13 Best Travel Trailers With 2 Bedrooms With Pictures

13 Best Travel Trailers With 2 Bedrooms

Nowadays, more campers are falling in love with 2-bedrooms trailers. Well, they have absolutely every reason to drool over these trailers considering their wealth of spaciousness, amenities, and, most notably, their two dedicated sleeping facilities.

This is excellent for privacy freaks who wouldn’t want to miss out on the discreteness they enjoy in their traditional homes. 2-bedroom campers are typically known as on-the-road bunkhouses. This can be attributed to the plentitude of bunks that accompany the two sleeping spaces (second bedroom and master bedroom).

When buying 2-bedroom trailers, you should be absolutely keen on the towing capacity. This is connected to the weight ratings like the trailer’s dry weight (otherwise known as the unloaded vehicle weight) and the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of the vehicle that would be hauling it.

Ultimately, you want your towing vehicle’s GVWR to beat your trailer’s total weight when loaded with your cargo. When buying these trailers, it is recommended you an extra 500 lbs. (on an average) on top of the dry weight to determine what you would haul.

The material makeup of your trailer also matters. Go for a quality build that can sustain years of hard abuse while still being towable by your SUV. Lastly, is the ampleness of amenities the trailer provides. This should be majorly dependent on your camping objectives.

2020 Puma XLE 31BHSC

Coming at a dry weight of 7,946 lbs, the 2020 Puma XLE 31BHSC gives you ample sleeping space for a 10-member camping party. Mixing portability, privacy, and luxury in savory rations, you get the perfect trailer for those memorable camping expeditions with your loved ones.

The exterior doesn’t let us down either. This trailer is supplied with a front diamond plate and a 21 ft awning to keep your exterior well shaded.

Spaciousness? The 2020 Puma XLE 31BHSC says come on board. There is enough room for foot traffic with the interior embellished by the two slides.

This is sufficiently lighted with this trailer lavishing you with LED lighting that keeps the place sufficiently illuminated, ensuring you bask sustainably in your trailer’s interior splendor while slashing your energy expenditures.

This trailer presents a private bedroom furnished with a sizable RV bed. Well, your guests (or kids) may not have to share this with you, as they can enjoy their dedicated bunkhouses.

You will find the 2-door entry very handy. This can be particularly helpful for those lazy moments when you have been exhausted outdoors (say from a run or exercise), and you need to access the bathroom quickly.

The kitchen is designed with a U-shaped dinette, presenting a mid-size refrigerator that runs on propane and electric, range, microwave oven, and impressive storage space.

The bathroom is far more than some meek “bath-hole”. It has a posh touch of luxury as well. Stepping in, you see a skylight-fitted space made of vinyl flooring, tinted windows (very helpful in preserving the shine of your stuff), and plastic toilet. The bathroom also features your regular bathroom sink, vent, mirror, and medicine cabinet.

Key features

  • Length 35.33 ft.
  • Width 8 ft.
  • Height 11.08 ft.
  • Dry Weight 7,946 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 1,654 lbs.
  • GVWR 9,600 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight 912 lbs.
  • Awning Length 21 ft.
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 51.0 gal.

2019 Thor Jayco Eagle HT 264BHOK

If you have got a family to thrill on a camping expedition, this is the trailer to go with. In fact, some two years ago, the 2019 Thor Jayco Eagle HT 264BHOK won the family-friendly category award at the famed RVX show.

Well, it didn’t win that for nothing, this trailer spoils you with amenities, making certain that your camping days are loaded with memories and fun. Starting from the exterior, this trailer is fitted with ride solid steps.

This time, these steps are not on the bedroom stairs, given that you can fold them up into the rig. You will agree this is a significant addition for dry camping and for pets or elderly ones.

You can also toast your favorite delicacies outside, thanks to its outdoor kitchen fitted with a 2-burner stove. You will also love the 4-outlet exterior storage space.

Stepping inside, we are faced with an interior space armed with a 35,000 BTU fireplace that can sufficiently heat your RV, ensuring you can enjoy some jolly camping even when winter comes calling. This model gives you two design options for the interior. You can either go with the American traditional or the modern farmhouse interior.

