13 Best Travel Trailers Under 2500 lbs With Pictures

13 Best Travel Trailers Under 2500 lbs With Pictures

A big factor that can put people off the RV life is that their towing vehicle cannot handle the strain. Before gas and cargo are added, the average travel trailer weighs 5,200 lbs and on top of this, your vehicle may need costly upgrades to ensure safe towing. This is why more campers are opting to travel much lighter to cut costs and have more freedom.

Lighter travel trailers come with many benefits, but you should also consider that lower weight can mean fewer amenities on board. Some trailers conserve space by replacing a wet-bath with an exterior shower for example, whilst others may have a reduced kitchenette or limited storage – if you love to cook on your travels or prefer the comforts of an indoor bathroom, then these are the kinds of features that could be non-negotiable.

To help you decide on the best overall trailer for your needs, we’ve selected a handful of the best small travel trailers with a dry weight of 2,500 lbs or less. Lightweight campers mean less maintenance, lower costs and better parking spots! All that’s left is for you to decide is which features you can and can’t be without on the open road.

2016 Palomini 142CK

The mini ‘ Palomini’ travel trailer by Palomino is a very well-constructed little RV. It has an exact dry weight of 2,458 lbs and has the right balance of practicality and sophistication for the style-conscious camper.

Starting with its sleek outer appearance, the black frameless windows and the LED lighting that lines the edge of the power awning really sells the feel of luxury camping. Add the external speakers and power hook-ups and the Palomini is the perfect spot to host outdoor parties or romantic meals under the stars.

As for the interior, you have all the essentials for your travels and then some. The Palomini features a Queen size bed in the front and an extra single bed that can be converted from your 2-seater dinette (so you can comfortably sleep 3 and host at least 4).

You also have a wet bath with a skylight to allow plenty of gorgeous natural light inside. The trailer also comes equipped with a generous kitchenette with a fridge freezer and an AC and Fantastic Fan vent with 3 speed settings to keep your mini home cool and comfortable.

The low unloaded weight and hitch weight (168 lbs) of the Palomini means your SUV or small truck will be more than capable of towing this between each of your camping destinations.

And with features like the diamond-plated rock guard and pre-wiring at the rear to install a back-up camera, you can ensure your mini home stays safe on the move.

Key features:

  • Queen size bed
  • Power awning with LED lights
  • 2-seater dinette converts to bed
  • Wet bath
  • Pantry & wardrobe storage
  • 3-speed Fantastic Fan
  • AC and heater
  • Cable/TV hook-up
  • 3-way fridge freezer
  • 2-burner stove and microwave
  • External shower port
  • External storage compartment

2020 Aliner LXE

The uniquely designed Aliner LXE camper is shaped like a classic Teepee tent, or perhaps the designers were going for a look of the Alps – either way, this quirky little camper screams a love of the outdoors before you even get inside!

Because of the triangular outer shell, it’s easy to get the impression that the Aliner will have a cramped feel compared to most trailers, but this is far from the truth. Thanks to an 8ft peak, windows throughout and a robust dormer to add extra space, the LXE feels very open.

The entire roof and dormer folds down to ensure it fits snugly in your garage out of camping season. Further space-saving features include the compact toilet and shower cube that folds away when not in use to act as extra counter top space or spare seat for guests!

Among these cool innovations, you also have a king size bed and spare convertible double bed, generous kitchenette and storage space throughout to make this modestly-sized trailer feel like a super cozy and unique home away from home.

The Aliner LXE measures 15ft across and has a dry weight of only 1795 lbs – and even if you buy a model with the optional features attached, the total dry weight will not budge beyond 2,000 lbs. The hitch weight is only 180 lbs too, so most SUVs and minivans won’t have a problem hauling this innovative travel trailer along.

Key features:

  • King size bed
  • Fold-out roof and dormer
  • Compact wet bath
  • AC and heater
  • 3-way fridge freezer
  • 2-burner stove and microwave
  • 5-6 space sofa/dinette converts to double bed
  • Extra seating and storage by kitchenette
  • Front and rear diamond-plate rock guard
  • Generous counter top space
  • External shower
  • External rail for outside stove/grill

2019 R-Pod 178

Measuring 20 ft across and with an unloaded weight of just over 2,600 lbs, this 178 model of the R-Pod trailer by Forest-river has a simple yet cozy floor plan.

