12 Best Small Class A Rvs With Pictures (Floor Plans)

12 Best Small Class A Rvs With Pictures

Small class A Rvs do a great job at allowing you to travel the land with little hassle on your end, but there are certain aspects that you should consider before buying a small class RV.

For instance, you’ll want to make sure that you have the correct license to drive and haul your new RV before driving it. Also consider the RV itself; how it’s manufactured, the materials that it’s made from, as well as how long the warranties last to ensure a safe and fun trip.

On the external, the best way to determine if it is the right RV for you is by looking at the color scheme, and the durability of the material that it’s made out of. Also, awnings and external features such as showers, shades, and even grills will help you decide. Storage space is also a great determining factor.

2020 Winnebago Forza 34T

The 2020 Winnebago Forza 34T brings a modern style to the open road. It has a length of 35 feet and 6 inches and can sleep up to 5 people with comfort and ease.

Towards the anterior of the RV is an area of space that can be used as a bed area; there’s also the option to insert two studio loft beds with footrests attached to them.

You’ll also notice the easy sofa which is measured at 48 inches by 74 inches and seats 3 people easily; and with an upgrade, there’s the option to include a fireplace right across from it!

Continuing past the entry way is the kitchen area that is structured with the BenchMark dinette table that seats 4 for people, as well as the sink and counter area with the flip-up counter extensions adjacent from the seating. And yes, there is a 3-burner stove for you to create hot meals while on the road, as well as a residential refrigerator.

Keep walking back and you’ll find the bathroom with a fully functional shower with a seat, the porcelain toilet and a sink. Across from the bathroom is the location for the optional washer/dryer to keep your clothes clean while on the road.

And once you pass the sliding door, you’ll enter the master bedroom which is located in the back of the RV. it houses a 60 inch by 80 inch queen size bed with one nightstand on each side of it. The wardrobe is available to you for storage purposes, as well as an included HD TV for your personal enjoyment.

More specs:

  • Exterior Height: 12 feet
  • Freshwater tank capacity: 84 gallons
  • Black water tank capacity: 48 gallons
  • Gray water capacity: 54 gallons
  • LP capacity: 97 pounds

2020 Winnebago Adventurer 33C

Packed with user friendly features, the 2020 Winnebago Adventurer 33C makes our list for one of the best small class RVs.

Check out some of the highlights of this contemporary RV:

  • 460 pound feet of power
  • Factory installed two packages, 5,000 pounds with 500 pounds of vertical tongue weight and 7 blade bargemen wiring.
  • Cooling upgrade package, with dual high efficiency generator, and 50 AMP electrical service.
  • Exterior entertainment center with HDTV with remote and speakers that tie into an audio center with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Rear Bedroom HDTV

And what makes these features so great is that they are all included in the standard package! If you are looking for more technology, the Adventurer 33C can provide you with:

  • SiriusXM satellite radio
  • Powered driver seat
  • Auxiliary defroster fans
  • Passenger seat with upgraded footrest ottoman
  • Washer and Dryer
  • Automatic satellite TV antenna with receiver
  • Solar panel with battery charger
  • Side video camera monitoring system

For more standard specifications, the 2020 33C can sleep up to 5 people with ease, and includes 3 sliding doors. The length of the RV is 34 feet with a height of 12 feet 5 inches.

On the outside you’ll see the Nightshade paint color, and Midway interior color with Sonoma cabinetry. It has a hitch weight of 5,000 pounds, and a gross weight of 22,000 pounds.

In the rear is the room which houses a queen size bed, along with 1 available bunk for extra sleepers. The kitchen has a 3 stove burner and a refrigerator, while the living area houses theatre-style seating for 4 people, and a LR 50 inch HDTV.

Additionally is the bathroom that has a standard 25 inch by 30 inch standing shower, a toilet and sink with extra counter space for your hygienic belongings.