This trailer stands out for its space economy. It gives you a 32-foot 10-inch bunkhouse, which is admittedly smaller (compared to what is generally obtainable in this category) but is efficiently packed to give you plentiful space.

The cabinet gives you sufficient storage for your gear, including your electronics and DVDs. There are also lots of drawers to sustainably preserve your food.

If you are not a fan of waste bags hanging around your trailer, this trailer proffers you with a permanent garbage pocket. The kitchen is endowed with a Dutch oven with a dedicated 73.5 gal gray water tank.

The bathroom is reasonably spacious, furnished with a shower (which lavishes you with enough headroom), a bathroom sink, a Dometic toilet, with a 73.5 gal gray water tank.

Key features

  • Length 32.83 ft.
  • Width 8 ft.
  • Awning Length 19 ft
  • Interior Height 7 ft.
  • Dry Weight 7,410 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 2,585 lbs.
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 43.0 gal.

2020 28BHSS Puma By Palomino

Ready for an adventure? Palomino is backing you to go for it with its enviable 2020 28BHSS Puma. This RV-engineering masterpiece is built with durability and mobility in mind, packing the exquisite features of a 21st camper’s delight.

If you would be spending time outdoor, why not spend quality time? This explains why Palomino equipped this trailer with 20 ft electric awning, transforming your outdoor space. This way, you enjoy beaming evenings outside the trailer, or cozy afternoons shielded from the direct fury of the elements like rain and sunlight.

The exterior magnificence of the 28BHSS Puma doesn’t end there. This trailer promises you more durability with an enclosed underbelly, pre-wiring for solar power, and an expansive pass-through baggage door.

You have a lot to choose from when it comes to layouts and sizes, with this Palomino Puma offering your guests admirable bunk models.

This can be beneficial when you want to maintain privacy in your bedroom and would want to allocate the kids or your guests to their reserved space. The guests can also readily sleep in the jackknife sofa or adapt the U-shaped dinette in the main living room.

There is easier transit of cargo inside this trailer, courtesy of its dual entry doors. More than that, this trailer doesn’t starve you of storage, giving you almost more than you can ask for (for your luggage) with a sizable bunkhouse wardrobe and bedroom closets for your clothes.

Key features

  • Length 36.67 ft.
  • Width 8 ft.
  • Height 11.08 ft.
  • Interior Height 6.67 ft
  • Awning Length 20 ft.
  • Dry Weight 7,513 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 1,550 lbs.
  • GVWR 9,063 lbs.
  • Total Gray Water Tank Capacity 67.0 gal.

2018 Solaire 317BHSK

This is another stunner from Palomino. Considering the keen engineering genius Palomino pours into this trailer, this 2018 Solaire 317BHSK thoroughly deserves its slot on our list.

Fundamentally, the 2018 Solaire 317BHSK is a 6-sleeper trailer with an unloaded weight of 7104 lbs. It comes two slides for increased spaciousness and impressive floorplans. This is a sturdy fiberglass-construction trailer sufficiently supplied with the interior and exterior facilities to make your camping a delightful experience.

The interior is outfitted with a dinette that you can convert to beds and private bunkhouses for the guest and the kids. The kitchen gives you all you need to cook your delicacies coming with an oven, refrigerator, stove, and beautiful countertops.

Storage isn’t a problem either as there are enough cabinets and drawers for your gear. The bathroom is typical of what you get from Palomino: toilet, nice flooring, toilet amongst other helpful features.

Key features

  • Length 35.08 ft.
  • Width 8 ft.
  • Height 11.08 ft.
  • Interior Height 6.75 ft.
  • Dry Weight 7,104 lbs
  • Payload Capacity 1,521 lbs
  • GVWR 8,625 lbs.
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 76.0 gal.

2020 Grand Design RV Imagine 3170BH

2020 Grand Design RV Imagine 3170BH
Image From

Missing out on the 2020 Grand Design RV Imagine 3170BH will significantly threaten the credibility of our compilation, no doubt! This is one trailer that almost gives you more than can ask for as a camper.

