13 Best 4 Season Campers With Pictures (Floor Plans)

13 Best 4 Season Campers With Pictures

Road trips and camping expeditions are popular in the summer. However, this doesn’t mean that you should hang up your gear for the rest of the year. With four season travel trailers, you can keep the fun times rolling both in the heat of summer and throughout the cold winters.

As you look for a four season, there are a few features that you have to look out for to make sure that your camper provides everything you need. This list includes things like the proper insulation on the wall and ceiling, heating ducts, hatch covers, pex pipes, dual pane windows, and a good furnace. Although it is not a must for the trailer to have all these features, the more it has the better your experience will be, especially during winter.

Additionally, there are a number of extra features that you might appreciate. These features are what will make it feel more like home. At the same time, they’ll make your trips more comfortable. Before you buy, look at the sleeping capacity, the floor plans, the water tank capacities, and how much storage space the camper has.

2020 NASH 26N

This unit was built to withstand all four seasons with the R18 fat and fiberglass together with R15 reflective foil on the roof. The holding tanks are heated and enclosed with insulated valve compartments. The luggage compartment doors are also insulated.

The living area has three large windows that have fabric nightshades. There is also a jack-knife sofa that converts into a sleeping area for one. The booth-style dinette also converts into another sleeping space.

The bedroom has a walk-around queen-sized bed with USB charging ports, a wardrobe, and a nightstand on either side. This brings the maximum sleeping count to 4 people.

The kitchen features a double-door pantry and a 7-cubic-foot fridge/freezer combo, which has hardwood panel inserts. You also get a 3-burner cooktop and oven, with a hood and a two-speed fan above it. This area also has an easy-to-clean custom backsplash and a knife rack. For your cleaning, you have a deep two-bowl sink and a high-rise nickel faucet.

This camper has a split bathroom area. On one side there’s the foot-flush porcelain toilet and an overhead fan and on the other side is the sink, a medicine cabin, et and two 110V outlets, and the shower area. The shower is enclosed by glass walls and in there you have a garden tub, a hand-held shower sprayer, and a skylight above.

Key features

  • Dimensions: 29.17 ft x 8 ft x 11.5 ft
  • 6,306 pounds of dry weight.
  • 50-gallon freshwater, 42-gallon gray, and 36-gallon black water tank capacities.
  • 1 power-retractable awning.
  • 13,500 BTU air conditioner and 25,000 BTU automatic heater.

2019 Outdoors RV Creek Side 18RBS

You can camp all year round with this unit by opting for the four seasons package. This gives you thermal pane windows, insulated holding tanks, and an enclosed insulated and heated underbelly.

This camper can host up to 4 people. The living space is on a slide-out and it has a mountain dinette that easily converts to a bed and can seat 6 people.

The floor plan places the bedroom area at the front and it is separated from the rest of the trailer by a large curtain. There, you have a queen-size bed with overhead cabinets and some drawers below the bed. You can watch your favorite shown in bed on the flat-screen TV that’s on a swivel mount.

The kitchen is on the door side, and it has a 7-cubic-foot Norcold fridge/freezer combo. You also have a 3-burner cooktop and oven next to the dual sink, where you can enjoy the scenery from the window as you do your dishes. Meal prep and cleaning will also be easier, thanks to the granite countertop.

At the rear, you have a bathroom and some closet space. All closets, shelves, and drawers in this unit are made from hardwood, which guarantees durability.

For a unit of this size, it has a large bathroom. There you have a foot-flush toilet and a porcelain sink with a medicine cabinet and some storage below. The shower area has a garden tub and a neo-angled shower, which is enclosed by a curtain.

Key features

  • Dimensions: 23 ft 2 in x 6 ft 11 in x 11 ft 3 in.
  • 5,375 pounds of dry weight.
  • 78-gallon freshwater and 40-gallon gray and black water tank capacities.
  • 25,000 BTU furnace.
  • 13-foot long power retractable awning.
  • Fiberglass front cap.