2020 Forest River FR3 33DS

Forest River makes our list with the 2020 FR3  33DS recreational vehicle. The anterior of the RV contains a passenger workstation for doing business while on the road and includes a table attached to a desk, as well as the passenger seat that can swivel for your convenience.

Additionally, there is the power fold-away bunk for more storage room. Adjacent to the wide entry way is the wrap-around booth dinette table that seats 4 people for eating.

The kitchen area is also in this zone, and contains a two-compartment sink, overhead containers, counter space with extended table, and a 3-burner conventional oven. Towards the middle of the FR3 33DS is the living area which houses many standard features.

The theater-style seating with overhead containers allow for convenient and clean resting, while the 50 inch LED TV stares right at you; the fireplace below it is a great touch for more comfort.

Keep moving back and you’ll see the pantry with the 12 cu. Ft. 4-door RV refrigerator; and across from that is the bathroom with a linen closet, 38 inch by 26 inch shower, the stool and hand washing station.

And in the posterior of the 33DS is the master bedroom with three wardrobes going along the side walls for your clothing and personal trinket, with a complimentary LED TV to sit in the middle. The king size bed measures 72 inches by 80 inches and comes with overhead container space for your linens and comforters.

Here are some of the technical aspects:


  • Length: 35 feet
  • Height: 12 feet 5 inches
  • Width: 100 inches


  • Freshwater capacity: 52 gallons
  • Gray water capacity: 42 gallons
  • Black water capacity: 42 gallons


  • Gross vehicle weight: 20,500 pounds
  • Gross axle weight: Front: 7,500 pounds/Rear: 13,500 pounds

2020 Fleetwood Fortis 33HB

With a modern and stylish design, Fleetwood uses the 2020 Fortis 33HB to bring the feeling of home to the open road. It has standard features such as 22 ½ inch tires with aluminum Alcoa wheels, and steady handling and control thanks to the Bilstein steering stabilizer system.

Additionally, it houses special features for your convenience such as a Hide-A-Loft drop down queen size bed, stainless steel farmhouse sink, and technological aspects such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay with combined navigation and 10-inch display, along with a 40 inch LED smart TV.

The center of the RV continues the kitchen area. It creates a cuisine aura with the sink, 3-burner conventional stove/oven, and 12 cu.ft. residential refrigerator aligned next to one another. Across from the cooking and cleaning area is the bathroom with ward/storage room, with the option to stack your washer and dryer on top of it.

The linen can be stored in either closets, and the sink and commode are ready for your use. In the back is the master bedroom with a king size bed and a C-pap storage area above it. There’s also the dresser and space for a 32 inch LED TV to sit on top of it. This king size room also has its own bathroom; which contains a shower with a seat, a sink with extra counter space, the toilet, and overhead space.

The anterior has the two pilot and co-pilot chairs with a pedestal table and extension piece in between for both passengers to enjoy. Along with the living area that houses the 68 inch sofa that comfortably fits 3 people, and the booth-style seating dinette for 4 patrons, along with the 40 inch LED smart TV.

2020 Thor A.C.E. 33.1

The 2020 Thor A.C.E. 33.1 is a class A motorhome that offers key features to make your travels safe and adventurous.

Some of these features include:

  • 360 Siphon RV holding tank vent cap
  • 50-amp detachable shoreline power cord
  • Automatic leveling jacks with touchpad capability
  • Birds Eye window for surround sound security
  • Conversion mirror
  • Exterior 32 inch LED TV on swivel bracket, soundbar and radio
  • Heated/Remote exterior mirrors with integrated side view cameras
  • Power drop down hide-away overhead bunk with bunk ladder
  • Sto-away coffee table

The A.C.E. 33.1 also has a Winegard Connect WiFi extender with 4G capability for your technological entertainment. The floor plan is simple with four different areas to enjoy.

The front of the Class A motorhome contains two seats and a coffee table with 3 cup holders. The second section behind the anterior is the living/kitchen area, which is where the drop-down overhead bunk sleeping area is located.

