11 Best Pop up Campers With Bathrooms With Pictures

11 Best Pop up Campers With Bathrooms With Pictures

Pop-out campers with bathrooms are highly adored by RV travelers today for how portability and ease of haulage. Despite their seemingly constrained size, these campers give you appreciable space to pack your camping stuff and get on the go, without necessarily missing the comforts of your home.

Your camping needs should guide your choice of a pop-up camper. Your major considerations should be: 

  • Dry weight: It is important to consider the ease of towing of your pop-up camper. This should align with the hauling capacity of your vehicle, minivan, or SUV.
  • Size of camping party: You must consider the number of people going camping with you. This will help you decide the best amenities your pop-up camper needs and the sleeping capacity as well. 
  • Your bathroom should be thoroughly waterproof. This is important considering that the bathroom’s entirety would be getting wet when you take a shower.
  • Your camper must be spacious enough to contain everyone going camping. Preferably, get campers that have slide outs that give you more area.

2018 Rockwood 23IKSS ROO

The 2018 ROCKWOOD 23IKSS ROO is an engineering masterpiece that every RV traveler should get if you are a fan of pop up campers. This trailer is built with durability in mind, coming with an aluminum frame enhanced with vacuum bonded construction.

If you have whimpered previously from bumping rides, this trailer gives you your reprieve with its Dexter Torflex torsion rubber axles (girded with radial nitro filled tires) guaranteeing you of the smoothest ride when you step on the road.

Going in, we were enthused with the well-illuminated interior with the 12 volts recessed ceiling LEDs lighting doing a fantastic job. The interior space was decked with 80″ vaulted ceilings flanked by raised panel doors and adorable valances.

Space isn’t something to worry about with this trailer. The kitchen and the living area are outfitted with two slide outs. This means you and the camping party wouldn’t have to squeeze through tight spaces.

Sleeping isn’t any less enjoyable. This trailer is equipped with two queen tent end beds, a dinette, and a sofa. All these come together to ensure six campers can comfortably sleep in the camper.

The kitchen gives you pretty much everything you need to cook that tantalizing meal. There is a double-bowl sink for your washing. Yes, there is also counter space and cabinetry for storage.

The 2018 ROCKWOOD 23IKSS ROO supplies you a savory dish of fun, coming with an MP3 player hook-up, 24″ LCD TV that can be operated remotely with a digital AM/FM/CD/DVD to ensure you never beg for entertainment.

The full bath on the rear provides you with a linen storage facility and a radius glass shower dower that saves you additional bulk of space.

Key Features:

  • Length (closed) 25.25 ft
  • Width 8 ft
  • Height 10.83 ft
  • Dry Weight 5445 lbs
  • Payload Capacity 1239 lbs
  • Hitch Weight 684 lbs
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 43 gal
  • Total Gray Water Tank Capacity 30 gal
  • Total Black Water Tank Capacity 30 gal

2020 Rockwood HW277

The 2020 Rockwood HW277 makes your camping dreams come true – and beautifully at that. This foldable pop-up camper is designed such that six people can conveniently sleep inside.

We weren’t disappointed with its construction. Although it has neither sliding doors nor retractable power slide out, this trailer is furnished with a 13 ft. awning, leveling jack for stability, and soft shell expandable bunk material.

This is one Rockwood camper that can withstand years of abuse. It is fortified with an E-coated tubular steel frame that will keep you going for ages. On this camper, you also get a fiberglass vacuum bonded roof enhanced with a metal interior ceiling.

The independent torsion axles and lube axles ensure you don’t have anything to fear for when on the road. What more, you get a Vinolon Supreme tenting segmented into five pieces and an undercoated wooden floor (one piece).

Stepping inside, this camper gives you an appreciable living space with a centralized kitchen as well. Yes, you don’t get sofas or bunk beds with this camper, but sleeping is adequately taken care of by a rear queen bed and adjoining king-sized bed.

There is also an adaptable U-shaped dinette where the crew can enjoy meals cooked either in the interior kitchen or the outdoor gas grill.

Relax, you wouldn’t lack entertainment as the combo of the MP3 player, AM/FM stereo with Bluetooth, and Wifi range booster ensures you don’t miss out on much of your homely pastimes.

Inside the interior kitchen, you have an overhead fan, 3-burner glass stove, residential-style raised cabinet doors, microwave oven, and a mid-sized refrigerator that works on propane and electric. 

Key Features:

Length (closed) 19.25 ft
Width 7 ft
Height (closed) 6.6 ft
Dry Weight 3334 lbs
Payload Capacity 546 lbs
Hitch Weight 380 lbs
Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 26 gal
Total Gray Water Tank Capacity 12 gal
Total Black Water Tank Capacity 12 gal

2019 Forest River Rockwood A214HW

The 2019 Forest River Rockwood A214HW sits somewhere between a traditional tent camper and a travel trailer. We had every reason to gush about its engineering, impressively kneading sturdiness with portability.

