14 Best Travel Trailers Under 3000 lbs With Pictures

14 Best Travel Trailers Under 3000 lbs With Pictures

Finding a lightweight travel trailer is a great way to ensure that your trip is as stress-free and comfortable as possible. Trailers under 3,000 pounds are attractive to a lot of buyers since they are easy to tow and maintain, and they can stay in small campsites.

So, what should you consider before buying trailers under 3000 lbs? Well, the first thing you need to think about is the size. The size of the trailer is what will determine the number of people you will be able to fit in it. Next is the amount of storage space: if you plan on taking long trips with your trailer, you need to find one that has ample storage space for all the things you’d want to bring with you. Finally, you’ll also need to check whether or not the trailer has some added amenities like a fridge and a microwave.

How should you choose the best travel trailers under 3000 lbs? The best travel trailer is a very subjective choice. You need to find one that caters to all your unique needs. To help you make this decision, this article will review 14 trailers under 3,000 pounds. Some of the features that were analyzed in selecting these options include the floorplans of the trailers, the quality of materials used, their designs, and customers’ opinions.

2018 Forest River No Boundaries 16.5 Travel Trailer Under 3,000 Pounds!

Key features

  • Queen sized bed.
  • 2 cookout burners
  • Wet shower
  • Stainless steel sink
  • LED lighting inside and outside the trailer.

The Forest River No Boundaries is a significantly light model weighing in at 2,995 pounds. It measures 20 feet long and it has an external width of 7 ft 4 inches and a height of 9 ft 7 inches. It can comfortably sleep up to 4 people thanks to the queen-size bed and a U-shaped dinette that can be flipped to a bed.

It also boasts of ample storage space with cabinets above and under the sink, and more pull-out drawers beside the bed and storage racks above the bed. The external storage extends to under the bed.

The kitchenette has a double burner cooktop for you to cook with on the move. Right next to it is a sink that comes with a grill-like cover. In addition to the storage space, you can store your perishables in the gas/ electric powered fridge-freezer combo.

Being able to stay clean and keep your trailer clean is desired by many potential buyers. This trailer has a wet bath/ toilet combo that drains to the gray and black tanks. The freshwater tank has a capacity of 30 gallons and both the gray and black also carry 30 gallons each.  Inside the bathroom, you will also find a fan at the top. Cooking and showering are also made easier by the water heater that’s at the back of the trailer.

On the roof of the trailer, you will find a TV antenna, a Rhino rack for you to carry more on, and the air conditioning system. You will also appreciate the large windows around the bed and the dinette.

This trailer is moved by 16-inch American tires and it comes with a spare tire at the back.

2018 Keystone Bullet Colt 171RKC

Key features

  • 860 pounds in cargo capacity.
  • Single axle aluminum wheels with 14-inch tires.
  • 20,000 BTU furnace.
  • Blackwater tank flush system.
  • 4-corner stabilizer jack.
  • Rear kitchen floor plan.
  • A spare tire under the trailer.

This model is one of the newest and lightest by the Keystone brand. It weighs 3,000 pounds and it has a 360-pound hitch weight. It is 20 feet long and its external width and height are 6 feet 4 inches and 9 feet 6 inches respectively.

This unit was built to easily house 4 people. It has a queen-size bed that measures 60 x 74 inches and a U-shaped dinette that can also serve as a bed. The storage space offered by this trailer is also something to desire. There are cabinets with ample space under the sink and some are over the dinette. The large closet next to the bed also offers much-needed space.

With this travel trailer, you won’t need to worry about water and hygiene. It has a freshwater tank with a 36-gallon capacity and the gray and black water tanks can carry 30 gallons each. At the back of the trailer, there is a black water flush system. It also comes with a 6-gallon gas/ electric heater to heat your showering water.

The plan also includes an outside shower. The bathroom has a toilet, a wet bath, and sink all in one. You don’t need to worry about water getting to your door or outside the shower since the trailer comes with a shower curtain. On the bathroom ceiling, you will also find a power vent.

