12 Best Small Toy Haulers With Pictures (Floor Plans)

12 Best Small Toy Haulers With Pictures

Looking for a camper that provides sleeping in comfort whilst maintaining the luxury of being able to bring those semi-large items with you? Investing in a small toy hauler might be the best solution for you!

Before buying a small toy hauler, you’ll want to understand a few things first – so you can choose the best first time around. Consider why you’ll be using a hauler, how many people would occupy it, and what exactly you’ll need to tow. To choose the best small toy hauler for you – it should have almost everything you’ll require from it.

We know that everyone uses small toy haulers for different things. Some people require traveling with more people, whilst others need a larger area for towing. That’s why we’ve listed 12 different options for you to consider – so you can understand everything that’s out there on the market before signing along the dotted line.

1. 2019 Grand Design RV Momentum G-Class 21G

Despite the 2019 Grand Design RV Momentum G-Class 21G’s long name – it has so much to offer! From the design, practicality, layout, and overall features, you don’t want to miss giving this toy hauler a chance.

Key Features:

  • 19” awning
  • Outdoor and indoor storage
  • Outside shower
  • Numerous sleeping areas
  • Granite-like appearance materials throughout
  • Decent kitchen area
  • Dual-access private bathroom
  • Private bed
  • UVW: 6400 lbs
  • Cargo Area Length: 4318 mm

What it Can Offer You

With either garage access or front door, walk inside and you’re greeted to a generous kitchen area directly in front of you- with entertainment space and bedroom/bathroom on either side.

This small toy hauler comes with two fold-out sofas, which can easily be transformed into an (equivalent) double bed. Making it another area for up to 2 adults to sleep comfortably. In addition, there’s an extra queen bed stored above – which allows another 2 adults to sleep if required.

The hauler comes with a decent kitchen and plenty of storage/cabinet space above and below. It also has a device area, if you wanted to mount a TV or listen to music.

Lastly, this hauler comes with a private bedroom that has extra storage and counter space inside. As well as dual access to the private bathroom.

Overall Features

Outdoor features such as the LED strip-lights, outside hot and cold shower, and the 19” power awning makes traveling on the road that little bit easier. Not to mention the surrounding sensor lights and indoor/outdoor speakers too!

Internally; the layout of this particular toy hauler allows extreme versatility for sleeping. From the fold-out sofas that transform into beds, a queen-size bed stored above, and the side-slide 60” wide bed located to the rear – you can easily accommodate 4 – 6 adults.

2. 2019 Forest River XLR Boost 20CB

The 2019 Forest River XLR Boost 20CB is a small toy hauler perfect for couples or small groups of friends. It provides a well-designed floor plan – with the option to turn the garage door into a party-deck!

Key Features:

  • Two-mode garage/deck
  • Outside shower
  • Portable grill gas option
  • Outdoor power awning
  • Generous kitchen
  • Additional sleepers
  • Bathroom
  • UVW: 4955 lbs
  • Cargo Area Length: 2209.8 mm

What it Can Offer You

Walk inside of your 20CB and you instantly notice the generously sized kitchen. This kitchen is equipped with essentials such as a three-burner stove, refrigerator, plenty of storage, and a TV wall mount also.

Turn left and you notice the happy jack seating system – which includes two pull-out sofas on either side as well as a dinette. If you’re looking for additional sleepers, the sofa can easily flip into an additional bed. And don’t forget – this hauler comes with an additional bunk above.

If you turn right, you’ll see your bed with a slide-out curtain for added privacy at night. And if you’re short on storage, simply use the space provided above. Your private bathroom with your separate sink area is also located in the main living area- only making it a hop, skip, and a jump from room to room.

Overall Features

Outside of this toy hauler, you have LED strips underneath the power awning, as well as different areas throughout to make night-drives easier. It also comes with an outdoor shower (hot and cold water,) as well as TV hookups and outdoor speakers – so you can bring the party wherever you go.

Inside of this nifty camper comes with numerous sleeping areas- meaning you don’t need to say goodbye to the grandkids next time around. It also has a decent-sized kitchen, private bathroom, and easy access to both inside and outside of your hauler – shall you choose to tow additional belongings on your travel.

3. 2020 Northwood Desert Fox 21SW

Coming from a trusted company, the 2020 Northwood Desert Fox 21SW model provides adventure seekers the opportunity to travel with almost everything they could possibly need.