This trailer makes a statement with its construction. With a reliable power roof assist, you need not exert yourself all day trying to pop up the roof (which is fiberglass vacuum-bonded by the way). 

You will not have a grain of problem setting this camper up when you get to the campsite, thanks to the 2,000-pound tongue jack and e-z crank-down stabilizer jacks – precisely, you get four of them with the camper.

This way, it was ridiculously seamless to set up the camper and collapse it when needed. This Rockwood was solidly walled, and with a dry weight of 2,700 lbs., it is readily towable by your vehicle or SUV. We didn’t have to bother about outdoor storage. This trailer was apportioned into four segments.

One is a sufficient pass-through storage space facility. Another comes under your bed, while the remaining two segments come with sizable bins which readily slide and lock firmly into place when you are en route.

We loved the natural illumination we enjoyed with this trailer, thanks to its big rear skylight. Privacy was secured with both front roof windows and skylight tinted.  

Still outside, there are a couple of other features to enjoy with this trailer. You get an outdoor shower where you could wash up in the hot sunny days with a water heater when the chilly days came as well.

For fans of back-to-nature-cooking, you would be grateful for the outside grill enhanced with propane quick-connect and a worktable for cutting your ingredients or doing your dishes.

When you aren’t cooking, you could relax under the awning with some lovely musical vibes oozing from the exterior speaker.

Stepping inside, the fun doesn’t wane a bit. You will like the ample interior lighting with floor lights washing the living space with added flair (if you fancy your campers higher) coming from the residential-style raised panel doors.

Directly opposite you when you enter is the dinette booth. This is where the camping band can enjoy their meals. This dinette can be adapted to additional sleeping space, say at night.

The interior kitchen sits at your right when entering the camper. It is stocked with a sink girded with residential faucet and flip-up glass covers.

In the kitchen, you also get a cooktop fitted with flip-up glass covers as well. Closing them, you get an enlarged countertop surface area for your kitchen escapades.

Just across your kitchen, you see the wet bathroom. It is fitted with a cassette toilet, a handheld showerhead, cabinet, shower curtain rail, and a traditional shower.  

Key Features:

  • Length (closed) 20 ft 10 in
  • Height (closed) 5 ft 8 in
  • Width 7 ft
  • Dry Weight 2,700 lbs
  • Payload Capacity 653 lbs
  • Hitch Weight 353 lbs
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity 26.0 gal

2016 Clipper Sport 127ST

The 2016 Clipper Sport 127ST can accommodate eight campers and give them enough space to sleep. Its construction is quite typical of pop up campers, coming with a soft shell expandable bunk material, screened room, and tent fabric sidewall construction. 

It has impressive storage, especially a sizable storage facility in the front that can reasonably bottle up your camping gear and other essentialities.

Stepping inside, you get a centralized living area embellished with vinyl flooring. The dinette can be adapted into a supplementary 38″ x 70″ bed as the need may be. 

It is also flexible enough to be moved outside should you want to savor the outdoor weather. More than this, there are king size tent bunks on the front and rear.

The kitchen doesn’t let us down either. It features a dedicated sink, compact refrigerator, and 3-burner range with enough storage to keep your ingredients and kitchenware. Such storage spans the kitchen cabinet and supplementary storage facility directly on your left.

The bathroom is stocked with a cassette toilet, shower, and a wet bath on your right as you step in. Admittedly, no curtains are partitioning the bathroom.

Key Features:

  • Length (closed) 18.25 ft
  • Height (closed) 4.83 ft
  • Width 7.08 ft
  • Dry Weight 2,326 lbs
  • Payload Capacity 1,120 lbs
  • GVWR 3,463 lbs
  • Hitch Weight 243 lbs

2020 Rockwood Premier 296HW

The 2020 Rockwood Premier 296HW gives us a remarkable rendition of what a contemporary pop up camper should look like. Essentially, this camper can take of six people, regarding sufficient sleeping space. 

This camper comes with one slide out, two axles, a solar panel, and a power front jack on the exterior. Its radial tire designs give you your deserved peace of mind when driving through rugged roads and terrains in your camping expeditions.

This camper emphasizes safety, coming with a carbon monoxide detector. If you love cooking in the open, you will appreciate the outdoor grill this trailer comes with. This is further enhanced with a propane tank.

With the awning, you can enjoy more evenings outside listening to some cool music or stay comfortably outdoors in the hot sunny days.

On the inside, the camper is appreciably illuminated. You get a king-size bed and a queen-size bed to take care of sleeping duties. A 13500 BTU ceiling air conditioner ensures ventilation isn’t among your worries.