In the front you have the U-shaped dinette that could comfortably seat 6 guests and which folds down into a Queen size bed – very generously sized for a spare bed in a trailer this size.

And in the rear, you have a full Queen size bed with plenty of storage space beneath, so this trailer can comfortably sleep 4 adults.

In the middle of the R-Pod you have your kitchenette with 2-burner stove and sink with the option to add a microwave. There is also a 3-way fridge freezer, plentiful cabinet space for storage and a wet bath complete with a Fantastic fan to freshen the place up after cooking and other camping aromas!

To entertain travelers on gloomy days, you have the option to include a 24 inch TV that is attached to a swing arm, so if you want to watch some TV at the dinette or in the bedroom on cozy nights indoors then you have this option.

You also have a Bluetooth stereo system with HDMI ports and internal and outdoor speakers if you want to stream radio or music from your mp3 device tanks to a USB port.

Key features:

  • Wet bath with lockable door and Fantastic Fan
  • Power awning with LED light strip
  • Spare tire & bike rack hitch
  • U-shaped dinette converts into Queen bed
  • 2-burner stove with optional microwave
  • 3-way fridge freezer
  • Bluetooth entertainment system
  • Plenty of cabinet space and fold-out clothes line
  • AC and furnace
  • Exterior shower unit
  • Pre-wired for solar connectivity
  • Spacious L-shaped external storage unit

CampLite 13 QBB

The CampLite QBB is an eye-catching mini trailer that measures 13 ft across and has a dry weight of 2,250 lbs. Its shell is available in 17 different colors if you like your camper to stand out from the white and grey models and it also has a reasonable hitching weight of around 180 lbs, so this will be an easy tow out on the road.

The CampLite makes great use of its compact 13 foot length by featuring a Queen size bed in the front and a 2 person dinette that folds out into a comfortable spare single bed – making it perfect if you’re traveling as a family of 2 adults and 1 child.

We love the clever use of storage space in this mini trailer too – the Queen bed mattress lifts up to reveal a full-sized storage chest underneath, kind of like an ottoman bed frame and there are plenty of overhead cabinets and even a slimline storage closet behind the dinette.

As for other essentials, the CampLite QBB features a roomy wet bath with a vent and skylight to allow plenty of natural light in. It also features a generously-sized 5 cubic foot fridge freezer that can be powered in 3 ways, a stove and microwave and a good amount of cabinet storage space beneath and around the kitchen area.

Key features:

  • Available in 17 different colors
  • Queen size bed with storage
  • 2-seater dinette converts into single bed
  • 5 cub ft 3-way fridge freezer
  • Wet bath and vent
  • AC
  • Multiple overhead cabinets
  • Storage closet
  • 2 burner stove and microwave
  • Stereo system and speakers
  • 11 ft awning
  • Diamond plated rock guard
  • Deep external storage compartment
  • External shower port

2017 Somerset Newport

Aliner is an innovative brand of trailer makers as we’ve established from the Teepee style earlier, and this design is no exception.

The 2017 Somerset Newport is a pop-up style camper, so when you’re hauling it on the road, it will measure 12 ft across and only 47 inches high. The seamless aluminum-skin insulated roof keeps everything protected from the elements when you’re on the move so you can pitch up into a dry and comfortable living space once you arrive.

Once you’re opened up, the trailer will measure 19 ft across and the robust ‘Sunbrella’ tent material is fire-resistant and marine-grade quality so it won’t become damaged over time by mildew like the cotton canvas material of other pop-ups.

2 Queen size beds and a dinette conversion bed means this mini camper has a 6 person sleep capacity and the dinette table can even be removed for outdoor use if you fancy a barbecue.

Despite the limited pop-up style, the camper also has a 2-burner stove and sink area, plus the space for an optional 12 v fridge freezer box. As a pop-up camper, there is no AC or heater unit, so this is obviously not suitable for all-weather camping. No bathroom either, but for a simple camper to take to festivals in the height of summer with friends and family – it’s ideal.