2018 Lance 2285

If you are traveling through the cold season with a small group, the 2018 Lance 2285 model might be what you need. The sidewalls are constructed from Azdel, which offers a better R-factor.

The holding tanks are kept inside one large insulated tank, which is heated as long as your propane tanks are running. Also, all the windows have dual panes to keep the hot air in and the cold out.

With this unit, you can comfortably sleep five people. The U-shaped dinette can sit around 6 people and it converts into a bed for two adults. The living area also has a recliner couch that can sleep one.

The bedroom doorway is closed by a curtain. In there, there is a queen-sized bed with closets on each side.

The kitchen is the first part of the trailer that you meet when you walk in. It has a 2-door gas/electric fridge/freezer combo. The farm-style sink sits on a large countertop and the covers can also double down as cutting boards. A handy feature that I liked was the built-in dustbin.

Outside the bathroom, there’s a sink with a medicine cabinet and if you need more counter space, the sink has an extension to it. In the bathroom, there’s a large shower and a porcelain foot flush toilet. There’s also a closet in there that you can use as a coat hanger, a linen closet, or for your toiletries.

Key features

  • Dimensions: 27 ft x 8.06 ft x 10.17 ft
  • 4,740 pounds of dry weight.
  • 45-gallon fresh water, 90-gallon gray, and 45-gallon black water tank capacities.
  • One 19-foot power-retractable awning.
  • 13,500 BTU air conditioner and 25,000 BTU automatic heater.
  • One power-retractable slide-out.
  • Outdoor entertainment system.
  • Two entry doors.

2020 Puma 32RBFQ2

This unit falls on the heavier side and you might need a three-quarter-ton truck to tow it around. To protect you from the extreme winter weather, this unit has an insulated underbelly and a high-powered air conditioner and heater.

One of the outstanding features of this camper is the floor plan, which features two bedroom areas. The main bedroom has a walk-around queen-size bed with overhead cabinets that have mesh doors. There is also some storage space under the bed that you can also access from the outside of the trailer. You can hang up your coats in the closet, which has mirrored doors. One of the closets has a washer/dryer prep all set up. The secondary bedroom is a lot almost identical to the master, minus the washer/dryer prep.

The living room has a pull-out vinyl sofa that can sleep two. Next to it is a booth-style dinette that also makes into a bed for two. From both of these areas, you can watch the TV and enjoy the view of the fireplace. This means you can sleep up to 7 people in the camper.

The kitchen area has a solid surface countertop with the sink with two dryer covers and LED accent lights that give it a beautiful aesthetic. You can keep your drinks cold and your milk fresh in the 11-cubic-foot electric fridge. For your cereals ad dry foods, there is a shelved pantry next to the dinette.

The bathroom on this unit has a rounded shower with a glass enclosure. The sink has plenty of counter space around it and like most of the other units, itha a porcelain foot flush toilet.

Key features

  • Dimensions: 36.75 ft x 8 ft x 11.08 ft
  • 8,998 pounds of dry weight.
  • 51-gallon freshwater and 35-gallon gray and black water tank capacities
  • One 21-foot power-retractable awning.
  • 13,500 BTU air conditioner and 35,000 BTU automatic heater.
  • Three power-retractable slide-out.
  • 2 entry doors.

2020 Forest River Rockwood 8335BSS

Forest River has been in the travel trailer market for a while, and this is one of their latest models. It is a long couples’ camper with a sleeping capacity of 8 people when full.

The living area has a theater-style couch with heating, a massager, and trays on each side. There is also an electric fireplace that also functions as a heater for when the temperatures get too low. The stand-alone dinette can seat 4 people but if you have extra guests, you can pull the table out for more room. There is also a tri-fold sofa that turns int a bed.

In the bedroom, you have a queen-size bed with sockets on each side and a large closet and a washer/dryer prep station. The AC vents are double ducted and the bedroom is set for an extra AC unit.

The kitchen is at the front, and one of the best parts about it is the extensive solid surface counter space, so you don’t have to squeeze during meal prep. This camper also provides plenty of cabinets, shelving, and drawers for all your kitchen supplies. For your cooking, you have a 3-burner cooktop and a 1.75 feet deep oven and next to them, there is a 12V power outlet.