Key Features:

  • Outside shower
  • Onboard fuel station
  • Side-mounted ladder and roof racks
  • Power awning
  • Mounted TV and Bluetooth ports
  • Electric beds (2)
  • Fold-out sofa
  • Generous kitchen
  • Decent storage
  • Bathroom
  • UVW: 6688 lbs
  • Overall length with a hitch: 25’0”

What it Can Offer You

This toy hauler offers you a generous kitchen with true Northwood materials throughout. You’ll have a refrigerator, double sinks with chopping board lids, and a 3-burner stovetop. All appliances are stainless steel, and they’ve managed to incorporate a built-in microwave too!

Inside of your bathroom will be a shower, porcelain toilet, and a small hand basin. There’s also an exhaust vent and skylight located above too.

What’s awesome about this hauler are the numerous sleeping areas- including your private bed located to the rear, with the option to add an electric second and bunk above that. For extra sleeping options – you can use the fold-out sofas to transform into an additional sleeper.

For entertainment – watch your 32” LED TV from your sofa, or plug your devices into the USB cables located throughout the hauler to play your favorite music or listen to the radio. Otherwise, grab the crayons and draw some pictures with the kids on your transportable dinette table that can click in and out of your floor.

Overall Features

You’ll be happy to know that this toy hauler comes with outdoor speakers, TV mounts, and an outside shower – meaning you don’t need to leave the party inside. The side-mounted ladder and roof racks also provide you with the perfect opportunity to bring the items you love on your travels while maintaining fairly easy access.

Inside you’ll be equipped with numerous sleepers – or a semi-private bed (depending on the guests you might choose to bring.) The 21SW models feature a comfortable entertainment area with transportable items – just in case you decide you need more or less space amongst your travels. It also has a private bathroom and a generous kitchen. Oh, and don’t forget about the surrounding storage space throughout!

4. 2017 Forest River XLR Hyperlite 18HFS

The 2017 Forest River XLR Hyperlite 18HFS is an efficient small toy hauler that can provide you exactly what you need when traveling.

Key Features:

  • Electric awning
  • Indoor speakers and TV mount
  • LED lighting
  • Decent kitchen
  • Private bathroom
  • Bed with privacy shade
  • Additional sofa/sleeper area
  • UVW: 5123 lbs
  • Cargo Area Length: 12.5 ft

What it Can Offer You

The 18HFS model offers you a well-designed floor plan that can easily transform its space when required. If you’re looking to tow, you’re blessed with 9 tie-downs positioned on the floor/living area.

You’ll have double sofas on either side- which of course can transform into a double bed (perfect for the kids or additional guests.)

You’re offered with a generous kitchen that includes a large sink with a chopping board lid, plenty of cabinet area, and a heavy-duty refrigerator.

Inside of the bathroom comes your shower, basin, and toilet. And besides, that is another queen bed with a privacy curtain that shall be required.

Overall Features

It comes with LED lights throughout, a large power awning, speakers, or wall mount TV options that suit almost everybody. Other great benefits include the aluminum wheels, rear patio, and the front/rear manual leveling jacks.

Internally; the camper comes with a cabinetry area that can store your TV or similar electronic devices. Your kitchen, bed, and entertainment areas are also comfortable and easily accessible (without compromising on space.)


If you’re looking for a camper that provides the basic essentials, but also maintains a high-quality feel and provides practicality – the 2018 Jayco 265 Octane SL Toy Hauler is one of the best!

Key Features:

  • Electric awning with LED lights
  • Indoor/outdoor speakers
  • Electric bunk and dinette
  • Private bed
  • Bathroom area
  • Foldable sofa (transform into an extra sleeper)
  • LED lights
  • Generous storage area
  • UVW: 5660 lbs
  • Cargo Area Length: 12.5 ft

What it Can Offer You

Walking into the Jayco 265, you’ll automatically notice the clear walking-area inside of your hauler – and appreciate the functionality that comes with it.

Your dining/seating area can turn into bunks – which is all controlled electrically. Meaning if you’re looking to use your tie-downs inside of your hauler – you’ll have no issues for space. Otherwise, keep them stationed – it’s completely up to you!

Lastly, there’s a private queen bed with a privacy shade to your rear and your private inclusive-bathroom to the opposite.

