distraction.

Outside features including extra storage, walkable roof, and overhead awning are extras that people love about this travel trailer!

Why We Recommend It

If you’re seeking an all-inclusive, modern, and functional travel trailer- look no further than the 2021 Jayco Jay Feather 25RB Ultralite Half-Ton Couple’s Camping Travel Trailer. It has everything you’ll possibly need to ensure your trip goes smoothly and hassle-free!

7. 2016 Winnebago Minnie 2401RG Travel Trailer

On the look for an affordable but adequate travel trailer? The 2016 Winnebago Minnie 2401RG Travel Trailer is an all-inclusive package with a spacious living area, classy decor, and convenient utensils throughout.

Key Features:

  • Weighs under 5000 lbs
  • Two-door entry
  • Option for add-ons
  • Private (ensuite) bathroom
  • Heating and Air-conditioning system
  • Interior and exterior sound systems

What it Can Offer You

Walk inside and you have a spacious kitchen area- separate from unwanted interference. Turn right and you have a cozy sofa on one side and a generous dining area on the other.

What’s awesome about the 2401RG is the sofa can be transformed into an extra sleeping area- comfortably fitting two children or one adult with ease. And don’t forget about the dining area- that can easily be transformed into another extra sleeping area if required.

Continue walking and you have a private bathroom (shower, toilet, and sink) with the option to either walk into your private ensuite bedroom or walk back into the living room.

Your master bedroom comes with private access outside of your travel trailer. Otherwise, enjoy the queen bed and generous walking area (including storage space).

Overall Features

Whether traveling solo, as a couple, or with children- you’ll appreciate the convenience and layout of this travel trailer.

From the double entry-way, private facilities (kitchen, bedroom, toilet,) and space-saving design- the 2016 2401RG is a handy investment.

And if you’re worried about getting too hot or too cold- the 2401RG comes with both air conditioning and heating system to make you feel comfortable at all times.

Why We Recommend It

If you’re looking for a good investment, affordable, but still ticks most of your boxes- look no further than the 2016 Winnebago Minnie 2401RG Travel Trailer. It has everything you’ll need, no matter the size of your family.

8. 2020 Heartland Sundance 221 RB Travel Trailer

Perfect for couples or small families, the 2020 Heartland Sundance 221 RB Travel Trailer incorporates a space-saving and comfortable twist into their design.

Key Features:

  • Weighs under 5000 lbs
  • Outside shower
  • Open-plan living area
  • Back-up camera
  • Stainless steel utensils
  • Walkable barrel roof
  • Hidden cabinet hinges
  • LED backlight
  • 30” entrance door

What it Can Offer You

With the barreled roof and open-living design, the 2020 221 RB feels much larger compared to competitors. The stainless steel basin, spacious kitchen, and extra storage space above utilizes the space wisely.

If you require that extra bit of privacy when sleeping on your queen bed, simply shut the curtain or keep it open. The windows throughout this travel trailer also make that extra bit nicer.

You also have a cozy bathroom, entertainment area, a mounted TV unit, and additional sleeping areas if you choose to add extras during your trip.

Outside you have a large pass-through storage, LED strips for lighting, and a nice diamond plating kick plate.

Overall Features

The timeless exterior color palette certainly makes head turns. But if you’re seeking more of the internal features, you’ll be happy to know that the words “spacious and clever” are at the top of the list.

The practicality of the floor plan means no squeezing through furniture to get to the bathroom. And with everything in suitable positions, you can easily access the all-inclusive kitchen and entertainment area with ease.

Why We Recommend It

We recommend the Sundance 221 RB Travel Trailer for couples looking for a cozy environment with minimal hassles on the road. It’s designed with a focus for efficiency, and we’ve seen just that with the 221 RB model.

9. 2020 FOREST RIVER ROCKWOOD MINI-LITE 2104S Travel Trailer

Look no further than the 2020 Forest River Rockwood Mini-Lite 2104S Travel Trailer for its energy-saving, fuel-efficient layout.

Key Features:

  • Weighs under 5000 lbs
  • Magnetic latches
  • Plenty of storage (internal and external)
  • Walkable roof access
  • Outside shower
  • Private bathroom
  • No bedroom (Open-living and optimal storage instead)
  • Extra sleeping area if required

What it Can Offer You

If you prefer to have a smaller kitchen so you can have a larger living area, the 2020 2104S is ideal for you. Inside your cabin is a U-shaped dinette that transforms into an additional sleeping area. (Easily fit 2 extra adults.)