Additionally, there is a sturdy built-in spice rack and a knife rack behind the cooker. You can keep perishables and drinks in the large gas/electric residential fridge with wood panel fronts.

The bathroom has a linen closet for your spare supplies and fresh towels. Next to it is the toilet and the sink, which has a built-in cup holder and toothbrush holder for convenience. The shower is separated by a glass wall, and it uses the Shower Miser. This shower system ensures you don’t waste your freshwater waiting for it to heat up.

Key features

  • Dimensions: 35 ft 11 in x 8 ft x 11 ft 4 in.
  • 8,140 pounds of dry weight.
  • 60-gallon freshwater, 90-gallon gray, and 45-gallon black water tank capacities.
  • 35,000 BTU furnace and 28,500 BTU air conditioner.
  • 21-foot long power retractable awning.
  • Dual entry

2017 Riverstone 38MB

This trailer is a luxury suite on wheels. In it, you can easily host up to five people. In the master bedroom, you have a king-sized bed and the same can be said about the wardrobe. It has cubby holes that can function as shoe compartments for around 10 pairs and some hanging space for your clothes.

The living area is pretty spacious and it houses the entertainment system. You can relax and catch up on your shows on the theater-style seats or the plush leather couch.

The plans place the kitchen in the middle section of the trailer. A touch that I’m sure you will also appreciate is that this unit has a dishwasher, which is positioned under the kitchen island. There is also plenty of counter space at the sink, which has a cover, and the 3-burner cooktop has a cover which will give more space. The fridge is a full-size gas/electric powered one so you can keep lots of food for a long time.

The bathroom is as impressive as every other section of this camper. The sink area features a double vanity with a wide mirror that has white accent lighting all around it. The full-size shower has a skylight above it and a place for you to sit and have a relaxing shower.

Key features

  • Dimensions: 41.5 ft x 8.42 ft x 13.33 ft
  • 16,261 pounds of dry weight.
  • 83-gallon freshwater, 82-gallon gray, and 40-gallon black water tank capacities.
  • One 20-foot power-retractable awning.
  • 30,000 BTU air conditioner and 25,000 BTU automatic heater.
  • Skirting features.

2020 Keystone Montana 3721 RL

This fifth wheel is made by Montana, which is one of the leading 5th wheel manufacturers. It is rated as a four season camper and some of the features that make this possible are the ducted vents and heated underbelly of the vehicle. There is also a freeze-guard winterizing system in the wet bay to keep your water from freezing.

This trailer is best for a small group as it can only sleep four. The living space has two recliner seats with cup holders and a charging area at the center. There is also a three-seater couch that sleeps two.

In the bedroom, you have a king-size bed and plenty of closet space. Another handy feature is the laundry hatch where you can keep a hamper.

The kitchen borders the living space and there’s a large island with a double sink. The solid countertop is more durable and easier to clean. Under the island, you have plenty of cabinet space and drawers that provide plenty of storage, a feature that Keystone is known and loved for.

You also have a large pantry for dry foods so you would be sorted for a long trip or full-time living. You can cook up a feast fast on the three-burner cooktop and the deep oven plus the convection microwave. This unit has a Samsung residential-size fridge for storage. Another nice touch was the wine storage space above the microwave.

There are two entry doors into the bathroom, one from the master. The shower is separated by a one-piece fiberglass wall. The sink has a medicine cabinet and solid surface countertop and the toilet is a porcelain foot flush.

Key features

  • Dimensions: 39.58 ft x 8 ft x 13.33 ft
  • 13,261 pounds of dry weight.
  • 66-gallon fresh water, 88-gallon gray, and 49-gallon black water tank capacities.
  • One 29-foot power-retractable awning and another shorter one.
  • One gear-driven, one cable-driven, and one power-retractable slide outs.
  • 30,000 BTU air conditioner and 25,000 BTU automatic heater.
  • Ducted vents.