The 60 inch Jack Knife sofa for four and theater seating for two helps you when enjoying the 49 inch LED TV that’s included in the standard package.

The kitchen has the 68 inch booth-style Dream Dinette table that can seat up to six people! And there’s another TV, a 39 inch TV near the dinette. The bathroom is right behind it and houses a 30 inch by 36 inch shower, toilet, ant sink area. Across from that is the 3-burner stove and local refrigerator with a pantry.

The final area in the back is the master bedroom which the 72 inch by 76 inch king size bed resides. You’ll also experience the spacious closet, dresser for your clothing, and the 32 inch LED TV in your own privacy, or with your travel companions!

2020 Thor Motor Coach 34J

Thor makes our list again for one of the best small class A RVs with the Motor Coach 34J. Of course there are many different features to choose from, and yet, there are still plenty of optional items that can still fit in this motor home.

Check them out:

  • Single child safety tether in the dinette booth
  • 100-watt solar charging system with power controller
  • 22 ½ tires with polished aluminum wheels
  • Luxury collection interior decor and cabinet package
  • Frameless dual pane windows
  • HD-MAX exterior with graphics package and partial paint.

These extra features go as far as to make the Thor motor coach 34 J a sight to behold. On the inside of the recreational vehicle is where key features stand out the most, and some of these features include:

  • 30 inch over-the-range microwave oven
  • Winegard connect WiFiExtender with 4G
  • Solid surface kitchen countertops
  • 8,000 pound trailer hitch with 7-pin round connector
  • Automatic generator start
  • Solar preparation (includes solar controller)
  • Power driver
  • Legless lateral power patio awning with integrated LED lighting

The optional and key features are what make the small class A Motor Coach 34J worth of being on the road. They are spread out across the entire Coach and makes the interior areas more luxurious than the average motorhome.

The anterior has the driving area with a nifty coffee table for extra convenience. Moving back is the aforementioned dinette booth for four, including a 39 inch flatscreen TV. The sofa also converts into a bed!

The kitchen still has all the proper fixings for a good meal such as a stove and refrigerator, while the bathroom contains a shower, toilet, and sink, with bunk beds adjacent to it. Finally is the master king size bedroom with a spacious closet and 32 inch TV.

2020 Coachmen Mirada 35BH

The 2020 Coachmen Mirada 35 BH has a slightly different set up, and still delivers fun with amenities that are necessary as well as desired.

The back of this class A motorhome continues the master bedroom which houses a private bathroom with full shower, sink, toilet, and washer/dryer combo set, with the queen size bed and storage area in the room.

An LED TV can fit on top of said storage, and there is an overhead container above the bed for placing your personal mementos wheels on the road.

After leaving the bedroom, you’ll see a second half bathroom with a commode, sink, and linen closet; across from the bathroom are the bunk beds that come with a wardrobe, for extra sleeping and storage space. Next is the kitchen area that contains a 12 cu. Ft residential refrigerator 3-burner stove and double-sink.

2020 Coachmen Mirada 35BH floor plam
Image From

What’s cool is outside of the kitchen is an exterior LED TV to enjoy while you’re outside! Back to the inside, the dinette booth table measures 42 inches by 77 inches and because of the round design, it can seat up to 6 people at full capacity.

Keep moving forward and you’ll come across the sofa that converts into a bed in time of need, and can sleep 2 people with little-to-no problem. And if you want to spice it up a bit, there is optional theatre seating available as well.

And of course, the entryway is in the very front along with the captain and co-captain seating.

Here are some of the specifications:

  • Gross weight: 22,000 pounds
  • Awning size: 12 feet
  • Fuel capacity: 80 gallons
  • Exterior length: 36 feet 10 inches
  • Exterior Height: 12 feet 5 inches
  • Exterior Width”102 inches


  • Freshwater capacity: 70 gallons
  • Gray water capacity: 90 gallons
  • Black water capacity: 90 gallons

2020 Thor Hurricane 32T

Thor makes our list again with the 2020 Hurricane 32T! It has optional features such as theatre seating to replace the sofa bed, and many other factors that makes the Hurricane a true force on the open road.