To start with, this camper places a huge emphasis on mobility. You would be deceived to think that at a dry weight of 7,947 lbs, it would be a battle hauling it. Contrarily, this trailer is readily towable by your family SUV or any medium-duty truck.

There isn’t much you would be leaving behind as this trailer is built up with abundant storage space. Notably, there is expansive pass-through storage that lavishes you with 47 cu. ft. space to bring the bulk of your camping gear along.

We admire the exquisiteness of the interior. This trailer puts particular focus on giving you a luxurious feel on the inside, coming with massive panoramic windows, upgraded residential furniture, and motion sensor lights in the critical sections of the trailer. There is enough slice of entertainment for everyone on board as the entertainment cabinet is stocked with a 32″ LED TV and Bluetooth stereo.

How about sleeping? Well, there is enough place for a camping party of 10 to enjoy a sweet night’s rest. There is exclusive bedding that can take care of five campers, at least.

The U-shaped dinette (which can be adapted into sleeping compartment) along with the bunkhouse sofa and tri-fold sofa can take care of the sleeping needs of another five campers.

The kitchen (both the interior and outside) makes your cooking as memorable as delicious. In this internal kitchen, you have loads of amenities like refrigerator, oven, range, and even flip-up countertop extension that gives you more space. There is also a walk-through bath, so you don’t compromise on your convenience for a second.

Key features

  • Length 36.92 ft.
  • Height 11.17 ft.
  • Interior Height 6.75 ft.
  • Awning Length 21 ft.
  • Dry Weight 7,947 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 1,548 lbs.
  • GVWR 9,495 lbs.
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 52.0 gal.
  • Total Gray Water Tank Capacity 78.0 gal.

2020 Freedom Express 326BHDS

There is enough to love both on the inside and the outside for this 2020 Freedom Express 326BHDS. The engineering of the trailer leaves us bewitched.

For a truck that measures a significant 37 feet in length, you would expect reasonable difficulty hauling this trailer. But the 2020 Freedom Express 326BHDS baffles us as it is towed seamlessly.

A lot of this ease can be attributed to spread-axle engineering. This considerably slashes its tendency to sway with improved weight distribution. More than this, this trailer impresses with a shiny ami-Lux 1000 fiberglass walls (white), which is remarkably smooth to touch.

Still outside, there is a befitting kitchen for you to do your cooking featuring a Coleman stove (which you can take off at will), refrigerator, and enough storage. Let us step in, should we?

On the inside, you have a rear bunkroom that would get your kids (or guests) drooling. There is a 42-by-74-inch bunk adorning a multicolored climbing wall, flanked by accommodating wardrobes.

This comes with a sizable dinette, thanks to its table and modular sofa configuration. These sofa cubes are readily adaptable to mattress pads upon the removal of the table.

There is simply no way we are ignoring the private master bedroom. This is fortified with a 60-by-80-inch queen bed flanked by massive windows giving the interior that natural and celestial aura.

Well, you are not sacrificing your privacy for this either, as the master bedroom is furnished with a roller shade when you want to keep things discrete. The adjourning bathroom is linked to this bedroom (fitted with the embedded laundry hamper) by the storage facility.

The living room is also expansive enough for your family gatherings, courtesy of its sofa and dinette arrangement. There is an entertainment center just across the sofa, enhanced with an electric fireplace.

Hungry? The interior kitchen will impeccably take care of your cooking needs. It is girded with a 3-burner stove, solid-surface countertop, pantry, stainless-steel sink, and a sizable 8-cubic-foot refrigerator. The window enhanced with 81-inch ceilings (which is pretty high) gives your kitchen enough spaciousness to churn out your delectables.

Key features

  • Interior Height: 6′ 9″
  • Exterior Height: 10’ 9″
  • Exterior Length: 36′ 11″
  • Exterior Width: 8′
  • Dry weight: 8,054 lbs.
  • Axle Weight: 7,014 lbs.
  • GVWR: 10,420 lbs.
  • Freshwater Capacity: 49 gal.
  • Gray-Water Capacity: 66 gal.