2020 Freedom Elite 22FE

Unlike the other units reviewed, this one is a class C motorcoach. This unit is perfect if you don’t have a vehicle that can tow it across your trip and if you have a small family, as it can only sleep six. You can serve meals and play cards in the booth dinette that sits four and can be made into a bed for one.

Above the driver and passenger seat, you have a 500-pound capacity bunk bed that can sleep two. The bedroom has a queen-size bed and lots of storage space.

In your kitchen, you have a large farm-style sink with chopping board covers and a high-rise faucet. You also have shaker-style cabinets above the counter and the shelves are adjustable, which leaves you with more freedom. You can also awaken your inner chef with the three-burner cooktop, oven, and convection microwave.

The bathroom has a residential-style to it. The single-basin sink has an attractive solid countertop and a medicine cabinet above it. You also features a ceramic toilet with a foot flush, which is easier to clean.

The bathroom is separated by a curtain and in there you have a single surround shower and a skylight above for natural light and some headroom for the tall people.

Key features

  • Dimensions: 24 ft x 8.25 ft x 11 ft. Interior height of 7 ft and a 14.17 ft wheelbase.
  • 12,500 Gross vehicle weight.
  • 55-gallon fuel and 198.6-gallon storage capacities.
  • 40-gallon fresh water, 25-gallon gray, and 29-gallon black water tank capacities.
  • 41pounds (9.6 gallons) propane tank capacity.
  • One power-retractable slide-out.
  • 15-foot power-retractable awning.
  • Ford E350 chassis.
  • Horsepower: 350 hp @4,250 RPM
  • Torque: 420 ft-lbs @3,250 RPM

2019 Thor Freedom Elite 24HE

This unit is also a class C camper, so you don’t need a towing vehicle. It has a maximum sleeping capacity of five people. In the bedroom, you have a queen-sized bed that folds when taking the slide-out comes in.

The booth dinette has seat belts and can also transform into a bed. Above the driver’s area, there is a double bunk bed that can accommodate two.

The kitchenette has a large stainless-steel sink so you won’t have any problem washing the big pots. There is a small counter extension that folds down near the door to give you more room for meal prep.

The cooktop has three burners and a cooking oven. Above it’s you have a light for visibility and the microwave for quick heating. This unit also has cabinets and cupboards with removable shelves so that you can store whatever you need. This site has a full window so you can enjoy natural light as you work.

The bathroom on this unit is almost similar to the one in the unit we looked at before this one. It is at the back of the camper and it has easy-to-clean vinyl floors. The porcelain toilet is a foot-flush, and it is higher than in most units, which makes it more comfortable. The stainless-steel sink sits on a solid counter with lots of storage both above and below. A plastic curtain separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom.

Key features

  • Dimensions: 24.92 ft x 8.25 ft x 11.17 ft and interior height of 7ft.
  • 12,500 Gross vehicle weight.
  • 55-gallon fuel and 257.1-gallon storage capacities.
  • 40-gallon fresh water, 37-gallon gray, and 34.5-gallon black water tank capacities.
  • 41 pounds (9.6 gallons) propane tank capacity.
  • One power-retractable slide-out.
  • 16-foot power-retractable awning.
  • Ducted AC vents.
  • Gas/electric fridge and freezer with an automatic switch-over.
  • Ford E350 chassis.
  • Horsepower: 350 hp @4,250 RPM
  • Torque: 420 ft-lbs @3,250 RPM

2020 Tiffin Wayfarer 25RW

Given its size, this model is packed with plenty of features that make your life on the road feel a lot more like home. The cockpit area has cruise control, lane-changing technology, and the ‘Hey Mercedes’ feature which makes the trip easier.

This unit can sleep a maximum of four people. Above the driver’s seat, there is a folded bunk bed that can sleep two kids or an adult.

In the living area next to the kitchenette, there is a pair of theater seats with overhead cabinets, cup holders, and charging ports. There is also a vinyl sofa that gives seating space for 3 people but it can be set up into a double Murphy bed.