Cooking on the road is not an uphill task with this unit. You have a two-burner cooktop sitting on a glass countertop. There is a furnace under the cooker and it provides for your heating needs. The kitchenette also has a fridge with an icebox and a microwave. Both of these are gas/ electric powered.

If you want to cook outside, the trailer can still serve you. It has a gas line that you can connect to use the trailer’s LPG supply which is found in front of the trailer.

The lighting in this unit is LED both inside and outside. Additional lighting comes from the large tinted windows in the bed area, the dinette, and the kitchen. They all have day/ nightshades.

Excellent Little 21’ 2014 Venture Sonic 170VRD 2,995 Lbs. Couples Camper

Key features

  • 11-foot long power awning.
  • Diamond-plated rock guard at the front.
  • Single White trek axles.
  • 20,000W furnace.
  • A power tongue jack and 4 corner stabilizing jacks.
  • A spare tire at the back of the trailer.

The 2014 Venture Sonic is one of the older models by this manufacturer but this does not make it any less than the new ones. Weighing in at 2,995 pounds, it is 21 feet long and 7.5 feet wide. It has a four-person capacity. This is due to the available bed space: a queen-size bed at the front and a bunk bed in the back. The lower bunk bed is made by flipping the dinette. The top bunk is set up by flipping the bed on top of the dinette.

Clean water is provided by the 40-gallon freshwater tank. Like the previous models, the gray and black water tanks can hold 30 gallons each. The spacious bathroom in this unit was my favorite feature. It boasts of an outside wet shower that has a tub and a skylight right above it. The toilet is a porcelain foot flush stool. There is also a sink that has some counter space, cabinets, and a medicine cabinet.

The kitchen in this unit was also to die for. This space is tiled and it has a two-burner stove. Under the cooker is a gas/ electric microwave oven. Next to this is the kitchen sink, a double sink with a cover. There is also some storage space here. There are some cabinets above the kitchen counter and some drawers under it. Across from the counter is a 6 cubic feet fridge and freezer. There is also a pantry in this unit, complete with shelves.

The bedroom area also has a queen-sized mattress and since you can never have too much storage, there are some cabinets above the bed and a closet right next to it. There is also a wall mount for your TV and some sockets together with the antenna crank. The sockets are connected to the 30A power supply that is found at the back of the trailer and the antenna crank connects to the antenna atop the fiberglass roof, where the air conditioning also is.

2020 R Pod 180 By Forest River

Key features

  • Front queen-sized bed.
  • Pantry and closet.
  • Front automotive windshield.
  • A pull-out flat-screen LED TV.
  • Fiberglass roof and tinted glass windows.

With this trailer by Forest River, you can go anywhere thanks to its reduced weight (2,662 pounds). Its weight does not compromise its dimensions as it is 20 feet long, with an external width and height of 8 feet and 9 feet 7 inches respectively. Its internal height is 6 feet 6 inches.

This unit also hosts 4 people. Aside from the front queen-sized bed, the 2-person dinette can pull out to become a twin-size bed. There are some cabinets for extra storage above the dinette.

One of the features that make this unit stand out is the outside kitchen. It has a two-burner cooktop and a ‘sink’ which is a detachable basin. Right next to the sink is a freshwater outlet so you don’t have to keep going into the trailer.

There is also an internal kitchen. This one also has a 2-burner cooker with a glass cover and a large sink which also has a cover. This gives more counter space when you’re not cooking anything. Below the sink is a heater and a few more cabinets.

This trailer comes with a 3.7 cubic feet fridge/freezer combo and a convectional microwave. These can be powered by electricity, battery, or propane gas. The LPG tank has a 20-pound capacity and the ac system has 13,500 BTU.