2018 SportTrek 343VBH

The 2018 SportTrek 343VBH is another outdoor darling that every camper will be glad to call theirs. We love the exterior and interior makeup of this trailer.

The automotive front window combines class and brilliance. More than that, it is so easy to set up this trailer, big thumb-up to its independent power jacks.

We also drooled over the NXG Frame that comes with this trailer. This is one of the best-engineered frames we have come across, managing to combine strength and lightness delicately. This is undoubtedly a solid foundation to build upon.

The outside is reasonably illuminated with LED lighting. There is also provision for an outdoor feast, thanks to this trailer’s flexible exterior kitchen outfitted with a refrigerator, sink, and faucet.

You can bring the bigger chunk of your gear along as the expansive pass-through storage area can swallow them all in. Dual access makes loading and unloading a breeze. Now do us the honor of walking in with us.

The bedroom is reasonably stocked with a Sleep Tight® foam mattress. Depending on your floorplan, you also get Teddy Bear® bunk mattress, and an amiable reversible residential quilted comforter.

Overhead the bed, you can charge your devices seamlessly via the USB/110V outlet. There is even more room for your stuff with overhead cabinets and under-bed storage provisions.

We love the kitchen! It comes with a lovable panoramic opening, 8 cu.ft. refrigerator, solid-surface countertops enhanced with sink covers, and an Undermount 50/50 Stainless Steel Sink. The bathroom gives you ample space for bathing and a toilet as well.

Key features

  • Dry weight 8,660 lbs.
  • GVWR 9,995 lbs.
  • Awning 20′
  • Interior Height 82″
  • Exterior Height with A/C 11′ 4″
  • Exterior Length 37′ 11″
  • Fresh Water Capacity 40 gal.
  • Gray Water Capacity 64 gal.

2017 Keystone Outback 325BH

If you are fanatic about longevity when getting a 2-bedroom trailer, you would be right to consider the 2017 Keystone Outback 325BH. Its underbelly is sealed and heated with an aluminum truss roof system that will withstand years of abuse.

Also, this trailer is outfitted with an army of smoke detectors, a 330RL outside kitchen, power tongue jack, block foam insulation, and awning (enhanced with LED lighting) to guarantee you enjoying evenings and sunny afternoons outside.

There is sufficient sleeping space for your camping party if you maximize the master suite and the private bunkhouse. There are wardrobe storage and washer/dryer in the 330RL master bedroom.

The interior is incredibly spacious, courtesy of this trailer fitted with three slides. What more, the interior is equipped with a 15,000 BTU air conditioner and 30,000 BTU furnace that make you extremely reluctant to leave the coziness of the interior.

The kitchen also has an impressive design. It features a stainless steel oven and microwave, with a standout skylight feature that allows you to enjoy natural lighting when cooking those mouthwatering meals.

Key features

  • Length 37.42 ft.
  • Width 8 ft.
  • Height 11.33 ft.
  • Dry Weight 8,428 lbs.
  • GVWR 10,500 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 2,072 lbs.
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 53.0 gal.
  • Total Gray Water Tank Capacity 76.0 gal.

2017 Open Range Light 321BHTS

The 2017 Open Range Light 321BHTS manages to mix luxury and flexibility in almost flawless rations. Coming at a dry weight of 8,700 lbs., this 9-sleep capacity trailer takes on as much weight as you can give it while being readily towable. Specifically, this trailer works best with half-ton pickups (late-model).

We were impressed with its exterior configuration and overall construction. This trailer is forted with an exterior kitchen and three slides.

The 2017 Open Range Light 321BHTS comes with a fiberglass exterior, power tongue jack, aluminum wheels, power stabilizer jacks, and enclosed underbelly. Can you ask for more?

Well, this Open Range trailer yet gives you more on the outside, presenting two 30 Lb. LP tanks, spare tire, roof ladder, 20′ power awning, and a black tank flush. How about we step in?

On the inside, this trailer gives you a bunkhouse and master suite. Thee private bunkhouse is fitted with three bunks (specifically one 38″ x74″ bunk and two 28″ x74″ bunks) and a booth dinette-transformable bed.

