13 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers With Pictures

13 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers With Pictures

It is crucial to buy a travel trailer with the regularity (at which you would use it) in mind. More usage implies that your trailer should be more furnished.

You must also consider the ease of towing when buying your camper trailer. The primary consideration is the amount of weight that your minivan or SUV can comfortably tow. Your trailer’s haulage shouldn’t exceed this.

In this guide, we will emphatically explore the 13 best lightweight travel trailers available on the market today. The selected trailers stand out for their wealth of features, relative affordability, and longevity.

2019 Travel Lite Falcon F-Lite FL-14

The 2019 Travel Lite Falcon F-Lite FL-14 is a pretty portable trailer which the generality of minivans would easily pull. This is thanks to its dry weight capacity of 1, 692 lbs., inarguably making it one of the lightest in the market presently.

It gives you ample interior space, proffering you 14 feet of living space. This is outfitted with a dinette that readily converts to a bed. Inside, you also have 2 pantry spaces, a deluxe wardrobe, and an overhead cabinet space.

The Travel Lite FL-14 supplies you with sizable storage for accommodating your larger camping gear. Furthermore, this trailer makes a statement of quality by presenting R7 insulated walls, double plywood insulated floor system and 3-1/2″ wood bow truss rafters.

Admittedly, you don’t see this readily in trailers of this range. The convention is to go with glue composite walls and one-inch foam constructions. This is far cheaper and quicker to produce – favoring the manufacturer more.

However, if you are going for durability and quality, the solid wood construction we see from the Travel Lite FL-14 beats the pack. What more, the solid wood construction is far easier to repair and saves you more weight. This will endure long years of abuse.

This trailer admirably combines charm and functionality, saving you from the boring lots out there. The trailer’s exterior is embellished with bold matte paints. The eye-catching decals also do their bit in distinguishing this trailer.

Moving inside, we see an excellent supply of LED accent lighting matched with mature achromatic colors, and quality materials, effectively mirroring a contemporary luxury abode.

In all, the Travel Lite is a befitting pick for those who yet wish to replicate the luxuriousness of traveling in bigger traveller without sacrificing the maneuverability lightweight trailers are famed for.

Key features:

  • Engineered Bow Truss Rafters
  • 15″ Custom Aluminum Rims
  • Dry Weight 1692 lbs
  • Fresh Water Capacity 18 gals
  • Ext Height 8 ft 1 in
  • Int Height 6 ft 1 in
  • Axle Weight 3500 lbs
  • Water Heater Capacity 6 gal
  • Cooktop Burners 2
  • Refrigerator Size 3 cu ft
  • Furnace BTU 20000 btu

2016 Lance 1575

Here is another lovable trailer, coming at a dry weight of 2,775 lbs. This trailer has a sleeping capacity of 4 persons and would carry cargo up to 925 lb. With an exterior length of 20’5″, it is apparent this is a choice trailer for those yearning for more space.

Its lightweight technological makeup is even more exciting. Interestingly, the 2016 Lance 1575 comes with a unique Super Slide dinette. This trailer is outfitted with bigger windows.

Furthermore, the bath and living areas furnished with skylights to accentuate the interior brilliance. All these delectably come together to give the Lance 1575 a seemingly bigger space than many other trailers in this size category.

The cabinetry is exquisite, coming lighter and more durable, thanks to the Lite-Ply™ technology. The tabletops and the counter come with a renewed feel, with the cabinet doors admirably glazed. Unlike the commonality of trailers you will see in this category, the Lance 1575 comes with a dry bath.

Still in the kitchen, you have a 3-burner range (coming in a stainless steel design) supplied with a backsplash, beautifying LED lighting snuck in the slide-out ceiling and radius acrylic tinted thermopane Euro windows. Yet, there is considerable storage under the bed.

Key features:

  • Length 245 in.
  • Width 84.37 in.
  • Interior Height 78 in.
  • Dry Weight 2,665 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 1,045 lbs.
  • Number of Slideouts 1
  • Wheels Composition Aluminum
  • Rear Brake Type Hydraulic Disc
  • Number of Axles 1
  • Number of Fresh Water Holding Tanks 1
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal/l) 26 / 98.4

Escape Mini 181RK By KZ-RV

The Escape Mini 181RK provides you with comfort without sacrificing functionality. Indeed, this lightweight trailer is designed optimally for 4 people. Coming with one slide, an interior height of 82″ and an exterior length of 20′ 9″, this is a cozy home away from home.