The kitchen area starts from the entrance of the trailer. It has a 3-burner cooktop with a glass cover and a convection microwave below. It can warm your food and also serve as an oven if need be.

Behind the cooker, there is a garbage disposal chute, a feature that saves space and gives you convenience. For your dishes and dry foods, you have plenty of cabinets with hardwood doors. You can keep the kids’ ice cream and your drinks cool in the medium-sized fridge/freezer combo that runs on both gas and electricity.

The bathroom in this camper is rather small. In there, you have a foot flush porcelain toilet and the shower/tub combo on one side. My favorite part of this area was the sink area. It has a basin type sink on the solid surface countertop, which gives it an elegant touch. You also have some overhead cabinets for extra toiletries and towels.

Key features

  • Dimensions: 25.58 ft x 7.5 ft x 11.33 ft and interior height of 6.67 ft.
  • 11,030 Gross vehicle weight.
  • 24.5-gallon fuel and 237.9-gallon storage capacities.
  • 38-gallon fresh water, 36-gallon gray, and 28-gallon black water tank capacities.
  • 68 pounds (16 gallons) propane tank capacity.
  • One power-retractable seamless slide-out.
  • 16-foot power-retractable awning.
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3,500 chassis.
  • Horsepower: 188 hp @3,800 RPM
  • Torque: 325 ft-lbs @1,400 RPM

2021 Thor Chateau 27R

If you have a large party and you need to take a trip, this C-class camper might be what you need. It has enough room for up to seven people to sleep comfortably. The living area has a three-seater couch that pulls out to a bed that can sleep two. At the top, there is a loft-like area that can sleep one adult and it has a child safety net. The TV is mounted up there and there are plenty of windows in the space.

Across from the sofa, you have a dream dinette with seat belts on either side of the table. It can also convert into a bed. In the master bedroom, you have a king-size bed and a mounted TV for your entertainment.

The kitchen is neo-angled, which gives you more countertop space. An extension board also ensures you have all the space you need. Over at the cooker and oven, the unit has a beautiful tile backsplash that will clean faster. You can also wash many dishes and large utensils, thanks to the deep single-basin sink.

For all your storage there is plenty of cabinets and drawers but the one that caught my eye was the double-door wine cabinet and spice rack.

The bathroom has a stainless-steel sink with brush nickel features on it. The medicine cabinet and mirror are at the corner of the room. In the shower, you have a vent and fan, and a single surround shower. At the corner they are some notches for your toiletries.

Key features

  • Dimensions: 29 ft x 8.25 ft x 11 ft and interior height of 7 ft and a 17.42 ft wheelbase
  • 14,500 Gross vehicle weight.
  • 55-gallon fuel and 356.8-gallon storage capacities.
  • 40-gallon fresh water, 37-gallon gray, and 34.5-gallon black water tank capacities.
  • 41 pounds (9.6 gallons) propane tank capacity.
  • One power-retractable seamless slide-out.
  • 20-foot power-retractable awning.
  • Mid-size Gas/electric fridge and freezer with an automatic switch-over.
  • Ford E450 chassis.
  • Horsepower: 305 hp @4,250 RPM
  • Torque: 420 ft-lbs @3,250 RPM
  • 3 TV setup centers.

2020 Thor Tellaro 20LT

This is a class B motor home with a unique floor plan and extensive features. This is perfect for a couple looking to get away as it has sleeping space enough for only two; the twin beds. They have sturdy support and the neck can be adjusted or reclined and with some tweaking, the beds can be joined into one.

There is a screen door at the entryway to keep the bugs out. The driver and passenger seats swivel so you can enjoy a meal when you’re not driving. There is a small table that you can pull in and out.

In the kitchenette, they invested in a pull-out cutting board right next to the cooktop. It is a two-burner, which has side ventilation windows and a pull-up charging station for your devices. Considering the size of the camper, it has a small fridge with an icebox and a half-time convection microwave.

There are two ways to access the bathroom: through the pocket doors inside the trailer of from the back door. The wardrobe is also here, with a hanging closet and a couple of drawers. Due to the limited space on this one, it has a wet bath concept. There is, however, a curtain that keeps the closet safe. The sink folds into the wall and the drain is also in the wall.