What of when the cold days come knocking? No fretting either! A 2000 BTU heater guarantees you of a pleasurable camping experience. The kitchen is furnished with a 3-way refrigerator, stove, microwave, and a 3-speed fan.

Key Features:

  • Exterior Open Length 27′ 9″
  • Exterior Closed Height 6′ 9″
  • Exterior Closed Length 21′ 3″
  • Hitch Weight 371 lbs
  • UVW 3721 lbs
  • Cargo Weight 1278 lbs
  • Fresh Water Capacity 26 gal
  • Gray Water Capacity 12 gal
  • Black Water Capacity 12 gal

2019 Flagstaff 205MAC

The 2019 Flagstaff 205MAC is fitted with an E-coated tubular steel frame, powder-coated rafter poles, and aluminum bed frames. Together with its undercoated wooden floor structure, you can be convinced this Flagstaff will stand the test of time.

The 9′ awning means more fun outdoors. The camping party can enjoy memorable evenings with some delicious burgers deliciously prepared on the gas grill.

On the inside, this camper is decked with a 34″ x 64″ dinette, 48″ x 80″ pop-out bed enhanced with heated mattresses for an enjoyably warm sleep. Overall, this camper provides sufficient sleeping space for four persons.

Flanking the dinette on the left is a sizable storage cabinet. The kitchen is outfitted a sink, stove, and 1.9 cu. ft. refrigerator. For the bathroom, you get a wet bath with a shower and cassette toilet.

Key Features:

  • Length 15 ft 4 in
  • Ext Width 7 ft
  • Ext Height 5 ft 6 in
  • Hitch Weight 230 lbs
  • Dry Weight 1997 lbs
  • Cargo Weight 1233 lbs
  • Fresh Water Capacity 20 gal

2017 Somerset E3 Box Pop-Up Camper

When you hear that a manufacturer as reputable and historically excellent like Aliner is behind the E3 Box pop-up camper, you shouldn’t be expecting anything mediocre. Founded since far back in the 1970s, Aliner has been building trailers for ages, with the E3 Box being one of their latest offerings. 

The E3 Box comes appreciably girded with a 6″ tubular steel frame and center mount Tounge jack. You also get 15 inches deluxe alloy wheels on this camper, which will adequately take care of your off-roading escapades.

You wouldn’t have to worry about things getting loose when you are on the road. The E3 Box is fitted with electric brakes (10 inches) fitted with 5 bolt hubs. This maximally secures the installation. Additionally, the axles are fortified with heavy-duty leaf spring suspension.

All these come together to assure you that this camper is here to stay faithfully with you through the chilling winters and blazing summers. Indeed, the sidewall diamond plate trim considerably enhances the camper’s appearance.

The closed length measures around 21ft.9 in, while the open length is 26ft.5in. The interior height is close to what you get from a Somerset Utah pop-up camper, with both measuring around 80 inches. 

Stepping inside, we see that this camper is furnished with a 71×43 dinette bed. There is also a 77″ x 70″ bed on the rear and another 77″ x 70″ bed on the front.

The kitchen is stocked with a 3-way refrigerator, oven, and stove. The bathroom presents a curved toilet in place of a marine toilet.

Key Features:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 3,500 lbs
  • Dry weight 2,800 lbs
  • Tongue Weight 305 lbs.
  • Maximum carrying capacity 777 lbs
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 20 gal

2015 Quicksilver 14XLP

The 2015 Quicksilver 14XLP makes is one of the most durable lightweight pop-up campers on the market today. Actually, such durability is characteristic of Living Lite’s trailers hence their “Generational Campers” alias.

It starts with the sturdy construction. While you readily see other manufacturers making do with steel, the 14XLP camper is made from tubular aluminum. Indeed, steel frames are notorious for rusting too quickly.

Such tubular aluminum construction is seen as well in the cabinetry and walls, hence their remarkable strength. The roof, sub-floor, and the sidewalls are made of aluminum cage construction.

It is unsurprising that this camper weighs at least 50% less than the generality of pop-up campers you will see in this category. You will barely see a camper of this quality with 14XLP’s dry weight rating of 1499lbs., making it incredibly easy to be hauled by your car, SUV, or minivan.

On the inside, this trailer has adequate space for six campers to sleep. There are two full-sized beds along with a convertible dinette.

The kitchen comes with sinks with plentiful space to keep your stuff, thanks to the overage storage facilities. You also get a microwave, oven burners, and a big-size 4-way refrigerator.