The shape of the Escape Mini sets it apart from its competitor. Conventionally, what you see in trailers of this category is an arch-styled front.

However, the Escape Mini distinguishes itself by presenting an angled front further enhanced with rear walls. This is a game-changer when it comes to aerodynamics and consequent fuel economy.

This trailer gives you a dedicated bathroom, shower, and toilet facility. Take note that this is not the customary wet bath you readily see around.

The cooking experience is another feature that sells this Escape Mini apart. This trailer is supplied with a 4 cu. ft. refrigerator, two-burner cooktop, and a convection microwave. This microwave utilizes a combo of microwave energy and convectional power.

Also, in the kitchen section, you get uniquely designed cabinets, precisely in an adorable maple glaze finish. You can wash your dishes in a single sink that can readily accommodate your cooking ware like pitcher, pans, and pots.

Of course, you don’t want the whole yard easily peering into your trailer. With privacy in mind, this trailer comes with tinted windows enhanced with pleated shades. This trailer keeps you from extreme fluctuations in temperatures, thanks to it being outfitted with residential linoleum.

We had tons of reasons to fall in love with the Escape Mini’s construction. It is easy to drool over its 5/8″ tongue and groove plywood decking, aluminum rafters, and 1-piece fiberglass roof. Of course, there is also the regular R-7 insulation with an encompassing pass-through storage facility.

Key Features

  • Dry Axle Weight* 2,528
  • Interior Height 82″
  • Exterior Length 20′ 9″
  • Refrigerator 4 cubic feet
  • Fresh Water Capacity 30 Gallons
  • Furnace BTUs (1,000s) 20

2020 Escape Mini 181UD By KZ

The 2020 Escape Mini 181UD has an overwhelming array of features for a lightweight trailer in that category. It gives you generous spaciousness (courtesy of the exterior pass-through storage area) to keep your camping equipment and sufficient space for your sleeping, dining, cooking, and toileting.

Its robust 15″ mud tires fortified with ground clearance ensures you don’t have to panic about your trailer when driving through rough paths.

Want to enjoy some music outside? This trailer has some lovable exterior speakers to keep the vibes up. The LED light strip combines with the power awning (10′) for impressive illumination, even at night. This makes it easier to enjoy long nights out of the trailer before retiring inside for nighttime sleep.

In this trailer, daytime is as fun as night. When sleep time comes, everyone can enjoy a fair slice of rest, cozily drifting up in this trailer’s signature Evergreen queen mattress.

Dining is a pleasure, thanks to the beautiful U-shaped dinette, which is easily collapsible for additional sleeping space.

The kitchen is impressively furnished with a 4 cu. ft. refrigerator (which can sufficiently keep all your extras), a two-burner gas cooker, nice countertops, and convection microwave.

As quite customary of KZ’s latest trailers, the interior is buffered from extreme temperature, due to being fitted with residential linoleum.

Key features

  • Length 20 ft 9 in
  • Ext Height 8 ft 9 in
  • Ext Width 8 ft
  • Int Height 6 ft 10 in
  • Dry Weight 2878 lbs
  • Fresh Water Capacity 30 gals
  • Refrigerator Size 4 cu ft
  • Furnace BTU 20000 btu


The Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro 12SRK is the choice trailer for all your camping adventures, giving you fun all the way. The manufacturers didn’t hold back when supplying this trailer with some of the latest outdoor technologies.

This trailer is reasonably light, coming at an impressive dry weight of 1763 lbs. Such relative lightness makes it seamless for your small SUV to tow this trailer.

Furthermore, this trailer comes with a tongue jack wheel. This makes unpremeditated site adjustments (and hand-parking) far less of a headache.

When it comes to power, the Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro 12SRK doesn’t leave you wanting. There is a 100W delectably mounted on the roof to keep you and your crew going all day.

Being an all-season camping trailer, this is the trailer to rock even your winter camping. A lot of it can be attributed to its 20,000 BTU furnace that ensures you don’t want for warmth when traveling.