Overall Features

The camper comes with an electric power awning, indoor/outdoor speakers, surrounding LED lights, and a 7” ramp with spring assist. Other benefits include the white/tan classic Jayco color palette, aluminum wheels, and exterior-mounted spare wheel.

Inside has electric seating/sleeping areas – meaning if you require additional sleepers, simply transform the furniture as necessary. This hauler also comes with a kitchen, a private bathroom( with the vinyl floor), and a private queen bed that can overall fit a maximum of 8 adults in total.

6. 2021 Wolf Pup 18RJBBL

Another reputable company is Wolf Pup, providing the 2021 Wolf Pup 18RJBBL model for couples who enjoy luxury and versatility – whilst being able to tow any essentials required on a road-trip.

Key Features:

  • Outside awning
  • Queen bed
  • Small kitchen
  • Private bathroom
  • Foldable sofa/dinette
  • Windows throughout
  • Generous storage areas
  • 14” tires
  • Wall-mounted TV
  • UVW: 4999 lbs
  • Overall Area Length: 22’ 7”

What it Can Offer You

This camper offers you a spacious floor plan with good use of space. The fold-out sofas located on either side to the rear of your camper can be used for entertainment purposes or transformed into an extra sleeper.

Your kitchen has exactly what you might need as a couple – including a fridge, basin, and double stovetop with a glass covering.

Don’t forget – Wolf Pup made sure to include areas for you to mount your TV or listen to music too!

Oh – and did we mention your private bathroom (porcelain toilet, shower, and basin) as well as a large queen bed. What more could you be looking for?

Overall Features

It has outdoor solar preps, TV hookups, and wiring – giving you the option of entertainment externally. This hauler comes with 14” aluminum tires and an outside storage door. Other benefits include the 12” outdoor awning, roadside assistance, and the aerodynamic smooth radius front profile.

Inside comes with a kitchen, private bathroom, queen bed, and a booth-shaped dinette that can easily transform into an additional bed or flip-up for a clear flooring area. Upgrade options include a surround tub-shower bathroom, seamless countertop, and USB charging stations on all areas such as bunks or beds.

7. 2021 Sea Breeze 19FSB

The 2021 Sea Breeze 19FSB is a sophisticated toy hauler with handy features to suit almost everyone – including a modern color palette and overall practicality!

Key Features:

  • Electric rear bed
  • Double recliners
  • Private bathroom
  • Double bed with privacy curtain
  • Kitchen (including 3-stove top burner etc)
  • Decent storage space
  • Modern color palette
  • 15” wheels
  • UVW: 5650 lbs
  • Overall Area Length: 26’ 0”

What it Can Offer You

As you walk inside of this 2021 Sea Breeze toy hauler, you’re greeted to a comfortable double bed to your right with a privacy curtain for your convenience. You’ve also got space to store long cargo underneath your bed if necessary.

You’re offered a private bathroom (that doesn’t feel cramped either). This bathroom comes with a stand-up shower, porcelain toilet, and hand basin + mirror.

The kitchen inside of this hauler is magnificent, considering the space Sea Breeze was working with. With numerous cabinetry areas both above and below, your future kitchen comes with a refrigerator, 3-stove burner top, double sinks, and much more.

Lastly, the rear of the hauler is designed with an electric bed – and foldable sofas where you can use it for watching TV, sleeping, or folding upwards to stow your golf-cart (or something similar.)

Overall Features

The 19FSB model comes with stylish 15” blacked out wheels, a large power-awning, solar prep, stabilizer jacks, and an inside/outside stereo. Popular options to add-on include a back-up camera, enclosed tanks, and a grey fiberglass exterior.

Internally comes with a spacious kitchen that has almost everything you’ll need, an electric rear bed, sufficient entertainment areas, a wall-mounted TV unit, and a private bathroom! This nifty hauler has pet drawers, white marble wrapped countertops, and flush-floor tie downs too.

8. 2019 Pacific Coachworks Blaze’n 22FS

The 2019 Pacific Coachworks Blaze’n 22FS model is one of the best as it provides a well-designed floor plan while continuing to maintain luxury and practicality.