You’ll also have a foldable couch, which means you have the option to invite a few extra heads onto your road-trip. Or keep it for yourself!

Forest River Rockwood made sure to incorporate numerous storage areas- so you’re never strapped for space!

It also has a cozy private bathroom; including a shower, toilet, and basin. But don’t worry, you won’t feel cramped inside unlike some other competitors.

Overall Features

Forget a walk-in bedroom, when you can utilize the fold-out couch area and use that extra space as storage! Plus, you’re closely located to the entertainment area- which means you’ll be in arms reach for the TV remote (yay)!

The generous dining area/turned extra sleeping-space is a practical key for a successful travel trailer and the Forest River Rockwood didn’t fail to incorporate such a tool.

Inside your bathroom comes a shower, basin, toilet, and linen area. You also have a convenient fridge and a decent-size pantry.

Why We Recommend It

We recommend the 2020 Forest River Rockwood Mini-Lite 2104S Travel Trailer for its space-saving design and optimal use of essentials needed when road tripping. In addition, it’s affordable and comfortable to a point where it doesn’t feel like high-maintenance.

10. 2020 Freedom Express 195RBS Front Dinette Travel Trailer

The 2020 Freedom Express 195RBS Travel Trailer is a comfortable little unit that utilizes its space in an eco-friendly and affordable way.

Key Features:

  • Weighs under 5000 lbs
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Outside shower and flush
  • U-shaped dinette
  • LED power awning
  • Foldable sleeping area
  • Popular U-shaped dinette
  • Plenty of storage

What it Can Offer You

As you walk into the 195RBS unit, you have a large U-shaped dinette to your right-hand side. If required, this can easily be transformed into an additional sleeping area.

Take a left turn, however, and you’ll have your cozy kitchen on the left or your foldable couch/bed on the right. Surrounded throughout are large windows so you can feel at ease, either on the road or at your campsite.

Walk further down and you have a sliding door that enters into your toilet/shower bathroom. On the walls are extra storage areas, perfect for people with plenty of luggage! You’ll also never be strapped for room, as these spacious storage areas can be found both internally and externally of your travel trailer.

Overall Features

Long-gone the days of outdated materials as the 2020 195RBS has modern materials throughout your travel trailer to intertwine classy and affordable into one.

The TV wall mounted area, space-saving Murphy bed, and good-sized windows mean you’ll feel both comfortable and relaxed after a long day of hiking or resting at the beach.

The LED lighting throughout, exterior benefits (such as the outdoor kitchen, shower, and flush), and extra storage space mean you’ll always find a place to chuck those extra souvenirs picked up along your trip.

Why We Recommend It

We love the idea of space-saving, outside facilities, and eco-friendly utilities- which is why the 2020 Freedom Express 195RBS suits perfectly for couples or small families.

11. 2018 Sportsmen 220 RDLE By KZ

The 2018 Sportsmen 220 RDLE by KZ is an awesome travel trailer as it combines the small-homely vibe but space-efficient practicality into one.

Key Features:

  • Weighs under 5000 lbs
  • Pass-through storage
  • 3-burner cooktop
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Cozy and small floor plan
  • Queen bed
  • Private bathroom

What it Can Offer You

As you walk inside of the 220 RDLE; You have a cozy queen bed area on the right, with decent storage on either side and a TV mount on the wall.

Turn left and you have a snug all-inclusive kitchen with an oven, microwave, and plenty of counter space.

On the other side is a door that leads to a private bathroom which includes a toilet, basin, and shower.

If you continue walking further down, you have the option for a U-shaped dinette or a couch and small diner. Whatever layout you choose, you’ll be able to transform it into an extra sleeping area- perfect for the little ones.

Overall Features

The Sportsmen 220 RDLE comes with a pleasant queen-size bed, pass-through storage, and TV mount areas. It also has a cozy private bathroom, a decent sized kitchen, with a homely dining area which can be transformed into an extra sleeping area.

You’ll never need to worry about storage space, as this travel trailer comes loaded with areas to store your belongings both inside and out.

Other features we believe you’ll appreciate is the full-size appliances, 16’ awning, 6.3 cubic foot refrigerator, and 3-burner cooktop.

Why We Recommend It

This awesome travel trailer works well for people looking for a cozy environment that replicates the feeling of home when traveling on the road. It suits couple’s best or families with minimal children.

12. 2021 Coachman Apex Nano 194BHS

The 2021 Coachman Apex Nano 194BHS is extremely versatile, convenient, and family-friendly. It’s also designed to utilize the surrounding space, without jeopardizing your comfortability.