The unloaded weight of the Somerset Newport is around 1,100 lbs and the hitch weight is roughly only around 100 lbs

Key features:

  • Pop-up style camper
  • Super durable ‘Sunbrella’ tent material
  • 6 ft 5 inches interior height
  • Insulated aluminum-skin roof
  • 2 Queen size beds
  • Can comfortably sleep 6
  • 4-person dinette converts into single bed
  • Optional 12 v fridge freezer
  • 2-burner stove and sink
  • Under-sink cabinet space
  • Overhead dome lights

2017 Forest River Rockwood Freedom 2280BHESP

Another great pop-up style camper, this time from Forest River. This 2017 model of pop-up camper packs an incredible amount of features for the limited space.

In spite of the dry lightweight frame of just 2,559 lbs, this Forest River trailer manages to fit in a total of 4 beds! That’s a Queen size bed at both the front and rear, a double sofa bed and your 2-person dinette that also folds out into extra sleeping quarters, so this is the perfect camper for a large family or group of friends (8 in total) out living the festival camper life!

At it’s fully opened size, this pop-up trailer measures 23 ft 10 inches across, and while most of this is attributed to the twin Queen beds, this mini camper still has room for a 3 burner stove and sink kitchenette, a compact fridge and a compact wet bath and shower rail. There is also an external shower port, because who wants to queue for the bathroom?

Some other great external features are a rail if you want to have a grill outside and an 11 ft awning to keep you and fellow travelers shaded from the elements. For added protection when you’re on the open road, Forest River have added a diamond-plated rock guard panel that skirts along the length of the trailer as well as on the front – a cool addition that you don’t find on many mini travel trailers

Key features:

  • 4 beds (including 2 Queens)
  • Sleeps up to 8 people
  • 3-burner stove and sink
  • Mini fridge
  • External shower
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Bike rack
  • Spare tire
  • 11 ft awning
  • Rail for outdoor grill
  • Pre-wired for solar connectivity
  • Diamond-plate rock guard skirt

2015 Palomino Basecamp 12FBS

The Palomino Basecamp is a well designed trailer that offers more than you might expect from a little pop-up.

Starting with the external features on the Basecamp, Palomino have really made the effort to add little convenient touches here and there, like a storage trunk at the back bumper – which can be the ideal place for storing spare utilities that may not fit indoors such as your water hose or jack parts.

At the rear of the camper, you’ll also find a toy lock if you want to secure your bikes, grill or any other large valuable you want to protect from theft.

Once fully expanded, the Palomino Basecamp measures 23 ft across, and luckily there is a power lift system to make it easier to pop up once you camp down for the night. If you’re in the mood to cook outdoors once you set up camp, the Palomini has included a grill and rail rack ready for you to set up your barbecues station.

And as for the interior of the camper, all the essential home comforts are here – you have a main bedroom and two sofa beds for a total sleep count of 6, a compact wet bath that doubles as extra counter top space when its not in use and a decent sized kitchenette with a 3-burner stove.

The dry weight of the Palomino Basecamp is 2,448 lbs with a hitch weight of 257 lbs.

Key features:

  • Full-size bed with insulation panel
  • 4-person dinette
  • 3-seater sofa
  • Compact wet bath
  • Plug-in fan and furnace
  • Mini fridge
  • 3-burner stove and sink
  • External storage compartment
  • Stereo system with interior/exterior speakers
  • Awning and grill included to setup
  • Storage trunk in the bumper
  • External shower port
  • Spare tire
  • Toy lock

2019 Hymer Touring GT550

The Hymer Touring GT550 is a sleekly designed trailer constructed with an ultralight fiberglass shell that is reminiscent of the vintage aluminum camper with a pop-top roof that has surrounding vent panels to unzip as needed.

The GT550 measures 18 ft across and the extra headroom afforded by the pop-top roof takes the interior standing height to 6ft 4 inches.

Once you get in this spacious pop-top camper, you’re greeted by inviting warm shades and attractive wood grain lino flooring to give it a touch of home. For such a compact trailer, the Hymer features a surprisingly spacious wet bath with generous counter top space for your toiletries, plus a mirrored medicine cabinet and storage underneath. The sink has a pull-out facet which acts as your shower head.

Hymer’s great use of space in the GT550 means there is space here for a double bed and 4 seater dinette bed conversion, allowing 4, travelers to sleep comfortably here (perhaps 5 if you have a young family).

Adding to the sleek design are the beech-colored storage compartments that have ample depth to them and a soft push-button lock to prevent them from flying open on the move.