One of the major highlights of this trailer is its outdoor kitchen. Furnished with a 2-burner stovetop and a 3-way refrigerator, you can readily work your delicious omelet in the morning and bacon at night. More than this, the Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro 12SRK makes a statement with additional facilities like a water purifier, 12V TV, and wifi booster.

You will also appreciate the outdoor speaker, enabling you to listen to your favorite broadcasts on the AM/FM stereo with Bluetooth and USB as you party outside in the cool night air. Rather uniquely, this trailer lacks a propane system, thereby eliminating the necessity of a propane bottle. Nonetheless, there is accommodation for even 3 batteries.

You will fall in love with the sustainability of the Azdel wall panels. They would rarely rot, with impressive resistance to mold and mildew. What more, they are relatively light.

Nevertheless, if you were looking for a 4-sleep capacity trailer, this may not be the right choice as it is optimized for 2 people sleeping inside.

Key Features

  • Dry Weight 1763 lbs
  • Ext Width 7 ft
  • Int Height 4 ft 10 in
  • Ext Height 7 ft 6 in
  • Axle Weight 1467 lbs
  • Fresh Water Capacity 26 gals
  • Furnace BTU 20000 btu
  • Refrigerator Type RV
  • Manual Thule awning
  • Number of Awnings 1
  • LP Tank Capacity 20


It is so easy to drool over the Sun-Lite 16BH trailer. This trailer has a 3-sleep capacity, coming with a fold-down bunk facility. Readily, this can cater for your traveling guest or even your toddler. This trailer comes with a full-size front bed as well.

At a dry weight of 2,480 lbs, we admit this may not be the lightest trailer on this list. Nonetheless, it is easy to tow. 

The interior is amply decked with a 13.5K BTU A/C and 16K BTU furnace, ensuring you can live all cozily inside your trailer, regardless of which season you go camping. When the blazing summer months come in, the Sun-Lite 16BH has got you covered with its electric awning.

Should you fancy an outdoor shower after a thick and thorough day outside, there is an outside shower to get the dirt off before stepping inside. This makes it easier to maintain satisfactory sanitary conditions inside your trailer with significantly reduced cleaning exertions.

How about the cooking and dining experience? Exquisite, we must say! The kitchen is equipped with a 2-burner cooktop and microwave. There is a booth-style dinette for you to savor your meals.

The generality of refrigerators we see from trailers in this weight category oscillate around 4 cu. ft. Therefore, a 6 cu. ft 10.7 double door 12V refrigerator from the Sun-Lite 16BH is a game-changer. 

With a refrigerator of that capacity, you need not worry a hitch where you will consistently preserve your leftovers.

One feature that endears us to the Sun-Lite 16BH trailer is the ample storage. There is enough room for your stuff. More than the overhead cabinets, you also have substantial storage volume under the bed.

Key Features:

  • Length 16.00 ft.
  • Exterior Width: 7.5 ft.
  • Dry Weight: 2480 lbs
  • Sleeping Capacity: 2-3
  • Interior Colour: Ash
  • Exterior Colour: Blue
  • Fresh Water: 26 gal
  • Awning Size: 9.5 ft.

2012 Sportsmen Classic 16BH Lightweight Travel Trailer

The 2012 Sportsmen Classic 16BH Lightweight travel trailer undoubtedly deserves its place on this list. This trailer reeks of craftsmanship and functionality.

With a dry weight of 2,296 lbs., you wouldn’t have much of a problem towing this trailer with your smaller SUVs.

To start with, the construction is superb. The sidewall construction is made from sheet metal with the living area (and kitchen) flooring made from vinyl. The kitchen table configuration is the conventional bench seat pattern, with a convertible dinette.

This is the ultimate trailer for campers that want to play hard outdoors and come back to enjoy a cozy night rest. Courtesy of its sizeable comfy bed, every nap is an experience.

Storage is not a problem with the 2012 Sportsmen Classic 16BH. This trailer has a payload of 404 lbs., ensuring you fit in as much gear for your camping trip. Worth mentioning here is the water capacity. There isn’t much a total fresh water tank capacity of 37 liters can’t do for you. 