This unit has a dry bath layout with a neo-angled shower type. The toilet is a porcelain foot flush stool. There is also a sink, but it lacks a medicine cabinet. Close to the toilet, there is a cubby for holding towels and anything you might need in the bathroom. The 6-gallon water heater will ensure your bathwater is always hot. This unit has a 36-gallon freshwater tank and both the gray and black water tanks have a 30-gallon capacity.

Jayco Jay Feather Model 16XRB

Key features

  • Front and rear tent sections.
  • 4 stabilizer scissor jacks.
  • Nitrogen-filled Goodyear tires.
  • Integrated A-frame at the bottom.

This is an upgraded model by the Jayco manufacturers. It weighs 2,900 pounds and is 18 feet long. One of the most attractive features of this unit is its hosting capacity. It has two tent beds that can sleep up to 6 people in total. Unlike other models, you do not need any external parts to set up the tents and it can take you less than a minute to get it together. These tents are double-stitched and have a rain flap for extra protection.

This unit has an outside shower that you can connect to the freshwater supply and to a four-foot hose to wash off your pets or kids. You can also switch between hot and cold. The water is heated by the 6-gallon gas and electric heater.

The interior of the trailer has a lovely wood finish and storage cabinets under the kitchen sink, above the counter, above the dinette, and near the couch. The cabinet doors are made of polished hardwood which improves on the trailer’s aesthetic and durability. The floors are made of linoleum, which is less prone to damage so you get longer use.

There are large windows at the front and the back of the trailer, at the sides of the dinette, and in the kitchen. All the windows have dark pleated shades that are quieter and look nicer than the metal ones.

The kitchen has a 2- burner cooker and a sink. The walls here have a tile backsplash, a feature that is uncommon in lightweight trailers. Above them is a microwave and some cabinets and across from them is a fridge. This is a digital refrigerator with an icebox.

The bathroom has a sink with ample counter space and cabinets underneath, a plastic toilet with a foot flush, and a shower with a skylight. The freshwater tank carries 26 gallons and the black and gray water ones carry 25 gallons each.

2019 Coachman Apex 185BH Bunk House Travel Trailer Only 3,000 Pounds!

Key features

  • Bunk beds and a double bed
  • Pass through storage at the bottom
  • Drainage spouts on the roof.
  • AM/FM stereo with Bluetooth.

The Apex is on the lighter side weighing in at 2,850 pounds with a cargo weight of 950 pounds. It is 20 feet long and its external dimensions are 7 feet 6 inches by 9 feet 7 inches.

It was built to host 6 people. This is because of the large bed space available in this trailer. It has one double bed, a bunkhouse with 2 beds in the back, and a booth dinette that can be flipped to be a bed.

It has an inlet that allows you to use city water or store it in the 30-gallon freshwater tank. The unit also has an outdoor shower you can use to hose off after a day with nature. The gray and black water tanks also carry 30 gallons each.

The indoor bathroom has a shower with a tub, a foot flush toilet, a medicine cabinet, and a skylight on the ceiling. Unfortunately, the unit does not have a bathroom sink. The water is heated by a 6-gallon DSI water heater.

The kitchen is equipped with a double-burner cooktop and a double sink beside it. There is also a stainless steel microwave oven under the sink right next to some storage cabinets. The fridge has an icebox and it can be powered by gas/ electricity.

Power can be obtained by connecting the 30A circuit to an outlet or by using the 20-pound propane tank found at the front of the trailer. There is also a place dedicated to storing the batteries there.

There are more storage compartments over the kitchen counter, over the dinette, and the bed area. The lighting in this trailer is also fully LED, even on the power awning outside. On the exterior surface of the speaker, there is also a set of speakers and pop up plugs.

2019 Starcraft Satellite 17RB | Travel Trailer- RV review: Camping World

Key features

  • Slide-out kitchen.
  • The closet at the entrance has removable shelves.
  • The external storage compartments have magnetic holders.
  • Awning with LED lights.
  • 6-gallon propane/electric heater.
  • Fiberglass front end and roof.
  • Diamond plated rock guard.