The master suite is girded with a 60″ x72″ queen bed and ample closet space while the living room is girded with theater seating and a customizable dinette bed.

There is enough room to cook in the beautiful kitchen. Precisely, this interior cooking area presents a 3-burner stove (enhanced with oven), an 8 cubic foot RV refrigerator, and microwave. There is also enough cabinet space to store your kitchenware.

The bathroom doesn’t frustrate us either, thrilling with a porcelain foot flush toilet, medicine cabinet, power roof vent (aided with a rain sensor technology), glass shower enclosure, and delightful skylight illumination.

Key features

  • Length 36.92 ft.
  • Width 8.08 ft.
  • Height 10.92 ft.
  • Interior Height 6.83 ft.
  • Payload Capacity 1,990 lbs.
  • GVWR 9,735 lbs.
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 58.0 gal.
  • Total Gray Water Tank Capacity 70.0 gal.

2019 Cruise Lite 273QBXL

There are two things we couldn’t help loving about the 2019 Cruise Lite 273QBXL: comfort and functionality. This trailer doesn’t economize on any of those two.

With a dry weight of 6,162 lbs., this is one of the lightest trailers on our list. Regardless, this doesn’t handicap the wealth of amenities and features it lavishes on you.

We will be honest here. A bulk of the features we see on the 2019 Cruise Lite 273QBXL aretypically reserved for higher-end trailers. Specifically, in a trailer of this category, you will struggle to see features (as seen in this Cruise Lite) like abundant interior heights, front aerodynamic profiles, the main bed decked with a designer bedspread, and a brushed nickel cabinet hardware.

If you are keen on durability, this trailer will not leave you heartbroken. It is equipped with a uniqueBeaufor® linoleum flooring. This is very resistant to cold cracks, tear, scratch, and, more importantly, remarkably easy to clean.

For campers who hate swaying trailers, the 2019 Cruise Lite 273QBXL gives you that long-sought relief. This trailer is boosted with anti-sway technology, featuring JT-Strong Arms – a feature you would typically only see in higher-end fifth wheels.

You will be impressed by the stairs. The solid step system of this Cruise Lite makes entering the coach as effortless and safe as possible. For privacy freaks, there are enough black-out shades that can give as you as much discretion as ever.

Before we fully step into the interior, let us take a fair moment to admire the exterior illumination. The 16′ awning aided with LED strip lighting ensures that your evenings can be enjoyed outside.

You can also relax under the shade on sunny afternoons, playing your favorite games with your camping party. The exterior is also fitted with a flexible outside kitchen if you are a huge fan of open-air cooking.

On the inside, this trailer features a lightweight bunkhouse that can take on diverse roles. With four individual bunks, there is enough sleeping space for your kids or guests.

If you have yet gotten an extra guest, no problem. There is a sofa below one of the bunk that easily folds into a bed. Overall, the 2019 Cruise Lite 273QBXL gives a 9-person camping party ample space to sleep without ramming into themselves. More than this, the kitchen is stocked with an incredible 10.7 CU. FT. refrigerator, pantry, and stovetop.

Key features

  • Length 33.67 ft.
  • Width 8 ft. (96 in.)
  • Height 10.25 ft. (123 in.)
  • Dry Weight 6,162 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 1,540 lbs.
  • GVWR 7,702 lbs.
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 61.0 gal.
  • Total Gray Water Tank Capacity 32.0 gal.

2018 Solaire 292QBSK

This trailer closely mirrors the wants of a modern camper. The 2018 Solaire 292QBSK is one truck where the manufacturers were pretty much obsessed with the structural engineering component of the design.

First, the independent suspension Dexter Torflex axles (boasting forged torsion arm and rubber cushioning) ensure the days of rickety and swaying trailers (when on the road) are well behind you.

This trailer is supplied with a 6-sided aluminum superstructure frame and barreled ceilings. This simultaneously gives you sufficient space (on the inside) with the truck being easy to haul by your SUV.