Key Features:

  • Weighs under 5000 lbs
  • Dinette transforms into an additional sleeper
  • Outside grill and refrigerator
  • Open-plan sleeping area
  • Family bunks
  • Pass-through storage

What it Can Offer You

Starting outside, you have the option to host a BBQ thanks to the outside grill. Don’t be shy to chuck a few “bevies” into the outside refrigerator too- if you’re soaking up the sun on a hot day.

Inside, you’ll be grateful for the queen bed located to your right-hand side- also as it’s in a perfect location for the kids to hop onto a look outside of the windows as you’re traveling down the highway.

You also have a generous dinette which of course can transform into an additional sleeper. On the opposite side is your spacious kitchen, filled with everything you would need.

Carry further down and you have multiple storage areas for those extra bags or continue further to be greeted to additional bunks. Adjacent from that is your private bathroom.

Overall Features

The 2021 194BHS features a spacious dinette, queen bed with windows surrounding, a generously sized kitchen, bunks for the kids, and a private bathroom. Outside you have a camp kitchen, grill, refrigerator, and additional pass-through storage.

Why We Recommend It

This travel trailer is perfect for young families, or even better for couples. It’s modern, versatile, yet convenient layout works wonders- whilst continuing to remain within budget.

13. Lance 2075 Non Slide

Hot in-demand is the Lance 2075 Non-Slide; Its appealing exterior, practical functionality, and innovative design make this one of the best travel trailers.

Key Features:

  • Weighs under 5000 lbs
  • U-shaped dinette
  • Built-in wine racks
  • Portable Bluetooth speakers
  • HVAC controls
  • Master bedroom

What it Can Offer You

This travel trailer offers class yet efficiency into one. The master bedroom, large walking area, and plenty of storage can be hard to pass upon.

Your private bathroom also feels genuinely luxurious, instead of cramped and outdated. You also have an all-inclusive kitchen with everything you need (including the wall-mounted wine racks) for minimal hassles.

Lastly, the U-shaped dinette is a perfect touch- specifically for couples. Otherwise, simply fold it down and you have an extra sleeper for the little ones (or additional adults). Surrounded by the dinette are numerous windows, so you can have a more comfortable viewing experience.

Overall Features

Externally you have an outside stove and cooler, a popular choice! The solar panels, double-step, and LED lighting is also something to appreciate.

Internally; the private bedroom, large dinette (-converted into an extra sleeper,) TV mount, and private bathroom are fantastic features within this specific travel trailer.

Why We Recommend It

We recommend this travel trailer for its class, functionality, overall appearance, and convenience both inside and out.

14. 2017 Keystone Passport 2670BH

Perfect for large families or couples who love extra space, the 2017 Keystone Passport 2670BH is certainly worth the investment! It comes with numerous storage areas, a private bathroom and bedroom, and plenty of exterior facilities to suit all needs.

Key Features:

  • Weighs under 5000 lbs
  • Private bedroom
  • Additional sleeping areas
  • Plenty of storage
  • Generous kitchen
  • Outside facilities
  • Private bathroom
  • Extra bunks for the kids

What it Can Offer You:

As you walk into the 2017 Keystone 2670BH, you have a private bedroom with a queen-size bed. This area has plenty of walking space, so you don’t feel cramped. It also comes with plenty of storage areas, including wardrobes on either side.

This large travel trailer also offers a foldable sofa (turned into an additional sleeper,) a large dinette, and double bunks. So you’ll never be pressed for extra sleeping areas for extra passengers you may pick up along your travels.

You have an all-inclusive kitchen, plenty of storage space, and a generous sized pantry.

Lastly, your private bathroom doesn’t feel small or outdated. Instead, it comes with a shower/tub, toilet, and hand-basin!

Overall Features

From the large private queen-sized bedroom, private bathroom, multiple extra sleeping areas, and conveniently outside facilities- there’s hardly anything you won’t love with the 2017 Keystone Passport 2670BH.

This travel trailer has a LED power awning, external kitchen, and plenty of outside storage to accommodate all of your extra baggage. Also, the timeless color palette is a big hit with people of all ages- as long gone are the days of the traditional red color scheme.

Why We Recommend It

We highly recommend this travel trailer for people with families (both big or small) or couples/solos who prefer large areas to roam freely. It’s also convenient for friends who enjoy traveling on the roads and need that extra bit of storage that can’t always be found with smaller competitors.

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