The 2019 Starcraft model is the perfect choice for a couple or a small family that is just starting on their trailer travel experience. It weighs 3,018 pounds, so you would need a medium-sized SUV to tow it. It is 1 inch short of being 20 inches long and it has an external height of 9 ft 9 inches.

It has limited sleeping space so it can’t hold many people. The queen size bed is comfortable for two people and the 2-person booth dinette can pull out to form a makeshift bed but its size is only good for one.

Another feature of the trailer that I liked was the kitchen layout. It is a slide-out kitchen model with a double burner cooker and a large sink. There is plenty of storage under the sink for tools and others. There are also some ball-bearing drawers beside the cabinet. You will also find some cabinets above the counter.

The kitchen also comes equipped with a convectional microwave oven which cooks faster and is easier to clean. It also comes with a fridge and freezer box that runs on either electricity or propane. It has an auto switch feature that allows it to select a power source.

The bathroom is rather small, and you might have to stoop a little to get to the foot flush toilet. It can also be hard for a person over 6 feet tall to shower in there. Despite the size, the bathroom has a shower curtain that prevents the water from splashing over.

The sink is comfortably large and there’s a storage pouch above the sink and cabinets under it. Beside the toilet, there are two cubby holes and 2 rob racks for more storage.

2018 R Pod 176T- Bunk Bed Model (Under 3,000 lbs)

Key features

  • Set of bunk beds.
  • Power tongue jack.
  • 2839 pounds dry weight and 290 pounds hitch weight.
  • One power-retractable slide-out.
  • The trailer has an aluminum-framed infrastructure.
  • One-piece fiberglass from the front, through the roof, and to the back.
  • R-dome awning.

This is a small travel trailer that your midsize SUV can easily tow since it has a 2,938-pound dry weight. Its dimensions are 20 ft by 8 ft by 5.58 ft. The interior height is 6.5 feet so you won’t hurt your head.

One of the most attractive features of the trailer is the number of people it can sleep. It can sleep a maximum of two people because of the beds’ distribution: there is an extendable tent at the back of the trailer that houses a 60″ by 74″ queen-sized bed. Also, at the very front, there is a set of 42″ by 74″ bunk beds and besides, the 58″ x 74″ dinette can be converted to a bed.

The trailer is lit by LED lights all through and it is powered by gas/ electricity. There is a 20-pound propane tank at the front and some room for holding two batteries as the unit has a 55A battery power converter. Also, it has a 30A electrical inlet and a gas line hookup so that you don’t need to carry an extra tank for outside cooking.

The bathroom is a little smaller than the other models we’ve looked at. It is an all in one wet bath with and the shower has a small tub at the bottom. There is also a small sink but it has no counter space and they both drain into a 30-gallon gray water tank. There is also a small plastic toilet with a foot flush system that goes to the 30-gallon capacity black water tank.

Storage is optimal in this unit. There is some shelving near the bunk beds, some cabinets on top of and under the kitchen counter, and a large hanging closet in the bed area.

There is some fully extendable ball bearing drawers in the kitchen. The kitchen also has a gas/electric fridge and an optional convection microwave. There is also a large sink with a swinging tap and cover and a double burner cooker with a lid.

There is also a swivel TV and a stereo system for your entertainment.

2017 Jay Flight SLX 174BH- Only 3,000 lbs

Key features

  • Queen-size bed and bunkhouse model.
  • Large front window.
  • Kitchen pantry.
  • 10 ft. Long power retractable awning.
  • Steel single-axle wheels with 15-inch radius tires.
  • Manual front and rear leveling jacks.

Weighing in at 2,880 pounds and measuring 21.5 by 7.08 by 9.42 feet, the Jay Flight model is one of the lightest by Jayco. The interior height is 6.08 feet, so this might not be the best option for people over 6 feet tall. The maximum people the trailer can sleep is 5.