Key Features:

  • Power awning
  • Indoor/exterior speakers
  • Good storage
  • Private bathroom
  • Extra sleepers
  • Generously sized kitchen
  • Ceiling wall-mounted TV
  • Private bedroom
  • UVW: 5478 lbs
  • Overall Area Length: 27’ 2”

What it Can Offer You

As you walk inside of this hauler, you’ll notice two doors to your right. These doors are entryways to your private bathroom and bedroom.

Inside of your bedroom, you’ll have a queen-size bed, lots of storage (for luggage and additional baggage) including a large window so you can see outside.

Your bathroom includes everything necessary; such as a stand-up shower, wash-basin, toilet, and additional storage.

This small hauler manages to continue offering a decent kitchen – with plenty of cabinetry space both above and below.

And lastly, your living room offers both you and your guests a great area to chat away and continue to manage comfortable sleeping. With a foldable sofa, two leather recliners, and retractable tables – you can rearrange as per necessary.

Overall Features

Outside this hauler comes with adequate outside storage, a front power jack, power awning, and additional features like exterior speakers, aluminum wheels, and LED lights.

Internally; You have the luxury of a private bedroom, private bathroom, decent kitchen space, generous storage (including cabinetry or draws,) ceiling-mounted TV, and a comfortable dining area.

9. 2018 Travel Lite Falcon F-23TH

The 2018 Travel Lite Falcon F-23TH is like no other on the market! From its unique digital integration to the high-quality features it offers – this is definitely one of the best small toy haulers.

Key Features:

  • Indoor/outdoor speakers
  • LED lights surrounding
  • Pass-through storage
  • Outside shower
  • Large awning
  • Jackknife sofa
  • Kitchen with microwave
  • Private bathroom
  • UVW: 3120 lbs
  • Overall Area Length: 22’ 9”

What it Can Offer You

Inside of this small toy hauler comes with a spacious living area thanks to the jackknife sofa. If you’re looking to bring additional guests such as the kids, simply transform this sofa with ease into a bed as per your convenience.

This hauler offers you great overhead storage throughout, which leaves the floorplan minimal – so you can focus on packing other things such as bicycles or sporting equipment etc.

The kitchen inside of this small hauler might not suit everyone; From the two-burner cooktop that’s built into the island, stainless steel sink, overhead and underhead cabinetry space, and standard microwave – we believe it’s adequate.

Lastly – this open hauler offers you a double bed with a wall-mounted TV and under bed storage. It also has windows and ventilation on both sides.

In addition, your private bathroom comes with a plastic toilet and a stand-up shower.

Overall Features

Outside comes with a large awning, LED lights throughout, pass-through storage, hot and cold shower, and indoor/outdoor speakers for everyone to enjoy! It also can be purchased with all-black tires and aluminum alloy wheels.

Internally; you have lots of floor space – including a foldable sofa in the living room, lots of windows surrounding, plenty of overhead storage, an adequate kitchen, wall-mounted TV, double bed, and private bathroom.

10. 2018 Hyper Lite 19HFS

The 2018 Hyper Lite 19HFS is an affordable camper that has managed to utilize its space adequately. Without the use of a slide-out, Hyper Lite has created a hauler that manages to provide you adequate storage while maintaining comfortability and practicality.

Key Features:

  • LED lights throughout
  • Power awning
  • Indoor/outdoor speakers
  • Large kitchen with plenty of cabinet space
  • Double bed with storage
  • Private bathroom
  • Foldable couches
  • UVW: 5272 lbs
  • Overall Area Length: 25’ 0”

What it Can Offer You

As you walk inside of this hauler, you have your kitchen in front of you with your living room and sleeping/bathroom areas on either side.

The kitchen is appreciated inside of this small hauler. As it comes with double sinks, two stove-top burners, stainless steel microwave, a refrigerator, and plenty of cabinetry space both above and below. The hinges are also hidden which is another nice touch.

If you turn right, you’ll see your double bed with a small area dedicated to closet space. There’s also storage above (perfect to keep electronics or things which require overnight charging,) and has a decent window too.

Your private bathroom comes with a stand-up shower, sink and vanity, skylight, and of course a toilet.

Lastly, to the rear, you’ll have two couches that can easily transform into a queen bed. If you don’t require extra sleepers – simply fold it upwards to clear your floor space. You’ll also notice that it comes with a portable table too.

Overall Features

This hauler comes with a large power awning, indoor/outdoor speakers, outdoor solar, Tv hook-ups, and additional features like alloy wheels and frameless tinted windows.