You have every right to fall in love with the roof. This comes with groove plywood firmly glued and screwed to your aluminum framing and a screwed wood cabinetry B 5/8″ tongue (that is equally glued).

The trailer components are adequately protected, thanks to the enclosed underbelly. Palomino went as far as furnishing this trailer with vacuum-bonded walls, assuring you of a trailer that is not only structurally adept but not also sufficiently insulated and towable.

There is enough entertainment for you on the inside. The entertainment center is stocked with a Furrion HDMI DVD. The interior is adequately spacious, featuring hybrid expandable bed ends that make your trailer feel home.

The kitchen is laced with an 8 cu ft. refrigerator, microwave, stainless steel kitchen sink (decked with roll cover), and solid-surface countertops for more area.

Key features

  • Length 33.33 ft.
  • Width 8 ft.
  • Height 11.08 ft.
  • Interior Height 6.75 ft.
  • Dry Weight 5,889 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 1,996 lbs.
  • GVWR 7,885 lbs.
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 50.0 gal.
  • Total Gray Water Tank Capacity 38.0 gal.

2019 Coachmen 287BHDS

The 2019 Coachmen 287BHDS promises an epic camping experience for a camping party of at least eight people. We love this trailer inside out.

Starting with the exterior, the trailer is sufficiently armed with exterior speakers, outside shower and kitchen, electrical awnings enhanced with LED accent lighting to keep your exterior appropriately lit.

With a dry weight of 6185 lbs., towing this trailer is never a problem. You also have an exterior refrigerator that can take care of a couple of drinks.

We also fancy the external engineering configuration. It is beefed up with electrical jacks (that wouldn’t bother you with cracks), with the tanks appropriately stationed beneath the floor.

This significantly improves the trailer’s storage ability, while lowering the gravitational center of the trailer. Of course, the underbelly is enclosed and heated.

This trailer gives you all the privacy you can ask for. There is a dedicated bedroom where you and your partner could sleep with a queen-sized bed. Your guests – or say your kids – can fill up the bunkhouses, enjoying the double-sized bunk beds. The trailer is stocked with lots of USB locations, ensuring your smartphone and other devices don’t run down when camping.

Key features

  • Length 32 ft 11 in
  • Sleeps 8
  • Ext Width 8 ft
  • Ext Height 10 ft 9 in
  • Int Height 6 ft 9 in
  • Dry Weight 6185 lbs
  • Hitch Weight 615 lbs
  • Fresh Water Capacity 49 gals
  • Grey Water Capacity 33 gals

2020 Salem 29VBUD

There are few better ways to round off a compilation of the best 2-bedroom trailers than with the 2020 Salem 29VBUD. This trailer is a halcyon of RV engineering, coming with a design that charms every contemporary camper.

This trailer is stocked with exterior marine-grade speakers ensuring you can have as much entertainment outside the trailer. Furthermore, the 18′ awning makes certain that you are thoroughly protected from sun or rain, enabling you to enjoy time relaxing outside on a hot or rainy day.

On the inside, this trailer comes with an accommodating bunkhouse. Yes, this can be readily adapted to take on a wide spectrum of duties from housing your guests or becoming a play space for your kids.

The rear bedroom is furnished with two queen-sized beds, thanks to its Versa Bunk setup. The front bedroom doesn’t disappoint as well.

The interior is lovably outfitted with panoramic windows enhanced with cross ventilation. Storage wouldn’t give you sleepless nights anymore as there is an accommodating under-bed storage space (strut-lifted) for you to keep your extra gear. There is also a fireplace to add that cozy homely feeling when you are inside this trailer.

There is still enough provision to keep the camping party merry on the inside, as the interior is decked with an entertainment center featuring a Bluetooth FM stereo. The kitchen provides a sizable refrigerator, oven, and a walk-in pantry.

Key features

  • Length 32 ft 11 in
  • Sleeps 8
  • Ext Width 8 ft
  • Ext Height 10 ft 9 in
  • Int Height 6 ft 9 in
  • Dry Weight 6185 lbs
  • Hitch Weight 615 lbs
  • Fresh Water Capacity 49 gals
  • Grey Water Capacity 33 gals

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