It has a queen-sized bed that can fit two and it has full-sized windows on each side. There is also a set of bunk beds that can carry two. Also, the booth style dinette is convertible to a one-person bed if need be and it has a vent for air at the top.

The kitchen and living room area both have beautiful vinyl flooring and are at the center of the trailer. Cooking and cleaning are easier because of the 2-burner stove and the big sink. There is also some counter space behind the cooker where you can put your toaster or coffee maker. Above them, there are a few cabinets for extra storage.

Additionally, there is an overhead cooling fan for if it gets too hot and its controls are right next to the cooker. There is also a compact propane/electric powered fridge and mini freezer. A convection microwave oven is also available for this unit.

The bathroom and kitchen source fresh water from the 20-gallon tank. The gray water tank carries 15 gallons and the black water tank holds 9 gallons. This floor plan places the bathroom at the rear and it has vinyl flooring. In there you have a plastic foot flush toilet and a tub style shower with a curtain.

2016 Forest River Wolf PUP 16FQ Travel Trailer with Walk-around Queen Bed Under 3,000 pounds!

Key features

  • Durable aluminum body and fiberglass sidewall.
  • A 10-foot awning that is not power-retractable.
  • aluminum single axle wheels with 14-inch tires.
  • 6-gallon propane water heater.
  • 32-gallon freshwater tank, 23-gallon gray water, and black water tanks.

This is another lightweight model made by the trusted manufacturer Forest River. The unit weighs 2,825 pounds and measures 21.5 x 7.08 x 9.92 feet. It is 6.5 feet high in the interior.

It has a limited room and can only sleep 3 people as it only has a queen-size bed and a convertible dinette. The walk-around bed is one of its top advertising features as you don’t have to cross over your bedmate to get out of bed. The bed also lifts to reveal some much-needed storage space. The booth-style dinette has large windows for lighting and ventilation.

The kitchen area has durable vinyl flooring and bench seats around the table. There is a 2-burner stove next to the sink, which has two taps. There are cabinets above the sink and drawers below it. You can store perishables and drinks in the compact propane-powered fridge. This unit also gives you a pantry with shelves and a microwave.

At the back of the trailer is a vinyl-floored bathroom. In there you have a tub and shower combo with a curtain, a plastic toilet with a foot flush system, and a sink. The sink has ample counter space and some cabinets underneath. The skylight on the roof lets in some natural light.

For your entertainment, there is a TV mount and some power sockets both inside and outside the trailer. There is also a Bluetooth and AM/FM sound system with speakers in and out of the trailer.

2019 Geo Pro 19BH, New Floor Plan, Bunks, 3,000 lbs

Key features

  • 13-foot electrical awning.
  • An outdoor grill.
  • Aluminum body and fiberglass sidewall.
  • Manual front and rear leveling jacks.
  • Interior and exterior sound systems.

If you are planning a trip with a small group, this is a unit you can consider. It is 20 feet long and weighs just over 3,000 pounds so your medium-sized vehicle won’t suffer during towing.

It comfortably sleeps a maximum of 5 people. Unlike other models, this one has a full-size bed with storage space above and underneath it. You also have bunk beds and the bottom bunk folds, giving you more floor space. There is also a dinette that can be made into a makeshift bed. All these sleeping areas have large windows for lighting and they can be covered with roller shades.

Its kitchen was the winning point for me. Most manufacturers give you a two-burner cooker but this unit has a complete three-burner cooker and an oven beneath it. The sink is also big and there is still much counter room left. An overhead fan is also there in case it gets too hot. There are shelves and cabinets all around the kitchenette and the mid-size propane-powered fridge is also a helpful addition.

It has one bathroom with a tub/shower combo. This 32-inch shower uses the shower miser concept that allows you to save water. The trailer has a 37-gallon freshwater tank and both the gray and black water tanks carry 30 gallons. It also has a plastic toilet and a standard sized sink with a mirror and a fan on the ceiling.