The back of the class A motorhome houses the bedroom with a 72 inch by 76 inch king size bed, along with a closet for your clothes and shoes, and a dresser for your smaller articles of clothing. There’s also the 32 inch flatscreen TV that sits on top of the dresser as well!

The bathroom is interestingly separated in this RV; the 30 inch by 36 inch shower is on one side of the motorhome, while the sink and commode is adjacent to the shower. On the outside of the bathroom pair is the 39 inch LED TV that the whole family can enjoy because it sits in the kitchen/living area.

The living area contains a 62 inch by 68 inch sofa bed that can extend and sleep up to 3 people at full capacity. Right beside it is the 70 inch dream dinette table with booth-style seating for up to four people, and is made of vinyl material for your comfort.

On the other side is a linen closet for your sheets, as well as the residential refrigerator for food storage, the multi-burner stove and oven, with the double sink for easy cleaning.

And like other Thor motor coaches, there’s the option to have a 32 inch TV mounted on the exterior side of the kitchen! Towards the front is the pilot area with two powered seats, 4 cup holders, and a coffee table.

Overall, this motor coach weighs 22,000 pounds with a wheelbase of 228 inches, and a length of 32 feet 10 inches.

2020 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 35QS

The 2020 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 35QS is a diesel motorhome with plenty of special features to go around; the most important highlights comes down to:

  • Drop-down queen bunk bed for extra sleeping
  • Four slides for entry and exit
  • Three LED TVs
  • Full wall wardrobe
  • King size bed

The Pace Arrow is a spacious motorhome that provides you with more than enough storage areas throughout the entire recreational vehicle. The lower profiles allow you to travel to the destinations of your choosing due to the 7 foot ceiling height, which enables you to go through tunnels and smaller infrastructures on the streets.

The hardwood cabinetry, solid surface countertops, and a designer bedspread amplifies the interior decor to create an elegant and homey feel for you and your traveling companions to enjoy.

What makes this small class A RV stand out the most is the 90 gallon fuel tank capacity, which will allow you to travel anywhere possible on aluminum wheels and rubber tires.

Let’s take a look at some of the specifications:


  • Sleeps up to 7 people
  • Length: 37 feet 7 inches
  • Exterior width: 8 feet 6 inches
  • Exterior height: 12 feet 2 inches
  • Interior height: 7 feet


  • Interior: alloy, mystic, and vapor
  • Exterior: malibu, vision, sable


  • Hitch weight: 10,000 pounds
  • Gross weight: 29,500 pounds
  • Gross combined weight: 33,000 pounds

Water Tanks

  • Freshwater tank capacity: 100 gallons
  • Gray water tank capacity: 60 gallons
  • Black water tank capacity: 32 gallons

The Pace Arrow has a fuel capacity of 90 gallons for extended trips, and a wheelbase of 252 inches. You’ll find 1 14 inch electric awning with LED lighting on this motorhome, along with three different size LED TVs throughout the home.

And yes, there is a washer/dryer combination option available to you.

2021 Coachmen Sportscoach 339DS

Now the 2021 Coachmen Sportscoach 339DS makes our list because it is meant for the outdoorsman that enjoys the heavy terrain of the Earth, without the physical hassle that comes along with it.