Internally; your hauler comes with a generous kitchen, a private bathroom (toilet, shower, and vanity,) a double bed with storage, foldable couches (or transform into an extra bed), as well as cabinet areas to listen to music or mount a TV.

11. 2017 Winnebago Spyder 24FQ

The 2017 Winnebago Spyder 24FQ is a nifty little toy hauler that manages to provide everything you’ll need (if not more.) From its unique color palette, crisp interior design, and thoughtful floor plan – we believe this hauler is one of the best and you’ll love it!

Key Features:

  • Private queen bed
  • Separate private bathroom
  • Decent kitchen size
  • Great storage areas
  • Extra sleepers
  • Adequate entertainment area
  • LED lighting
  • Outside storage
  • Power awning
  • UVW: 6940 lbs
  • Overall Area Length: 14.33 ft. (172 in.)

What it Can Offer You

As you walk into the 24FQ, you’ll notice two doors both ahead and to your right. These doors lead to your private bathroom and bedroom.

Inside of your bedroom comes a 60 x 80 queen bed. In addition, you’ll have a lot of closet and personal storage space on either side as well as overhead. What’s awesome about this hauler, is it managed to maintain a wall-mounted TV too – so you don’t need to worry about missing those late-night shows you love!

Your private bathroom is all-inclusive – meaning it comes with a toilet, shower, basin, and medicine cabinet.

The kitchen offers you a comfortable area to cook with ease. It comes with a refrigerator, microwave, double sinks, and two-top burners. Oh – and don’t forget about the cabinetry space both above and below.

Lastly, your living/entertainment area works well as it comes with foldable sofas on either side. Keep these sofas as they are, fold them down to transform into a bed, or fold them up and use the floor space for additional requirements.

Overall Features

Outside comes with storage, LED surrounded lighting, frameless windows, power-awning, indoor/outdoor speakers, aluminum alloys, fill-station, and so much more!

Internally; you have the luxury to acquire both a private bedroom and bathroom. Your bedroom comes with a queen bed and side/overhead storage – so you don’t need to worry about where you’ll keep those extra blankets and pillows and the bathroom is all-inclusive.

In addition, the kitchen, extra sleepers, cabinet area for a TV mount, and inside speakers are added bonuses.

12. 2018 Forest River Wolf Pup 17RP

The 2018 Forest River Wolf Pup 17RP is a wonderful option when towing smaller items throughout your journey. Motorcycles, bikes, and similar items can make the perfect addition – in addition to this hauler’s floor-plan and overall practicality.

Key Features:

  • Power awning
  • Outside entertainment (TV hookups, satellite, speakers, etc)
  • Outdoor pass-through storage
  • LED lighting
  • Solar prep
  • Overhead storage
  • Private bathroom
  • Standard kitchen
  • Full-size mattress and bunk
  • UVW: 3879 lbs
  • Overall Area Length: 20.17 ft

What it Can Offer You

As you open the front door of this 17RP model, you’re walking directly into the entertainment area. One of the first things you’ll notice is the long seat – situated against the wall. If required, you can easily fold this sofa upwards to provide you extra floor space.

There are windows spread generously throughout this toy hauler – which allows light to come in or opportunity for you to look outwards while enjoying a meal at your campsite.

The primary storage area throughout this model will be located above. Wolf Pup uses overhead storage to utilize the floor-space and makes sure to give you a generous amount of cabinets to stow away your belongings.

Offering you a standard kitchen; this hauler offers a sink, double cook-top burners, and a microwave. In addition, it comes with pantry space both above and below.

Your private bathroom comes with a toilet and shower – or otherwise called a wet-bath configuration.

Lastly – Wolf Pup offers you a full-size mattress and a small bunk with a privacy curtain if necessary. It also has small windows to gaze outwards in the morning or keep watch on your campsite.

Overall Features

Outside comes with an entertainment unit- meaning you’ll have the luxury to mount a TV, listen to music, or use the USB cables! It has a large power awning, tinted windows, aluminum alloy wheels, and of course – pass-through storage.

Internally; You’ll have a full-size bed with a bunk above, decent storage throughout, a small private bathroom, versatile standard kitchen, lots of entertainment space, or the option to transform into a clear floor-plan.

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