2000 Scamp Deluxe 19’ Fifth Wheel Only 3,000 Pounds!

Key features

  • Manual awning.
  • 2 20-pound capacity propane tanks
  • At the back, there is a hatch that can be used to pull a boat.
  • 6-gallon propane water heater.

This fifth wheel weighs a little under 3,000 pounds and it can be secured to pick up trucks. It is 19 feet long.

It can sleep four to six people in the queen size bed and the convertible U-shaped dinette. The master bedroom is in an enclosed space at the front of the trailer, and you have to go up a few steps to get in. There are a cubby hole and some shelves on these steps.

It has a spacious kitchen area since the 3-burner cooker and the sink still leave much open space. Storage was a priority when making this unit since it has overhead cabinets all around the trailer and some cabinets are under the sink. The 6 cubic foot propane/electricity fridge and the microwave right on top of it make your travel experience easier.

Unfortunately, this unit has no showering area. The bathroom area only consists of a spacious sink and a porcelain toilet, which is easy to clean. Water is gotten from the 12-gallon freshwater tank. This might need constant refilling.

The whole trailer is LED-lit but there are skylights in the bathroom, bedroom, and dinette that can let in some natural light and allow you to watch the night sky.

The spare tire on this unit is found at the back, right above the hatch. Also, the entrance has a screen door to keep out the bugs when you get in and out of the trailer.

2015 Wildwood 185RB Under 3,000 lbs Walkthrough

Key features

  • 13,500 BTU air conditioner.
  • 6-gallon gas DSI water heater with a bypass.
  • Automatic ignition furnace.
  • 20-pound propane tank.
  • 28 gallons fresh and gray water tanks and a 25-gallon black water.

This is yet another Forest River unit, which is to say they must be doing something right. It measures 19 feet 10 inches by 8 feet by 10 feet 4 inches. It can easily be towed as a result of its 2,881-pound frame.

The entrance to the trailer is a radio entry door. Right next to it is a dual door closet for you to hang and store some items. Under the closet, there is some room and most people use it to put their pet cages and crates.

It can sleep three people with the front queen-sized bed and the booth-shaped dinette that converts to a bed. The mattress has tons of overhead storage and a nightstand next to it. This is also the case for the dinette, and it has large windows for lighting.

After this section is the kitchen and living area. It has a single sink and a 2-burner stove. And there is a power exhaust fan on top of this. There are also some neatly made shelves overhead the counter. Underneath there is a ball-bearing drawer for cutlery and next to it are some cabinet for your pots and pans. The unit also has a microwave and a small fridge with an icebox.

It has a rear bathroom with a shower/tub combo and a porcelain toilet which are separated by a curtain. This travel trailer does not have a sink. On the ceiling, there is a skylight and another power exhaust fan.

New 2018 Rear Bathroom WILDWOOD 187RB Travel Trailer

Key features

  • Backup camera assembly at the rear.
  • 12 feet electrical awning with adjustable arms.
  • Side-mounted Air conditioning.
  • Marine-grade speakers in and out.
  • It weighs 2998 pounds and measures 22.25 by 7.5 by 10.17 feet.

This unit is almost similar to the one we looked at just before it since it is a new and improved version. It sleeps three with the queen size made-down bed and a convertible booth dinette. The bed offers some overhead storage and when you lift the mattress, you can see the outside through storage.

There is another storage compartment that you can use to keep pillows and bedding. On top of the dinette, there are also some cabinets and the side-mounted A/C.

You won’t feel squeezed as you cook because of the ample counter space. This was made possible by the two-burner and single-sink designs. The cabinets above this area have glass inserted doors. There is also some room under there for storage. The compact fridge with a freezer box can be powered by propane, electricity, or battery.

This model also has an impressive rear bathroom. It has a tub/shower setup separated by a curtain. It also has a plastic toilet and a sink with a spacious counter and a medicine cabinet. At the bottom, there is a set of cabinets where you can keep towels and extra toiletries.

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