If you have been plagued by heat-pumping rear brakes in the past, it is relieving that the rear drums brakes of the 2012 Sportsmen Classic 16BH generate far less heat. This is largely due to its electric drum design. Also, there is a significantly reduced need for maintenance, as these brakes have enhanced corrosion resistance.

Key Features:

  • Dry Weight 2,296 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 404 lbs.
  • Length 206 in.
  • Width 84 in.
  • Interior Height 75 in.
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 10.0 gal.
  • Total Propane Tank Capacity 4.7 gal.
  • Total Propane Tank Capacity 20 lbs.
  • Number of Awnings 1
  • Awning Length 120 in.

2018 KZ Sportsmen Classic 130RB

If there is one thing the 2018 KZ Sportsmen Classic 130RB made an effort to emphasize, it is comfort! The interior is impressively decked with high-density foam cushions with dinette doubles, which can be converted for sleeping duties.

The bathroom is exquisite. The 2018 KZ Sportsmen Classic 130RB is outfitted with a rear bathroom, furnished with a shower and toilet.

This trailer makes ample room for storage, with provisions made for keeping your stuff in the form of overhead cabinets and space under the seats. 

Notably, this trailer features a trunk door, ensuring you don’t leave much of your essentials back at home when going for a camping trip.

With a payload of 674 lbs, this baby can take almost as much as you can stack it with. This is very impressive for a trailer in this category, we must say!

The dining experience is worth commending. The kitchen is a beauty to behold. Functional and free of clutter, this culinary abode is stocked with an expansive sink, 2-burner gas hot plate, and a compact 3 cu.ft. refrigerator that works on propane and electric. The 10′ awning on the exterior will further endear this trailer to you.

Key Features

  • Dry Weight 2,126 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 674 lbs.
  • Interior Height 78″
  • Exterior Height 107″ (excluding Roof A/C)
  • Exterior Length 15′ 10″
  • Exterior Width 84″
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity
  • 20.0 gal.
  • Refrigerator 3 cu.ft
  • Furnace BTUs (1,000s) 20
  • Awning 9′
  • Tire Size 13″

2017 Jayco Jay Flight SLX 145RB Minivan Towable Travel Trailer

When the manufacturer Jayco tags the Flight SLX 145RB Minivan Towable Travel Trailer “fun at its finest”, it duly raises our expectation for this 3-sleep trailer. Stepping into this trailer and enjoying its glamor firsthand, we can’t say we were despicably disappointed.

Starting with the interior, this trailer comes with standard air conditioning. Not spectacular, you would say, but the bench seat kitchen dinette does its job pretty well. We loved the aesthetic flavor of the interior flooring. Jayco made an excellent choice to go with vinyl.

Not that we were downcast per se, but we would have really loved to see this trailer come with a dedicated master bedroom. Sadly, it is unavailable in this model. A DVD Player was missing out as well.

Nonetheless, this trailer gives you a suiting single shower bathroom. This trailer has a dry bath, with the toilet separated from the shower. Another highlight of this trailer is its 18-gallon/hr quick recovery water heater. This is rare for a trailer in this grade.

You are definitely going to fall in love with the LED lighting. There is an ample supply of including tail and marker lights. The storage is impressive as well, with the underneath of the sofa voluminous enough to accommodate a microwave box on its own.

Jayco’s 2017 Flight SLX 145RB Minivan Towable Travel Trailer makes a point of sturdiness. This emphasis on durability can be seen with the manufacturer opting for pocket-screwed cabinetry as opposed to staple.

The former is far more reliable in the long term. Still, on endurance, the trailer has galvanized steel wheels in the case tire blows. This is not common. 

Key Features:

  • Length 16′ 6”
  • Interior Height 73
  • Number of Axles 1
  • Air Conditioning 8000BTUs
  • Fresh Water Capacity 10 gal
  • Patio Awning Standard
  • Leveling Jack Type Front Manual / Rear Manual

2020 NuCamp T@b 320s

This is another lightweight trailer that deserves as much love you can give it. With a dry weight of 1908 lbs., it is a fairly lightweight trailer that can readily get you on your camping escapades. Understandably, such design also contributes to its outstanding fuel economy.

The sitting arrangement is impressive, with a U-shaped dinette configuration that readily transmutes into a full-fledged bed by nighttime. The kitchen comes with the typical two-burner stovetop.