Key features

  • Dimensions: 20.92 ft x 6.75 ft x 9.42 ft and interior height of 6.25 ft and a 13.25ft wheelbase
  • 9,350 Gross vehicle weight.
  • 24-gallon fuel capacity.
  • 27-gallon freshwater, 13-gallon gray, and 13.5-gallon black water tank capacities.
  • 20 pounds (4.7 gallons) propane tank capacity.
  • One 12-foot power-retractable awning.
  • Mid-size Gas/electric fridge and freezer with an automatic switch-over.
  • ProMaster 43500 chassis.
  • Horsepower: 280 hp @3,800 RPM
  • Torque: 360 ft-lbs @1,400 RPM

2019 Northern Lite 10’2 EX CD

This camper is labeled as a true four season and here are a few reasons why. The floors, ceilings, and walls are insulated with block foam. Under the bed area, there is double covering because more pressure is exerted there. The water tank also has a winterized system. To tow it, you will need at least a one-ton truck, due to the weight.

With it, you can sleep up to four people. Despite lacking a slide-out you still have room to move around in the unit. The bedroom has a queen-sized bed with a window, drawers, and cabinets on each side. There is also a skylight and shade on the ceiling. The U-shaped dinette can be a makeshift bed if need be. A feature I loved was the pantry, which has metal shelves, making it more beautiful and durable.

In the kitchen, you can make your meals on the three-burner cooktop and the oven beneath it. There is also enough counter space for you to work with, especially since the sink cover can work as a cutting board. When using the cover to cut, please use the bottom side to maintain the aesthetic. The top of the cooker has a hood vent to keep the camper cool as you cook.

The bathroom has a slider door that opens to reveal a wet bath system. The toilet is made of porcelain and there is a medicine cabinet next to the sink. There is also a fan on the ceiling, next to the skylight.

Key features

  • Dimensions: 18.17ft x 8.17ft x 8.83ft
  • 3,265 pounds of dry weight.
  • 36-gallon freshwater, 40-gallon gray, and 18-gallon black water tank capacities.
  • One 7-foot power-retractable awning and a10-foot side awning.
  • 10,000 BTU air conditioner.
  • Screen door with shades.
  • Large 2-door gas/electric-powered fridge and freezer combo.

How Cold is Too Cold for an RV?

If you are out camping in temperatures under 35°F, then the pipes in the RV are in danger of freezing. Before you set off in such conditions, ensure your RV can survive the trip with no damages.

How Do I Stop My RV Pipes from Freezing?

When the temperatures get too low, the pipes may freeze and burst. Here are a few things you can do to prevent this:

  • Wrap your hoses with heat strips.
  • Open the kitchen and bathroom cabinets so that the heat from the trailer can also heat the pipes.
  • Use antifreeze in the gray and black tanks.

Do You Put RV Antifreeze in the Freshwater Tank?

RV antifreeze is a pink solution that is pumped into the water tanks to prevent the contents from freezing. It does this by bringing the boiling point of the water lower so that nothing freezes.

This antifreeze is a non-toxic chemical, which means it can be drunk. If you decide to put it in your freshwater tank, you should know that there have been complaints that it changes the taste of the water.

You should also keep in mind that if you plan on using it, you should ensure that all of it is flushed out of the piping system so that the water from the tanks doesn’t taste funny.

Things to Consider for Cold Weather

Here are some things you need to consider before you take your camper out in the winter:

  • Pex piping. This is the use of plastic water lines. These are more affordable than metal pipes and they are less likely to burst under low temperatures.
  • RV skirting. This means placing some material around the camper. This serves as a stopper between the wind and the trailer, especially the underbelly which loses more heat.
  • You can also think about getting foam boards for the window to block the wind and you can put them up overnight and take them down during the day.
  • Consider investing in a space heater. The AC on the camper might not work as effectively as you need it to, and you might need some extra help. When shopping for one, check for its BTU so that you are getting a unit that gets the job finished.

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