Overall, this trailer has a dry unloaded weight of 2,480 lbs with a hitch weight of just 250 lbs, so your regular SUV or small truck will be able to haul this along the road with ease.

Key features:

  • Pop-top roof with ventilation panels
  • Double bed in the rear
  • 4-person dinette converts into bed
  • Spacious bathroom with counter top and cabinet space
  • Recessed sink and 2-burner stove
  • Compact 12 v fridge freezer
  • AC
  • 2 external storage compartments
  • External shower port
  • Sliding screen door and lock latch
  • Lockable overhead cabinets with LED lighting
  • Optional TV with swing-arm bracket


This 21 ft long travel trailer by Travel Lite has a dry weight of 2,840 lbs and a hitch weight of just 295 lbs, so you’ll be able to tow this with relative ease using your SUV or pick-up truck.

The RB in the name refers to a ‘rear bathroom’ floor plan, which is probably the most impressive feature on this camper for sheer spaciousness. Making up the entire rear of the camper, the bathroom features a very comfortable amount of floor space between the toilet, shower and a decent sized sink with a vanity and cabinet space beneath for toiletries. There’s also a sizeable skylight directly above the shower to bring a flood of natural light in.

Another unique part of the floor plan is the dinette which is housed in a slide-out that provides generous living space for such a lightweight travel trailer. The 4 capacity dinette also provides under-seating storage compartments and the Queen size bed also conceals a storage compartment that extends the width of the trailer.

In addition to all this, you have a great sized kitchenette with an impressive 5 cubic ft fridge and separate freezer, a 2 burner stove and microwave overhead with a sink and pantry.

And for times when you want to dine al fresco, the electric awning controlled by an indoor panel provides you with an instant shelter for your barbecue. The Aura A-21RB is a well designed lightweight camper that makes great use of its space.

Key features:

  • Electric awning
  • Queen size bed with storage
  • Super spacious rear bathroom
  • Slide-out 4-person dinette
  • AC and furnace
  • 2-burner stove and microwave
  • Sink and pantry
  • 5 cub ft fridge freezer
  • Stereo system
  • Wardrobe and multiple storage cabinets
  • External shower
  • 2 external storage compartments

Falcon Fire F-20

This Falcon Fire F-20 camper weighs just over 2,500 lbs and is designed with sporty red racer colors and an aerodynamic nose for greater wind resistance. At less than 6.5 ft wide and with a 260 lb hitch weight, the Falcon Fire is easy to tow and compact enough to park up anywhere with little fuss.

Before we get into the interior, a nice feature on the trailer shell itself is the drip rail fin which diverts rainwater to prevent mildew and keep your windows streak-free. We also love the high rock guard at the front and on the wheel arches for extra protection when you’re on the open road.

Once you’re inside, the F-20 trailer looks to be the ideal camper for 2, although a family of 4 could sleep quite comfortably too. The space has been utilized incredibly well here, since you have a roomy wet bath with a skylight and Fantastic fan, a Queen size bed and 4-person dinette which converts into a spare double, plus all the storage you could need for a family holiday.

At your stylish kitchenette with an attractive glossy splashback and counter top, you have a 2-burner stove and overhead microwave, a deep sink with ample cabinet space below and a 2-way fridge freezer for all your self-catering needs. A great little RV for solo or family adventures.

Key features:

  • Queen size bed
  • 4-seater dinette converts into bed
  • Wet bath with skylight and Fantastic fan
  • 2-way fridge freezer
  • Multiple storage cabinets throughout
  • 2-burner stove and microwave
  • Stereo system
  • AC and furnace
  • Roof skylight
  • External storage compartment
  • Exterior shower
  • External speakers
  • TV bracket with swing arm
  • Spare tire
  • Pre-wired for solar connectivity
  • Drip rail fin at top of RV

2015 Shasta Airflyte 1961 Re-Release

If older RV enthusiasts recognize this gorgeous retro camper, it’s because it is bringing back the iconic 1961 Shasta Airflyte – a trailer that at one time was the best-selling travel trailer in the world. This 2015 re-release of the all -American trailer has stayed true to most aspects of the original with a few modern tweaks here and there – mostly for safety purposes.

The Shasta Airflyte weighs just under 2,000 lbs and measures 16 ft across, so a small minivan or truck no problem.