The water heater Pump runs on both electrical and propane, with a typical water heater tank bypass. Quite in line with the generality of trailers we have seen in this grade, the flooring of the living area and that of the kitchen are made of vinyl.

Stepping outside to the exterior, we are huge fans of the aluminum body material and the fiberglass sidewall, with standard roof vents.

Key Features:

  • Dry Weight 1908lbs.
  • Number of Axles 1
  • Length 15.33 ft
  • Width 79 in
  • Interior Height 69 in.
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 11 gal
  • Propane Tank Standard
  • Total Propane Tank Capacity 4.7 gal
  • Rear Brake Type Electric Drum

135 Retro Silver Serie – Silver Dream Package

Admittedly, this trailer is in the upper weight category of containers on this list. Having a dry weight of 2540 lbs, whatever this 4-sleep trailer loses in portability, it makes up for with sturdiness.

Nonetheless, we couldn’t help gushing over this trailer for its emphasis on sleekness. Its curves and lines are remarkably smooth. Its bewitching silver exterior is enhanced with black trim.

You would be deceived to think this trailer doesn’t have much other than aesthetics. Its interior is enhanced with an RV Queen Bed, flat panel TV, sofa, wood-grain flooring, and aluminum rims.

Powered by with a 13,500 BTU A/C and a 20000 BTU furnace, there is enough coziness to keep you stuck inside the trailer all through the season.

The kitchen doesn’t disappoint either, presenting a stove with the typical built-in cooktop design, as well as a microwave.

This trailer is outfitted electrically with built-in USB ports there to keep your electronic devices sustainably powered.

What more, there is also provision for a melodious party with speakers there for your relish both indoor and outdoor. The Bluetooth stereo ensures you can keep the song blaring for as long as you like comfortably.

Key Features:

  • Dry Weight 2540 lbs
  • Cargo Weight 1170 lbs
  • Axle Weight 3500 lbs
  • Length 15 ft
  • Ext Width 6 in
  • Ext Height 9 ft 4 in
  • Int Height 6 ft 5 in
  • Fresh Water Capacity 17 gals
  • Furnace 20000 BTU

2018 Rockwood GEO PRO 14FK

The 2018 Rockwood GEO PRO 14FK is designed to help you enjoy your homely comfort outdoors. The design and overall facilities make it resoundingly worth your buck.

For a start, this trailer has a dry weight of 2,022 lbs., with an accompanying payload capacity of 895 lbs. The interior has that homely feel, coming with a U-shaped dinette that amply caters for all your dining needs. Also, this dinette is collapsible into a makeshift bed for sleeping at night.

This trailer makes sufficient room for you to store your stuff. The wardrobe capacity is impressive for a lightweight trailer. The kitchen also gets the job done. Adequately furnished with a microwave and flush mount cover, you can quickly get your cooking done.

Should you prefer to do it outside, this trailer comes with a gas grill to take care of that. The 2018 Rockwood GEO PRO 14FK stands out for its dual propane tank. Interestingly, when one of these tanks goes dry, it automatically switches to the next one.

This trailer is keen on longevity, and this is glaringly seen in its design. The 2018 Rockwood GEO PRO 14FK comes with a torsion axle such that each wheel has independent suspension.

With this engineering mechanism, this trailer gives you a significantly smoother ride through rough terrains. What more, it is fitted with a diamond plate that saves the trailer from the possibly catastrophic effect of direct impact. Also, you wouldn’t have to bother about bugs invading your trailer. This is due to its screen door facility.

Furthermore, this trailer is provided with a Water-Pure filtration system, WIFI Ranger WIFI Booster, essentially for amplifying your WIFI (ensuring you enjoy a more secure connection just anywhere you go), and a manual awning. 

Key Features:

  • Dry Weight 2022 lbs
  • Payload Capacity 895 lbs
  • Wheels Composition Aluminum
  • Rear Tire Nitro Filled Radial
  • Number Of Axles 1
  • Rear Brake Type Electric Drum
  • Length 14.08 ft
  • Width 76 in
  • Height 112 in
  • Interior Height 78 in
  • Number Of Propane Tanks 2
  • Total Propane Tank Capacity 9.4 gal.
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 26.0 gal.