Key Features:

  • Length (closed) 17.42 ft
  • Width 6.83 ft
  • Interior Height 4.5 ft
  • Dry Weight 1499 lbs
  • Payload Capacity 1001 lbs
  • GVWR 2500 lbs
  • Hitch Weight 250 lbs
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 5 gal

2017 Coachmen Clipper V-TREC V3

This is another camper to get the squad on the road for that fun camping trip. The 2017 Coachmen Clipper V-TREC V3 comes with fiberglass body material and a soft shell expandable bunk material.

Unlike many pop-up campers in this range, this Coachman Clipper comes with a retractable power slideout with standard roof vents and exterior grille.

The front cargo deck gives you extra storage for your camping gear, allowing you to bring a few more essentialities along for the trip. This deck is super easy to unload when you arrive at the campsite.

Going in, there is substantial floor space. Sleeping wouldn’t be a problem thanks to the sizable insulated front king-sized bed and another tent bed of similar size on the rear. You even get more space with the slideout dinette booth.

Under this dinette, there is still considerable room to store your stuff. This and the cabinets would suffice in keeping a bulk of your camping baggage.

This camper is furnished with a galley kitchen equipped with a 2-burner stovetop and dedicated sink. In the bathroom, you get a portable cassette toilet fitted with an electric flush.

Key Features:

  • Length 21.33 ft
  • Width 85 in
  • Interior Height 6.83 ft
  • Dry Weight 3065lbs
  • Payload Capacity 1325lbs
  • GVWR 4380lbs
  • Hitch Weight 420lbs
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 23 gal

2019 Rockwood Roo 23FL

The world is an exciting box of adventure, and there are few better ways to explore it than camping in the 2019 ROCKWOOD ROO 23FL. No flattery, this is one of the topnotch expandable campers out there in the market today.

This camper is girded with Nev-R adjust brakes, Torsion and Easy Lube axles plus Rubber-Ryde suspension. This is your guaranteed goodbye from those ugly bumping rides that erstwhile got you scared of camping.

You deserve enough space in your pop-up camper, not squeezing yourself around. This Rockwood Roo recognizes your royalty, endowing you with ample spaciousness, courtesy of the two slide outs enhancing the main area. 

With two tent end (queen-size) beds, there is adequate provision for seven people to sleep in this camper. Of course, we will not forget to mention the heated mattress that makes you reluctant to wake up from those beautiful slumbers.

You are fed to your feel with amusement, thanks to an entertainment cabinet stocked with a 43″ TV, MP3 player, and digital AM/FM/CD/DVD. In the camper, you also get a WiFi Booster and Ranger.

In the kitchen, you get ovens, refrigerator, stove, and storage. There are also solid surface kitchen countertops to give you more space.

The bathroom presents a full rear bath, linen storage, and an admirable radius glass shower door that saves you considerable space.

Key Features:

  • Length (closed) 24.83 ft
  • Width 8 ft
  • Height 10.83 ft
  • Dry Weight 5693 lbs
  • Payload Capacity 1203 lbs
  • Hitch Weight 736 lbs
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 58 gal
  • Total Gray Water Tank Capacity 30 gal
  • Total Black Water Tank Capacity 30 gal

2019 Forest River Rockwood 24WS 

The 2019 Forest River Rockwood 24WS is ready to take all of your merciless abuse. It comes with an aluminum frame enhanced with vacuum bonded construction.

The radial nitro filled tires and the Dexter Torflex torsion rubber axles give you the smoothest of rides when this camper lands on the road.

If you wish to take along mammoth baggage of gear for your camping trip, this camper is ready for it. Presenting you with expansive storage compartments (both exterior and internal), there isn’t much you would be living at home.

This Rockwood Roo also gives you an impressive area, thanks to its double slide outs. One is situated across the rear bath and the other in the main living area.

Six people can comfortably sleep in this camper. This camper is furnished with two tent end beds (queen-size), a collapsible dinette, and a sofa. Should you have kids on the camping party, some could even make do with the bench seat.

The interior space is adequately lighted. The 80″ vaulted ceilings, proffering you enough headroom. Certainly, the aesthetic element isn’t lacking as well. The beautiful valances with the raised panel doors give this camper an elegant feel.

Entertainment? Aye Captain! The 2019 Forest River Rockwood 24WS is stocked with a 24″ LCD TV, supported by a set of MP3 player hook-up, and digital AM/FM/CD/DVD (along with remote).

Just like the previous camper on this list, this Rockwood has a bathroom featuring linen storage and a radius glass shower door. There is also a shirt closet just across.

Key Features:

  • Length (closed) 24.83 ft
  • Width 8 ft.
  • Height 10.83 ft
  • Dry Weight 5384 lbs
  • Payload Capacity 1410 lbs
  • Hitch Weight 634 lbs
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity 58 gal
  • Total Gray Water Tank Capacity 30 gal
  • Total Black Water Tank Capacity 30 gal

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