It has a wheelbase of 208 inches for added protection on the wheels; take a look at the weights and you’ll notice how durable the 339DS truly is:

  • Gross vehicle weight rating: 26,000 pounds
  • Gross combined weight rating” 30,000 pounds
  • Gross axle weight rating: rear: 17,500 pounds/front: 10,410 pounds

It has a 90 gallon fuel capacity – which means less stops for gas- as well as an awning size of 18 feet long. Here are the specifications concerning the dimensions of the Coachmen Sportscoach:

  • Exterior length: 36 feet 3 inch
  • Exterior height: 12 feet 10 inches
  • Exterior width” 102 inchs

The water tanks have the capability to keep get rid of the old water and provide you with fresh, clean water. Here’s what it can hold:

  • Freshwater capacity: 72 gallons
  • Gray water capacity: 45 gallons
  • Black water capacity: 45 gallons

This class A Diesel floor plan describes washer/dryer prep next to the wardrobe in the bedroom, across from the king size bed and LED TV. Like some of the other class A motorhomes, the 339DS has a separated bathroom where the toilet, sink, and linen closet is on one side, and the 38 inch by 36 inch shower stands alone on the other side.

In the kitchen you’ll see a spacious pantry and a farm sink, with a microwave and 3-burner stove to compliment it. The residential refrigerator is on the opposite side and right next to the entry. You’ll enjoy the theater seating and dinette seat, and a drop down overhead bunk placed right in the anterior of the 339DS.

2020 Fleetwood Flair 29M

With a name like “Flair” it has the potential to be one of the more interesting small class A RVs that we have to offer on our list. It has awesome standard features that makes it a classic motorhome for the modern road; check it out:

  • 50 inch exterior LED TV
  • Full size patio awning,
  • Social and sleeping accommodations for six or more people
  • 600 pound capacity hide-a-loft queen bed
  • Pass-through storage with added space for more storage.

More features include the ability to plug in an auxiliary solar panel, or hook up a full size grill to the propane access line. And because of the low profile, modern front cap, the Flair 29M has a subtle, yet unique design to it.

There are other cool features to this class A motorhome as well that will be necessary for your entertainment, such as:

  • Bilstein Steering Stabilizer system
  • Wifiranger Sky4 DC system
  • Six-panel doors and frosted glass cabinets

With the Hide-A-Loft down queen bed in the front, right above the captain and co-captain seats, extra sleeping is possible. The living area contains a Jack Knife sofa, and a dinette booth for 4 right across from it; this is where you will also enjoy the view of the 39 inch LED TV.

The kitchen area contains the necessary components for home-cooked meals while not at home, including a residential refrigerator , double-sink, and 3 burner stove with the microwave sitting right above it. Move past the slider door and you’ll enter the bedroom.

It has a 72 inch by 74 inch king size bed that comes with complimentary sheets and comforter. The 32 inch LED TV is above eye level for your enjoyment. This master bedroom has its own bathroom that houses a standard standing shower, a sink, and commode.

2020 Newmar New Aire 3545

2020 Newmar New Aire 3545
Image From

The black, alloy, and vanilla paint design of the 2020 Newmar New Aire 3545 creates an external appeal for travelers to appreciate. For protection, it has a basic warranty of one year, a structure warranty of 60 months, and a roof warranty of 12 years!

There’s also the chassis warranty which is good for 36 months or 50,000 miles, as well as the powertrain warranty good for 36 months or 50,000 miles.

The dimensions of the motorhome are described as almost 36 feet in length, almost 8 ½ feet in length, an external height of 12 ¼ feet, and an interior height of almost 7 feet. The wheelbase is 226 inches, witha fuel capacity of 90 gallons.

Here are the weight specs:

  • Dry weight: 34,800 pounds
  • Payload capacity: 3,800 pounds
  • Towing capacity: 10,000 pounds

The body of the New Aire is made mostly out of aluminum, with the side walls being constructed out of fiberglass. There are two awnings that are power retractable, and front power/rear power leveling jacks for added stability to the motorhome.

The interior houses typical amenities for a home on the road such as a kitchen with oven/stove combination, and refrigerator with a microwave; as well as the living areas with one leather sofa and two recliner seats.

There are two beds-one king and a convertible sofa bed- that can sleep up to 4 people, as well as the 1 bathroom with all the hygienic fixing; which is located outside of the master bedroom for easy accessibility for all your companions to enjoy.

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