From the little touches such as a ‘flickering’ LED light to re-create the ambiance of the gas lamps of the original to the bold checkerboard flooring and classic red diner seating, this is a trailer that blends past and present perfectly for lovers of the vintage RV era.

Taking things slightly into the 21st century are upgrades like the 3 burner stove instead of the 2, LED lighting and a Bluetooth entertainment system. For greater safety and convenience, you also have a roomier standing height of 6ft 4 inches.

Another convenient upgrade for the modern day camper is the inclusion of a wet bath in place of the original closet and larger bed dimensions for both the double size bed in the front and twin sofa bed pull-out in the rear of the camper. This Shasta Airflyte re-release combines style with modern touches for a truly eye-catching travel trailer.

Key features:

  • Attractive retro design
  • Color-match wheels and trademark wings
  • Original Shasta magazine rack
  • 4-seater dinette converts to double bed
  • Pull-out sofa bed
  • Wet bath with window
  • 3-burner cook top and microwave
  • Ample storage cabinets with original design
  • 3-way fridge freezer
  • AC and furnace
  • Bluetooth stereo system
  • Internal/external speakers
  • Counter space for 32 inch TV

2014 Riverside RV White Water Retro 155

With an unloaded weight of just 1,840 lbs, this super lightweight White Water Retro RV by Riverside was built for an easy towing experience and is snug enough to fit comfortably in most standard sized garages, as it measures under 16ft across.

Despite the retro duck-egg blue color scheme on the shell, this trailer thankfully has plenty of up-to-date features like a microwave and decently-sized wet bath in favor of relying on a campsite toilet!

Inside the White Water camper, you have a double bed and a fold out bed from the dinette so a family of 3 could sleep quite comfortably, though with a lack of entertainment features such as Bluetooth connectivity/plugins or a mount for a TV, this camper may be a little too retro for kids to enjoy! Ideally, this RV would be suited to 2 adults looking to get away from it all in style.

The 2-burner stove and compact fridge make up a nice kitchen area for the size and the slide-out table at the 4-person dinette offers greater leg room in case one spouse is taller than the other.

For such a modestly-sized trailer, the White Water Retro packs many great features in the space with some extra touches like a rock guard on the back window and extra flip-out counter top at the kitchenette.

Overall, this is a simple and stylish mini camper with all the essentials and a manageable hitch weight of 300 lbs for easy towing.

Key features:

  • Attractive vintage design
  • Diamond-plated rock guard
  • Rock guard on back window
  • AC and furnace
  • Manual pull-out awning
  • Wet bath
  • Mini fridge
  • 2-burner stove and microwave
  • Double bed
  • 4-person dinette converts to bed
  • Flip-out counter top for extra space
  • External storage compartments

2018 Winnebago Minnie Drop 1780

This cheerful bright orange Winnebago RV weighs 2,440 lbs and looks every inch the vintage 70’s style camper. The Minnie Drop is a teardrop design which not only sells the retro look but also promotes greater wind resistance (and increases your gas mileage) for an easy, fuss-free tow. Whether you want to travel as a couple or take it on a family vacation, the Minnie Drop has all the features you’re looking for and more.

On the outside, you have external speakers and a power awning illuminated with an LED light strip to make evening barbecues or nights of star-gazing a little cozier!

Once inside, this Winnebago certainly doesn’t disappoint – as you enter, you have a cozy 4-person dinette and bed conversion with your kitchenette directly ahead (2-burner stove, overhead microwave and fridge freezer) with cute vintage valances on each of the windows.

The kids are sure to be sucked in by the Bluetooth entertainment system too which hooks up to your flat screen TV, so they can watch their favorite movies or stream music while eating at the dinette.

Add to this a decent sized wet bath plus an abundance of storage space overhead and beneath the large double bed and this is a very well-made camper.

Measuring a little over 20ft across and with a dry hitch weight of around 340 lbs, the Minnie Drop is a dream to tow and will catch the eye of everyone on the free-way.

Key features:

  • Wide external storage compartment
  • Power awning with LED light strip
  • AC
  • Double bed with underneath storage
  • Sizeable wet bath with fan vent
  • 4-seater dinette converts into bed
  • 2-burner stove and microwave
  • Fridge freezer
  • Bluetooth entertainment system
  • Overhead storage racks, drawers and cabinets
  • External shower
  • External speakers

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