2017 Starcraft Comet Mini 16KS Walk-around

The 2017 Starcraft Comet Mini 16KS Walk-around by Motor Sportsland has a dry weight of 2,835 lbs, with a 955 lbs payload.

Certainly, this shouldn’t be much of a problem towing. This trailer is fitted with 3,500 lbs axels that are flipped for improved clearance.

This 4-sleep trailer has impressive storage with quality space coming under the U-shaped dinette for you to fit your gear. Using the outside cushion, you can readily drop this dinette into a nice bed. Aside from this, this trailer has a dedicated queen-size bed furnished with shades for privacy.

The kitchen also appears more spacious, courtesy of the slides. The countertop space is designed to slide out, giving you way more room for your cooking affairs. There is also a 3-way refrigerator that runs on electric, battery, and propane.

The curved design at the front of this trailer ramps up its aerodynamics, ensuring you can breeze along the road without exhausting much fuel. This trailer is always ready for a party with its TV DVD player and am/fm CD willing to nourish you with some musical vibes.

Also impressive is the gravity-filled water filler that comes with this trailer. This saves you the headache of taking your trailer somewhere to fill it up. Additionally, this trailer provides for enhanced stabilization, courtesy of the 4 corners supplied with stabilizer jacks. 

Key Features:

  • Dry Weight 2,835 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 955 lbs.
  • Length 20.17 ft.
  • Width 6.42 ft.
  • Interior Height 6.5 ft. (78 in.)
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 31.6 gal.
  • Body Material Aluminum
  • Sidewall Construction Fiberglass

How to Choose Lightweight Travel Trailers

It is important to choose a lightweight trailer that can suitably accommodate the full traveling party’s camping needs. This doesn’t mean you should always go for the bigger sizes. Here you should be keener on the number of sleeping procurements the trailer has.  

Also, you should look at the payload and dry weight of the trailer you are getting. When fully loaded with water and your general camping gear, how readily can your truck (or SUV) tow the trailer? Always make sure you are not exceeding the weight requirements for your vehicle.

The amount of storage space is another game-changer. Ideally, you want a trailer that can get all your necessary gear on board. Examining the latest technology in the market, most trailers are appreciably decked with several lockers and even makeshift storage space under the bed.

The type of kitchen and dining experience also matter. Most lightweight trailers (with a few exceptions in our recommended trailers) come with U-shape dinette designs and wet baths.

The electrical connectivity is another critical determinant. In other cases, you could be looking for its wealth of secondary accessories like axle weight, diamond plate, refrigerator capacity, number of awnings, Water Heater Pump Power Mode, Furnace BTUs, and LED lights provisions.

What is the Anticipated Frequency of Usage?

It is crucial to buy a travel trailer with the regularity (at which you would use it) in mind. Will you be sparsely using the container say 2-3 times in a year, or would you be more regularly be out with it?

In the situation where you will be spending loads of weekends in the travel trailer – even with your loved ones – it makes sense for your trailer to be amply furnished with more spaciousness and amenities.

For these, obviously, you need a bigger model. The idea is to make your trailer as close to a traditional home as possible. This is since you would be spending the bulk of the year inside this trailer.

Conversely, if you are anticipating sparing usage of your trailer, you may not need all those loads of amenities. Also, within the span you will not be using the trailer, where will you store it? How much, possibly, will you be paying for such storage needs?

Ease of Towing

It is critical to consider the ease of towing when buying your camper trailer. It doesn’t make much sense to buy a trailer whose haulage needs can’t be met by your truck or SUV, necessitating you getting a bigger truck.

The primary consideration is the amount of weight that you can comfortably tow. If you are doing more serious camping, you need enhanced towing capacity. Because you can’t bank on the road’s constant smoothness, it is wiser to procure more than enough horsepower to be on the safer side.

What Number of Bathroom Facilities is Needed?

You shouldn’t necessarily economize your convenience when camping, especially when going out with a bigger party. Bathroom needs are worth considering carefully.

Solo couples can do well with trailers outfitted with single bathrooms. But this may not suffice when your full family (with kids) is coming along. With an increased need for privacy when traveling in parties in constricted spaces, it is ideal to have dedicated bathrooms – say for adults and kids.

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